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Creating Your Own Reality Part 1



Creating Your Own Reality #1
Dr. Suzanne Lie and Mary Perricone
May 1, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back.  I’m Mary Perricone and I’m here with Dr. Suzanne Lie for our continuing conversations.  Today we’re going to begin by talking about Creating Your Own Reality.  Hello Sue, how are you?

Suzanne Lie: I’m fine. I’m just going to go into the ONE who is here more than me, the Arcturians.

The Arcturians

We are the Arcturians and we wish you all to take a moment to feel how bright the Light has become.  We are asking now to begin to recalibrate your sensory perceptions to the expanding frequencies of Light that have not been able to pierce the density of Gaia’s aura since before the fall of Atlantis.

However, above the Cities of Light which are expanding more and more there is a portal through which this higher Light can enter in to the beings who are able to receive it as well as to the areas and the portals of Gaia.

MP:     Well that is a message that I would never have expected this morning.  Thank you Sue and thank you to the Arcturians - that more Light than in the last 10 to 50 thousand years is being infused into this planet through portals that are above the Cities of Light.  And, we have access to that Light and those portals.

SL:      And to the Cities of Light.

MP:     Yes, and to the Cities of Light.  And, those portals throughout the planet are being infused with a greater saturation and a higher infusion of Light is coming through.  That’s great news.

Arcturians:  It’s not just that more Light is coming in, but more Light at a higher frequency is coming in.  It is through these higher frequencies of Light that those who have expanded their consciousness can perceive the holographic matrix of Earth. 

Before - when that matrix was perceived - primarily it was the third/fourth dimensional matrix.  I it was much like a darkened room where only one Light was on. 
You could see the area in which that Light had illuminated, however around that small area of illumination there was darkness. 

Now what is beginning to occur is that whereas before you could only see that area in which you held your third-dimensional form and your fourth dimensional astral dream body – now those who have been doing the work shall we say, those who have been clearing and meditating and reaching up into their higher selves and moving down into their sub-conscious to clear and clear and clear again – those ones are coming into this awareness of the next level of the third-dimensional matrix.

That level of the third-dimensional matrix is the entrance way into the fifth-dimensional New Earth.  So we ask all of you who find yourself having the ability to hear or to read these words to take a long slow deep breath.  Pull in that higher light into your Pineal Gland and imagine that matrix before you.

Mary would you like to share with others how you perceive that third dimensional matrix for you.

MP:     I see unlimited potential in these portals and I would interpret it by saying that there is a portal on the fifth-dimension that we have access to that brings us into those higher frequencies of Light that the Arcturians are referring to right now.  So that accessing those energies – those fifth-dimensional energies - allow us and call us to create reality from the higher dimensions into the fifth-dimension.

Now it’s all a spiral.  It’s not 1,2,4,5 – 10,11,12 – it’s all occurring simultaneously.  But, the access to those energies that are coming is available to us.  One of the things that come to mind are the different types of Ascension symptoms then we were experiencing one or two years ago.  There is, for me, a greater awareness of the compression of time, or no time. 

I would say that most of the time I feel like I’m out of time.  I can no longer keep track of time within that third-dimensional matrix.  So there isn’t any other option for me than to go with this flow of energy.  It gives a new meaning to the phrase:  Go with the flow, or let it happen.  Because when you are in it, you can only be it.

A:        Yes, that is very true.  The being and the doing are beginning to merge for those who have allowed themselves to let go of the third dimensional restrictions.  Now this is a selective process for there are certain third-dimensional restrictions, third dimensional rungs of the third dimensional matrix that are vital for the support of the physical earth vessel.  Those are components of your Earth vessel that you will need to continue.  You will need to continue feeding your Earth vessel until the time in which you are able to eat pure Light.

This needs to be a long slow process for if it is too sudden you can destroy your physical vessel as you would experience from your third-dimensional mind as a starving and dying from not getting enough nutrition.  Now the issue is that in order to switch over from eating from the third dimension which is the food that is grown on the planet and the animals that come from the planet.

