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A Message From the Arcturians


A Message From the Arcturians

Through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,
Please send me some information that I can share with others to assist us all during this time of great challenge.

Dear Suzille,
We, the Arcturians, are happy to assist you, as well as anyone who asks for our assistance. We Arcturians, as well as all of our Galactic Family are working as ONE “Higher Dimensional Team” to assist our beloved Planetary Friend, Gaia. Yes, the issues that the humans are confronted with are also impacting all the levels of our dear Planet Gaia. 

Therefore, we suggest to all of you that you, too, connect with us, The Arcturians, The Pleiadians, The Antarians, The Venusians and other Galactic Beings that most of humanity has not met—yet!  We say “yet” because YOU, the members of Gaia’s Planetary Family, are on the cusp of great change.

Yes, dear humans, we realize that there has been more than enough “change” within your now, and we commend you for your immense courage and ability to remember that “Together WE are ONE.” By saying “we” you are connecting your personal consciousness not only with your family and friends, but you are also connecting your consciousness with your Galactic SELF.

We will now explain what we mean by the term, “Your Galactic SELF.” As most of you are aware, “What you think about—You bring about.” One of the reasons that we have come to this within this NOW is because we need to remind all of you, our brave humans, to remember that your thoughts have great power.

On an individual level, your thoughts are like a “secret” part of you that is constantly interacting with you, whether or not you deserve. In today’s busy world, especially within this NOW of great challenge, it is easy to become so embroiled in what is going on around you that you do not have “time” to think about what is going on INSIDE of you. Yes, your minds are constantly communicating with you in many different ways. 

However, when you, the humans of Earth, become deeply embroiled in the mere act of survival, which many of you feel like you are doing, a wave of fear flows through the eithers of Gaia’s planetary body. 

We realize the many of you do not realize how much your thoughts alone can influence, not how you see the world around you, but also the way the world sees you. Yes, please remember that Gaia is a living, breathing being. When you are sad, you send out a wave of sadness that invisibly flows throughout Gaia in many directions.

On the other hand, when YOU send out Courage, Love and Confidence, you send out a an invisible wave of “It is going to be alright! I know that we will join together, in fact, we are already joining together, to assist ALL planetary beings to move through and even “learn from” that which is being called a “pandemic.” 

The dictionary’s definitions of “pandemic” are Epidemic, Contagion, Sickness, Disease, illness, “having a widespread effect as a very widespread disease. Unfortunately, too many people are experiencing this “pandemic” within this NOW. 

We, your Galactic Family, who are members of Gaia’s planetary family such as the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Venusians, Antarians, are aware of the great courage and cooperation that has occurred during your great challenge. Unfortunately, there are some, and you are aware of who we speak, who has NOT been able to “take hold of the reigns.”

However, YOU the brave humans of Gaia’s planet, YOU the everyday people who have taken care of your self, your family, your homes and your land, have “volunteered” to assist dear Gaia with Her Planetary Battle, and to assist the humans in their personal battle.

“Why do we use the term, “battle”? We, your Galactic Family, chose to use that term because you are all “Warriors for Gaia.” WE, your Galactic Family, who is also YOU in your higher dimensional expression of SELF are calling ALL the members of Gaia’s dear Earth and remember that “energy out is energy back!”

We, your Galactic Family can see from our Starships how YOU, the humans, are banning together with other humans. However, this “banning together” cannot be done in a physical manner, or the “pandemic” would travel from person to person and place to place. In fact, we, Galactics are very proud of our dear grounded ones living as humans on Gaia’s Earth.

In fact, an increasing amount of our Arcturians, Pleiadians, Antarians, and Venusians, have chosen to take on a human earth vessel because they knew that Gaia would need them on Her planet. “How did Gaia, a planet, know that?” we hear you ask.

To answer your question, we will need to remind you Earth is a Living Being!!!  Cavemen knew that Earth was a living being, as did many other early societies. However, as humans became more and more “civilized” they became more detached from their Planetary Mother—Gaia.

