Thursday, August 16, 2018

Within This NOW--A Poem--Suzanne lie


Within this NOW - I am here
Within this NOW - I have NO fear

Within this NOW - I remember cheer
I remember NOW  - To just be here

To know that I’m - Within the NOW
Reminds me that - I still know HOW

How to BE - in love and light 
And how to master - all my fright

Within this NOW - Is good for me
To remember that - My Soul is Free

Free to be within the NOW  
Free to see I do know HOW

How to BE within this NOW 
How to know I still know HOW

To let the fears and sorrows Go 
To hold the love and let it flow

The flow of love can fill the NOW
To remind me that I still know HOW

How to be within the ONE 
How to fell my Inner Sun

The sorrow and the fear is done 
When I am deep within the ONE

Within the ONE 
There is NO time

Within the ONE  
My life if Mine

I am the master of my life 
And remember how to Love all strife

Love it FREE 
To Let it BE

The teacher that 
I cannot SEE

I cannot see this inner ME 
I cannot know who it will BE

But in the NOW 
I remember HOW

To BE the ME 
Who sets me FREE


Suzanne Lie

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Collection of Information On Pleiadians--compiled bySue Lie



A Collection of Information
Compiled by Sue Lie

Dear Earthlings, we the Pleiadians return to tell you about our Ships. Our Starships are all fifth dimensional, as they are Galactic Starships which can be cloaked to the third dimensional world. We may also chose to briefly reveal our Ships. 

We will usually do this when we recognize that the humans who would see us are awakened. Other than that, we cloak our Ships so as not to frighten the humans who are almost awakened, but not quite. 

These humans often have a high enough frequency of consciousness to perceive us, but they have not yet remembered that we are only interested in healing, guiding and awakening the humans that are ready.  

On the Ship we differentiate the words and concepts of: “reality,” “ship” and “planet.” 

REALITYrepresents the manner in which different people perceive the same planet’s ascension process. 

SHIPrepresents Star Ships which usually resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond.

PLANETrepresents the planet of our origin, which is within our Star Cluster. 

We Pleiadians live in what is called a “star cluster.”


Star clusters (or star clouds) are groups of stars. There are two types of star clusters: Globular clusters, which are tight groups of hundreds of thousands of very old stars, which are gravitationally bound and:
Open clusters:which are loosely clustered group of stars. These Open Clusters generally contain less than a few hundred members, and are often very young.

Pleiadians are from a star system called Pleiades. This star system is a small cluster of seven stars located in the Constellation of Taurus the Bull, which is about 500 light years from planet Earth. 

Pleiadians are a humanoid race that visits Earth often and with whom we share a common ancestry of the Lyrans from Lyra, our common ancestors.

The names of the seven stars in the Pleiades system are:
2) Maya
3) Coela
4) Atlas
5) Merope
6) Electra
7) Alcyone

Because of the many wars on Lyra, WHERE IS LYRA many peaceful Lyrans left on their space crafts and traveled for many years until they came upon the seven cluster stars in Pleiades. They landed on a planet now called Erra, which is located around the Pleiades Star called Taygeta. Here is where they started their new civilization in the year 228,000 B.C.

The Pleiadians are a very ancient race of humanoids. They have kept a record of the complete history of Earth's human evolution from the very beginning to our present time. Pleiadians claim our Earth is 626 billion years old.

Around 225,000 B.C., on one of their scouting missions away from the Pleiades, the Pleiadians discovered a small sun system with a planet called Earth. On Earth, the Pleiadians found three groups of uncivilized people. 

The larger of these groups were light skinned and were of Lyran descent. Because the Lyrans treated the original brown skinned natives poorly, they were forced to stay on Earth and enter into Earth’s incarnational cycle. 

The primary areas in which the Plieadians lived is now known as Bali, Hawaii, Samoa and India. Between 196,000 B.C. and 10 A.D civilizations, came and went on Earth with many wars, peaceful cycles and natural disasters.

The Pleiadians stayed with humans on Earth until 10 A.D. trying to help develop various civilizations such as the Lemurians, Mayans, Inca and a civilization at Machu Picchu. They all tried to guide humans towards a more spiritual path.

At about 10 A.D. the last Pleiadian leader, called Plejas, left Earth for good, because Pleiadians finally achieved peace back home in the Pleiades. Also, they felt it was time for humans to evolve on their own. Before leaving Earth, the Pleiadians left a spiritual leader called Jmmanuel. 

Jmmanuel was a very evolved soul, whose father was Gabriel of the Pleiades system and Mary who was of Lyran descent.Earth continued to evolve on its own without direct Pleiadian leadership till the present time.

In the very near future, as Earth enters the Photon Band by year 2000, (This part of the sentence is from the Internet, and was written long ago.  the Pleiadians are going to help bring all humans on Earth into the light.  We are 18 years past that date, and the name Pleiadians and the Pleiades is now becoming known to many humans on Earth.

