Friday, November 9, 2018

Remembering Life On The Starships, Part 2 of Inter-dimensional Reality- Pleaidians through Suzanne Lie

Part 2 of Interdimensional Reality

The Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie

Whether you are aware of it or not, many of you, our volunteers to take an earth vessel, return to our Ships, usually that would be “your ship,” during your sleep. Also, many of you who visit us take advantage of the advanced, fifth-dimensional healing technology that you are welcome to partake of.

On the Ship there are many machines that allow us to see inside of the patient. Then we can use special “energy fields” to repair the inside of the patient’s wounded, or diseased body. 

One of the things that most earthbound humans do not realize, is that they do visit our Ships. However, most humans choose to forget their experience, as it makes their life on Earth too difficult.

The juxtaposition of having a higher dimensional reality based on Light and Unconditional Love and also having a third-dimensional physical reality which has many challenges can make many people “forget” about their fifth-dimensional life.

It is for that reason that we call our friends and family who have taken an earth vessel to assist Gaia to remind them—YOU—of your fifth-dimensional frequency of SELF. Yes, you are ALL multidimensional beings in that you ALL enjoy many different realities within the NOW of the fifth dimensional ONE.

We say you “experience this reality in the fifth dimensional NOW of the ONE to remind you that you are NOT limited to your third-dimensional consciousness. 

However, on the other hand, you are limited to your third-dimensional physical body as that is the “third/fourth human form” that you must wear while you are visiting your “third/fourth dimensional planetary home of Earth.”  

When you first visit our Pleiadians Ship you will feel VERY comforted by the constant Unconditional Love and many forms of Interdimensional communication.  Since we the Pleiadians, are your “hosts” during your visit, we focus first on why you have come to visit us and how we can be of assistance to you.   

There is much technology here that is VERY advanced beyond the technology on Earth. You may ask us why we do not share our technology with Earth, but if you look at the GREAT misuse of your 3D technology, you will understand why too many humans are NOT ready to receive it.

The Galactics, as we often call ourselves, have come from many other Star Systems. If you feel that you are alone, just look up into the “Sparkling Lights” of  Stars, Star Systems and Celestial Bodies,.

Then, you will be able to perceive the potential reality that you will “return to” once you have completed your “tour of duty” to take an earth vessel in order to assist Gaia. 

While living ON Earth, you will not only learn more about being a human on transmuting Earth, but you will also begin to perceive “outer space,” not as something that is far, far away, but as a reality/place that feels VERY comfortable and even familiar. 

In some deep inner space, you remember that some of those “stars” that you perceive in “outer space” are something that surrounds and protects you, like the sky around Earth.

What if you never really thought about the blinking lights in the night sky? What if you never imagined that each blinking light was an entire world, that may, or may not, have humans living on them?

Please try to imagine that this earthbound reality is what you chose when you went to the “4D Mall” in your night body to observe your life from a different perspective.  

In other words, what we are saying is that “Life IS a perspective which everyone sees through their own eyes.” Your experience of “reality” is what you chose when you went to “4D Mall” to see your life from a different perspective.

Life on third dimensional Earth gives you the perspective of reality in which many humans see only through their eyes and not through their mind and their heart. When you first go to your Starship and meet the members of your Galactic Family, you will likely NOT be able to bring that perspective back into your third-dimensional physical life. 

However, sometimes you return to your third-dimensional reality via your fourth dimensional Astral Body, or via a moment of the fifth dimensional NOW in which you are able to remember “something?”

You may not know what that “something” is, but the memory of the feeling that you had when you entered your Starship and was welcomed by your friends and comrades on the Ship, will likely remain as a special “feeling.”

This “feeling” will remain within your thoughts and mind for a while, but your daily life on the third dimension will eventually dim those thoughts and memories. However, every now and then, something will enter your memory, if only for a second. 

You may not be able to connect with the finer details of that memory, but you WILL feel the feeling of coming HOME to some place and meeting with your family there that you did not know you had. You will likely not use the above terms of Star Ship and HOME, but that is how your Galactic SELF will remember them. 

