Saturday, May 10, 2014

NOW YouTube

Some FUN from by-gone days. 

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  1. om wonderful thank you so very much,out of divided time from my heart..
    yes i' been a hippie too............ it was a good holostargate for the Infinitessence to flow in ,a loop-dreammare of a spak of Consciousness momentarily disconnected from the Whole (mankind and guests. in the 60/70's timelime )...a simple natural btight krystal wave in a polluted planetary being : mother-father Gaia ...but now we and Gaia are re-turning the Now of the One ...where we always were ,are,will be ...

    we are one with the infinitesun for ever and evere we are one with our mother earth
    i share now a song we have shared with many ..

    song to Gaia Unknown composer :a collective international cooperation song) :

    mother i feel you under my feet
    mother i hear your heart beat
    mother i hear you in the river song
    eternal waters flowin'on an'on
    father i see you when the eagle flies
    light of the spirit gonna take as high-er
    heya heya heya hyea hyea ooh
    heya heya heya hyea oohohohohhh