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Finding Light in Darkness & Clarity in Confusion & Info On 2 Upcoming Webinar on this topic


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Finding Light in the Darkness and Clarity in the Confusion &
Information about webinars with Sue Lie and Lauren Galey:
Merging and Integrating Your Multidimensional Aspects of SELF
Friday and Saturday July 13 and 14

Friday and Saturday, July 13 & 14
11am PT / 12pm MT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET / 6pm GMT
Two Live Sessions with downloadable Audio Recording

The Arcturians and Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,
Please assist us, the members of the “away team to Earth,” as well as all the others who are currently wearing a physical earth vessel, to find the LIGHT in the Darkness and CLARITY in the Confusion.

It appears to many of us Galactics who are currently wearing a human earth vessel, that something is very close. Some times we think we know what it is, but then the chaos and lies that surround us take over, and we fall back into survival mode. 

However, we did NOT choose to take this earth vessel during this NOW of great transition to “get lost.” 

Instead, we came here during this NOW to remember what has become lost, remember where and when we lost it, and most important, remember who we truly are so that we can “find” and “become” the multidimensional galactic/human that we have ALWAYS been—but forgot! 

Yes, many of us are Galactic Humans. What that term means is that we are innately fifth dimensional Galactic. Our Galactic Pleiadian self looks quite human. Therefore, we often take that component of our Multidimensional SELF as an “earth body,” while on our “tour of duty to Gaia.”

Also, Pleiadians look very much like humans, but their minds and hearts are much more evolved. The Pleiadian mind is using 100% of its capacity, whereas the human mind is functioning at much lower levels of capacity. 

However, we, your Galactic Family, are happy to see that more and more humans are beginning to expand their neural synapses to include more and more of their innate brain potential. 

We, the Arcturians and your entire Galactic Family, are happy to see that more and more of our “away team to Earth” are awakening to the mental and emotional slumber that overtakes them when they leave their beloved fifth dimensional home and join an “away team” to third dimensional Earth.

We have found that the most difficult challenge of our Mission is to remember our true SELF and NOT become lost in the illusions, fears, and lies that are in great abundance within your third dimensional frequency of habitation.

We wish you to know that it is our Long Term Goal to rise all of Earth’s habitation from the third dimension and into the fourth dimension. We see that the third dimension is a frequency that is too low to support our away team's return Home. 

Therefore, instead of taking a lifetime to learn about the third dimensional frequency of reality so that we can better assist those who have become trapped in that frequency, many of our Away Team have found themselves trapped there, as well.

“How do they/we become trapped?” we hear your consciousness asking us. We are happy that you have asked that question, for it is through asking the questions that you will “remember” the answers. We say “remember” as you have those answers already stored in your higher dimensional brain and within your High Heart, which is just above your physical heart.

It is through asking the questions and seeking the answers that you “remember your true Multidimensional SELF.” On the other hand, when you become lost in the many challenges of wearing a third dimensional earth vessel, you forget your true SELF and become “just human.”

When you are “just human,” your perceptual field narrows to only the third dimension. This occurs because when you are only aware of the human earth vessel that surrounds your innate Multidimensional Consciousness, and you forget about your expanded consciousness and are trapped in the many illusions that exist in the third dimension.

We would like to define the term “illusion.” According to your dictionary, illusions are an impression, misapprehension, magic, deception, trickery, misconception, sleight of hand, and/or false impressions. You also define illusion as something with deceptive appearance, a false idea, the deceptive power of appearances, and mistaken sensory perceptions.

According to your third dimensional definition of illusion, there are many, many forms of illusion in your reality that can keep you confused and distracted from the deep inner truth that you ALL have access to via the unused 98% of your human brain.

We wish to tell you all that you can actively be aware of and use a much greater percentage of your brain, but you will need to expand your consciousness to encompass your innate fourth and fifth dimensional aspects of your SELF. 

But how do you, in the midst of having a job to make money in order to survive, paying your many bills, over coming the common sicknesses, caring for your family and home etc. etc. find the “time” to find the way to “access the unused 98% of your brain"?

The first answer we will give you is to connect with the higher frequency expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. Yes, EVERY human has a “Multidimensional SELF.” However, many people do not have access to their higher dimensional expressions of SELF as they are too busy moving through their third dimensional life. 

In other words, all of you have an immense potential within your own brain. But, most of humanity does not know how to tap into that immense brain power. It is much like driving in a fancy car that has five levels of performance, and you remain in first or second gear. 