Hence, you are left with the responsibility, probability, or honor, of being able to remember, maybe just a glimpse of your Home on your Star Ship and/or a brief moment on your fifth-dimensional reality.

Eventually, if you can believe in your SELF, you will realize that when you are asleep to your third-dimensional reality, you will have the opportunity to visit your fifth-dimensional reality on your Home Ship. 

Often, but not always, your sleeping self’s perspective of your Galactic Home will be able to remind you of “Your best friends from your Homeworld or Starship.”

Also, your galactic friends on the Ship will be reminding you again and again that YOU are a Multidimensional Being who has many bodies. Because of this reminder, sometimes you will be able to perceive one, or some, of those “blinking lights in the night sky,” as your HOME. 

While you are very new to your Galactic Reality, you may not be able to share your experience with others. After all, you may think you are crazy. We remind you that that is their fear and their judgment, NOT yours.

We advise all of you to write a Diary of some sort, in any manner that you please, as it is YOUR higher dimensional reality and YOUR awakening. Initially, you may write about your experiences in a Diary in order to better understand your experience and how this experience affects your life. 

But then, likely when you least expect it, something will happen that will allow you to release some of your doubt—doubt in your own Multidimensional SELF—that you had to hide from others because you feared that they would judge you if they knew how very “weird” you are.

However, as you communicate more and more with your Star Family, you will not be so concerned what others say. Also, you will have learned to look at that person’s aura to see if that person is ready for your information. Then respect what you have perceived.

One of the biggest challenges for you, the “volunteers to take a physical earth vessel, is to remember who you really are. Then, the next challenge is to look into the aura of a person standing before you to see if they are open enough to receive any of your inter-dimensional information. 

If that person is not ready to receive that higher frequency of information, you will see that in their un-awakened aura. That person, or even your own self, may have no idea that your higher frequency expression of SELF-resides on Gaia within this NOW! 

If your Higher SELF is wearing a fifth-dimensional body, only those who have opened their own heart and mind to the frequency of the fifth dimension will be able to perceive your own fifth-dimensional SELF. 

In fact, those of you who have not yet awakened to your fifth-dimensional SELF will still believe that you are “just imagining this being of light. Therefore, you will call your experience a dream. 

However, when you are ready, you will be able to communicate with your Pleiadian Star Ship and/or Homeworld, which is within the star cluster called “The Pleiades.” Many have never thought about Starships till now, or distant planets, or nearby Starships. 

However, once you find the inner courage, and latent memory of your true SELF, you may even be able to visit your future, and/or present Homeworld reality. You will also be able then to visit your fifth dimensional Star Ship.

In fact, when you remember how to relax into your natural resonance of being a fifth-dimensional being, you may be very excited that you are NOW in a reality that resides beyond what your Earth SELF calls “time.”

You may not know, yet, how far in your future it will be before you can have these experiences. On the other hand, you may be surprised to realize that you have had these kinds of experience your entire life, in fact, for many lives. However, your FORGOT. 

However, if you listen, look, ask questions, and most challenging of all, allow your fifth-dimensional thinking, which you may have called in the past, “Just my imagination.” What if you “imagination” is real and your daily, 3D life is “just your imagination?”

Take that thought into your dreams tonight and take that thought to the Ship when you visit it in your night body. What if you could finally come to the realization that YOU are a very privileged person, as you have been able to have two lives in one lifetime?

You may ask, “How can it be that I can have two lives in one lifetime?” The answer is, “because you will have returned to your true Multidimensional SELF!”

Blessings on your Journey
Your Galactic Family, the Pleiadians

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Interdimensional Healing - The Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie


The Pleiadians 
Through Suzanne Lie

(The beings who look a bit like horses are 
said to be an embodiment of the Arcturians)

Greetings! We are the Pleiadians speaking to you from our Starship. It is difficult to explain time on our Starships because time is something that is part of living on a turning planet that stays in the same orbit. 

However, once you are on a moving Starship, time is something that we create on the Ship to make it easier for each person to have their work shift, join the meeting, and share their daily life. 

