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Accepting the Light

When the Arcturian said, ”Follow me. There is something you need to see,” there was actually a felling of excitement and even wonder that radiated from it’s Being. Was there anything that was a novel experience for an Arcturian?

“This is!” the Arcturian responded to my unasked question.

When we walked through the corridor, which was unusual as normally we beamed to our location, I saw that the entire Ship was filled with excited crewmembers. Those who could leave their Posts were rushing to the Main Viewing Room. In fact, those who had clearance were even going to the View Screen on the Bridge.

To my great surprise, the Arcturian guided me to the Bridge. What had I done to deserve such an honor?

“You have done more than you can imagine. You have honestly shared your story with many, your example encourages them to continue their journey,” the Arcturian responded to my thoughts.

I was not sure what he was talking about. I had just started talking with the 4D Visitors, and Kepier was always there with me. However, I was not going to question this privilege. With that statement I could feel the release of my old habit of self-doubt. What a blessing to release that old adversary. 

With the release of my doubt, the feeling of excitement and joy increased exponentially. I wondered how many fantastic experiences were muted by that doubt. However, I released that regret along with the doubt and sent them off into a cloud of unconditional love. The cloud seemed to rise up through the ceiling of the Corridor. Perhaps, the love was taking them to the higher frequencies of the Ship to be transmuted.

However, before I could continue that line of thought, the Arcturian actually pulled me along more quickly with the force of its intention. What a joy to feel movement in the same manner as the Arcturian. There was no resistance of foot against ground. In fact, there was no movement. There was a sense of continual BEING where we were NOW. I was pondering this sense of moving without movement, when I bumped into the Arcturian.

“Stop thinking!” It said in a firm, yet loving manner.

I struggled a while with the concept of NO thought until I remembered that fifth dimensional interaction with reality is to totally surrender to every situation. Instantly, everything was calmer, clearer and deeply experiential. I felt the emotions of every person within the deepest Unity Consciousness I had ever known.  The Unity was so complete that I stopped thinking in terms of me and began to think in terms of we, just like the Arcturian thinks.

(I will continue my story in this manner of Oneness with ALL.) We were calmly excited and proudly joyous. Something very special had happened within our family of ONE, and we wanted to contribute our consciousness to this event. Quickly, yet reverently, those of us who had clearance entered the Bridge. The Mothership had expanded Her Bridge to accommodate all of us, so there was plenty of room.

Those who were taller moved to the back of the Bridge to create an easy view of the Ship’s Screen for those who were shorter. As ONE Being we looked at the Solar System of Sol. The Sun was glowing so brightly that we could only see it by raising our consciousness into the sixth dimension.

Since we were so united, we all instantly resonated to our sixth dimensional expression. Within this frequency of perception, we could see every detail of the Sun’s escalating CMEs. We saw how those Ejections seemed to be focusing on the third planet of Earth. Hence, we all directed our attention to that planet.

In fact, within our state of Unity Consciousness, we all focused on the third dimensional expression of our SELF who currently inhabited that small world. In other words, each expression of our United SELF that was still wearing an individual earth vessel received the sixth dimensional energy field of our collective Unity Consciousness.

With great joy we watched as individual after individual joined our Unity. From our perspective, we could see how the earth vessel of each ascending one remained merged with the planetary body of Gaia, while their consciousness expanded to accept and embrace our gift of sixth-dimensional Unity Consciousness.

As each connection was made, the body of Gaia glowed brighter and brighter, and the Unity Consciousness of our Ship expanded deeper and deeper into the form of planet Earth. We felt the reunion of our grounded expressions as they returned to the knowingness of their true SELF. We also felt the great love and compassion of the beautiful Being Gaia and Her planetary form of Earth.

We could clearly see that there were areas of Gaia’s body that needed special attention, as well as earth vessels that were still trapped in ignorance and fear. Hence, we took a moment to focus our unconditional love into these areas and persons. Conversely, other areas and people hungrily soaked up our Love and Light, sharing it with all that would accept it.