The following is a brief description of Pleiadian Culture on the home planet of Erra. Erra is located around the star called Taygeta.  Erra is 10% smaller than Earth. The Pleiadians are a Goddess Society (which worships family, children, women). They are on a fifth dimensional frequency, which is one of love and creativity.

About 400,000 people live on Erra, which the Pleiadians feel is the ideal amount for the welfare of their planet. The people of Erra are telepathic. Therefore they have no need for any external communication devices. 

The Pleiadians are primarily vegetarians, but on occasion eat some meat. They have no medical problems for they control their health by using their own mental powers. The average age of a Pleiadian is 700 years. Their skin is whiter and smoother than human skin. The Pleiadians do not have blood, and they have a “memory matrix of light.”

The Pleiadians have no currency as we know it; they share the resources of their planet with all. All material goods are given to the people freely, and it is based on their contribution to their society. 
However, we often show the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequency of our ship, as people who perceive that frequency of reality have a higher state of consciousness. 

The Pleiadians mostly stay away from any third dimensional exposure to Earth, as there are too many people still who would become frightened or would try to shoot them down. Of course, humans could not “shoot them down,” but they may frighten others, or their weapons could hit something else and harm others. 

Reality is specific for each person's state of mind, and level of consciousness. Therefore, some people have spent their lives finding ways to educate people that Gaia is a living being and that humanity has been treading Her VERY poorly. 

On the other hand, some people see the planet as a place where they can take what they want to have, no matter what the cost to the planet. These people are often called the Illuminati, or the Dark Ones, or those who live via “power over others” with no concern for others. 

These selfish leaders who do not care about the planet, or even the people who live on it, and only care about themselves, their own money, and their own power over others. These humans will NOT be able to even perceive the higher dimensions of reality, much less enter into that vibrational world or starship. 

On the other hand, more and more of the “awakened ones” who have expanded their consciousness into the fourth and fifth dimensions, are answering Gaia’s SOS. These advanced beings are so dedicated to Gaia, and Her efforts to ascend Her Planetary Self, that they will actually come to planet Earth to assist with this Planetary Ascension. 

Also, any time a planet is able to ascend—raise it’s resonant frequency to the fifth dimension—the entire Solar System benefits from the flow of fifth dimensional light. 

The Galactics applaud all the valiant attempts of the “Awakened Ones” to participate in the great honor of merging their higher, fourth and fifth dimensional personal consciousness with Gaia’s planetary consciousness.

If you have found this inter-dimensional message and have taken your “earth time” to read it, you are likely among those who are remembering, and awakening to your own higher dimensional expression of SELF.

The Pleiadians, as well as our Arcturian and other Galactic friends, thank you for your “higher dimensional service.” Please remember that Gaia is a “planetary school” which primarily teaches humanity that “energy out is energy back.” 

Gaia also has on her curriculum courses to assist Her “students” to release the third/fourth dimensional illusion of “time and space.” Once that illusion is released, Gaia and Her inhabitants will remember how to return to their fifth dimensional Operating System of Here and NOW. 

We, your Galactic Family, want to remind you that we are HERE within your NOW to assist you with this evolutionary shift. Call us! We WILL answer!

Because of the many wars on Lyra, many peaceful Lyrans left on their spacecrafts and traveled for many years till they came upon the seven cluster stars in Pleiades. They landed on a planet now called Erra, which is located around the Pleiades Star called Taygeta. Here is where they started their new civilization in the year 228,000 B.C.

Because of the many wars on Lyra, many peaceful Lyrans left on their spacecrafts and traveled for many years till they came upon the cluster stars in Pleiadies. They landed on a planet now called Erra, which is located around the Pleiades Star called Taygeta. Here is where they started their new civilizations in the year 228,000 BC.

The Pleiadians are a very ancient race of humanoids. They have kept a record of the complete history of Earth's human evolution from the very beginning to our present time. Pleiadians claim our Earth is 626 billion years old.

Around 225,000 B.C., the Pleiadians discovered a small sun system with a planet called Earth on one of their scouting missions away from the Pleiades. They discovered on Earth, three groups of uncivilized people living there. The larger of these groups were light skinned and were of Lyran descent. 

The Lyrans had landed on Earth earlier and were forced to stay on Earth and enter into an incarnational cycle, because of their ill treatment of the original brown skinned natives. This became their karma. At this time, the Pleiadians decided to stay and create societies on Earth.

The Galactic Federation allowed the Pleiadians to enter into a incarnational cycle with humans on Earth. The places designated for them to do this was Bali, Hawaii, Samoa and India. Civilizations came and went on Earth with many wars, peaceful cycles and 
natural disasters, between 196,000 B.C. and 10 A.D. 

The Pleiadians stayed with humans on Earth until 10 A.D. trying to help develop various civilizations such as Lemuria, Maya, Inca and a civilization at Machu Picchu. They also were trying to guide humans toward a more spiritual path.

At about 10 A.D.; the last Pleiadian leader called Plejas left Earth for good, because Pleiadians finally achieved peace back home in the Pleiades. They felt it was time for humans to evolve on their own. Before leaving Earth, the Pleiadians left a spiritual leader called Jmmanuel, who later was known as Jesus. Jmmanuel was a very evolved soul, whose father was Gabriel of the Pleiades system and Mary who was of Lyran descent.