Here, on our Starship home, everything is very different from your homes on Earth. For one thing, everyone here is loving and kind. Within this society, there is none of the bickering, jealousy, and/or other third dimensional behaviors that we had witnessed from the viewpoint on our Ship. 

Also, there is also very little disease here on the Ship. Disease, as well as injuries, are instantly repaired with our fifth-dimensional technology. However, when you visit us on our Ship, as we call it, you will first be taken to one of the many “Healing Rooms” that are on all of our Ships. 

When you relax in our Healing Rooms, your consciousness will expand into the fifth dimension. Then you will experience the wonderful manner in which fifth-dimensional healing occurs. Once on the Ship, you will remember your Pleiadian SELF and the “services,” you give.

“Services” is a term that we use rather than of “work,” as “work” is a third/ fourth-dimensional term that we do not use on the Ship. Instead of work, we use the term service, as being of service is one of our greatest contributions to humanity that we greatly love sharing. 

In fact, it is quite interesting that we Pleiadians have no word for what you would call “work.” Instead, we experience that “we are giving service to our friends and family who are on an “away mission” to Earth." 

When we do visit Earth, which we do quite often, we send out our “healing energies” whenever we see that you are ready to accept this “inter-dimensional healing.” We also assist with human birthing as we can look the inside of the womb of a pregnant woman and make a connection with the “unborn child.” 

We put the term “unborn child” because we can perceive that a birth is imminent and send Unconditional Love to the one who will soon be released out into the challenging life on third dimensional Earth.  Life on Earth was not always as challenging as it is in your NOW, but “the darkest night is just before dawn.”

In other words, before those who have chosen to take a third-dimensional earth vessel can fully awaken to the reason for their “mission to Earth,” they most go into the lower frequencies of the human form to transmute any “darkness” into “light.”

By “darkness” we mean the effluvia that surround all that is third dimensional, which appears to be very dark from our fifth-dimensional perspective. Then, before our volunteer to assist Gaia is “born into a third dimensional Earth form” we send Unconditional Love into the consciousness of the one who is to be “born to Earth.”

We also send a great deal of Violet Fire to surround the one who is to take a third-dimensional earth vessel to transmute as much inner darkness/fear that the birthing one has decided to carry in their human earth vessel. Transmutation means to send as much Unconditional Love into the “soon to be born one” as they can contain. 

The amount of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire that a “volunteer to take an earth vessel” retains, is determined by that volunteer. If the volunteer has studied in one of our many Pleiadian Light Temples, they will be able to embody more “power of transmutation” than those of us who have not completed our “Interdimensional Training.”

This “Interdimensional Training” is chosen by the one who is ready to accept a “tour of duty” as a grounded human. The more advanced Pleiadians can take on a more difficult incarnation, as they have learned how to stay connected with their true fifth-dimensional expression.

However, sometimes our volunteers to Earth underestimate how difficult life can be on a third-dimensional planet. Then, they can become lost, ill, or even turn to the dark side. However, if they can remember their Interdimensional Connection to their true fifth dimensional Self, they will be much more prepared to face the challenges of assisting Gaia to ascend during the NOW of Gaia’s great challenge.

Gaia is experiencing the VERY great challenge of transmuting Her third/fourth dimensional Planetary Body back into Her innate fifth-dimensional Planetary SELF. Dear Gaia has had to face many forms of planetary upheaval and destruction within this NOW in order to release the darkness from Her planetary form. 

Releasing the darkness is just the first step of transmutation, as the lower frequencies of darkness that have taken hold on Gaia must be Unconditionally Loved, even though that darkness has caused Her much pain. 

We, the members of your Pleiadian Family, tell you this now because the release of darkness has been quite extensive on Gaia’s planet within your NOW. Many of the members of humanity have not been able to understand that, they volunteered to enter an earth vessel so that they could best assist Gaia.

The reason why wearing an earth vessel assists Gaia so greatly is because you, our brave volunteers to assist Gaia, have taken a human vessel with the same frequency of the elemental structures of Earth, known as Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

When you take on the same frequency as Gaia’s elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, when you heal, transmute, expand and embed your elementals with Unconditional Love, you—the members of humanity who have taken this challenge—will transmute your own inner elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. 