And then, as quickly as the experience began, it ceased. We all knew that Gaia and her peoples would need to deeply integrate the higher frequency that was our privilege to share. Without a word, we maintained our sixth dimensional resonance, as we beamed off the Bridge. Since I was still in Unity with the Arcturian, I was not surprised to find myself in the Mothership’s Oversoul, standing in front of the Holoprojector.

“Now you will continue with the story of our Arcturian Ascension,” spoke the Arcturian as it beamed away. I instructed the program to continue, and found my self within the program itself.


Being the Dark
The Ascension of Arcturus Part 1 10-23-12

Unfortunately for the Lost Ones, the Arcturians who were the holders of planetary form were happy to join the Portal Openers and the Formless Ones in the Corridor. Hence, portions of the matrix of the planet were disappearing from the perception of the Lost Ones.

Those who had believed in a disastrous ending were playing out that storyline, while others continued with their selfish or weak behaviors. On the other hand, some of the Lost Ones where finding great courage and assisting others as they sought a safe place. How surprised they were when they discovered that that “safe place” was actually within the Corridor.

Unfortunately, other Lost Ones where holding on to their power-over others and/or their self-pity and lack of control of their own lives. Because they could not find their own Arcturian Core, these Lost Ones raged or desperately called their separate God. It was at this picture where the holographic story had begun and left off.

I stood inside the first and the last scene I had viewed about the Arcturian Ascension that occurs long before the concept of time was invented. In fact, my own concept of time had been greatly altered. I had experienced bi-locating into my past, while also experiencing my present. And, now I was experiencing the ending of a planet, which I knew was a component of my Being.

Why had the Arcturian brought me here to see the completion of the Arcturian ascension story? Was this really the story of the Arcturian’s ascension or was it a metaphor? Also, since all reality is a metaphor, does it make a difference?

Then, I was suddenly pulled into the mind of a Lost One, and all my questions stopped. This was not a pleasant place to be. I could feel myself filled with fear for survival and a rage to succeed. However, I was not clear what I wanted to succeed in. I wanted, I needed, I had to have it.

However, I did not know what “it” was that I must have. I was confused and felt like a hungry animal that would devour whatever I could capture. Rather than give up my search for MORE, I allowed my desperation to consume my entire being.

In stark contrast to the beautiful experience of sixth dimensional Unity Consciousness I had just shared, I was now totally alone. I saw everything and everyone as a potential enemy. My body and mind raced out of my control, and the only emotion I felt was fear and anger. Any other emotions were a sign of my weakness and would make me the prey rather than the predator.

I had learned this defense mechanism, or maybe it was taught to me. Either way, this thinking was all I could remember. And now, my world was changing. I imagined that it was the prophesied “end of the world.” But, I was not ready for the world to end. I would take control of those who quivered in fear, and we would not allow our world to end.

Simultaneously with the thoughts of anger and desperation, I felt my Mytre fifth- dimensional SELF as well as the sixth-dimensional SELF I still held inside of Mytre. Who was this person, and why was I put inside of this being? No, I will not ask more questions. I did not have time to ponder this. I had to communicate with this body that appeared to contain me. He appeared to be a leader. Perhaps, I could assist him to take in the glowing light that I could see all around us.

Then, the Lost One growled like a wild animal. “I will not have such weak thoughts of giving in. I am a Leader of my people, and we need to fight for our right to live on this world.”

“Has your fight worked for you so far?” I replied, much as the Arcturian would.

“What are these phantom thoughts?” ragged the Lost One. “I will not surrender. I will fight to the end.”

“What are you fighting for?” I calmly asked.

“I will not have doubt. What is this voice that appears to come from within me? I will not listen to such weakness. I must fight!”

“Why?” I asked.


  1. It will be interesting to see if the ‘Lost One’ Mytre is communicating w/ is an aspect of Mytre’s SELF, w/ Mytre functioning as his higher self.

  2. Thank you Sue, I love your reports from the other dimensions, keep em coming! Bjorn