Therefore, they did not care if what they were doing would harm dear Gaia’s elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. In fact, most “modern” humans did not think at all about the elements of  Earth, Air, Fire, or Water, and treated these elements as “just stuff.” 

Unfortunately, the humans, especially the “modern day humans” who have forgotten, or never thought about the fact that there are many “living beings” on Gaia that are NOT human. In fact, all the elements—Earth, Air, Fire, and Water—are living beings. However, these “Elementals” are the core of Gaia’s planetary health.

Therefore, when the Earth is covered with concrete, the Air is fill with smog, Fires are ignored until great damage is done, and the Water is filled with trash and many chemicals and, once again, trash!

Why is there so much TRASH? How many humans have even asked that questions. And, more importantly, how many humans have taken care of their “trash” in a manner that that does NOT pollute their world?

Why did humanity wait this long before it even began to realize that HUMANITY was meant to be the Guardians and Protectors of their planetary home—Earth? 

A big part of that answer is that humans, not the Native Humans who have NEVER lost touch with the fact that the Earth they walk is alive, the Air they breathe is alive, the “fire” from the Sun is Alive, and the Water, which humans cannot live without, is Alive!

In fact, everywhere that you look is an example of the energy field of where you are looking. For example: 

How do you feel when you see beautiful trees and green fields?

Please take a long moment and close your eyes to see within you beautiful trees and green fields.

Please take a long moment to close your eyes to see within clear, beautiful sky free of all pollution.

 Please take a long moment to feel the warm Sun on your body as you walk through a lovely day.
 Please take a long moment and imagine that you are swimming in or standing in a   pool of clear clean water.

How many times in the last month, have you thought about the fact that YOU, the humans, were meant to be the Guardians for Gaia?

How many times in the last year have you thought about the fact that YOU, the humans, were meant to be the Guardians for Gaia?

In fact, when was the last time that YOU realized that YOU have an innate mission to protect Gaia, especially during the difficult time of this NOW?

Beloved humans of Gaia, we the Arcturians, wish to DEEPLY commend the MANY humans who have taken “great care of their Mother Planet!” We, the Arcturians, as well as ALL of your Galactic Family of the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Antarians and Venusians, as well as the other Galactic Beings who have not, yet, revealed themselves to Gaia’s humanity. 

Dearest humans who have chosen to take an earth vessel during this VERY IMPORTANT NOW of Gaia’s need to be healed, loved, protected, and honored as you own Planetary Mother. In fact, Gaia is more than “just your Mother.” Gaia is YOU! You are constructed of the same elements, and Elementals, of Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

Could humanity live without a earthen body?

Could humanity live without air to breathe?

Could humanity live without any eight from the Sun?

Could humanity live without any water to drink?

If humanity were to loose even one of the elements (as well as the unseen Elemental Beings who create and enliven the elements) how would that be?

We, your Galactic Family, and we seriously mean YOUR Galactic Family, ask that YOU find the time in your busy day to read this message from us, Your Galactic Family. We ask you to read this message not because our scribe wrote down the words that we gave here. 

NO, we, your Galactic Family ask you to find time in your busy day to assist Gaia with HER Planetary Ascension. In fact, “we, your Galactic Family” is actually YOU, the human who has chosen to take on an earth vessel during this NOW of Gaia’s GREAT NEED!

We, your Galactic Family, ask that you ignore those who speak only for themselves and listen deeply to those who speak for Gaia and for All Gaia’s planetary humans. It is the NOW to remember your fifth dimensional Galactic SELF.

We will return to speak much, much more of your True Galactic SELF!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Finding your SELF Inside of Your SELF


Dear friends and readers,
Having nothing to do and nothing to read will make the long days of isolation much more difficult. Therefore, I will be putting up something new on my blog as often as possible. After all, my husband and I are staying in our house--Just as I hope you are doing as well.