Then, when you walk through Gaia’s reality, whether your third-dimensional vessel is aware or not,  your own higher dimensional elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, will automatically send Unconditional Love to heal the wounded elementals that you have consciously, or unconsciously, blessed.

In fact, it is often safer for the grounded “humans” to NOT know of their blessings, as the burden of that responsibility can seem too much for a third-dimensional human. On the other hand, if that human has a conscious, or even unconscious, a partnership with Gaia’s Planetary SELF, the huge being known as planet Earth can protect and heal YOU, while you (consciously or unconsciously) protect and heal Gaia’s Earth Body.

The advantage of being “unconscious” of your service to Gaia is that you do not know that there are those who wish to work against Gaia’s ascension, as well as against your assistance to ascending Gaia.

The disadvantage of being “unconscious” is that you will not be as aware of how loving, beautiful and committed Gaia is to each and every one of Her Planetary Beings—Earthlings included.

Of course, all the awake human earthlings are aware of what is going on right before their eyes, even though they cannot see it. On the other hand, fully awake humans are able to “experience” the shift in energy fields. We, your Galactic Family, have decided to limit humanity’s perceptions of “an experience” for their own protection.

If a human is NOT aware of their great contribution, they are less likely to fall into the third-dimensional trap of “conceit” or fall into the trap of forgetting that your power only comes THROUGH you and NOT  FROM you. 

If one is not VERY aware of that fact, they fall into the trap of having “power OVER” as opposed to “power WITHIN.”  It is also a safety measure for humanity to think in term of “helping OTHERS” rather than “helping your own SELF.” 

The best way to safeguard against this danger is to stay in connection with your Inner Guidance that is flowing into you from your fifth dimensional, and beyond, Multidimensional SELF.

Your Multidimensional SELF is able to be simultaneously aware of your third, fourth, and fifth dimensionality within the same moment of the NOW. Your Multidimensional SELF is the “whole” of the “components of all the aspects of your true, inter-dimensional SELF.

Your Inter-dimensional SELF is the component of your Multidimensional SELF whose contribution is to keep the lines of communication open between the many different frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. 

Your Multidimensional SELF is the totality of the many frequencies to which you are innately connected. However, this connection is often “unconscious” to your physical body for two main reasons. The first reason is that it is very difficult to know your entire being and to NOT forget your Mission/your reason for incarnation.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, have sadly observed how many of our volunteers to take a third-dimensional earth body get lost in the polarities of good/bad, here/there, 3D self/5D self.  When we say “polarities” in this context, we mean the illusions that something is “good or better” and/or “remembering SELF/forgetting SELF.

In fact, the greatest challenge that our volunteers to Earth have to face is that they must be born as an infant, go through all the human stages and decades of maturation into adulthood without forgetting who they really are and why they chose to take an earth vessel.

It is much like going to an Amusement Park where there are so many things to experience, that you lose track of time until you become so tired that you just want to go home. Also, this “Amusement Park” is not always fun. You may get frightened by one of the rides/experiences, eat too much junk food, have your wallet stolen and lose your money.

In fact, the “loss of your wallet” is not as much about just losing the “thing known as money,” but more about the loss of your own identity. In fact, the loss of their true identity, as a multidimensional Being, is the greatest challenge for our volunteers to assist Earth.

The biggest problem is that in order to deeply experience Earth, our volunteers must be born into an infant body. This body takes a very long time to mature into adulthood, and there are many potholes along the “road to adulthood” in which our dear volunteers to Earth can become trapped. 

It is for this reason that we ask ALL of our awakened and aware of their fifth-dimensional volunteers to Earth, to talk to others about their experience and to share their knowledge. 

If they share their knowledge, they will ground what they know into the third-dimensional versions of reality, which will create a deeper connection between the third/fourth and fifth-dimensional reality of Earth.

We thank you all for attending to our message and ask that you pass our message along to others whom you believe will be able to understand and effectively use this information to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Please remember that “the darkest night is just before dawn!” 

