Friday, December 7, 2012

Time to Remember Bi-location Part 1


Time to Remember Bi-location Part 1


After the meeting closed, Kepier and I went to our own quarters, supposedly to sleep. However, as I walked through the Corridor to my quarters, I knew that I could not sleep. Too many questions were floating through my mind. The main question was, if I could bi-locate, why had I not gone to see my family? I then realized that I had believed that I could not bi-locate, so I never tried. Why had the Arcturian not told me? I guess this was one of those things that I had to find out for my self.

I had created such an emotional wall around my abandonment of my family that I was unable to believe there was a solution for this problem. I thought about the 4D Visitors who followed the Arcturian. I had communed with many of them and knew that they, too, could not believe in bi-location. Therefore, the thought of leaving their loved ones had halted their ascension. But here I was, already resonating to the fifth dimension, and I still had not figured out that my own beliefs had stopped me.

“Perhaps it is because you judge yourself.” I heard.

Was that my inner voice or a message from the Arcturian?

“Is there a difference?”

Again, the inner voice originated from what appeared to be my own thoughts, but it appeared to be coming from the Arcturian. The Arcturian had spoken of higher frequencies and parallel reality expressions of our SELF. Kepier and I had discovered that we were parallel expressions of our greater SELF. Was this great SELF the Arcturian who had been my guide and teacher?

“What do you think?” spoke the voice within.

Instinctively, I headed for the holosuite so that I could meditate. I was tired and my energy was low. I needed to raise my consciousness to more completely understand what was happening inside my mind.

“Is it just inside your mind?”

Whoever asked the question, it was valid of course, it was not just my mind. It was my heart and my entire form. In fact, the new perspective of reality that the Arcturian shared with our group was gently infusing into my Being. Was it awakening me to something I had always known but had long forgotten? But when did I forget, and why?

I think the “when” was during my many years of being a warrior during the Galactic Wars, as well as being a Protector of my people. The War had raged on for my entire life, at least for this entire life. I am now beginning to understand that life has a much greater meaning than I had previously thought.

My pondering was interrupted by my arrival at the holosuite. I entered to find my program already playing. Did the Arcturian start the program or was it started with my mind control that had been steadily increasing?

“Is there a difference?”

OK, I think that I can no longer ignore the message. Obviously, the Arcturian is a Higher Expression of my SELF, but why is it telling me now?

“There is only NOW.”

Yes, that is true. I am beginning to understand there is only NOW—I think. Sounds good, but how does “only now” work? If there is only NOW, then what are all the memories of my past?

“The past is an illusion.”

 Of course, the NOW is infinite and illusion is created for a reason. I am wondering if I can determine the reason why I have created the illusion of a past?

“Try it.”

Is this me talking to the greater ME an illusion?

“The me is an illusion, but the Greater ME is infinity.”

Yes, and truth is infinite, whereas illusion is created to suit a certain timeline. Therefore I created the illusion of being Mytre. I create all the illusions that I believe were my real life when in fact that “real life” was just an illusion.

“How do you feel about that conclusion?”

Glad you asked. I think I am a little angry that I created such a difficult life. Why would I choose to do that?

“Did you learn very much?”

Well, yes, I guess I learned a lot. But, I only started learning when I met Mytria. Before that my life was a cycle of repeats.

“How did Mytria influence your life?”

I had to think before I could answer that question. That is when I realized that I was talking out lout to what appeared to be my self, or perhaps it is my SELF.  Now I understand why I had to come to the holosuite. How many decisions had I made in my life without knowing why I had made them?

I do not know why I was so attracted to Mytria, except that it felt like I could not live without her. It felt like Mytria completed me in some way. I also knew I completed her. But now we were apart and I missed her every minute of our separation.

Could I bi-locate to be with her? Then I could complete my studies here on the Ship and assist my family and my people to ascend.

“Can you remember how to bi-locate?” spoke the inner Arcturian ME.

“Yes, I think I can. I mean, if I can believe I can bi-locate then I can remember how to do it. That is how it works, right? First you have to believe, and then you can remember?” Now I really am talking to myself.

“Try it.”

How do I try to believe that I can do something that, to the knowledge of my present self, I cannot remember doing?

No answer!  I was on my own for this one. Well, I do remember the rule of:
If you can’t remember something, raise your state of consciousness to a frequency of your SELF that can remember.

I sat down in the wooden chair by the waterfall, overlooking the valley. However, this time I wanted an ocean, so that is what I saw. If it was that easy to change the hologram with my mind, then how difficult could it be to remember the frequency of my SELF that knew how to bi-locate?

