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The Process of Ascension - The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

The Process of Ascension
The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie

Nothing in Nature travels alone. All Life is intertwined.

We all work on an elemental level. The elementals are the foundation of all matter. The elementals create the frequency of matter, which is the frequency of our thought forms, the frequency of our brainwaves, the frequency of our consciousness, and the frequency of our perceptions.

Floating thought forms flow through the air, float on the water, dance in the fire and settle on the earth. These thought forms are trying to enter the 3D Game. There are dark thought forms created by the lost ones that saturate your world with indoctrinations of anger and fear. 

Fortunately, there is an ever-increasing amount of loving, multidimensional thought forms that you, our volunteer away team to Gaia, have created while being grounded members of planet Earth.

In order to shift Earth’s 3D Matrix, a certain percentage of Earth inhabitants must be willing to create the ‘antidote’ to the thought forms filled with anger and fear. Sending out multidimensional thought forms that are filled with unconditional love and multidimensional light create that antidote.

It is, of course, tempting to meet darkness with anger and fear. However, that reaction only “feeds the beast.” Also, fearful thought forms can easily manipulate one’s third-dimensional brain. 

Hence, it is vital that you connect with your Multidimensional Mind. Your Multidimensional Mind can easily expand your consciousness beyond the reach of the negative thought forms that can only survive in the third and lower fourth dimensions.

Unfortunately, many brainwashed humans are like children sitting in front of their computer, television and/or newspaper ready to soak in the daily reports from the dark ones. These fear-filled messages from the dark ones invade their consciousness and cast them into fear, anger, and revenge.

You, our dear ascending ones, have the responsibility to focus your attention on Unconditional Love and the Violet Fire of transmutation. Our Awakened Ones send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire onto the lower frequency thought forms to love them free and transmute them into LIGHT. 

Unconditional love and the Violet Fire are your best tools for the transformation of life on planet Earth. Unconditional love is NOT like conditional love. Conditional love is easily influenced by darkness because it wants to get something.

On the other hand, unconditional love only seeks to give something. Conditional love creates a thought form of fear wrapped in the illusion of love. On the other hand, Unconditional Love creates a thought form of selfless love wrapped in multidimensional light.

Those who have only received conditional love don’t even know that unconditional love exists. In fact, many humans have even had the experience that spiritual love is filled with fear, anger, and revenge. 

Fortunately, many members of our Galactic and Celestial Family have bi-located into human forms to re-direct humanity back to the message of true Unconditional Love and clear Multidimensional Light.

Because conditional love often is manipulative and seeks to GET something, that thought form may “look” like love, but if feels like anger or fear. On the other hand, unconditional love is free of all manipulation because the giver only wants to GIVE something. Thus that thought form makes you feel confident and empowered.

You, our ascending ones, have returned to Earth to wear an earth vessel to play out the 3D video game for each lesson that is still uncompleted within your personal earth matrix. There are also many of you who have volunteered to take an earth vessel so that you can better assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension. 

It is the NOW to finally “win” this “video game” of third-dimensional illusions. As you begin to win your personal video game, you begin to realize that this “game” is a “unity game” in which the entire planet is preparing to transmute beyond the 3D Game of conditional love and into the 5D Reality reality of unconditional love.

This 3D video game has been playing too long and it has become corrupted with conditional love, which has made many humans very easy to manipulate. It is for this reason that we, your galactic and celestial family, have sent the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF to log in to the 3D game.

Your human self is the video’s “Avatar,” and YOU are you in a higher frequency of reality guiding your avatar to win the game by transmuting conditional love into unconditional love. As you suddenly, or slowly, download the unconditional love of your Higher SELF into your personal 3D Matrix, you also download that unconditional love into the planetary 3D matrix.

While you move through the process of transmutation from conditional love to unconditional love, you also assist the third dimension planet to transmute into a fifth dimension planet. The key to transmutation is unconditional love because as it fills the 3D Matrix, it transmutes that matrix into its higher expression.

While you are logged into Earth’s 3D Matrix, you are attached to that matrix. Hence, as you transmute your personal energy field into its higher dimensional expression, you also transmute Gaia’s planetary energy field. It is for this reason that we have asked you to, our volunteers, to take a third-dimensional earth vessel.

You see, as you expand into your personal higher dimensional SELF, you facilitate Gaia’s ability to expand into Her planetary higher dimensional SELF. Just as the third dimension is too low of a frequency to maintain unconditional love, the fifth dimension is too high a frequency to accept conditional love.