Why would you, the members of humanity, choose to drive through your life in first and/or second gear? The answer is, because the higher “gears” are invisible to your third dimensional perceptions. 

Therefore, the answer to your quest for more power, more joy, more intellect, more wisdom and even the ability to love more deeply, is within your own unused portions of the “control center of your body,” your brain.

But how did this occur? How could humanity, who appears to be in a higher state of evolution, forget about their own higher dimensional abilities? The answer is that because those who wanted to maintain power OVER humans, animals, plants and the entire planet, “educated you” to forget your true, Multidimensional SELF.

How many of your “text books” talk about humanity’s innate Multidimensional SELF. In fact, how many people even thought that YOU are multidimensional beings who are using a very small percentage of your innate potential.

The brain washing was VERY successful. But, who was it that brainwashed humans to use ONLY a small percentage of their innate power? The answer to that question goes very far back in humanity’s history when the Power Over Others group of humanity began to overtake the Power Within Group of humanity.

Actually, the Power Over Others group is not ruled by humanity, but too many humans have become lost in their promises, which are actually lies and illusions. These lies and illusions began many millennia ago, and before, when invaders from “power over others” planets came to Earth to capture Gaia’s great abundance of gold, as well as human slaves.

Many “modern humans” have forgotten this “history,” or they never learned about it. However, remnants of these early beginnings still exist in “modern earth.” It is for this reason that members of humanity’s Galactic Family, have come into your present reality to remind you of your true, Multidimensional SELF.

Your Multidimensional SELF is awake and aware of many higher dimensional worlds and experiences. However, humanity’s third dimensional self, who are the humans wearing third dimensional earth vessels, have mostly forgotten their higher dimensional expressions of SELF, and are ONLY using a very small percentage of their innate abilities.

These innate abilities are controlled by the brain, which is the “control tower for the physical body.” However, these higher powers have been turned off and/or forgotten. How and why would these wondrous multidimensional powers be turned off? The answer is simple. 

While a human has access to, and uses, their entire brain potential. they are NOT controllable! They are in complete control of their own self because they are in complete contact with their Galactic Family, as well as ALL any other incarnations in which they remembered to awaken and expand their consciousness to encompass their true, Multidimensional SELF.

Unfortunately, the memory of these fully awakened lifetimes is stored in the higher dimensional aspects of your brain, as their synaptic speed would greatly confuse, and even cause fear, in the humans who have not, yet, volunteered to awaken their higher dimensional potentials.

Mostly, these higher dimensional potentials have been completely forgotten in the day-to -day challenges of “life in the third dimension.” There has also been a huge amount of brainwashing that has occurred under the command of the power over others groups. 

These power over others groups came to Earth long ago to “take over the planet.” Unfortunately, they were quite successful in their endeavor, which has brought on millennia after millennia of suffering to the power within groups. 

So how could the power over others overtake the power within groups? The answer is that it is much easier to have power over than it is to find, develop, and live via power within. Generation after generation of loving, kind, artistic, and peace-loving people were overtaken and destroyed by those who lived via power over others.

Why did this happen?  Initially it happened because the kind, loving, artistic, and evolved Venusians, from Venus, and the brutal warriors of Mars, both wanted the jewel of Earth. Because Venus was, and is, focused on love, beauty, healing, caring and learning, and Mars was based on “taking from others before they take from you,” the two planets developed very different societies. 

In between these two very different planetary societies was Earth. Therefore, many Venusians chose to take incarnations on Earth, and many Martians chose to take incarnations on Earth. 

When Venus and Mars were separated by great space, as well as the planetary system of Earth, Venus and Mars did not interact with each other. However, when both Venus and Mars traveled to, and even chose to live on Earth, the troubles began. 

When Venus, which was a reality based on beauty, love, evolution, and power-within came face to face with Mars, which was a reality based on combat, war, and power-over others, the two very divergent cultures were faced with the great challenge of living with those who had very different operating systems.  

Unfortunately, the planet Gaia (often called Earth) was where these two vastly divergent societies, who both increasingly thought of themselves as Earthlings, had their disagreements, which too often turned into wars.

Of course, the rugged power-over others societies and the gentle power-within societies, and humans had many wars on Earth, just as they once had wars in space. “So, when will these wars end?” we hear you ask. Our answer is that war is too often part of a third dimensional planet. 