Switching from that third-dimensional perception, moving into that imagination that fourth-dimension when you have dreams and you are at a great celebration and everyone is eating - and you might wake up hungry because you have not fed your physical body, but those dreams are beginning to teach you how to feed yourself Light.

Now, the process of feeding yourself Light needs to be a slow exchange where the food that you take into your body has higher and higher Light quotients.  Basically what that means is that to your particular body, and everyone’s body is different, as everyone is supporting different galactic versions of themselves.

So it begins by the food that it is easy for you to digest.  If the food is difficult for you to digest then your consciousness is lowered while you are in the process of digesting your food.  However as you begin to realize the food that is easily digested then that third-dimensional process of keeping your third-dimensional earth vessel fueled is much like going to a gas station and filling up your car.  And, it will be less of a distraction to the you who is wearing this third-dimensional vessel.

MP:     I think many of our listeners use a process or a mantra when they are eating.  Just recently I was guided to infuse the food that I eat with sheer energy.  When I do this, the food tastes different.  I am filled after only a few mouthfuls of the food.  Indeed our food is infused with Light through our intent. 

So in fact we create that integration of the infusion of Light into the planet, into food, into Gaia, into the individual because we are one, we are all integrated and it creates an expansion of our awareness and our perception and our intent – and taking responsibility for doing it. 

The Arcturians framed it so beautifully and so simply in a way that hopefully every listener or reader of this program can understand and begin to apply. 

Now I know that over the past few years I have changed the way I bless my food.  If I take a glass of water I write Love on the outside of the glass.  If take a piece of fruit to eat I hold it in my hands and write Love on that piece of fruit.  So my intent is for that food to be infused with Light and for my highest good.

The Arcturians also said something that we have heard before but I think they said it a little bit differently.  They said that this is an ongoing process.  It doesn’t happen all at once.  It’s not a flash.  But as our bodies expand through our awareness, as the Light within our bodies expand – the vibrational frequency expands and then we are able to experience and integrate that infusion of Light.  It’s a step by step process – not all at once.

I’ve read many comments and articles within the Light worker community where there is impatience.  When is it going to happen?  It hasn’t happened.  But, I believe that what I hear the Arcturians saying is that it has happened, it is happening and it will continue to happen.  And, that is the Ascension process - the expansion and the infusion of Light on a personal and a planetary level.

Arcturians:    Yes, and it is a matter of connecting with the impatience of the third-dimensional self which is built by time.  Then, as soon as one says:  when will it happen – they have just decreed that it has not happened yet.  So the very question of saying:   when will it happen pushes it into the perceivable future because you have just pushed your consciousness into time. 

Then when we say:  I’m so sick of this, I want it to happen now – you have decreed that you are sick and that you are impatient and that you are unhappy, so that is exactly how you will feel.  It is so important that we listen to our thoughts and emotions.

I know with myself from listening to my thoughts and emotions that I hear a lot of thoughts and emotions that shock me because they are coming from me and they are living in me.  But how can I clean them out if I don’t look at them?

Now I wanted to say something about the eating Mary, because you were talking about the high road and that you were doing meditations and writing Love and putting things into Light.  That’s wonderful. 

I on the other hand have taken this other track where I’m just listening to my body.  My body has taken over.  My body says:  Sue, don’t eat that or you need to eat this.  My body says:  no if you eat now you are not going to be happy about this.  So I’ve taken this other track.  Whereas you’ve gone up into your super consciousness, I’ve gone down into my sub consciousness and just let the body take over the process.

We are an example of that entire process because of course I’m still meditating and of course Mary you are still listening to your body, but it’s interesting that we are representing two different ways of doing the same thing.  Sometimes we might feel in a high state of consciousness and be able to bless our Light onto whatever it is we partake of.