Also, the unconditional love of your fifth-dimensional SELF serves as a magnet to those who can contain that multidimensional energy field while still wearing an earth vessel. As this personal and planetary transmutation slowly crosses the threshold of humanities conscious awareness, each of you will have different signs of high-frequency overload. It behooves you to identify your personal symptoms.

When you recognize the feeling of the higher dimensions entering your earth vessel, you can more easily identify the components of your third-dimensional thought, emotions, actions, habits, and indoctrinations that are resisting that download. In this manner, you 9 will discover what component of your third-dimensional self is blocking your transmutation by putting you into energetic overload.

Once you recognize your own inner saboteur, you can send unconditional love to any components of your self that has become lost in the third dimension. Sending unconditional love to your wounded ego will expand your consciousness beyond the frequency of those old energy patterns and reset your intentions from third dimensional to multidimensional. 

However, somewhere in the flurry of 3D life, your Higher SELF can get lost and your wounded ego can jump back in the driver's seat. That is not bad, bad being a 3D term, but you must keep checking in with your ego. 

Your third-dimensional self is basically your inner child, as it was the first vision of your Multidimensional SELF who entered into your current 3D Game/Matrix. You could not understand as much “human language” then, but you could read thought forms much more proficiently than you can as an “adult.” 

Unfortunately, most of you forgot your innate ability to understand, read and enter thought forms because you went to third- dimensional schools. Fortunately, many of you wrote into your “pre-birth contract” that you are ready to expand beyond the third-dimensional frequency of the reality that you initially entered. 

Because of this “expansion of consciousness” you will need to remember whom you chose to BE and what you will need to release in order to be that person.

In other earthly incarnations, you could just store components of your ego that were too difficult to change while in that reality. Then you could “pick them up” and change them in another incarnation. 

However, in the NOW of this incarnation, you will need to release and/or heal all versions of your ego self, as the entire 3D Matrix is transmuting into the 5D Matrix.

There is a certain amount of “time” that you can ignore this transmutation and release process, but eventually, the process will begin whether or not you are prepared. 

If you remain attached to your many third dimensional habits, possessions, desires, ambitions and even some people, you will not be able to “Let GO” of that which ties you to the illusions of the third dimension.

By ascending you will not lose anything, as all life is multidimensional. Thus you will only be releasing the third-dimensional versions of what you need to release so that you can expand your consciousness into the higher dimensional versions of those persons, places, situations or things. 

Likely you will begin by visiting the higher dimensional realities while you “live” in the physical world. Then you will incrementally begin to “live” in the higher dimensional versions of reality while you briefly return to the third dimension to assist. 

You will make these choices by identifying the higher dimensional thought forms as they flow into and through your reality. Then, just as you experience the third-dimensional indoctrinations that constantly barrage you with fearful events, you will increasingly experience multidimensional thought forms entering the edges of your awareness. 

Initially, you may not be able to see or hear them, but you will be able to feel the unconditional love in which they are encased. However, if your consciousness is restrained to the third dimension, you cannot even perceive the multidimensional thought forms. On the other hand, as your consciousness expands to encompass the higher states of consciousness, your perceptions also expand to encompass higher dimensional realities.

Within your Planetary Consciousness, there is NO time because the entire planet includes all the possible 3D “timelines.” Once your consciousness resonates to the entire planet, your awareness naturally expands to embrace Planetary Consciousness.

Furthermore, as you begin to remember your, true higher dimensional SELF, your consciousness will expand to embrace your galactic expression of SELF who volunteered to take your current earth vessel. Then your consciousness will more easily expand into your innate, Galactic Consciousness,

As you remember your own Multidimensional Self, who is a member of the Galaxy in the same way that your earth vessel is a member of Earth, your consciousness will return to your innate Galactic Consciousness. Within your higher dimensional consciousness, you can perceive both the collective and the individual expressions that make up your whole.

While resonating to a fifth dimensional, or beyond, reality, you experience the unity of the group while you can simultaneously choose to visit the illusion of separation into an individual. 

Via this higher consciousness, you can see how all polarities merge with that which was once in-between. When you allow your consciousness to enter this “in between,” you will discover your voice of unity that is the elixir that calls forth your unity with all collective, planetary and galactic consciousness. 

If you can sing that voice into your life, you will transmute your perceptions beyond third-dimensional separation and into higher dimensional unity of your Multidimensional SELF. Then, your Multidimensional SELF can easily perceive the Multidimensional Matrix that glistens just beyond the illusions of the 3D Matrix.

Can you see, hear, feel and unconditionally love these shinning fifth-dimensional thought forms into your life? Can you recognize that more and more changes are occurring within the NOW of each day?