Because the constant battles brought on by the Martians on Earth made the once loving and artistic Venusians on Earth harsher and less artistic. It was then that Gaia’s Earth was the one to suffer. 

When will the concept of “power” no longer be polarized into power over or power within to become an energy field of “Power to Change.” This change can be a choice for all the inhabitants on Gaia’s Earth. 

Then, those who wish to develop their own Power Within can direct that power to heal Gaia so that She can begin Her process of the power of ascension into the fifth dimension. 

The only solution for Gaia’s conflict is to rise above Her third dimensional operating system of third/fourth dimensional POWER OVER versus POWER WITHIN, to move into Her fifth dimensional process of ASCENSION!

But, can humanity “lay down their swords” and look into the sky to see that we, their own expressions of their own Multidimensional SELF, are HERE within their NOW to assist Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants to transmute into their innate fifth dimensional expressions?!

In closing, we wish to share many of your dictionary’s definitions of “transmutation,” which follow: Change, change one element into another, conversion into gold (that which has great value), alter, metamorphosis and conversion, as well as a definition we wish to use: awakening to the knowledge and memories that are stored in the unused 98% of your own human brain.

You, the members of humanity, are mostly using 2% of the information and abilities that are right NOW within your own human brain. It is through expanding your own, personal consciousness that you will be able to connect with your own Higher Self, who has been over-lighting you in every incarnation that you have ever taken. 

The difference with this reality is that we, your Galactic Family of the Pleiadians and the Arcturians, as well as the Venusians, have all chosen to assist dear planetary Gaia. Note that we said to “assist planetary Gaia.” 

We need to tell you within this now, the life that you send out into your world is the life that will return to you. However, the closer you get to your return/ascension back to your Home World, Ship or Frequency of Reality, the more initiations you will take on.

We will return to speak with you about “Initiations for Ascension.”

Your Galactic Family

For our Online Retreat

Merging and Integrating Your Multidimensional Aspects of SELF
Friday and Saturday July 13 and 14




Friday and Saturday, July 13 & 14
11am PT / 12pm MT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET / 6pm GMT
Two Live Sessions with downloadable Audio Recording


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A Dream, or Was it Real--Arcturians and Sue Lie



I had a dream, and in that dream I was in a place with a stadium setting. I watched as people began to turn into monsters. Then I took a stick and touched the crown of their head as I said, “I am Love.” They then turned back to normal people. I wrote the dream down and then quickly forgot it. 

While my husband was driving us home today, I looked in my purse for something and found the above message written on a small notepad. I had forgotten the dream by now and just saw where I had scribbled it in my notepad so I would notforget it. 

But, I forgot it any way. How many dreams have we forgotten during the long struggle to “make it” into the higher dimensions? And, how many new dreams have replaced the long forgotten old dreams?

We are in the process of entering the NOW of great change. There can be no more excuses as to why things should stay the same. The “same” is over and the NEW is NOW. Fortunately, as the old is ending, the new is slowly beginning. In fact, we are slowly, or quickly, remembering what we forgot, and then forgot that we forgot it.

We forgot our origins in the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond because we were too busy trying to “get ahead” or “just survive” in the third dimension. And why did that happen? Because we forgot!

Just as I forgot that short dream, we all, or many of us, if not most of us, forgot our true fifth dimensional SELF. Sometimes we remembered our fourth dimensional dreams and meditations, but usually only if we documented them and found them later, just as I forgot and found that dream.

If we are forgetting our fourth dimensional dreams and creative experiences, then how will we find and/or remember our true fifth dimensional SELF? Will we find this SELF within our imagination?

Imagination is much like fifth dimensional thought. If we can just allow our imagination to flow freely though or heart and mind, maybe we can remember. However, first, we must remember our dreams, meditations, and all our journeys into our higher frequencies of SELF. 

Then, we need to member that our dreams and meditations are REAL.

Do we really have a Pleiadian, or other galactic self on board a Starship? Can we really see a Pleiadian and/or Arcturian standing in the corner of the room while we meditate or do something creative? 

Why would we choose to imagine that? Is it because we wanted that choice to be true, and to be real? There are many third dimensional things that we do NOT want to be true. 

Some of these dreams, experiences, challenges, we may be able to change, some we may not be able to change. Some them belong to the collective because just one person does not have enough to create the change that is so needed. Also, some changes are extremely important and need to have the “power of MANY working together as ONE.”