Earth continued to evolve on its own without direct Pleiadian leadership until our present time.In the very near future, as Earth enters the Photon Band by year 2000, the Pleiadians are going to help bring all humans on Earth into the light.

The following is a brief description of Pleiadian Culture on the home planet of Erra. Erra is located around the star called Taygeta. Erra is 10% smaller than Earth. 

The Pleiadians are a Goddess Society (which worships family, children, women). They are on a fifth dimensional frequency, which is one of love and creativity.

About 400,000 people live on Erra, which the Pleiadians feel is the ideal amount for the welfare of their planet. The people of Erra are telepathic and therefore have no need for telephones. Their means of travel around the planet is done by a tube system. 

The Pleiadians are primarily vegetarians, but on occasion eat some meat. They have no medical problems, for they control their health by using their own mental powers. The average age of a Pleiadian is 700 years. Their skin is whiter and smoother than ours. The Pleiadians do not have blood, their memory matrix is in light.

The Pleiadians have no currency as we know it; they share the resources of their planet with all the people. All material goods are given to the people freely, based on their contribution to their society, in whatever manner one is able to give to others.

With the help of the strengths and wise counsel of their fifth dimensional leaders, they have been able to sustain 50,000 years of ultimate peace amongst their peoples. The Pleiadians also a wholesome spiritual life, and emphatically reject many human beliefs due to their connotation of cult involvement, being illogical, against the laws of Creation, and the enslavement of human consciousness. 

Pleiadian philosophy is based on the universal truth of Creation, and the knowledge of Creation,which is directed toward truth of existence for all beings. They also know and follow the Creative laws and discourses from the highest frequency beings. 

The Pleiadians believe that the ultimate Power of Creation is based on Unconditional Love, which embodies the universal consciousness and enhances spirit, truth, wisdom, and love, as well as  the laws and energies of life, of being, and of eternity.

Creation is perceived as universal self-awareness, and is the source of life of all within this universe. This universe, furthermore, is one of 10 to the 49th power otherindividual universes, which exist in infinite number, infinite space, and infinite time, as part of the highest form of Creation - the Absolute Absolutum.

The Pleiadians do not have a “religion” as the Earth human knows. They have no form of “adoration of a God.” Their spiritual life is based on life as the spiritual recognition of, and obedience to, Creation, its laws and commandments. This alone is the guideline that the Pleiadians adhere to regarding a philosophy of life and a lifestyle tuned in to Creation. 

They believe that creationmeans the same as love, life, spirit, truth, wisdom, logic, and intelligence, which is built upon the Creative laws and commandments, that are valid and absolutely unchangeable for all time and eternity.

Any life form, human or non-human, who recognizes, lives, and obeys the true knowledge of Creation, the spirit which results from it, as well as the related laws and commandments of Creation, can live in accordance with Creation. 

This means that the life form is living with true knowledge of the truth and with the truth of Creation and spirit, in fulfillment of the Creative, natural laws and commandments which are valid universally, without any false faith in illogical and anti-intelligence. 


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Through The Matrix-More About Galactics Taking Earth Vessels--Sue Lie and the Pleiadians



Galactics Taking Earth Vessels

Thank you dear Pleiadians for communicating with us. I am also so very happy to hear you say that I, too, am Pleiadian. I thought/wished that that was true, and your sharing that information brings great joy to my heart.

In fact, I can hear/feel (for in the fifth dimension our hearing is a “hear/feel” and our seeing is as see/feel) that the Arcturians are ready to send you all a message. I will attach below:

“Dear Earthlings, we the Arcturians are very pleased to send you a message. This message is to “YOU,” which includes ALL living beings who are able to receive, attend to, and/or share our messages. We Arcturians are honored to sent you messages about what is occurring in the higher dimensions that encircle Gaia. 

We Arcturians also have our frequent transmissions that we send to Earth on a regular basis. We are so pleased to receive the added assistance of the Pleiadians, who will be the members of our first “landing party to Earth.” 

The Pleiadians are well suited to begin this process as they appear more human and are more able to understand human behaviors. Also, the Pleiadians have taken many “earth vessels” to better understand humanity. “

“Dear Arcturians, we thank you within this NOW for you introduction. We know that many of the awakened member of Gaia are in regular contact with both us, the Pleiadians and you, the Arcturians, because we share ascension messages with the grounded volunteers on Earth. 

We begin by thanking our dear Pleiadians friends and comrades for their great sacrifice of taking a human earth vessel to assist humanity and to gather important information about Gaia’s health and welfare. We the Pleiadians, quite often, and the Arcturians, occasionally, take “earth vessels” to better understand Earth society. 

The most difficult part of our “joining Earth society” is the illusion of being alone. On the Ship we, we Galactics, are in constant contact with everyone on the Ship. We can easily recognize each other by their aura, and we can intermingle our auras to share our every thought and feeling without speaking. 