On the other hand, sometimes we may just be about life and we can just develop a new relationship with our Earth vessel instead of us being the boss over our body – realize that our body is the vessel that we’re wearing.  Within this vessel it’s like with your car – there are certain things you need to do to your car.  Your car will beep and leave messages to let you know that your tire is flat or that you need gas or need oil.  You just listen to your car.

As we listen to our bodies we realize that this is our vessel – we are not this vessel, we are not our car and we have planted ourselves inside of our vessel and we can put it on automatic and the vessel will say:  this is the type of fuel I need.

MP:     That’s a wonderful analogy and thank you for that.  We are all very conscious now.  To continue the analogy of the car – we are advised to be pro-active and have the car serviced before the car tells us that it is time for service.  We do that through being mindful and being aware and listening to our bodies and knowing through good sense how to feed our bodies and creating that muscle memory where we automatically know if the food is good for our body.

There is a lot of science behind this with foods that are appropriate for certain blood types.  There is a whole science being developed around this as well as the science of energy medicine.  We can use all of the above or some of the above.  And, as you were talking Sue I remembered an exercise that I have used a number of times.  It’s just a simple technique we can use in case we are not practiced in listening to our bodies.

The exercise is:  hold the food that you are going to eat in your hands and place the food where the rib cage meets under the breast bone.  Place it there while standing and if the food is compatible with your body, your body will rock forward in a rocking motion.  If the food is not suitable for your body, your body will move or rock backwards.

You can test this by taking a piece of fruit and placing it the area under your breast bones and see whether you rock forward.  Then take a food item that you know is not in your best interest to eat and place it in the same place.  Invariably the food that is not suitable for my body will cause me to rock backward.  This is one of the ways that you can begin to develop an intuition about what is good for your body.

Of course if you are in a restaurant you are not going to stand up and test the plate of food.  You shouldn’t have to do this because we would automatically know what the best food is to put into our bodies.

A:        That’s a great exercise.  I will definitely try that.  Now I’d like to speak about this other end of moving in to the vessel that we are wearing and realizing that the vessel that we are wearing is actually an animal.  When you look at animals in nature they can tell what is good for the body to eat or this is something that is poisonous.

I am thirsty and I will have this amount of water, but I won’t have more than that because it would not be good for me.  I am hungry and I will eat this amount and that’s how much I will eat and I will stop.

We respect what our body has to say to us because our consciousness has already transmuted into its multi-dimensional self.  As our body has transmuted, now we can learn to unconditionally Love what our body is and what out body is telling us. 

So with our higher sense of consciousness we can move into the vessel in which we are living and say:  okay vessel, I live inside of you and I appreciate that you have offered me a portal through which I can experience this marvelous time of planetary Ascension.  Please help direct how I need to care for you and know that the answer is there.

MP:     The phrase that we use so often in our society that something “starts at home”.  Ascension starts at home.  It starts within our own bodies.  Our bodies must be prepped, or prepared to receive the higher vibrational frequencies of Light.  I don’t mean to downplay this at all because it is an upgrade in our electrical systems.  Every system within our physical body has to be realigned, re-communicated with and our conscious mind helps facilitate the integration of the upgrade. 

It happens first by accepting the reality that our bodies are being upgraded.  We’ve heard a lot about upgrades in our DNA.  We’ve also heard about the children that are being born in this timeframe coming in being fully wired to the vibrational frequency. 

Now, I live in an older home and over the years we’ve have had our electrical system upgraded our plumping - upgraded all of the infrastructure.  We are very aware that we need to remember and have regular maintenance on different systems just as you do to your car.

You home, your physical home is the place where you abide and reside, is a representation of your physical body.  So, you take care of your home within and without in order to move forward in your life.  So the upgrades are occurring and our responsibility is the awareness and the development of our intuition.  So, in the instance of food, we know what the best intake is for us.