As the many become the ONE, the ONE united consciousness can expand beyond the third dimension, the fourth dimension and into the fifth dimensional realm of the NOW of the ONE. 

Alone it is too much for us. But if we can unite with our God, Goddess, All That Is, as well as with as many awakened humans as possible, can we create (or is the word “allow”) the fifth dimensional reality of love and light into our Heart, into our Minds, and into our Daily lives. 

But, maybe we don’t need to create it. Maybe what we need to do is to BE IT! 

What if each of us could remain “lovingly tough” through all the frightened ones on the head to remind them to remember that “They are LOVE.?”

Would they remember? Would we remember to remind them. Or just as I forgot the dream, would we forget to remind them?

WE forget to remind our self that “I AM” transmuting from my third dimensional expression of my physical human into the fifth dimensional SELF that I AM?

How do we change that which has existed for myriad incarnations in “time” to prevent that which our fear has warned us is coming? Then, how can we “release our fear” and “share our love?”

Can we stop “people” from turning into “monsters,” just by tapping them on the head and saying “I AM LOVE,” as I did in my dream? 

And, how could one resonate to frequency of  “I AM Love” with the knowing that WE ARE fully, deeply unconditional love, which we share with some one, some place, some idea. It is not enough to just feel that love, or share that love. We must BE that love. 

Our I AM Presence/SELF is the frequency of our SELF that stands at the threshold between the top of the fourth-dimensional, conditional love and the entrance to the fifth- dimensional, unconditionallove. This “Presence” of our SELF is constantly telling us, 
“I AM Love!” 

Can we believe that inner/higher expression of our Higher Dimensional SELF to remind us, whenever we need it—which is likely often, that “I AM Love!” If we are LOVE, that that is what we will share and that is how we will live. 

But can we always share and live that way? Of course not! However, if we can remember that “I AM LOVE” we can love ourselves enough to forgive ourselves for when we forget. 

When we forget that “I AM LOVE” we can easily fall into the fear, anger, sorrow and impatience that is far too often a component of our third dimensional frequency of reality. Why, why are these difficult experience so much a part of our third dimensional life?

The answer is that Gaia is a School! We chose to go to school on the planet Earth so that we could fully and deeply remember how difficult it is to live in a third dimensional reality. From our innate Home in the higher dimensions, we can “look down” to “help from afar.” 

However, being a human on a planet that is moving into Her “the darkest night precedes the dawn” is a great challenge, to say the least. We could say that there are so many bad things happening now. However, so many bad things have always happened on Gaia.

Gaia, the planet, has the Operating System of “energy out equal energy back.” Therefore, “what goes around, comes around.” Gaia’s Operating System also includes “time and space” as well as “separation and limitation.” 

Therefore, ALL of us (and if you can read this and say “that’s for sure” you are one of the “us”) who chose to leave the total safety and unconditional love of our homes in the fifth dimension and beyond, to assist a small third dimensional planet in the process of planetary ascension, have chosen to “tap our fears on the head” and say “I AM LOVE!”

Yes, We ARE LOVE! We do not need to gain that love, work for that love, or deserve that love. If we can remember to remind ourselves on a regular basis that, “I AM LOVE,”
many of our “monsters” will turn back to “normal people.” 

But these “normal people” have a secret! Deep inside the love that they have for themselves, the reality that they know they have created, and the planet that they came to heal and serve, is their—YOUR—True Multidimensional SELF!

It is within your Multidimensional SELF that you will Remember!

And what will you remember?

I don’t know, but please share it with others because YOU are important!

And, YOU are LOVE! 

If you have a dream or experience you would like to share with others, 
please put it in the comments section just below the blog.
Thank you so for sharing

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Visitors to the Starships--Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Visitors to the Starships

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,
Why do we usually have memory loss about our visits to our Star Ships and Fifth Dimensional home worlds?

Dear Ascending Ones,
Memory loss is usually because you are having an “argument” between the part of your consciousness that wants to remember the visitations and the part of your self that does not want to believe that these visitations ever happened.

Please note that we do not use the word “abduction,” as you would NEVER be taken on a Starship without your full permission. On the other hand, there are dark forces that “abduct” humans under the guise of being “aliens,” when they are actually humans posing as aliens.

Those who were taken on a regular basis by the Zetas have been protected by them ever since. The Zetas only needed human DNA as their species was dying out, and they needed to be assisted by the implant of stronger DNA. 