We say this to you as the darkness appears to have a deep hold on Gaia’s body. However, like you, the ones who have awakened to your true “Multidimensional Power Within” share what you have learned and/or remembered, you will serve to awaken more and more of your fellow volunteers to assist with Gaia’s return to Her true Multidimensional Planetary Body.

All of you who can receive, understand and accept our message is on your Path to Ascension. As you walk this Path, you will meet many others who are walking this Path with you. Also, as you share your experiences with others, you allow them the find the inner courage to remember the many multidimensional experiences they have had—but they had forgotten.

We, the Arcturians, are always with you to assist you to remember your TRUE SELF.
Therefore, please call on us for assistance and we will ALWAYS be with you. In fact, we are already “always with your,” even if you do not know that YET, or knew it once and forgot! 

Please remember that Time is an illusion of the third/ fourth-dimensional reality that you perceive through your third-dimensional perceptions. Your memory is still alive within your own thoughts and emotions.  

If you can believe that fact, it will allow you to believe in 
your own Multidimensional SELF!

Blessings, we are the Arcturians 
who are the higher dimensional expressions of your SELF!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Being the Master of Your Reality--The Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie

Being the Master of Your Reality
By the Pleiadians through Suzanne

Dear Ones,
We are the members of your Pleiadian family. Some of you who will read this message may be wondering why you have been experiencing challenges, and/or fears. On the other hand, some of you may be have a wonderful day. 

However, if you can realize that your “state of consciousness” has a great deal to with your own inner self, you will feel more in control of the situation. Then any fears or angers can be perceived, not as a bad day, but as a personal challenge to adjust your state of consciousness into a higher sense of your own SELF.

In this manner, you will have a better chance of becoming the Master of your emotions. Being the Master of your emotions, does not mean that you do not feel difficult emotions such as fear, anger, confusion, etc. Being the Master of your Emotions usually means that you take a moment to find a way to leave that difficult situation and go inside to have a talk with your SELF.

It is this manner that YOU can become the Master of your Emotions. What we mean by being the “master of your emotions,” is that you are the Master of your emotions and your emotions are NOT the Master of you. Your emotions are messages to you brain that are telling you what your body and mind are “really” feeling, instead of what they “should be feeling.”

Emotions are not good or bad. Emotions are messages from your mind and your body. If you see that the gasoline gage is very low, you do not need to be upset. You have a choice to say, “OK getting gasoline comes first.” Or, you can become angry and upset with yourself, or even upset with the car that “NOW you have to get gasoline!”

Once you have a state of Mastery over your emotions, you will begin to realize that emotions are a non-verbal way that your body, and or your mind, can give you important information. If one has gained some mastery over their emotions, they can be perceived as bringers of important information.

Your body does not speak English, or whatever your primary language is. However, your body does speak emotions. If you allow yourself to be “non-reactive” to your emotions, and listen carefully, you will greatly expand your sense of SELF and your interactions with your daily life.

Then you will feel much stronger and more in control of your reality. It is helpful if you are able to chose to believe that YOU chose the experience your emotions because they give you important information. 

For example, the emotion of fear has a purpose of preparing you to expand your consciousness, and focus on your vision and hearing in a clearer and more directed manner. In fact, fear, will direct your attention to something that you may not have noticed before. Then, if there is danger, your vision, hearing, and body is ready to totally focus on that situation. 

We bring this topic up today because your reality is ready to expand more and more beyond the limitations of the third dimensional daily life, and into the greater focus, courage and alignment with your fourth dimensional reality. 

We, your Pleiadian Family, are telling you to perceive fear as a message instead of an enemy. Yes, if there is actually an enemy, then fear will prepare your body for battle. On the other hand, sometimes you may experience fear when you perceive, and/or come into contact with something that is very different.

If you allow yourself to react, rather than focus on the situation, you may misjudge what is occurring and create a difficult situation rather than an important situation. We, your Pleiadian Family, are giving you this information to prepare you for the increased sightings of our Starships that you may be having, or have already had. 

Some people may look directly at one of our Starships and choose NOT to perceive it, even when others may be saying, “Hey, look! There is a Starship.” We, your Pleiadian family, want you to know that we are here to assist you during the extremely challenging NOW of preparing the humans of Earth for our “First Landings.”