The leaders of our “Welcoming Team,” are chosen by their experience with intermingling their auras with all the members of the Ship, or while on Earth, to share their personal and professional lives. These leaders are chosen by their experience, which is automatically shared via their auras, and the Unconditional Love that fills their aura. 

Also, all the leaders have, and continue to have, total dedication to our “Service to Others.” However, the term “others” includes the Ship, with whom we all have an intimate relationship. The Ship holds the 5D Blueprint for Earth and for ALL of Gaia’s many beings who visit, and/or live onboard the Ship. 

Most of the occupants on the Ship, volunteer to take “away missions” to physical Earth so that they can learn more about how they can assist with planetary ascension, as well as to have a more intimate experience with the “grounded humans” who are part of the Ship’s “Away Team.”

The biggest challenge for our Away Team, is to remember their TRUE SELF and NOT get lost in the illusions and fears of the third dimensional expressions who have joined our away team to Gaia. 

We are not “just” Multidimensional Beings. We have the ability to “be at ONE,” or “merge with,” just our Pleiadian self, OR merge with just our human self, AND/ OR simultaneously BE our third dimensional human self, our fourth dimensional astral self andour fifth dimensional and beyond Galactic SELF.

When we do not limit our “sense of SELF” to being a third dimensional human, we remain in constant contact with our higher dimensional expressions of SELF. We have found that this two-way connection with our Earth Self and our Galactic SELF can be very challenging. 

Fortunately, we are very pleased to see that more and more of our “third dimensional human expressions of self” are remembering their “fifth dimensional Galactic Self” while we are still wearing our third dimensional human representative.

We say “wearing our third dimensional self” because our third dimensional self feels we are “wearing” this component of our SELF. Sometimes it feels like we are wearing a sweater or jacket to protect them from the cold, as well as the lower frequency energy fields of the lost ones who have forgotten their true Multidimensional SELF.

All of the expressions of our Multidimensional SELF are available to our fourth dimensional and beyond states of consciousness. However, even we Pleiadians can become lost within the illusions of the third dimensional reality. 

It is for this reason that we always travel with a “buddy” as humans would say. When we are accompanied with a close friend and partner, we can both assist each other while we travel within the deep illusions and lies of your third dimensional reality. 

From visiting you on Earth, we can see that so many of you have also chosen to take this 3D incarnation in order to learn how to expand our consciousness while being constantly surrounded by the low frequency rate of the third dimension. 

We commend you all, especially those of you have taken many incarnations on third dimensional Earth. We see that you do so to better understand the third dimension, and how to expand your awareness enough to bravely confront the many challenges that you, our “volunteers to third dimensional Earth” must face.

Fortunately, when we Galactics take an earth vessel, we are able to expand our consciousness, and hence our perceptions, to be able to “read the aura” of others in the same manner that we read aura’s and psychically communicate on our Ships. 

Via this psychic information we can determine if a human would be able to expand their mind enough to accept that we are, indeed, fifth dimensional beings from a higher dimension. Some humans, in fact more and more of you, are able to allow us to assist you to temporarily expand your consciousness to encompass the fifth dimensional frequency of reality. 

When you are able to expand your consciousness in this manner, you are more able to travel to our, your, Starship and then return to your physical body with the memory of your life on the Ship. As you continue to visit your “HOME” on the Ship, it is much easier for you to remember both your life on Earth and you life on the Ship.

Even if your earth memory of your life on the ship is dim, you still remember the “Earth Mission” that you have chosen. This memory may come and go from your consciousness, but it is like a “trail of bread crumbs” that reminds you that there is a way home, and you will find it when it is the NOW to return,

However, if you hold fear, frustration, anger, sorrow or illness, it is MUCH more difficult to remember your True SELF and your Earth Mission, which is what you volunteered to remember and to do. We find that it can be VERY difficult to remember our mission once we are surrounded by the fears and challenges of the third dimensional world.

The process of taking an Earth Vessel, and being confined to your third/fourth dimensional physical and astral self, can easily make you forget your True, Multidimensional SELF. 

It is for this reason that we take your sleeping, or meditating self, back to the Ship as soon as your consciousness expands into the higher fourth and/or fifth dimensional states of consciousness. While in these higher states of consciousness you can more easily remember everything about your Mission. 

When you come to the Ship, one of the first things that we do is to put you into one of the “healing beds,” which will assist you to ease your third dimensional fears and worries. With your 3D/4D fears and worries transmuted back into fifth dimensional Love and Light, you are more able to return to Earth with your innate higher states of consciousness and continue with your Mission.

Since “time” is an illusion of your third/fourth dimensional reality, no one in your 3D world will know that you have “phased OUT” of third dimensional time and space during your sleep, or meditation. Since the “third dimensionals” have no concept of our reality, they do NOT perceive what they can NOT believe.

Within your NOW, many of you are living between realities. Therefore you are not fully third dimensional, fourth dimensional or fifth dimensional. In fact, you—the awakened ones—are learning, as well as beginning to remember, how your third dimensional daily life influences, and is influenced by, your fourth dimensional artistic moments and dreams. 