SL:      Yes, and if we are living in an older home/body we have had lots of “time” to gain wisdom, however our body that we live in is not going to upgrade in the same manner as those new bodies that have just been inhabited that are already updated.  So, we are like the old automobile that you have to keep taking care of over and over again because the automobile is updated.  In other countries, in Cuba for example, they have cars from the 1950’s and they just keep them up and running and they are like brand new cars because they aren’t getting new cars.

So, those of us of a mature age that have been in our homes longer have to develop a continuous upgrade that goes with the cars that we are driving, our homes that we are wearing, and our bodies that are older.  What I have been experiencing a lot is that because it is an older body, there are a lot of things that I have to let go of. 

There are many habits that were developed over the long dark cycle.  And, the United States had a long dark cycle with people believing the most ridiculous things and letting horrible things go through and never changing and pretending as if it never happened.  So for those who know, that built up a lot of – what is wrong with this place.  Now this has to be released along with all of the myriad experiences. 

Children come in new and they don’t have to release yet because they are just pulling in.  But as you are in an older vehicle you have to release.  There are a lot of parts that need to be taken out and replaced.  I know from having an older car that if you just replace one part the whole car gets messed up and you have to replace that whole system.

Those of us that have been wearing our bodies longer are having system upgrades on a regular basis.

MP:     Yes, exactly – I love the analogy.  I’m having a system upgrade.  I’ll take it.

SL:      Yes, it’s a system upgrade.

MP:     We’re adding more Ram to our internal computer.

SL:      Yes we are definitely doing that through connecting our physical brain to our fifth-dimensional multi-dimensional mind and we can often feel that like a golden cloud that mimics our brain, but is above our brain. 

Now of course that above/below is in physical terms but when we are feeling it we can imagine how the aura of our physical body has moved up to the frequency in which it can overlap with the frequency of our multi-dimensional mind.  And our aura’s are beginning to expand out further into our daily life and in deeper into our kundalini – which is our own Light body living within the core of our spine.

MP:     Just beautiful and thank you for that.  Well, I think we are out of time for today.  Time flies when you have fun, doesn’t it?

SL:      Time flies when you’re in the Now.

MP:     Thank you everyone for listening and we’ll be back very soon with another chapter in these ongoing conversations.  Have a great day everyone.


  1. I agree completely. Lovely, thank you!
    The shift really IS going on, we are all creating the new matrix right now. We have to integrate the light into our way of living, our way of taking care of ourselves, the planet, the animals, the plants, the elements. This action is THE thing, which will change us, and build the new Earth. We have to integrate the light into our emotions and thoughts. This process frees us from illusion and judgment and changes our personal reality, to mirror the higher dimensions. When more and more of us are doing the same, the world will change more and more.
    Freeing ourselves from illusion and judgment purifies our emotional and mental bodies and we do not attract the lower energies into our life anymore. This makes the shift smooth and pleasant and changes our reality. If we do not take care of our physical, emotional and mental bodies we will increasingly attract negative issues in our life, either in the physical, emotional or mental way. We should not judge ourselves or others if this happens, we should be grateful for having yet another opportunity to brake free from an illusion or judgment, no matter how difficult it feels. If it helps, we should remember that we really are all in the same boat, we are all experiencing the shift.
    This all leads to a more conscious way of treating our physical body and the physical planet as well as every being on the planet.
    As we are all different, for some people it clearly is the taking care of the physical body, which will lead into the spiritual side and purification of the emotional and mental bodies.
    Many of us are already experiencing the higher realities, but we are still in the process of creating the new Earth, it is living in our visions, dreams and feelings. We are creating the world with our thoughts, and our actions have to mirror our mental world. System upgrade is happening in our brains as well as bodies, the more we take care of ourselves, the easier it is.
    Blessings to all, and million thanks to Sue for giving proper frames for what is happening to us! Katariina

  2. italian translation :
    we are one

    Love to you all,
    Stefania Gyan Salila