Simultaneously, can you recognize the third-dimensional thought forms that beckon you to return to that which is known and familiar? Therefore, can you reach out into the unfamiliar feel of unconditional love and trust that within that thought form there is a higher dimensional reality?

If you make that choice, you will remember how to perceive the Multidimensional Matrix in which each grid of the Matrix is connected via unconditional love. 

That one decision to “reach out and perceive”, that one risk to believe in your own SELF, expands your consciousness beyond the manipulation of fear and expands your consciousness into the memory of your innate Multidimensional Matrix of reality.

There are uncountable “rungs” within that matrix, and a version of your SELF exists on many of them. Within each reality, YOU are all your expressions in ALL the frequencies of every reality. 

Therefore, every action and reaction of your Third Dimensional Self is echoed into ALL your myriad expressions of your Multidimensional SELF to be perceived and lived via your many, innate frequencies of reality.

All of these multidimensional versions of reality are functioning within the same NOW. Every offshoot of every reality is constantly spilling down into the lower dimensions to be perceived by the many frequencies of consciousness that are resonating to each of your many realities.

These realities are perceived in the third dimension as “separate” multidimensional thought forms. Fortunately, your physical self can still feel the resonance of Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Light that is emanating from these multidimensional thought forms.

But how do you enter these thought forms, which are also realities? How can you enter a thought form, which is a possible reality, by matching your state of consciousness with the resonance of each thought form? 

The answer is that you can choose to live a reality that matches the resonance of your consciousness because you are aware that YOU created the frequencies of your brainwaves. YOU create the frequency of your brainwaves with your every thought and every emotion. 

These thoughts and emotions are the manners in which you interact with the world around and within you. If you can remember to “just listen” to your thoughts and emotions without judgment, you can remember how to create a  centered and loving state of conscious.  

A centered, empowered state of consciousness is the result of loving your self. When you love your self, you can more easily center your thoughts and calm your emotions. Of course, you cannot do that all the time because third-dimensional life can create many challenges and fears.  

Your thoughts and emotions generate the state of your consciousness, which influences your brainwaves, which affect your thoughts and emotions, which create your state of consciousness and your behavior, which create the reality in which you live.

Remember, all the many versions of your reality are functioning within the same NOW! But, if you can Love your self UNCONDITIONALLY, your third-dimensional perceptions and experiences will be guided by that unconditional love that you give to your self. 

The unconditional love that you give to your self will guide you to give unconditional love to others. When you surround your self with unconditional love and acceptance, you will resonate to that frequency of reality. 

We, your Galactic Family, realize that life can be very difficult on third dimensional Earth. Therefore, we lovingly remind you, our brave ones who chose to take an earth vessel within this NOW on Gaia, that:

Just call us, and we will answer. In fact, we will answer each one of our grounded ones in the manner that you each need so that you can recognize and believe that, “Yes, I am NOT alone.”

Friday, March 15, 2019

Perceiving Multidimensional Message the Pleiadians and Arcturians--through Sue Lie

Perceiving Multidimensional Messages

The Pleiadians and Arcturians speaking through Suzanne Lie

We, the Arcturians, along with our dear friends the Pleiadians, are always sending messages to our friends and family who volunteered to take an earth vessel in order to assist dear Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.  

These volunteers to take earth vessels have been taking earth vessels for many millennia now, and are ready to assist humanity with Gaia’s planetary transition/ transmutation back to the higher fourth and fifth dimensions.

Our dear friend Gaia, who is a living entity that extends far beyond Her planetary expression, resonates to the multidimensional frequencies of planet reality. Unfortunately, most of humanity is able to perceive Gaia’s third-dimensional reality. 

However, if they expand their state of consciousness into the fourth, fifth dimensions and beyond, they will begin to remember their true Multidimensional SELF. Human perception is dependent on their state of consciousness. Therefore, humanity can only perceive the frequencies of reality in which they are willing to believe exists.

What is “state of consciousness?” One’s state of consciousness is greatly influenced by the brainwaves that are most active within their brain. If one is not able to focus on their own thoughts and emotions, they will not recognize that something is suddenly different when one of our many messages have been sent to them. 

We, your Galactic Family, resonate to a higher frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, humans who primarily resonate to a third-dimensional state of consciousness will not be able to receive our messages.

Fortunately, more and more of our galactic family who have taken an earth vessel, have moved through several incarnations on Gaia and have remembered how to remember that they are true SELF while wearing a physical earth vessel.