Allow your self to read one poem/short story at a time, or read them all at once. Blessings to you all dear strong and very brave ones. If you wish to share any of these in any manner, please do. I wish I could do more, but I have found that if I keep myself busy, and especially if you do something creative.

In fact, do something creative that you did not have "time" to do before. If you enjoy any of these poems or messages, please feel free to pass them on to others.


Alone with my self
in a world filled with fear.
Alone with my self
if I’m there or I’m here.

Alone with my self, 
all my boundaries are lost.
It’s the truth that I seek,
 No matter the cost.

Alone in my mind
while my heart seems to steer.
My actions are foreign,
their causes unclear.

To be in the One
is the call of my Soul.
To know who I AM
is my prayer and my goal.

I summon the moment
to give me a reason
to be who I AM 
in this time and this season.

Alone in my self,
I call forth the light
to show my true path
and bring down my might.

But am I alone
in this time of great question
or part of the Oneness
of which I’m one section?

This section’s a portion
of all I might be,
a fragment, a segment
of all I can see.

I beckon the One 
to come into my heart
to show me the BEING
of whom I’m a part.  


Open your heart, my dear.
The anchor within it weighs heavy
with the barnacles of many
ages of submersion.

To sail into the heart of the One,
the anchor must be raised.
Know that as the anchor 
rises to the surface.

Then, all the secrets that have been
locked deep inside will be pulled
into the Light of Day.

Can you Love yourself?
Can you Accept yourself?
Have you hidden from yourself in order to 
maintain the illusion of who you wanted to be.

To raise the anchor in your heart
means to know who you ARE.
You are prepared for misery.
Are you prepared for Joy?

You are prepared for heartache.
Are you prepared for Happiness?
You are prepared for darkness.
Are you prepared for the Light?

What if you opened 
the rusty old chest which you had 
kept  secret from yourself
and found that it was filled with Gold?

Can you face not that which is wrong,
Instead of that which is already Perfect?
You have met your Demons.
NOW is the time to meet your Angels.

You are perfect.
In this moment, 
and live in the lap of Love.
You do not need “to do.”
You only need “to accept.”

Allow my words to float
deep into your heart.
I love you unconditionally
and desire to share my Soul with you.

Only LOVE is real.
The Rest is all Illusion


Arise, awaken, the Mother calls.
Alight your wings your tails, your claws.

The Earth is ready for a change
and many dread disaster’s range.

Fear not for Light and Love and Purity,
but rather know them as security.

If you have learned to Love each other,
you’ll love your Earth, as she’s your Mother.

But, if in your greed, you’ve taken all
it is that choice that is your fall. 

Release them now your many things.      
They close the eyes and clip the wings.

For that which is possessed - possesses.
And that which is released - releases.

The flight of the Phoenix began with a fire
to cleanse and purify the mire.

The streams of Life will flow forever.
  The breath of Spirit, it ceases never.

Protect the Earth.
Embrace the Moon.
Accept the Sun.

The hour is SOON!


The flower opened slowly
because I thought it must.
The labor was so painful
because it seemed unjust.

The sky was dark and dreary,
for tears had blurred my sight.
But, love returned and called the Sun
to turn me towards the light.

My Spirit whispered to me
in answer to my call,
“Come here, my dear, and listen
and I will tell you all.
You are creator of your life
in each and every way
by the actors you perform with
and the dramas that you play.

What moment are you choosing?
What torment are you losing?

Open up your heart, my dear.
Fill it full of love, not fear.

The journey is beginning.
Your freedom, you are winning.

Live life in surrender.
Allow your Soul to choose
Walk upon the path of love.
There’s nothing you can lose.”

At last I know, I am aware.
I remember what I knew.
I welcome in a brand new life.
The old one now is through.