Some of you are also remembering your fifth dimensional experiences on your Starship which is orbiting in outer space, and sometimes, around your planet. However, our fifth dimensional Mother Ship is fully cloaked and does not enter too deeply into your Solar System, as they could affect the planets too much.

Therefore, we send out our Scout Ships, which are still huge according to human standards, but are not too large to affect the gravity of your planetary system. More and more of our grounded ones who chose to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia, are seeing, feeling and visiting these Ships while they are sleeping or in deep meditation.

Unconditional Love is the vibration that can create a vibration that is high enough to allow your consciousness to resonate to the fifth dimension. We are reminding all of you that our Ships will be entering your perceptual fields more and more, so that you will NOT become frightened.

Also, we will be talking with you all more and more, so that you will have a sense of joy and even jubilation when you see us in your skies. You see, more and more of you are expanding your consciousness to the degree that you can see our Ships. 

Of course, on the other hand, there are more people that are frightened by the concept of our Ships, as they are afraid that we will hurt them. These people are usually those who have unhealed fear and sorrow, as well as those who like taking advantage of the “power over others” on the third dimension. 

These people are NOT happy about our appearance, as they do not want to give up their power over others, or their greed and mistreatment of dear planet Gaia. Fortunately, change is coming to Gaia’s Earth!

Those who have enjoyed their “power over others” will not be happy when humanity begins to remember, and use, their own “power within.” In fact, many of the “power within” leaders are having a “face off” with the “power over” leaders. 

We are HERE within your NOW
The Pleiadians

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Making the Fifth Dimension Real--The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

What does it mean to “make the fifth dimensional real?” In fact, what does real mean? One of the challenges of being human within confusing NOW is that the definition of “real”  seems to change daily. What is “Real?” and what is “Truth?” seems to change every day and with every thought and emotion.

What is actually occurring is that we are in the process of preparing our earth vessel to resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond. It is only when our consciousness has expanded to resonate to at least some awareness, and communication, with the higher dimensions of our reality, that the third dimensional vessels which encompass your true fifth dimensional SELF will be able to remember!

This “remembering” can come in the version of a dream, a meditation, or any “peak experience” in which yourconsciousness can resonate to the frequency of the higher fourth, and/or, the fifth dimension. 

Whenever your consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, even if just for a brief moment, you will be able to experience the fifth dimensional NOW. Once you are free of the time/space format of the third and fourth dimensional states of consciousness you will be able to remember what you always knew, but forgot.

When we say “always knew” we mean that your higher dimensional expressions of SELF (which you ALL have), resonates beyond the third/fourth dimensional time and space. You will no longer be limited to the “logical, sequential” format of third dimensional communication.

When you are free of that limitation, you will be more able to perceive our Ships that are constantly visiting your planet within their innate, fifth dimensional frequency of reality. There are several reasons why humanity does not see the fifth dimension.

For one reason, people usually choose to NOT perceive what they do NOT believe in, because it frightens them. There are already enough frightening things in the third dimension, especially now within the extreme changes of your planet and daily life. 

Of course, some humans do not perceive these changes because they do NOT want to perceive them. They are not ready to believe that there is a civilization that is MUCH more evolved than them, and/or a reality which they can NOT control. 

Because the third dimension presents many challenges, especially within your NOW, many people have “hidden their head under the covers” and refuse to perceive the myriad changes that are occurring with Gaia’s planet and weather system. 

“Oh it is just a phase,” they say to comfort themselves. However, dear planet Gaia can no longer withstand the great damage that humanity has created on Her planet. Therefore, Gaia herself has called us, the fifth dimensional, and beyond, Galactics to assist Her in Her time of great need.

There are of course many wonderful humans who have dedicated their lives to planet Gaia, Her Nature, Her People, and have come to realize that Mother Earth (Gaia, as the Galactics call Her) is gravely damaged. Furthermore, a huge percentage of that damage can be traced back to humanity.

It is for this reason that, we your Galactic Family, have been called on to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. We say “Planetary Ascension” as all who have intertwined their personal energy field with Gaia, such as ALL the animals, plants and elementals, and even humans who have evolved their consciousness enough to perceive Gaia as a living being, are ready to release the “training wheels” of the 3D Matrix.

The 3D Matrix was created so that lower dimensional beings would have a “learning planet” on which they could incarnate in order to learn about, practice and participate in the process of Planetary Ascension.  

Over the many centuries of which you are aware, it was known that great human leaders, who sacrificed themselves for the good ofhumanity and for Gaia, underwent huge initiations to gain complete control of their physical form so that they could choose to leave that physical body (die) and expand their consciousness, and thus their form, into the fifth dimension and beyond.

This expansion of consciousness was NEVER for selfish purposes, because it is the process of “serving others” that allows their consciousness to expand/return to their innate fifth dimensional and beyond SELF. This SELF was called their “Higher SELF.”