When our brave Galactics who volunteered to take an earth vessel to remember what they have forgotten, which is their own galactic self and galactic family, they also begin to remember that there is something inside of them that is “different,” “bigger,” and “deeply influential.” Then, they begin to remember that something is occurring within their daily thoughts and emotions that are different, and somehow beyond, what was once their “daily life.”

In fact, their daily life begins to change as their awareness of their higher consciousness, dreams, memories, and visions begins to flow into their waking, as well as sleeping or meditation, life.

Unfortunately, many of our “family,” as we will now call ALL of you,as we continue this message, are beginning to remember. Perhaps “you”  cannot understand—at first—what is happening. In fact, you may only know that there is an increasingly powerful URGE within you to remember something, that you cannot quite understand.

Therefore, we, your Galactic Family members, are calling to ALL you, our wonderful friends and family who volunteered to take a third-dimensional earth vessel, to better awaken to your true Galactic SELF who has become lost in the illusion of your physical self.

As you have learned, there are many illusions on third dimensional Earth. You may have also observed that many humans believe the illusions that other humans tell them to believe, rather than deeply trusting their own inner messages that tell them that “something different is happening.”

When you, our grounded ones, who are usually called “the humans,” begin to awaken to your true Galactic SELF, most of you do not know what is occurring. It is for this reason, that we the Arcturians, wish to tell our, brave volunteers to take an Earth vessel,that

YOU are NOT alone!

You are not alone in that there are more and more humans who are beginning to, or already have, awakened to the awareness of their own Higher Dimensional SELF. It is common that most “volunteers to take an earth vessel” decide to totally forget their true SELF for many years and/or for many incarnations.

However, we—your Galactic Family—are here within your NOW to tell you that more and more humans are, indeed, awakening. The fact that your reality may appear to be poorly led, fearful and suffering is because “The Darkest Night is Just Before Dawn.”

In other words, humanity will need to be fully conscious of what is occurring, not just in their own lives, but also within their greater reality, which includes the “outer space” through which Gaia travels. 

Also, it is the NOW for humanity to begin the process of “remembering” their true Galactic SELF. In fact, many of the “humans” are actually Pleiadians who have volunteered to lower their fifth-dimensional Galactic SELF into the third dimension where they will likely forget all about their fifth-dimensional Galactic SELF into a third dimensional Galactic Self.

The lowering of their consciousness is a greater sacrifice than most third dimensional humans can understand. In fact, to give an example of this lowering of consciousness, we would say it would be much like leaving a beautiful, sunny, breezy place filled with friends and family to go to a dark, fearful place where man appears to need to “find protection.”

It is very true that humans living on the third-dimensional frequency of Earth need protection. The “frequencies” of reality are a bit like the “age” of a person. No one expects an infant to feed itself, or walk across the room. In fact, these two actions are markers of growing into their “higher functions of self.”

In the same manner, many humans are in the process of “growing into their higher frequencies of SELF.” It is difficult for a child to remember his or her life in the higher planes that existed up until they were born into their third-dimensional human self. 

In the same manner, it is difficult for adults to remember the “innate knowing” that they had just before they took their third dimensional, physical form. Some humans may remember the very early years of their life as a human, but they usually forget the fifth-dimensional SELF that they were before they took their human earth vessel.

On the other hand, some humans do not forget. They may not remember being in the womb or going through the birth canal, but they do remember a “feeling of unconditional LOVE and deep thanksgiving” for an opportunity to assist dear plant Gaia through Her Planetary Ascension.”

These humans know and remember that as Gaia expands Her consciousness they too can expand their own consciousness in order to return to their full Multidimensional, Galactic SELF.

In fact, more and more of “the volunteers to assist Gaia” are remembering their higher fourth and fifth-dimensional incarnations. Yes, dear ones, you have many incarnations within your “Galactic Soul.” 

From your Higher SELF, this remembering appears to be the “same NOW” the NOW of your physical body and your physical Earth. Earth is a very special planet, in that Gaia, which is Her planetary ascension name, is aware that the process of “return” is soon to begin.

Of course, “soon” via Earth time is very different from “soon” in our galactic time. Earth time is created (created by the humans) as a means to stay in touch with each other, get to work on time, get the kids off to school on time, and to know when it is “time” to go to bed or wake up.

Within the ever-present NOW of all fifth-dimensional realities, “time” simply means “NOW.” Your seemingly different animals and birds know when to sleep, where to find food, how to build a nest or prepare a cave for their habitation, who to trust, and why they should trust them.