They found this human DNA in Earth humans, which is why they came to Earth to gain the DNA that they needed. Once they had what they wanted, they left and have NOT returned since. 

We would like to tell you the date of these landings, but that is very difficult as the Zetas had a totally different concept and measurement of time than the humans. It is for this reason that the humans who visited, not abducted, as they ALL gave their permission to allow the Zetas to take small amounts of their blood, may or may not remember that event. 

The blood was not taken for any nefarious reason, but because everything the Zetas needed to correct their genetic problem, which resulted in a distortion of their DNA, could be found in human DNA. 

Some of you do remember being abducted, and you also remember that you were not too frightened. When you told them that it was frightening for a human to be tied down, they untied you immediately. In their reality, being “tied down” is a means of comfort and security. They wanted their “human friends” to feel secure and comfortable, so they tied them down.

The Zetas were actually very kind. They also told you not to tell everyone and not to talk the experience on the Ship, if they remembered, as others may have and likely would have judged and questioned these humans. Also, the Zetas were around after WW II and have long since returned to their own area of space.

In fact, many of the awakened ones just after WW II, realized that “being different” was not a good idea for anyone who was, in fact, VERY different from the other people that they knew. “Being different” was NOT a good idea in the era of your post WWII childhood. 

Therefore, those who visited the Zeta Ships did not tell anyone about their experiences. Even now, when they tell their experiences, they only do so as if they are “just telling a good story.” We advise that they continue with this habit, as it is still is not safe to allow their secret out.

The leaders of your country, who are actually not the leaders, but the followers, have led many humans that are on the edge of evolution to sink back into the old habits and the fearful thoughts of their third dimensional self.

Our Galactic plan was to align with the humans who would be able to know the truths that have been kept as secrets since the beginning of humanity’s first visits to Earth. We have observed that when humanity gets very frightened, they often become very violent. It is for this reason that most of the UFO information has been hidden. 

Only a small population of humans are able to accept this type information without being frightened. Since frightened humans can be, and usually are, quite violent, we know that we need to be careful about who we choose to communicate with. 

Therefore, we start very short contacts with humans, which are primarily to discover if that person would be frightened by the “unknown of their next evolutionary NOW.” Those who were not afraid are usually those who are able to retain their fifth dimensional thinking and perceptions, even after they have a third dimensional earth vessel. 

Therefore, they can perceive that another reality may be close by with a sense of wonder and enthusiasm, rather than fear and anger. The people who can easily and eagerly accept this information are usually among the Galactics who chose to be born into the third dimensional Earth reality as a third dimensional human.

These children usually had some “near death experiences” when they were infants or quite young, so that they could return to their Higher Home to check in before they returned back to their earth body. 

From the third dimensional perspective, these “check ins” appeared to only be seconds. However, from the perspective of their fifth dimensional SELF, whom they visited during these inter-dimensional experiences, they were free of ALL limitations of third dimensional time. 

Therefore, they do not have a time-bound, sequential experience, like the experiences that they are having on Earth. From their fifth dimensional and beyond galactic perspective, they knew that “time is an illusion of the third dimension.” 

Until the third dimensional Earth humans can release their illusion of “third dimensional time,” they can NOT remember their true SELF who resonated to the fourth, fifth, and even higher dimensions of reality.

The knowledge of many different dimensions is also something that can be very frightening to one who was still attached to “only” the third/fourth dimensional format of reality. In fact, for many eons, even the concept of other worlds and dimensions was terrifying to humans. Unfortunately, this fact is also true for many, if not most, humans within your NOW. 

The reason for this is that, even in your current “modern time,” many humans are only able to activate about 3%  of their innate brain synaptic junctions. A “synaptic junction” is an area of your brain where different brain cells interact with each other to create an interaction between different sources of information which are stored in your brain. 

Since most of humanity only uses about 2% to 10% of their full brain power, higher dimensional synaptic junctions, such as junctions that allow one to perceive fourth and fifth dimensional expressions of reality, are never activated. 

A “synaptic junction” basically means that several, or many, areas of the brain are activated by a thought, emotion, decision and/or idea. There are billions of synaptic junctions in your brain at all times, but most of them are unconscious to humans. 

However, when a person is consciously aware that novel information has entered their brain, and has joined this information with known information in their brain, they are assisting their brain to accept, and understand, novel information.

This conscious awareness of novel actions and thoughts creates NEW usable “synaptic junctions” within the brain. We say “usable” as many, if not most people, are unaware of any activity that is occurring in their body and/or their “inner life.”