I released all thoughts and focused on my breathing. Shortly, I felt my resonance expand. My Essence began to move out beyond the boundaries of my form. I realized that I already had a fifth dimensional form, which has the ability to experience multiple realities within the NOW. Why was I not using all my capabilities?

It was as if I got new computer and did not bother to learn all the advanced programs because I was so accustomed to doing everything the same way. Moreover, I was allowing the Arcturian to guide me in every way and had not used my own intention. I could see that this was why I was not going to receive assistance with this issue.

Obviously, bi-location was one of those things that I had to learn for my self. But, I was using the term “learn,” which limited my thinking. I already know how to bi-locate at a higher frequency of my SELF. Hence, I went back into meditation to connect with a more expanded version of my SELF. At first, I saw only the familiar fog and blinking lights of myriad colors. Then, the colors began to move and outline a form that looked much like a Merkaba.

Yes, our Merkaba is our “Inter-dimensional Chariot.” Instantly, the form of a Merkaba became very clear. I focused all my attention on the form of the Merkaba. I released my thinking and allowed the image to move into my Heart-Mind.

As I relaxed into this process, I began to feel a strong sensation that felt as though energy was brewing from within me like steam rising from boiling water. This energy was my own, but it wanted to escape my form. This component of my SELF wanted to be free of all form, for it felt limited by the containment of any encasement

I decided to place the majority of my consciousness into this energy field. Instantly, I felt as if this energy field burst forth beyond whomever I had conceived as my self. This energy field escaped in all directions like a wild animal let loose of its cage. I contained a small fear that wondered if I could ever again be just Mytre. Thus, I firmly implanted a remnant of my SELF deep inside that form.

Once I anchored an element of my life force in the form of Mytre, this intensifying energy field expanded to fill the entire holosuite. Instinctively, I knew that I must limit this energy to this larger space. In fact, I realized that the Merkaba was beckoning this energy field to move into its form. At first, the energy seemed to balk at any sense of confinement, but seemed to recall this form as one of great expansion and inter-dimensional adventure.

As the energy field fully entered the Merkaba, I realized that the energy field was representative of me in every way. I had been feeling so limited for so long. This energetic expression of my SELF has known, since my transformation into my fifth dimensional form, that I was not using my full expression. As I owned this fact, the energy aligned with my consciousness and no longer appeared to be separate from me or out of my control.

It was then that I realized that I could look at my form of Mytre and still contain my Essence of beingness within the Merkaba form. Could I return to the Mytre form and still contain the Merkaba Essence? I expanded my Heart-Mind to encompass my beingness of Mytre. To my surprise I realized how much I loved being that person. In fact, I realized that I love myself.

Instantly, I was within my form of Mytre. This form felt very comfortable, like a pair of well-worn shoes. I sensed that I was inside my Mytre form, as well as within my Merkaba form. I was bi-located into two places. These places were very close in space, but each one had a reality of its own.

As my Mytre form looked around the hologram I saw the waterfall, the distant ocean, and the Sun lowering in the sky. I felt the hard chair around me, squeezed my arm till it hurt and stamped my foot. Within the exact same NOW, I felt the Merkaba form around me.

As I looked around the holosuite through my Merkaba form I saw photons traveling on matrixes and lights blinking to pre-programed coding, creating the illusion of concrete objects. Merkaba self could easily see that the objects were holographic projections.

In fact, the holographic projections were much clearer than the holographic image. My Merkaba self perceived my Mytre self as the projector for my photonic energy. At the same time, I saw the projection of energy from my Merkaba self that appeared to be creating the form of Mytre.

My Merkaba self was ready to blink off to the co-ordinates of any given reality, but knew that the Mytre self did not feel ready to experience allowing itself that degree of apparent separation. My humanoid heard my Merkaba say, “When will Mytre remember that separation is the biggest illusion of all?”


  1. “I expanded my Heart-Mind to encompass my beingness of Mytre. To my surprise I realized how much I loved being that person. In fact, I realized that I love myself.”

    Developing the wisdom to love self, even as we know that self is flawed, still having soooo much to experience is one of the key components of ascension. Allot of our spiritual belief systems, even some new age ones, disdain self, using a comparison to the imagined perfection of higher self+ or a creator figure to imagine that we are unable (or unworthy) to reach level abc-xyz. Even those who are many steps ahead of us dimensionally are still on their own journey & have allot to experience & learn.

    Enjoy the journey as it is a journey of joy.

  2. Thank you Arcturians, thank you Sue. All your messages are wonderful. The info you’re sharing with us is simply invaluable for deep individual spiritual work. Love and Light. ♥ & ☼
    Oleg from Russia