Unfortunately, too many humans have forgotten how to “read Gaia’s earth, air, fire, water.” Why have humans lost this innate ability? Because they forgot! Humans forgot that all of Gaia’s reality is alive. Therefore, many humans forgot that ALL of Gaia’s Earth, Air, Fire, and Water needs to be treated as if they are part of humanity’s greater family.

It is true, because ALL of Gaia IS the humans, planetary family. One of the reasons that people forget that “all is ONE” on Earth is because their third-dimensional perspectives of reality have a very small perceptual field.

The Silence of your Inner SELF helps you to remember to ask, “What will my inner Self help me to remember?” The answer is that your INNER Voice will help you to remember your Mission, which is your “Reason for Incarnation.”

More and more of you are beginning to AWAKEN to a vague, or perhaps very strong, memory, feeling, voice, image, that is calling you to look/feel deep inside your imagination, your love, your mission, and your greatest challenges. 

You may not understand exactly all that AWAKENING entails, but you are beginning to recognize the feeling of an inner message that is calling you to “pay attention.” 

“Pay attention to what?” is a common response.  The answer to your question is to “Pay attention to these inner messages that seem to be coming from unseen higher dimensional Beings, that you somehow realize is a fifth-dimensional being—or beyond.

Once you realize that this message is, in fact, a Multidimensional Message, likely from a higher dimensional aspect of your Multidimensional self, you are confronted with the Inner Reality that you are preparing for the next stage of your RETURN to  SELF.  

As you move through, remember and realize that YOU are a Multidimensional Being, you will begin to remember how, and from where, you volunteered to take a human earth vessel to save dear Gaia from destruction. 

The problem/challenge is that once you realize your true, Multidimensional SELF, you are faced with the challenge of how to incorporate your higher dimensional frequencies into the “Conscious Awareness” of your physical SELF.

Most of you have been trained in your third, and even, fourth-dimensional frequencies of SELF, to think that you are “just humans from Earth.”  However, whether or not you are ready, many of you are awakening to the “Reason for your current incarnation.”

Therefore, many of you are beginning to remember your “Reason for Incarnation” because you are aware enough to recognize the urgency in which you MUST address the great damage that humans have done to poor, beloved Gaia. 

When you allow yourselves to go into your fourth-dimensional memory, you will realize that Gaia is much more than a big rock known as a planet. In fact, you will “remember” moments and experiences in your life in which you had a strong, fourth, or fifth, dimensional experience. 

Perhaps this experience occurred during a dream, a peak experience, and/or the memory of your Higher Dimensional SELF. However, in every case, whether you know it or not, you ARE ready to expand your consciousness –and the conscious identification of your SELF.

In other words, more and more of you are becoming aware of the sensation that you have only been using a very small amount of your potential. As more and more of you realize this, as well as tell others that WE can greatly expand our consciousness, which will greatly expand our perceptual field.

By “perceptual field” we mean the perceptions of reality that each of you believes is “real,” and not just “a dream,” or your “imagination.”  If you had 10 windows, but eight windows were covered with a heavy curtain, you would have a “restricted perceptual field.” 

In other words, you would know that there IS something OUT there that you could not perceive because you have limited your belief in your full potential. But, what if you did not limit your perceptions of reality, and found the courage to speak about the higher dimensional truths that you have been receiving.

You receive these messages in many different ways such as hearing, seeing, experiencing, dreaming and/or using the great power of your IMAGINATION. It is your “imagination” that allows you to expand your brain beyond the limitations of your daily thinking.

Fortunately, less and less humans are doubting and judging those who “believe,” “perceive” and/or “remember” higher dimensional experiences. These higher dimensional dreams, ideas, memories, goals and services to others, are awakening the concept that “there is MUCH more to our reality than we are aware of.”

In fact, more and more people are becoming aware of “a reality” that comes into their dreams and imaginations that is based on Unconditional Love and Divine Light. Some people are frightened by the thought of a higher reality because they cannot imagine that they could perceive outside and beyond their daily life. 

Often, we experience these messages as above us. This often occurs to remind us that the beings with whom we are communicating, resonate to a higher frequency of reality. Very often, these beings will remind us that we, too, are higher dimensional beings, but we chose to lower our consciousness in order to wear a third-dimensional earth vessel.

“Why would you do that?” those who forgot may say.

You will tell them that they forgot that they volunteered to assist Gaia to expand her energy field to encompass the higher frequency that resonates to the higher fourth dimensional and fifth-dimensional octaves of Gaia’s possible reality. 