Every time humans are conscious of a novel manner of thinking, feeling, perceiving etc., they create new “streams of consciousness.” Then, these new streams of consciousness connect with other synaptic junctions to initiate new ways of thinking, feeling, perceiving, and behaving.

At first, these new brain waves are difficult to access, as the humans are not accustomed to receiving information in that manner. However, every time that they think in a “new, and/or, multidimensional manner,” their synaptic junctions greatly expand, as well as become stronger. 

This is much like learning a new skill, riding a bike, singing a song, cooking a meal etc. Each time that you consciously interact with this “new skill,” you get better at it and have more confidence to get even better.

Eventually, this “new skill” can become “normal.” This is similar to writing something on a paper and then writing on top of that sentence again. Eventually, what you have written will become wider and bolder. 

In the same manner, the more you allow yourself to consciously recognize that you have had a novel, in this case a higher dimensional experience,  that synaptic junction becomes wider and more easily activated.

If, in your daily life, you often drove down First Street, you would almost automatically turn to drive down First Street. In the same manner, if you often thought about new concepts, such at inter-dimensional communication with higher dimensional beings, you would have more and more of these thoughts. 

Eventually, these thoughts of your wanting communication with a Higher Being would begin to manifest in your daily life. Then, all the new thoughts, which were translated into a synaptic junction by your brain, would no longer be new thoughts, but “usual thoughts.” 

We say “usual thoughts”, because the synaptic junction within your brain attaches this new information with your old, often outdated information. In this manner, the old information becomes transmuted into new information, which can eventually become familiar information.

It is in this manner that humanity evolves by expanding their smaller synaptic junctions of old information into newer, wider synaptic junctions of the new, higher frequency information. Actually, expanding your synaptic junctions is the same as learning/accepting novel information into your conscious mind. 

Then, when you write, talk, sing, draw, or in some manner ground this higher frequency, inter-dimensional information into your third dimensional brain, the information, which was once new, will become “normal” and part of your daily life.

When you allow this new information, especially higher dimensional information, to integrate into your conscious mind by speaking it, drawing it, singing it, writing it, etc., this “novel, higher dimensional information” merges with your third dimensional information, brain, perceptual field. 

Once this higher dimensional information has been incorporated into the information of your third dimensional brain, it will begin to enter your perceptual field more and more. Then, your once new synaptic junctions, which you created with your new “novel, higher dimensional perceptions” will become normal

Once you accept this “new-normal information” and use it in your daily life, it will become “normal information.” Once this new information is no longer frightening information, it can become “normal information.” 

It is in that manner, that you overcome your fears by turning them into “important information.” It is in this manner that the “victim within” can become the “victor in daily life!”  Once YOU are the master of your fears, you will no longer be frightened to the point that you are “frozen in fear.” Then what has been frightening, will become a component of your past. 

When airplanes first became a “mode of transportation”, many people were terrified to go on an airplane. Now, flying in an airplane is a “normal action.” Therefore, it is no longer cloaked in fear and doubt about whether or not an airplane can stay in the sky and give you a “safe means of transformation.”

Just as a ride in a Starship may be quite frightening at first, if you travel in that manner again and again, riding in a Starship is “Normal.” It is then that your perceptions and experiences of riding in a Starship are “Normal.”

Your experience of reality is formed between the old synaptic junctions that meet and intermingle with new synaptic junctions, that create experiences and perceptions that are NEW. 

That is, they are new until that NOW when you are able to consciously accept those perceptions and experiences as “normal.” Once this perception/experience is “normal,” it becomes a component of your third/fourth/fifth dimensional consciousness and your third dimensional imagination, thoughts, feelings and reality. 

Again, once it was very frightening to ride via airplane. But now that it is very common to ride an airplane, so there is less fear from more people. In fact, taking a flight on an airplane is a very common thing that millions of people do every day. 

In the same manner, one day, riding on a Star Ship will be just as normal as it is now to ride on an airplane. We, your Galactic Family, eagerly await the day when we can take one of our smaller ships and land in one your larger airports. 

We will invite you all to join us.
Blessings from your Galactic Family

Arcturian Conversation PART II: From Me to We in the NOW

Darkest Night Before the Dawn
A Conversation with the Arcturians

PART II: From Me to We in the NOW

Sue/The Arcturians: 
Now a lot has occurred, especially in the United States and those protected by the United States. That is because the United States was supposed to be the flashpoint of ascension.