Of course, we Pleiadians have been landing on Earth for longer than you could remember, but we always remained cloaked. However, now we wish to tell you that if you see a cloud that looks like a Starship, it is actually a Starship that is cloaked to look like a cloud.

There have increasingly been television shows and movies about our landing that are NOT based on fear. For that we are very grateful. The fact that humanity is now able to talk about Starships and Galactic Beings with curiosity rather than fear, is also a sign the humanity is beginning to awaken to the fact that Earth is NOT the only planet that has life forms.

In fact, we can perceive by our different manners of observing Earth that more and more humans are becoming increasingly ready to accept that fact that, no only are there other planets that are inhabited, but many of beings of these planets look very humanoid, and are member of Earthlings Galactic Family. 

“Why don’t you land now?” we hear you ask. The answer is because there is not yet a higher enough percentage of humans who would be able to welcome us with love and love. In fact, instead, they would shoot up bombs, which would only fall back to Earth and destroy their own planet Earth.

As those of you who are awake know, Gaia has MANY “planetary health issues,” which are about 99% because of humanity. We, your Galactic Family, do NOT want to frighten you, but we will NOT allow Gaia to be destroyed by the very inhabitants of Her body that will be the ones to destroy Her.

If you have not noticed, Gaia has been quite upset lately, because She is have more and more difficulty recovering from the deep wounds that humanity has left on, and inside, Her Planetary Body. It is the NOW for humanity to expand their consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimensions.

Once you feel that you have moved into a higher frequency of consciousness, which allows you to have a more empowered sense of your SELF worth, your sense of SELF will become increasingly fourth dimensional. With a fourth dimensional SELF esteem, you will feel more creative, confident, and able to explore the next frequency of reality.

Yes, there are different versions of the same realities that can only be perceived by humans via different frequencies of consciousness. As an example, you may go to the same work place Monday through Friday. 

However, Monday and Tuesday may be wonderful days in which you feel you have contributed to the whole in a positive way. You may feel that you have been noticed and appreciated. On these days, you consciousness can more easily perceive higher frequencies of reality. 

However, on a different day, you may experience a very different version of that same reality. You may be easily distracted, and/or have difficult confrontations with your boss or fellow workers. This would be a day in which you frequency of consciousness is much lower.

You may even allow yourself to become the “victim” to that day. “What is wrong with every one?” you may ask. Or, you could realize that this was a day in which your state of consciousness dropped and you were unable to create a peak experience for yourself. 

It is your state of consciousness that directs your perceptual field. When you are having a bad day and your state of consciousness is lower third dimensional, you will even have difficulty focusing on your drive home from work.

You will then walk in, slam the door, ignore you spouse, push away your children who want to hug you, and get a drink. On that day, in that state of consciousness, you do not even see your spouse or your children. Obviously, you would NOT see one of our Starships.

However, if you have had a great day and feel good about your self, you will drop off to pick up what you know your family needs, and walk in the door with a smile, hugs, kisses and the treat for the kids, and the launder that needed to be picked up from the cleaners.

On that day, you WILL see our Starship. In fact, you will rush home and take your family to exact place that you saw our Ship and happily share your experience.  “Take me aboard!” the children will happily cry. “Not yet,” we will answer, “but we can come into your dream world.

Of course, most humans will not hear our response, but it is the children who will likely be the first ones to see us. You are all aware of your third dimensional life, as that is the reality you have been living. However, the children will be the first ones to be able to “believe” that they are actually seeing our Ships.

Children are usually much more in-touch with their fourth dimensional perceptions. They are the most aware of the “reality of their imagination,” and they are most inclined to remember the dream they had about a very tall, very nice being in a blue suite with light skin and blond hair. 

Whereas adults may be frightened, children are more inclined to be excited. They are also the ones who will remember the “dream” they the other day about those nice people who talked to them about their Starship and life on a different planet.