Yes, Gaia does resonate to the fifth dimension, but often one’s third/fourth-dimensional consciousness cannot perceive that frequency of reality. However, as humans remember their true, Multidimensional SELF, they will regain the memory of, and the full control of, their higher dimensional experiences on the fourth, fifth and beyond dimensions.

Dear Gaia tires of restricting Her Planetary SELF to the low resonance of the third dimension. Gaia, as well many other beings on Earth, are realizing that, if we just open the “curtain of forgetfulness” we will be able to perceive the fourth, higher fourth and fifth-dimensional octaves of Gaia.

Think of incarnation as if you were visiting a huge Hotel. When people come to visit this Hotel, they can decide what dimension of reality they want to “check into” in that upcoming incarnation. 

So often humans only think of themselves as “alive” when they are wearing a third-dimensional vessel. The truth is that ALL humans are Multidimensional. Therefore, they can experience any reality that they wish by matching the frequency of their consciousness, and thus perceptions, to many, many different frequencies of any given reality. 

However, many humans only believe what they see, hear, or feel with the third-dimensional aspect of their multidimensional self. The entire multidimensional body is already awake and aware, but their lower dimensional perceptions can only perceive the lower dimensional realities that match their third and/or fourth-dimensional frequencies of that reality.

The problem on third dimensional Earth is that, too often, one can only perceive the frequency of reality that resonates to their state of consciousness. Therefore, they are NOT able to accept higher frequencies of reality into their daily life. 

Also, to be able to perceive a higher dimensional reality, such as the fifth dimension, they will need to expand their brain’s resonance to the fifth dimension and beyond. Humanity has learned and has been trained, to only perceive that which they are ready to perceive. 

Therefore, if they are not ready for a higher dimensional perception of reality, they just will NOT believe that perception is REAL. Then, they can wipe that event from their memory. It is common that humans who perceive a very sad, or dangerous event, they soon forget it.

 The reason for this is that the third dimensional, human body and brain are working together to assist the human to expand their perceptual range beyond the limitations of their fearful experience.

What is meant by that statement is that when one is able to choose to perceive the highest frequency of any given event or message, they will be able to also remain in constant contact with their own Higher Dimensional SELF, who will keep them grounded, as well as connected to the higher dimensions of reality?

We, the Pleiadians and Arcturians, greatly appreciate the good works that humanity has been selflessly sharing with their Mother Planet. It is this “planetary service” that will greatly assist Gaia to embrace and incorporate Her fifth-dimensional expression of Earth! 

Blessings from your Arcturian and Pleiadian higher expressions of SELF who are intertwined with each other like two trees growing as ONE.

Monday, March 11, 2019



A Story of Ascension

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,
I just had a dream in which I was guiding all these people somewhere. We were on a dirt pathway, but I could not see much beyond either side of the Pathway.  

Then, we came to an area where there was a small wooden fence with a small wooden gate, which was closed. However, we keep walking, and when we were closer to the gate, it automatically opened by itself. At that moment I awoke.

This dream occurred during an afternoon nap, which was quite short. Nonetheless, the dream somehow seemed very significant, so I am asking you to please assist me to understand the meaning of that dream.

Dear Suzille,
We are happy to assist you. There was an earlier part to the dream that you did not remember in which you were asked to lead. You did not know where you would be leading or why you were chosen. However, you were certain that you were chosen to lead, and you were happy to do so.

At first, there were just a few people, but as you continued to walk across the somewhat parched land, more and more people entered the group by joining in the line of slowing walking people. 

Everyone politely waited for the line to move almost past them and joined at the end of the line. This behavior was somewhat different, as people would usually just join the line. However, in this case, everyone politely waited until the line passed them, and then they joined at the back of the line.

The reason why we state this seemingly unimportant fact is to point out that everyone was patient until it was their NOW to join into the line just before it passed them. However, there were also other people who saw the line of people calmly, and even lovingly, walking towards an unknown destination.

Those who walked at the beginning of the ever-expanding line never looked back, and seemed to appear that there was some form of inner instructions, and/or inner voice, that was guiding them to guide the others. 

When the front of this line met the long, short fence with the small gate, the gate automatically opened. None of the people appeared to be shocked by the gate that seemed to open itself, and calmly, one-by-one walked through the opened gate. 

It was then that something quite unusual happens. As the people walked through the opened gate, the ones who had not yet gone through the gate could no longer see them. Stranger yet, the people behind those who had gone through the gate did not seem upset or shock by the disappearance of those who when through the gate.

In fact, everyone remained calm, and continued their “walk towards the gate.” Then, they all calmly walked through that gate, at which time, they would become invisible to all those who had not yet gone through the gate.