At first, the grounded ones sought to unite with their Higher SELF, whom they know was a higher frequency of the physical form that they were wearing. However, over “time,” they forgot!  

They forgot who they really were, and they forgot why they chose to take on an earth vessel on a planet that would likely face huge challenges during that incarnation. Because they forgot who they were and why they took an earth vessel, they also forgot that the reason that they came to Earth was to assist with Planetary Ascension.

Worse yet, many of these brave warriors chose difficult childhoods so that they could learn more about the challenges of being a third dimensional earthling, as they called them. They had never experienced a traumatic and/or abusive childhood on their homeworld. 

In fact, many of them never experienced a childhood because they chose to place their essence/consciousness into a mature being. In that manner, they could “get right to work on their assignment.”

Therefore, when they came to Earth and had one of the myriad forms of child abuse, poverty, lack of opportunity and/or diseases or birth defects, they had no way of understanding what was occurring, or how they could conquer it. Therefore, they devolved into third dimensional humans whose consciousness was far too often limited to the perception of ONLY the third dimension. 

Fortunately, some of them were able to move into a version of fourth dimensional consciousness in which they could use their imagination to be creative, learn about themselves, their birth family, and the many limitations of third dimensional life.

If they somehow did NOT get lost in the third dimension maze of difficult childhoods, limitation, separations, wars and abandonment, they became VERY strong and VERY  wise. 

It was then that they realized that they had passed the “third/fourth dimensional initiations” of “life on a third dimensional planet ruled by separation, time, space, birth, death, suffering, as well as many other challenges. 

Some volunteers to Earth never returned, but other brave warriors realized that since humans were totally responsible for all the distress of the planet—even the planetary changes—they realized that in order to assist Dear Gaia, they would need to incarnate in a human form, often as a child or infant, and become a third dimensional human.

Fortunately for them all, at some point in their 3D life, many of them began to remember that there was much, much more to reality than that which was displayed by the many illusions of the third dimension. 

These ones realized that, if they could expand their consciousness into the fourth dimension, they would be able to discover their innate creativity, inter-dimensional imagination, the joys of nature of the deep love for Gaia, as well as for many of Her beings, which sometimes included humanity.

However, they did discover that they would need to study humanity and why so many humans had forgotten their true Multidimensional SELF. In fact, they realized that many of the lost and confused humans were Galactics, just like them, who had become lost in the illusions and negative energy fields. 

In fact, they did not even know what a “negative energy field” was, as they did not exist on their fifth dimensional Home Worlds, or on their Ships. Eventually, we, the members of our Star Ships began to come into the dreams and meditations of their Galactic Friends who had volunteered to incarnate on Earth to assist Gaia and Her awakening and awakened humans.

We say “awakening and awake” humans, as those who had NOT expanded their consciousness into the higher fourth or fifth dimension were not able to perceive us. At first, we exposed our Ships more often, but we found that all that did was to frighten humans or turn us into their “Gods.”

It was not helpful for us to serve as Gods or Saviors, but we did realize that if we could find a human who was able to go through the many challenges of expanding their consciousness beyond the third and lower fourth dimensions, a member of their humanity could assist them to believe in a form of “higher power.”

We Pleiadians are not a higher power for humanity, but many of us have taken incarnations on Earth to discover the manner in which we could best assist humanity and remind them that Earth is a living being – just as they are. 

We found that humans enjoyed having an external human who appeared to be “above them,” but they often worshiped us in some primitive manner rather than listening to our message.

The problem was, and still is, that Earth has been primarily ruled by a group of beings from a devolved society in the Sirius System. This “devolved society” lost its way and rather than assisting others, they began to harm others. 

Unfortunately, rather than following the loving examples of Venus and the Pleiades, too many humans followed the dominating examples of the Sirians. However, the Sirians were not always dominating, but that is a different story. Basically, because the Sirians lost their “power within” they repeated what had been done to them and chose to have “power over.”

The Ascended Masters from Earth have been higher dimensional beings who have volunteered to come to Earth to assist with Planetary Ascension. Unfortunately, the humans have chosen to only perceive that the ascending individual did something for himself, and forgot the true messages of Love and Light that these ascending beings presented.

We, the Arcturians, as well as ALL the fifth dimensional beings who have chosen to assist Gaia in Her time of GREAT NEED, have come into your consciousness to remind you that Unconditional Love is the healing force of the Multiverse. We are happy to tell you that more and more humans are beginning to remember this fact.

However, the humans of Earth have developed a reality in which they put much more attention on the fear of a problem and too often forget to find and focus on the SOLUTION of that problem. Also, the dark ones have worked very diligently to put inadequate or “power over others” humans in positions of power. 

However, please remember that “the darkest night is just before dawn.” Therefore, sometimes the darkness must reign in order to get humanity out of denial.  No one wants to know if their way of is being threatened, or that one that they thought they could trust can only care for themselves. 

Humanity has too often put their head under the pillowrather than perceive what is actually occurring. Therefore, it is left to the brave and awakened humans, and our Galactic Family who have taken 3D earth vessels to assist them, to realize that they do NOT need to remain in that “darkest night” because the DAWN is HERE within this NOW.