They do not become afraid of our conversation. Instead, they can’t wait to draw a picture of it or play Starships with their friends.  That is they will do these things is their parents are not too frightened by another reality. “I can barely handle this reality?” they may say. “How could I ever handle another reality too?”

Little do they know that many of them are, indeed from “another reality” to which they return on a regular basis—but they FORGET! What if adults were as opened and creative as children? What if adults could remember their own childhood experiences and the great dream of Starships they had last night?

What if humanity was able to BE their true Multidimensional SELF and Gaia was dearly loved and cared for by ALL Her human residents. 

Now that is a great dream to have at night, as well as in the daytime.
What if you were the Master of your Reality? What reality would you Choose?

Blessings from your Galactic Family. Give us a call.

We ARE here NOW!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Multidimensional Frequencies of Reality - The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Multidimensional Frequencies of Reality

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Ones, all of your lives are multidimensional in that there are many frequencies of reality that your heart and mind can perceive. However, many humans are not aware of this fact, and only think to look at that which resonates to their third dimensional, daily life.

To better understand what we are saying, we will now talk about “frequency of reality.” Humanity’s ancestors who came from higher dimensional realities moved through the long transmutation process of being “peak society” because they could still remember and use their fifth dimensional consciousness. 

However, over what is known on Earth as “time” the Galactics frequency of  resonance began to fall from their innate fifth dimensional self and into their fourth dimensional self. Their fourth dimensional self was still very creative, but many of their fifth dimensional abilities that resonated beyond time and space began to slip away.

It was then the once fifth dimensional Galactics eventually slipped into a “society in decline.” Therefore, bit-by-bit the fifth dimensional consciousness of the Galactics began to slip down into the fourth, and eventually, third dimensional consciousness. 

Gaia, the consciousness of planet Earth, had learned within Her many Eons of “being a planet” that one needed to open their awareness to the full polarities of positive and negative in order to learn/remember how to share the lessons offered by the Planetary School known as Earth. 

One of the most difficult lessons offered by Gaia’s School, as Gaia was to be a learning planet, was to assist the beings on Her planet to remember that the energy they put out into their reality would also be the energy that would return back to them. 

When Gaia, which is the fifth dimensional name of planet Earth, had finally, after uncountable eons of preparing Her planetary form to host the small individual beings known as humans, She graduated into “Being a Planet capable of supporting life forms.” 

By “graduating” we mean that she had transmuted Her planetary body into a frequency of reality that could house living beings. These living beings began with the plants and the insects that lived off the plants. 

Soon the larger animals that could live by eating the animals that lived off the plants came to Earth. Finally, after much experimentation with different types of form on the Higher Dimensional Realms of reality, the humans beings began to incarnate on the third dimensional planet that was to be known as Earth. 

At first the human beings were very primitive, and it took many reincarnations for them to remember that they had come to Earth from their Homeworld on the stars that they could see on clear nights. 

The humans who thought to look up into the stars were reminded that they had once lived on one of those stars and had chosen to come to Earth to create a new version of reality. Those who could remember their homeworld, and their choice to travel to Earth to “created a new life,” became the leaders.

Those who could not remember were taught to remember. However, many of the “immigrants to Earth” became so involved in survival that they forgot about the Multidimensional component of their SELF that lived on the very stars that their, now primitive self, looked up to see. 

However, the fact that these early humans looked into the stars allowed some of the early humans, who were mostly Pleiadians, to eventually remember that they had come from those stars to experience a new world. 

The Pleiadians who could remember their former home in the Pleiades became the leaders, but those who could not remember their true, inner SELF, began to behave more like the animals that they saw around them. 

However, these “lost ones,” as the Pleiadians called these members of their “immigrants to Earth” began to behave in a manner which was not as intelligent as the Pleiadians, and was not as fair as most animals were. 

These “lost Pleiadians” fell into this behavior because they could not remember who they really were, but remembered that they were more evolved than the animals. These “immigrants to Earth” became the humans.

The Pleiadians who could retain their memory of, and communications with, their Pleiadian Homeworld were very upset about this development and called for more Pleiadians to assist them. However, the Pleiadians on their homeworld were quite busy with their own wars.