The line appeared to grow longer and longer as more and more people dropped what they were doing and joined the line. In fact, even those who seemed too far away to even see the line was somehow joining the end of the line. 

Eventually, it was seemingly impossible to determine how long the line was, as more and more people dropped what they were doing to join this ever-growing line. However, eventually, the people in the line began to realize that somehow they were changing. 

They seemed to become almost translucent, but everyone could still perceive the members of the line, as well as the new members that were joining the line. Finally, those at the front or back of line could not perceive each other. 

In fact, more and more of the people in the line were losing their physical density and looking more and more like they were not of flesh and bones but appeared to be more of light, which wavered with their movement.

However, it also appeared that, somehow, the beginning of the line was merging with the people of the line. Hence, the line became to look less like a group of individual physical people and more like an ever-extending line of golden light beings. 

It was when each person had that revelation that they looked up into the sky. They did not understand why they looked up into the sky, but as soon as they did so, each person seemed to “lift up” and float upwards towards an unknown destination.

It was amazing that each person was free of all fear. In fact, it gradually became evident that only those who could release ALL fear could even join the line while it still appeared to be physical.

In fact, the release of all fear was actually what allowed the people to even perceive that there was a long line of people, or parched soil, or a distant fence, or a gate that opened to an increasingly stronger golden light.

Gradually, more and more of the people were able to expand their perceptions to include this mysterious even. There were, of course, some that did not see the ever-expanding line of people or the fact that the soil was parched, or that there was a line running through the parched soil.

These people could not see much outside of their “third-dimensional life” and their “third-dimensional chores.” They did not seem to notice that the soil was parched, that many people were gathering into an increasingly long line, that these people seemed to have a destination, and especially that the people in the line seemed to be transformed into some form of a “golden being.” 

Of course, these Lost Ones did not even see the “something different happened.” They just kept “their nose to the grindstone” and carried on about their daily tasked like they had always done. They saw NO difference, therefore, they experienced NO difference.

These ones did not notice that the members of the line began to look upwards toward a huge sphere of light that seemed to be totally still in far distant skies. In fact, these lost ones did not often look into the sky, as they had to keep their “nose to the grindstone” and work hard to survive.

Therefore, these Lost Ones never saw that another, higher, lighter, even golden, the reality was called them to remember. However, those in the every growing “Line of Light” were looking up. And, as they looked up, they saw something or was it, someone, in the faraway circle of golden light.

Yes, it was a “something” that seemed to be as alive as if it were a “someone.” This something/someone was a huge, in fact growing huger and huger, circular orb of immense Golden Light. 

Some of the people in the long line became frightened by that Gold Orb of Light and scattered across the parched land. However, many, many of the people gathered together to form the huge circle of light that now seemed to be the shadow of something far, far away and high, high above. 

Then the people began to realize that nothing was inside the circle of light, but the parched land. Then, slowly, the parched land became greener and greener. Trees sprouted from the once parched land, and reached higher and higher into the sky. 

Birds instantly flew for the once fogging and dense sky to chip on the newly sprouted trees, which were not the size of ancient Redwood Trees. The insects were the first to join the trees, to be followed by the birds. Shortly after that the deer and other land creatures appeared within this ever-expanding “Circle of Life.”

It was then that the people ran to gather all their loved ones, forgetting the many “things” that they once thought of as “important.” Once the people had gathered their beloved people, and non-human family members, they too entered this ever-expanding circle. 

In fact, soon, almost beyond the limitations of time, this “Circle of Life” encircled all that they could see, feel, hear and even imagine. It was then that the Circle became bigger and bigger. 

In fact, the circle was now so large that the humans could not see beyond the circle, nor did they want to. Within this Circle of Life was all they really needed, all that they loved. However, it was NOT all that they loved, for as they settled into “living in the Circle of Life” the feeling of LOVE began to embrace all life.

Yes, even the trees, the water, the sky, the earth, the light, and the darkness was filled with LOVE. It was then that the title of “Circle of Light” was replaced with the knowledge that it was the “Circle of LOVE.” Some people took longer to make this transition because they had not known too much about love.”

Fortunately, their concept of LOVE was quickly re-learned as they walked through, laid down on, laughed with their friends and family within this ever-expanding Circle. Some people began to wonder if this miracle had only happened to their area, or if this Light had encircled the entire planet.

Then, some open-hearted ones said, “All the world must know of this great change. Also, we must discover if others are also experiencing this miracle or if it is just our area.” Therefore, many people volunteered to travel through their world to tell every living being that a great change had come to Earth.