Release the struggle and accept the gift
For heart and mind to make the shift

Into the ONE that’s always been
Beyond all fear and free of sin

This step is one we know we’ll make
It is the journey we ALL must take

We know and own all of our life
To cherish love and release the strife

For as we travel where we go
The Truth within, we soon shall know

Where once we hid to close our eyes
We hold the Truth and free the lies

We have awakened just in time
To feel our SELF that is sublime

We accept the call from Heaven’s Gate 
For now we can no longer wait

Into our SELF we forge ahead
Towards all we’ve done and all we’ve said

Our life will never be the same
For now each Soul will have a name

We shall see the ONE in every face
As, collectively, we live in Grace

Together NOW, we all shall travel
To find the Mysteries we will unravel

Awakening Beauty

Once upon a time in a far away land, Mother Earth and Father Sky lived happily with all the inhabitants of their kingdom. Their joy could only be improved by the birth of their wonderful daughter, Beauty. At her naming celebration the Fairy Godmothers Wisdom, Power, and Love, came to bless the babe. Each Godmother gave the infant a special gift. 

Fairy Godmother Wisdom gave Beauty the gift of a mind that is free of limitation and self-doubt. Fairy Godmother Power gave Beauty the gift of the ability to know and trust her instincts. However, just before Fairy Godmother Love was to bestow her gift, a dark cloud crossed over the sun and the glorious banquet room became filled with darkness. From the very core of this gloom materialized the forgotten Fairy Godmother, Fear. 

It was, of course, easy to forget Fear because no one enjoyed her company. "Good Day," crackled the harsh voice of Fear. "I see that my invitation did not arrive at my abode. I, however, have eyes and ears throughout your kingdom and have thus learned of this grand celebration. Knowing that you would not purposely exclude me, I have come to give MY gift to the Princess Beauty."

Everyone in the palace was silenced by terror. The Queen rushed to the infant's crib, but found that she could not come closer than a few feet from the sleeping child. Fear laughed her wicked laugh. "Does my presence hinder your ability to protect your child?" 

The Queen found that she was mute. Everyone, even the three other Fairy Godmothers, was frozen in position. It was as if time had stopped. Only Fairy Godmother Fear could move, and she was quickly advancing on the infant's crib. The mute Queen gasped in terror. "Do not worry, Dear Queen, I shall not harm your daughter, YET. I only wish to give her my gift." 

"My dear Beauty," cooed the wicked Godmother, "enjoy your youth, for on your sixteenth birthday, you shall prick your finger on a spinning wheel DIE!" Fear cackled her evil laugh, spun herself into a vortex of darkness, and disappeared from the great hall. As light came back into the room, everyone awoke from their stupor of terror. The Queen rushed to the now crying infant and held her close to her bosom. "No," sobbed the Queen. "How can my Beauty die?"

"Wait," spoke the Fairy Godmother Love. "I have not given my gift to the Princess. Perhaps I can ease Fear's terrible curse." The grateful Queen placed the infant back in her crib to receive Love's blessing. As Godmother Love approached the crib, the infant instantly ceased her crying and starred into the light of Love's eyes. 

"My dear one," spoke Love. "I cannot change the entire curse of Fear, but I can lessen its severity. When you prick your finger, you shall not die. Instead, Beauty, you will fall into a deep sleep to be awakened only by the kiss of Truth. I command that somehow, dear Beauty, Truth shall find you and bestow upon you Unconditional Love."

 Of course, every spinning wheel in the land was burned to prevent Fear's evil prediction. However, on the exact day of her sixteenth birthday, Beauty followed her "instincts" up a long narrow stairway without a single "doubt" in her mind and pricked her finger on the awaiting needle. 

Beauty's last thought as she fell off into a deep sleep was of how much she had loved her life and how much she would miss it. Sorrow that Fear's prediction came true was more than the kingdom could bear and the three Fairy Godmothers mercifully put the entire kingdom into a deep sleep until Truth's arrival. 

The story of Mother Earth, Father Sky, and their daughter Beauty quickly spread to the surrounding lands. Following the tale was Fear. The story had, of course, been amplified in the telling. Beauty, along with her entire kingdom, was now believed to be dead. Fear had made sure that this alteration in the tale had taken place. 