And it’s the newest country, along with Australia. So it will be the United States for the northern hemisphere, and Australia for the southern hemisphere, and they are right next to each other. And that wave of ascension will be activated with those two continents and then move all around the planet. But it can’t occur while that matrix is still active and still attached to the planet.

So as we each do a personal assessment, the greatest contribution we can make is assisting as many people as possible to focus on their grounding. That way, we can maintain our presence in this Higher Frequency.

Sue/The Arcturians: 
In this Higher Frequency, yes, and when we, {now Suzille is saying this, but we’ll say you}, when humanity grounds themselves, humanity is meant to be a grounding board. Because they are conscious. They are conscious of the planet, and they are conscious of the atmosphere, and they are conscious of the other planets. 

And so there are beings that are conscious, as well as beings that deeply love the Earth. Because there are beings that love the Earth deeply, but they are not conscious of those types of concepts, because they live in rural lands or agricultural lands, but they love the planet. And those are the ones that are the final grounders. Because they love the planet, and they will be able to pull in that Light and share it with the planet.

And those that have selfish needs and work against the planet, that frequency of Light will be too hard, too dangerous. It will disarticulate their selfish power over other’s needs. Because power over others is a low frequency, and power within is a very high frequency. 

So those that resonate to a power over others, they have a low frequency of consciousness. And so when that Higher Light comes in, they’ll get zapped, because it will be too strong for them. 

And they will be taken with the matrix to a baby planet to start over. Because there really is no death, just a next cycle. And when that cycle occurs as that matrix leaves, then only those that have truly loved the planet will be able to stay on the planet, because that is where they have always been.

Do you understand what we are saying by that?

Yes, the timing is interesting because a lot of this information is coming to Light on how this existence has functioned and what the aims and intentions have been and continue to be. I always had this optimism in my mind that surely they will all come to realize that, and I think the Arcturians, I think you’ve actually mentioned recently that they are being made aware that their actions have implications. And so in a way, they have been warned that if their ways continue, there will be consequences.

Sue/The Arcturians:
Because Energy out is Energy back.

Right, and I’ve always held his hope that knowing that, decisions would be made that would alter these intentions, and they would focus more upon the well-being because there is more power in love than fear.

Sue/The Arcturians:
There are some that will be able to shift out of that power over consciousness, but a large percentage of the people that have power over consciousness, they came to Earth from another planet and from another planet and from another planet.

And in a way, they are the destroyers and part of the………

Sue/The Arcturians:
What’s that noise, Shawnna?

Ha-ha. I guess that’s the alarm sounding (laugh). It’s my clock. That means time is up for them. That’s what that means.

Sue/The Arcturians:
Oh, OK good. Time is up for those who are selfish. 

But it doesn’t look that way. Especially in The United States, it doesn’t look that way. The United States was meant to be the flashpoint, and there is a major battle going on. And sometimes something really dark and scary has to happen to wake people up from, “Oh it’s all cool, it’s all fine.”  

No, it’s not all cool, it’s not all fine. There’s still plenty of darkness to be transmuted. And this transmutational process will occur within one who does not seek power within. 

Transmutation is a process that can only occur once a human has moved into the energy field of sharing and of healing and of energy out and remembering who you really are, remembering that you are also a Higher Dimensional Being. And there’s more frequencies to yourself than you see in the physical plane. 

And as humanity connects more and more with the Higher Frequencies of their own self, then they will be able to have that Fourth Dimensional perspective and that Fifth Dimensional perspective. 

And as that becomes more and more and closer to a majority, then the power withins will be able to take control. But, unfortunately, the power over others are in control within this now. Not everywhere, but in far too many places.

Well, I was going to say that kind of leads into my next question, which is how can we accelerate the process of the matrix being removed? I guess it’s a natural process as you’ve mentioned, but are we able to impact that in any way?

Sue/The Arcturians:
The Galactics are surrounding the planet. The Galactics are here to assist. However, Gaia is a free will planet, as we have said, and humanity has to ask for the assistance. They can pray to their God, they can ask the Galactics for assistance, and they can give service to others. 

And a lot of people are doing these things, but a lot of people are just barely surviving. And that is because the power over others have created societies in which too many people are placed out of the realm of assistance.

And until humanity is able to love humanity enough to do everything that they personally can do in their own fashion and many, many people are doing, but it isn’t 51 %. It has to be a bigger percentage in order to make that shift.