It was then that the “Lost Ones” said “NO!” If we tell others about our change, then they will come here to try to take over our land. Then, something very strange began to occur. All the people who wanted to hide this beautiful Earth from others began to disappear. At first, no one knew what happened to these “lost ones” as they were called. 

However, those who lovingly welcomed more and more people to join their new world discovered that this “new world” seemed to grow larger and larger in order to provide adequately for ALL the people that could calibrate their consciousness to the frequency of that reality.

Gradually, the people began to realize that this world, which was indeed very real, was also a frequency of reality. They also learned that only those who could align their consciousness with that frequency of reality could even perceive that that reality existed. 

At first, almost as if it was a form of introduction, everyone could perceive this higher frequency of reality. 

However, only those who could maintain that frequency of consciousness could perceive that frequency of reality. This was NOT that ones had to be “good enough” to enter this reality. What was happening was that only those who could perceive the reality could experience reality.

What the people finally discovered, is that “PERCEPTION IS DEPENDING ON ONE's STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS.” Therefore, those could expand their personal consciousness into what they had discovered was the frequency of the fifth dimension, could consciously perceive this “New Earth,” as they began to call it.

New Earth was not actually a place. New Earth was actually a frequency of reality! The concept of “frequency of reality” was baffling to many people. Therefore, these people tended to slip in to and out of this “New Earth,” as many were calling it.

Eventually, the people began to learn and/or remember their other fifth dimensional realities, which were usually on the Galactic Starships that had once looked like huge orbs of light in the sky. 

Unfortunately, those who could not remember their other, higher dimensional realities and lifetimes, had great difficulty holding on to the memory of that long line through the parched land that eventually let them to the moment of decision in which they had to choose to listen to their third dimensional fearful self OR their fifth dimensional Being of LIGHT.

Those who had chosen to “choose to remember” that which had always been “impossible” in their third life, had great difficulty fully accepting, loving, communicating with and believing in their true, fifth-dimensional SELF.

Slowly, and sometimes quickly, the planetary frequencies of the first through the third dimension began to separate from the planetary frequency of the fifth dimension. Some of the humans openly and constantly embraced the “operating system” of the fifth dimension, which was based on Love and Light for ALL life.

These humans not only flourished but more and more began to interact with and even visit the fifth dimension and beyond realities. These open-minded and open-hearted people began to remember more and more about their own Multidimensional SELF that resonated to MANY different realities on many different planets and Star Ships.

Many of these people were among the first ones to fully awaken to their Higher SELVES, as well as their first, and repeated visits to third dimensional Gaia to assist Her Planetary SELF to ascend from the resonance of the third/fourth resonance of expression into the fifth/and beyond resonance of expression.

Unfortunately, many, many people forgot the NOW in which they could remember they are their true SELF. It is for this reason that we, the members of the many Galactic Nations, will return again and again to speed the awakening of humanity. 

We do want you all to know, that we, the members of the Milky Way Rescue team, will NOT allow humanity to destroy our beloved planetary friend Gaia. We say this, not as a treat to those who care more for themselves than they care for all the life forms on beloved Gaia.

We know that these beings cannot be healed and will eventually need to be relocated to one of the lower dimensional “learning planets” (which much like a Kindergarten) to take these lost ones back to their beginnings in hope that they will be able to be healed.

When they are relocated, they will no longer be able to harm Gaia. Unfortunately, according to our calculations, Gaia will not be able to ascend until these “laggards” as they are called are returned to their own homeworlds, where they will need to be “educated to remember their SELF.”

We Galactics know that the ascending humans are very anxious for these dark ones in human clothing to be taken from their planet. However, there are so many of these Laggards in high positions on your planet, that their removal will NOT be easy.

In the meantime, we ask that ALL the awakened humans on Gaia send “Unconditional Love and Violet Fire” to the Laggards. We know that to send love and light to beings that are destroying your world is VERY challenging. 

However, if you look at your history books, most if not all, of your Ascended Masters had to directly interface with a “being of the darkness,” and many of them ended up with very difficult lives and challenging deaths. 

We, your Galactic Family, look forward to the NOW in which the humans of your world learn how to heal the Lost Ones, rather than fighting with them. Fighting can create a low energy field for the one who is “fighting” for the Light. 

Blessings, we will return. In fact, WE, your Galactic Family never will, and never have left you.

Blessings to you, the brave, fifth-dimensional beings of LIGHT who took an earth vessel to assist Gaia. 

We are the Galactic Members of your Galactic Home Worlds

We are always with you as WE ARE YOU!!

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