Please remember that you find what you look for. Therefore, if you just look for problems, and ignore the possible solutions, the problem will remain and the solution will be forgotten. 

On the other hand, just a moment or two within the fifth dimensional NOW will expand your consciousness enough to remember your true Multidimensional SELF, as well as the reason why you chose to take a third dimensional form within this NOW.

Once you remember, and “walk a mile” with your reason for incarnation, you will be able to proceed with the promise that you made before you took a third dimensional form on dear Gaia. Please remember that this “promise” is within YOU. 

Therefore, as you meditate, study, and do whatever makes you remember your SELF, you will become your SELF in your third dimensional reality. However, even Ascended Masters could not always be their Higher SELF in daily life. 

Therefore, be gentle with your self and allow that YOU to find YOUR way to remember your true Multidimensional SELF and to BE that SELF as often as is possible. Even your own Higher SELF does not expect that you are perfect. 

Remember that you chose to BE a human so that you could learn how to assist humans to remember that “even humans are Multidimensional BEINGS who are brave enough to limit your “human self” to the third/fourth dimension so that you can better SERVE GAIA and AWAKEN HUMANITY.

Blessings to you all, and we, the members of your Galactic Family, thank you again and again for the service that YOU are giving to Gaia and Her Humanity.

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

Monday, July 30, 2018

In the Company of Angels

In the Company of Angels

The Angels and the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear ONE, meaning any ONE within the higher realms of reality with whom I am meant to communicate, I am ready to receive your message. I don’t know why I started my communication in this manner, but it was what came into my awareness to write, which is how I receive and document all my messages. 

In fact, I now hear the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, and several members of the Angelic Kingdom sending their unified message within this NOW. I think they want me to tune into them this morning. 

We moved a few years ago to a completely different environment. I adore this environment, as it is in the country, but my life long friends and family are many hours away. Too long to easily drive, but too close to fly, as getting to the airport would mean going as far as it would be to visit our “old home.”

The house we live in here is amazing, and we are surrounded by nature with the ocean nearby. We have managed to live most of our married life very close, and/or walking distance to the Pacific Ocean, which is a great blessing.

Those of you who live close to the ocean, or a large body of water, know what I am talking about. In fact, if you live close to, or in a place, where you are surrounded by  Gaia’s beautiful nature, you know what I am saying.

I don’t know why I am writing this, but I always “just let go” and allow the message to come through me. I cannot say that the Arcturians are giving me this message, but I feel them with me. 

Wonderfully, I also feel the Angels. OH, what a dear blessing to feel the Angels, or an Angel, close by. How do we feel an Angel, or Angels, close by? (I capitalized Angel and Angels in loving respect to them.) The answer for me would be that I feel a peace and calm that is too often difficult to contain in my daily life. 

“Why did I use the word “contain?” I ask myself. Usually I find myself connected to the Arcturians and/or the Pleiadians, but today, I feel the Angels. Archangel Zadkiel, and his/her (as angels do not have gender in the same manner as humans do) is sending me the most wonderful gift of “Angelic LOVE.”

Angelic LOVE is such a dear blessing, and as I feel it now I find myself in a deep peace. This “deep peace” is not an easy feeling to maintain, and I am hearing/feeling dear Zadkiel reminding me that I have forgotten to tune into the Angelic Kingdom enough. 

What is “enough?” I ask inside myself. I am answered with the Violet Love of Zadkiel saying: “Enough” is a human word which is bound by the human need to have “a certain amount.” 

We, your Family of Angels, speak to allof youvia the resonance of “Unconditional Love.” Today, we have come into your awareness to remind all who receive this message that love, especially unconditional love, flows in a circle. 

In other words, the unconditional love that you give out into your reality WILL and DOES return to you, the sender. Of course, all energy fields  that are sent out, return to the sender. Some of these energy fields remind you how you are really feeling. 

On the other hand, some of these energy fields remind you that WE, your Higher Dimensional Family are ALWAYS WITH YOU!

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, ALL energy that is sent out returns to the sender. There is a component of the “energy out equals energy back” that is part of Gaia’s “primary operating system.” Just as your own brains, work via “energy out is energy back,” so does your physical reality. 

In fact, this energy out/energy back works much faster when your consciousness is resonating to the fourth dimension, and instantly when your consciousness resonates to the fifth dimensional reality of HERE and NOW. In fact, it is because more and more members of Gaia’s human kingdom are beginning to realize this fact.

Those who are consciously aware of energy out equals energy back, have a conscious awareness of how they are creating their own reality. Does the knowing of this fact make it easier? 

Not necessarily. However, the knowing that you are the creator of your own reality via the energy that you take in, hold inside, and circulate out into your reality, is essential.

While one’s consciousness only resonates to the third dimension, they can easily fall into the feeling of “being a victim.” In fact, many people who do great damage to other persons, places or things, are putting out the damage that they believe they have received.