Do you understand what we are saying by that?

Yes, definitely. I wonder how far off we are?

Yes, that is something that we won’t share because that is something that humanity has to talk to each other and find out. And humanity has to listen for the Light, listen for the Love, and follow the Light, and follow the Love.

And when there is fear and when there is injustice, they need to stand up against it and say, “No, we will not participate in your fear. We will not participate in your injustice.”

And before people do that, they usually have to wait until it becomes extremely extreme.

And that is a glitch about humanity in the third dimension. And basically humanity will need the Galactics’ help. But that means that humanity is going to have to move beyond their belief that they are the most evolved beings and realize that they are choosing to wear a third dimensional vessel, but there are many others that wear fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and even higher dimensional vessels. And those beings can fix it, but they can’t fix it without the majority of the planet asking for help because it is a free will planet.

Well, interestingly enough, it feels like we’ve come full circle. Even back to when we first began this conversation, and we were having difficulties, and there was silence, so I had that chance to go within and explore that deeper message. 

It felt like it was, like you just mentioned, reaching those extremes that kind of catapult us into wanting to engage and make a difference and get on our feet and recognize that it is time.
This is the alarm sounding, and this is the extreme, and so it is time to not just listen, but participate.

Sue/The Arcturians:
Yes, and to get out of denial. 

You know, too many people live in denial. They see what they want to see, and they ignore what they don’t want to see. And as more and more people really allow themselves to see what is really occurring, then they will say, “Wait a second, this isn’t OK. I don’t want this to happen. What can I do to change? How can we work together to change this?”

And it’s that We, moving from Me to We. Moving from Me to We, and We includes the planet. 

If you look at the Native Americans and all the people, the farmers and the people that love Earth and the people that serve it, Weincludes the planet. They are all fully aware that everything in your body, it comes from something from the planet. Your physical body is made of the elements and elementals of the physical Earth. You are a chunk of Earth that has the consciousness of your Higher Dimensional Self. 

And so when that consciousness moves into all the areas of the chunk of Earth that is the body that you are wearing, then humanity begins to deeply remember and awaken. And awakening and remembering are the same because as you awaken you remember, and as you remember you awaken.

The Starships are ready. There is so much help. The Pleaidians are buzzing the planet on a regular basis, and they are talking to people on a regular basis.  We, the Arcturians, are talking to people on a regular basis and other Higher Beings, the Archangels and Ascended Masters and the Elohim. It’s just a matter of time…..and leaving time.

As long as people think in time, then they’re stuck in time, and they’re stuck in third dimensional time.

It’s the moving of the consciousness into the Now that allows one’s perceptions to leave time and to move into the Higher Frequencies of the Higher Fourth and Fifth Dimension that is not bound by time and exists within the Now of the One.

And I think that’s the perfect segue into one of our main focus points, which will be the power of the Here and Now. And I think since anyone who is listening to this conversation has probably reached that point to be awake and in that stage of remembering. We just want to remind everyone that they have a responsibility to contribute.

Sue/The Arcturians:
Yes, it is a responsibility. And that’s one of the first things that people realize when they begin to awaken. They realize that they have a responsibility to help this planet. This planet has lot of problems. They need to help it in some way.

And you don’t have to be a genius, you don’t have to be wealthy, and you don’t have to be any special person. Because the planet is made of everyday people. It’s an everyday planet, and everyday people in their everyday life can make much more of a difference than they can imagine. 

Absolutely. As we all focus on that power within, we recognize it. We are important, we have unique contributions to make, and together we will make a difference.

Sue/The Arcturians:
Yes, together. Together is the word, isn’t it? 
Yes, together as One, because we are One.

Well, thank you so much for speaking with us.

Did you have any final questions, Shawnna, or are you fine with the conversation as it is?

I think that wraps up an excellent conversation that’s really relevant for everyone to hear at this time. As always, we’re grateful for this guidance, and we have much to consider and think about and to act upon.

Sue/The Arcturians:
Yes, thank you so much to all and Blessings be to you all.

And we’re always here with you, and we have the doors to the fourth and the fifth dimension wide open, as well as the doors to our many Starships that resonate just beyond.

It’s part of the reason why the dark ones are so frightened and revving up their nefarious ways because they, too, know that We, the Higher Frequencies of reality, the Higher Frequencies of the people that are wearing an Earth vessel, are surrounding them. They are above them, and they are among them.


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