All who heard this tale ran into their homes and barred their doors against the evil darkness of Fear. All, that is, except one. He was a prince from a distant land and his name was Truth. "I do not believe that Beauty is dead," he said. "I believe that Beauty is just asleep, and I shall be the one to awaken her!"

Prince Truth had no idea how he could even find the princess, much less awaken her. However, he knew that he was Powerful and had the inherent Wisdom to seize whatever opportunity came his way. Therefore, he decided that he would make the journey to that distant land of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Along the way, he told everyone how he would rescue Beauty. Gradually, the Prince's great confidence began to ease the hearts of the many that were afraid. These people chose to follow Truth to assist him in his rescue of Beauty.

However, even though many followed Truth to the Castle, few could enter the fearful brambles that now engulfed the entire Castle. In fact, for the final few feet through the brambles, Prince Truth was alone. Worse yet, as Prince Truth cleared the bramble bushes, Fairy Godmother Fear awaited him to fill his mind with images of all he had ever feared. For a moment Truth faltered in the face of his own fear. But then he remembered that Beauty needed him to rescue her, and he fought courageously.

Finally, Truth was victorious over Fear and the Prince banished her from the land forever—he hoped. Now nothing lay between Truth and Beauty. The Prince rushed to her bedside, pulled her into his arms, and gave Beauty a deep, loving kiss. 

I would like to say that Beauty instantly responded to Truth's love and rode off with him on his valiant steed. However, this was not the case. The Princess, as well as her entire kingdom, had been asleep for a very long time. 

When Beauty first awoke, she did not think of Truth's kiss. Her first thought upon awakening was of how she had followed her "instincts" into the tower without a shred of "doubt" and touched the very needle that she had been warned against her entire life. 

Beauty's instincts told her that Truth loved her, but she had learned to doubt herself. If she could not trust herself, how could she trust the Prince? After all, she had forced the entire kingdom to suffer a long sleep. How could SHE deserve the love of Truth? 

"He must want something from me," she mused out loud.

"I want nothing, dear Beauty. My love for you is unconditional," the Prince proclaimed. 
"Then," she queried, "will you love me if I don't go with you? Will you love me when I am old and not so beautiful? And will you love me even if I love another?"
Now these questions were very difficult for Prince Truth and he found that he could not find an instant reply.

"You see," continued Beauty, "This sleep and the brambles that you say you have parted for me, have offered me protection for many years. Why should I release this protection just because you-a total stranger to me-have asked me to? I cannot trust my instincts for they have led me astray before."
"Dear Beauty, I understand what you say. But I have traveled far to offer you my Love."

"How can I accept your Love when everyone around me sleeps? How can I abandon all that I have known just because you say there is something better?"
The Prince now understood Beauty's plight. 

"Come dear Beauty," spoke Truth, "You and I shall awaken your entire kingdom together. Let us begin with the King and Queen."

"Hmm," thought Beauty, "Perhaps Truth's love is Unconditional." 

However, before she could be sure, the Princess would need to heal her own self-doubt, so that she could again trust her instincts. After all, everyone had seemed to love her for her entire life, but no one was able to protect her from the curse of Fear.

Truth and Beauty then went throughout the castle awaking everyone from the slumber that had protected them from the pain of Fear's curse. Many awoke with the same misgivings as the Princess had, and it was many years before the entire kingdom was free from Fear's curse.

By then Truth and Beauty had learned to trust and love each other—UNCONDITIONALLY. Beauty had to learn through experience that Truth's love was Unconditional and Truth had to learn that Beauty was not someone to seek and rescue, but someone to listen to and protect.

You see, Beauty could not find her own Wisdom, Power, and Love until she had personally confronted her OWN fears. Truth could awaken her, but she could only accept his love when she could love herself.

The moral is, the sleeping child within you may not want to be rescued, at least not at first. Until you are willing to enter the kingdom of your child and awaken each subject from its long, fearful sleep, your child may not accept your "Unconditional Love."

In other words, if you want your inner child to trust you—you must earn it.