These people have not been able—yet—to believe that they are the creators of their own reality. Yes, even if it “was not your fault” it was somewhere in your consciousness and/or your aura. 

However, if this energy has come back to you, that is actually a wonderful opportunity for you to Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire, Transmuting ALL shadow into Light, Light, Light!

The action of blazing the Violet Fire allows you the opportunity to accept that this energy, experience, hardship, has come to you to remind you that YOU can Blaze the Violet Fire to transmute that which is lowering your consciousness or causing you hardships.

We will not say that your problem will instantly be resolved, as your problems are actually gifts. Your “problems” are telling you what is NOT working in your life. And, if you can remember to remember that problems are your teachers, your karma and your teacher in your “Earth School.”

Just as each person has their own “operating system,” in the same manner that your modern equipment has an operating system, Gaia has an operating system. When you have chosen to take an incarnation on Gaia’s Earth body, you have chosen to live within the “system of operation” for Gaia. 

Just as each person has their own “operating system” which they have developed from the sum/total of all the incarnations they have taken on Earth, Gaia herself has an operating system. Gaia’s operating system is “energy that goes out into Her planet” will return to the receiver. 

Gaia chose this operating system as She chose to be a “teaching planet.” What Gaia teaches, to those who are willing to learn, is that YOU create your life by what you put out and into your life.

In other words, if you choose to assist others and send out Unconditional Love as much as possible within each NOW, you will receive assistance for others and Unconditional Love from others. 

These “others” do not need to be other humans. Plants and animals could be the returners of the love you send. In fact, Gaia her planetary SELF will also return your love. Some may call you “lucky,” but that is only because they have not YET realized that you are all creators of your own reality. 

If you put out love and kindness, you will receive love and kindness from others. On the other hand, if you put out fear and anger, you receive fear and anger in your own reality. We use the word “reality” because, even though you all share the same planet, you live many, many different forms of reality. 

These “forms of reality” are directly connected to energy out is energy back, from your former incarnations. Gaia is a “learning planet” in which one can learn, if they are ready. Some lifetimes can be so difficult, that you are only learning “how to survive.”

However, learning how to survive in your fragile third dimensional, human form is a great gift that you have given to your own future incarnations. You may think that past incarnations are all forgotten, but are only forgotten in third dimensional consciousness.

As soon as you are able to expand your “sense of self” beyond the particular earth vessel and earth situations of your current life, and remember what you have learned in other incarnations, you have given yourself access to myriad life lessons that you can incorporate into your present incarnation.

In fact, those of you who have allowed your self to remember your former self and/or your former lives on a Starship or your Homeworld, have a great ability to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension into the fifth dimensional dimension of reality.

In fact, many humans alive within your NOW have chosen to take a 3D earth vessel to assist Gaia during this immensely challenging time of planetary ascension.  If you look at all the lives of all the Ascended Masters, they did NOT have easy lives. 

This was because they chose to follow their “reason for incarnation,” rather follow the “easy path of personal comfort.” They also remembered that energy travels in circles. Therefore, the energy that they put out into their reality would eventually come back to the sender.

Therefore, those, such as the Ascended Masters, chose to stay in communication with their Higher SELF, and/or their Higher Guidance, even if it seemed too difficult. In fact, living via the instructions of your own Higher SELF is very challenging, and only a small minority of humanity is able to even remember their Higher SELF, much less follow their Higher SELF. 

The third dimensional format of “just being a human” can be very challenging and is much like traveling through life in a race car but only using your first gear. As you allow your consciousness to expand into the fourth dimension, your innate creative thoughts, emotions and actions guide you through your life.

You are also guided, if you chose to accept that gift, to expand your consciousness to encompass the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension has a totally different operating system of living in the HERE of the NOW.  

Fortunately, you have already learned via your third dimensional consciousness how to operate effectively and lovingly in your third dimensional world.

Your fourth dimensional consciousness, is the core of your most creative human self, as well as the entrance to the pathway to your fifth dimensional self who is no longer bound by third dimensional time and space. 

In fact, your fifth dimensional self introduces you to your Galactic SELVES who resonate to the higher dimensional realities that are invisibly encircling and protecting Gaia.

If you wish to meet these higher dimensional versions of your Multidimensional SELF all you need do is

Dear higher dimensional expressions of my Multidimensional SELF, I AM ready to communicate with you on a regular basis. I promise that I will document our meetings in some manner and share it with others.  In this manner, I will ALWAYS  remember that your higher dimensional messages come:


Once you REALIZE and LIVE  the knowing that YOU are a channel for the higher dimensional, ascension energy fields, your life will change in ways that you cannot imagine from the perspective of your third dimensional self.

We thank, unconditionally love, and totally support our brave volunteers to assist Gaia with Her process of PLANETARY ASCENSION. We know that those who choose this Path will experience higher guidance and new experience beyond what you have ever experienced before.

Please know that this is the Clarion CALL
And embrace all of you who choose to join us in this call.

Blessings of Unconditional Love.

Your Angelic Family, 
The Arcturians and your Higher Dimensional Family