Monday, May 12, 2014

Recalibrating Your Perceptions


Recalibrating Your Perceptions

Greetings all. I am recalibrating my perceptions to a windswept ocean, hug redwood trees, cozy campsite, wilderness walks and happy children in a warm pool. I guess I am on New Earth??

I will be posting some writings when I get back, but Internet is limited here. I am still thinking of all of you though!

Blessings on a warm and beautiful day in May.


  1. Have a good time, Sue! Thanks for your dedication~

  2. we are personally very grateful and joyous to share with our realselves in such wonderful ways ,we are very glad together with Gaia that you are able to live New Earth so naturally so simply so intensely so intimately ,we can perceive and feel you are writing from New Earth!!!
    thank you all