Therefore, the Earth bound Pleiadians had to create a new life for themselves with very little assistance from their Homeworld for many eons. In fact, some of the once beautiful Pleiadians became very warlike and much less creative and loving as they had once been on their Homeworld. 

Fortunately, there were some very strong Pleiadians who had come to Earth via their Starship who were able to gain assistance from their Homeworld, that is when there was not a war going on there. 

It was these Pleiadians who assisted the other humanoids on Earth to remember their fifth dimensional expression on the higher realms of the Pleiadians Homeworld. It was the advanced technology that these Pleiadians shared with the “humans on Earth” that allowed the to eventually create “peak societies” on Earth.

These peak societies were able to greatly assist Gaia with Her evolution and to heal the wounds that Gaia had from wars and/or natural disasters. However, since the Pleiadians had more and more problems on their own Homeworld many of them left Gaia to return to their Homeworld.

As we flash forward into the NOW of Earth circa 2018, we see that Gaia has suffered many wars and weather disasters. Humanity is has moved from peak societies to disasters and back again, but the total release of the need for wars has not yet come into the consciousness of the humans.

Fortunately, on the other hand, more and more humans are awakening to the fact that they are Galactics in human form. More and more of these humans are remembering who they were long ago and why they have chosen to take bodies on Earth.

Once an Earth bound Galactic remembers their original heritage, they begin to look a life in a very different manner. The daily grind, challenges and joys of life on Earth are unchanged, but they/you have changed. We say “you” as you are likely among the awakened and awakening ones if you have chosen to read this article.

To be an awakening one can be very confusing if you have not found any persons or literature to guide you into the immense expansion of consciousness that one undergoes when they realize that they are actually Multidimensional Beings. 

Of course, the higher dimensional aspects of your human self can come into your awareness as a child, or you may not awake to that frequency of your Multidimensional SELF until you are much older. Either way, awakening to the fact that you are multidimensional can be very confusing and a bit disconcerting.

On the other hand, this awakening to your own “expanded SELF” can immensely change your life. You will no longer be “just a human,” but you will have “beyond human” thoughts, memories and desires that put you “out of sink” with the “normal world.”

However, it is actually very “normal” to be multidimensional, but it is NOT normal to realize that fact. While you are wearing your third dimensional body, you have the same limitations, and joys, as others that have not yet remember their expanded Multidimensional SELF.

Being aware of your past lives, your expanded dream world, and your ability to perceive that which is still invisible to others can bring you great confusion as well as great happiness. 

Whether you know it or not, you are all multidimensional and having many versions of reality that you are experience simultaneously. However, third dimensional Earth is quite challenging, and sometimes very rewarding. 

Therefore, it is easier to focus on that one reality rather than to take on the challenge of remembering your past lives on Earth, as well as your incarnations on higher dimensional worlds and realities. 

However, having an awareness of  your “Interdimensional and/or multidimensional life greatly expands your “sense of SELF” to include the higher dimensional portions of who you ARE within this NOW. 

The awareness of your own Interdimensional SELF also allows you to have the awareness that you are a Multidimensional Being who simultaneously exists on different worlds, time zones and dimensions. For some it may seem that only one life is more than enough, but your “other lives” are part of your Galactic Family.

Just as a big family can often be a burden, but is VERY important in your times of need, knowing that you are in constant connection with higher frequency expressions of your own Multidimensional SELF—whether or not your physical self is aware of this fact.

What if you were an identical twin, but you did not find out until you were an adult? Remembering that you have a higher dimensional expression of your physical self who is your “identical SELF”

Furthermore, this “identical self” is much more evolved than your third dimensional self as your true Homeworld is in the fifth dimension of the HERE and the NOW! Also, once you are aware of the fifth dimension and all the higher dimensions of reality, you sense of SELF will become greatly expanded.

Remembering your true Multidimensional SELF will change your sense of self and your vision of reality more than you may imagine. We, the members of your Higher SELF, are happy to embrace you with Unconditional Love and light your Path on Earth with the inter-dimensional Violet Fire.

Your higher dimensional family awaits you. 
Blessings to you from all of us!

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie