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Being Guardians for Gaia through Suzanne Lie

Being Guardians for Gaia

Message from the Pleiadian and Arcturian Starships

We, the Pleiadians and Arcturians are being called on by more and more of the beings on Gaia to assist humanity with their process of transmutation. 

It is important that humanity begins this process of expanding their perceptual field to encompass the fourth-dimensional frequency of reality in preparation for expanding their consciousness to encompass the fifth-dimensional frequency of reality.

The first component of your self that you will transmute, will be your consciousness. Your consciousness is much more flexible and “transmutational” than your physical earth vessel. Your physical earth vessel is limited to the third dimension. 

However, your consciousness, which is the combination of your thoughts and emotions, is more able to alter, enhance, and/or expand your frequency of consciousness. You will know what frequency of consciousness that you are resonating to by the thoughts and emotions that work together to create your “state of consciousness.”

Your “state of consciousness” is the frequency of consciousness to which you resonate within the NOW of your daily life, as well as your sleeping, and/or meditating, states of consciousness. Your “state of consciousness, and/or your “frequency of consciousness” is something over which you have control.

However, in order to control your state/frequency of consciousness, you will need to be a loving mentor to your many thoughts and emotions. We, your Pleiadian and Arcturian family, realize how very difficult your third-dimensional reality can be. 

It is for this reason that we invite you all to come to our Starships, which are just beyond the tracking mechanisms of your third-dimensional machines. However, WE are NOT beyond your third-dimensional imagination. 

Imagination is something that only humans have, and it is a component of your fourth and/or fifth-dimensional state of consciousness. Your “state of consciousness” is the frequency of the synaptic junctions within your physical brain, and it is greatly influenced by your reactions, and interactions, with your third-dimensional reality.  

There are many challenges in your third-dimensional reality that do NOT exist within your higher dimensional frequencies of consciousness. Your frequency, or state of consciousness, determines what you choose to perceive in your outer third-dimensional reality, as well as the thoughts and emotions that exist within your heart and mind.

The emotions that resonate to your Hearth Chakra are more likely to direct your attention onto that which you love, and that which you wish to experience. However, if you want to have a certain experience of reality, you will need to go inside your own thoughts, as what you think about, you bring about.

Therefore, to be the “Master of Your Reality” you need to have a degree of “Mastery over your thoughts and emotions.” What do we mean by the term “mastery over” in this situation? What we mean by “mastery over” is that you are able to have a degree of “mastery over” your self-judgment.

If you judge yourself and do not recognize it, it may be because you grew up with too much judgment in your childhood, and/or present life, that “judgment” becomes “normal.” When judgment is normal—whether it is self-judgment, or judgment against others, you may have learned to pretend that “it does not hurt you.” 

Then, as you move forward into their life, you may allow self-judgment against and/or from others, to quietly move into their daily thoughts and emotions. It is then, that you forget the loving, inner messages that come from your Higher SELF. Then you may also forget that YOU are a Galactic Representatives to Earth.

Dear brave volunteers to take an earth vessel during this NOW in which Gaia is being damaged and disregarded more and more each day, WE, the members of your Galactic Family, wish to remind you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We see how so many of you are doing your best to assist Gaia, telling others of Gaia’s plight and constantly sending Unconditional Love and Violet Light into the body of Gaia.
It is in this manner that you can greatly assist Gaia with Her healing and with Her transmutation back into Her innate fifth-dimensional Planetary SELF.

The problem is that many humans are not yet able to perceive Gaia as a living being. Therefore, instead of taking care of Gaia and loving Her in the same manner that they would care for and love a member of their family, they treat Gaia’s Earth as a “thing.” 

It is for this reason that we, the members of your fifth dimensional Galactic Family, have come into the consciousness of as many humans as possible. Unfortunately, too often, it takes much of a human’s “Earth time” before they believe that Earth is an “alive planetary being,” just as they are “alive human beings.” 

In fact, too often, humans forget that just as humans are alive, Gaia’s Earth is also alive. Humanity may think of trees as being alive, as they offer wood for them to build with and fruits that they can eat. Unfortunately, only the awakened humans are able to think of trees, flowers, crops, animals, and even, Gaia, as living beings that need the same amount of attention and love as humans. In other words, far too many humans see the Nature Beings as “things.” 

They see the ocean as a place where they can dump their trash and/or release the toxins from their ships, and they see the air as something that is NOT harmed by pollutants from their cars and factories. This behavior is because they do NOT perceive the Earth as a living being. 

Instead, they perceive the trees as something to cut down or use to make money for themselves. Do they care that they do NOT harvest the trees in an ecological fashion?  Yes, some humans do, but many humans do NOT have the perception that Gaia is a living being.

Of course, anyone who would choose to read this post DOES care about Gaia and probably DOES try their best to send Gaia the Unconditional Love that She deserves. Many of us, the Galactics, have taken human earth vessels in the hopes that humans would listen to us more if we appeared to be humans. 

However, the many humans who do NOT remember their Galactic SELF, or the mission that they chose to take during this current embodiment, are not at all interested in giving service to Gaia.

It is for that reason that a great deal of Galactics chose to take an earth vessel within your NOW in the hope that they could find a way to awaken humanity’s multidimensional memory about why they chose to take an earth vessel within this now.

Hence, we ask you to go into your highest states of consciousness to remember the mission that you chose before you took your current earth vessel. We will give you some clues by asking you some questions:

First--  What do you LOVE to do?
That “love” is the doorway to the Mission that you have chosen.

Second—How do you feel if you do NOT pursue that which you love to do? In fact, take a moment to remember how much you miss doing that which you love to do. Within this moment, FEEL how this act “fulfills” you.

Third—What did you LOVE to do as a child? 
As a child, your imagination was more alive and a component of your daily reality. This is because your “imagination” is often that which you remember from your Multidimensional SELF, who you forgot when your “grew up.”

When you were a child, you could remember more of your higher dimensional reality, as it was fine for a child to have a “strong imagination.” However, the hardships and challenges of adulthood often made you forget your higher dimensional life because you had to focus on the “work you had to do.”

But, fortunately, many of you did NOT forget about your “imagination.” In fact, some of you decided to trust, and even follow, the inner messages that you received. Sometimes you chose to follow the messages that came from your own, inner self, rather than to follow the outer voices that too often said, “No you can’t do that!” 

As a child, your imagination was more alive and a component of your daily reality. This is because your “imagination” is often that which you remember from your Multidimensional SELF who you forgot when your “grew up.”

When you were a child, you could remember more of your higher dimensional reality, as it was fine for a child to have a “strong imagination.” However, the hardships and challenges of adulthood often made you forget your higher dimensional life because you had to focus on the “work you had to do.” 

But, fortunately, many of you did NOT forget about your “imagination.” In fact, some of you decided to trust, and even to follow, the inner messages that you received. Sometimes you chose to follow the messages that came from your own, inner self, rather than to follow the outer voices that too often said, “No you can’t do that!” 

Once you made that decision to follow the love inner voice of your SELF, which is your own Higher SELF, you could even allow this “Higher SELF” to assist you to release the constant hum of the outer voices that too often said, “NO you can’t.” With the release of the “no you can’t” voice, it was much easier for you to follow your loving voice that said, “YES I can!” 

As you decided to follow the loving, sweet, inner voice, rather than the angry or disapproving outer voice, you became stronger and stronger within your own SELF. It was then, that you could allow your “childhood imagination” to get equal credit as the “outside authority figures.”  In fact, over time, your inner voice became more powerful than the “outside authority voice.” 

As you listened more and more to your own inner voice, which you now recognize as being filled with Unconditional Love, you allowed more and more “dreams” and “fantasies” to arise from deep within your SELF.  

You learned at a young age not to discuss or reveal what your inner voice told you. Fortunately, many times you did decide to follow the advice of your own inner, loving SELF. Fortunately, as you grew older and moved into adulthood, you became tired of hiding the YOU that you most enjoyed. 

But, if YOU “came out” would your human friends still want to be around you? Therefore, some times you still decided to keep these inner voices a secret from your outside world. However, because of this compartmentalization, you became two people. You were the person who you knew was YOU, and you were the person that THEY wanted you to be. 

When you were a child and a teenager, many of you really needed to keep your inner voice a secret. However, as time marched on there were the era’s in your life in which you could be the YOU that you most enjoyed inside of your own dreams, imagination, and desires. 

Those of you who were able to advance to this free, explorative state of consciousness felt a “secret happiness” because you came to realize that you were NOT alone. You began to realize, and maybe even hear and/or communicate with Higher Dimensional Beings. 

Sometimes you understood the inner voice of these Higher Beings. But, sometimes you could NOT understand these communications. However, you always enjoyed them! You enjoyed the “freedom of expressions” and the “unconditional love,” which was very rare in your third-dimensional reality. 

Then, as you were listening to your SELF more and more, this SELF was becoming was increasingly common during your dreams, meditations and whenever you were in Nature. In fact, being in Nature made you feel that you were NOT alone.

Instead, you were with Gaia’s many beings. Many of these beings you could see and hear with your third-dimensional perceptions. However, there were other beings that you could not see, but you could hear inside of you, and most importantly, you could FEEL the Unconditional Love that seemed to flow into you. 

Soon you learned that if you did not document what you received from these higher dimensional and unconditionally loving beings, your 3D mind could not remember it. It was then that you began to wonder, “Why did I choose to take an earth vessel within this now?” 

The mere fact that you asked that question, made you remember that there was another reality that you simultaneously lived in. However, you could not quite remember it. Fortunately, many of you discovered that if you wrote down your dreams, meditation and inner images and messages, you could read that message again and again. 

Then you would NOT forget your inner messages. Also, it was then that many of you realized that others were having the same experiences as you. You discovered this fact because you were brave enough to share the “weird messages from higher beings.” 

It is interesting that it was fine to discuss the latest Earth disaster, the extreme weather, and other problems in your life, but it is not OK to talk about the Faerie you just saw in your morning meditation or the message you just received from your Higher Self. Fortunately, now there are more and more people who can have these discussions, but they are still far from the majority. 

Therefore, we, the members of your Galactic Family, ask that YOU, the brave members of our Galactic Family who chose to take a human form within your NOW, to PLEASE share your Interdimensional Experiences with others.

You can call your experience a “weird dream,” which is true that it is a “dream” and a “deep desire” to return to the higher dimensional frequencies of Gaia. In fact, as you shared this desire with others, you likely began to remember more and more of your Galactic Life in which you were/are orbiting Gaia in your Starship and/or experiencing Gaia’s fifth-dimensional expression of reality.

The reason why you forgot these realities was because it was “unsafe” for many, many eras to share your inter-dimensional experiences. Fortunately, more and more humans are beginning to remember that they took an earth vessel within this NOW in order to assist Gaia. In fact, many of the Gaia’s weather disasters are Gaia saying, “Help!!  I need your help!”

Most of the problems that have harmed Gaia are due to the earth humans inability to be good Guardians for Gaia. “Getting more money” has become more important than “saving Gaia.” But, what will the humans do with all their money if their weather is too extreme, huge floods and fires occur, and the entire economy collapses?

It is the NOW, dear ones, to come to the aid of your planet! We, your Galactic Family, will assist you. In fact, many of “you” to whom we speak are also Galactics who chose to take an earth vessel during this NOW in order to assist with Gaia’s Planetary Ascension back into Her true fifth-dimensional expression. 

Is it more important to work hard and make money, even if it damages Gaia? OR is it more important to put the Planetary Being of Gaia FIRST!!  That is first before the people, for what will people do without a planet on which they can live?

Gaia is calling each and every ONE of you. Therefore, listen to Her call to assist your Planet Gaia to heal from the many, many, wounds that have ALL been created, in some manner, by humans!

Dear humans, please remember that you chose to take an earth vessel on Gaia to heal Gaia, and to assist with Planetary Ascension! We, your Galactic Family, realize that it is very easy to become lost in the lies and illusions that fill your third-dimensional reality within this NOW. However, it is humanity that created ALL of Gaia’s problems. 

Therefore, it is up to humanity to heal their planet before it is too late.  Blessings, we are your Galactic Family. We are here, within this NOW, to assist you TO assist Gaia. Just ask for our guidance and we will remind you “what you chose to DO to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.”

Blessings to you all From The Arcturians and your Galactic Family. Just ask for our guidance and we will remind you “what you chose to DO to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.”

Blessings to you all From The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Awakening Gaia's Beauty Through Suzanne Lie



through Suzanne Lie

Once upon a time in a far away land, Mother Earth and Father Sky lived happily with all the inhabitants of their joint Kingdom. Their joy could only be enhanced by the birth of their beloved daughter. 

At her birthing and naming celebration, the Fairy Godmothers of Wisdom, Power, and Love, came to bless the babe. Each Godmother gave the infant a special gift. 

Fairy Godmother Wisdom gave Beauty the gift of thoughts that were free of Self Doubt. However, just before Fairy Godmother Love was to bestow her gift onto Beauty, a dark cloud crossed over the Sun and the glorious banquet room became filled with darkness.

Then, from the very core of the gloom, the forgotten Fairy Godmother, Fear, arose It was, of course, easy to forget Fear, because no one enjoyed her company.

"Good Day," crackled the harsh voice of Fear. 

"I see that an invitation did not arrive at my abode. I, however, have eyes and ears throughout your Kingdom. Thus I learned of this grand celebration. Knowing that you would not purposely exclude me, I have come to give MY gift to the Princess Beauty.”

Everyone in the palace was silenced by terror…

The Queen rushed to the infant's crib but found that she could not come closer than a few feet from the sleeping Babe. Fear laughed a wicked laugh.

"Does my presence hinder your ability to protect your child?"

Suddenly, the Queen discovered that she was mute. Everyone, even the three other Fairy Godmothers, was frozen in position. It was as if TIME had stopped. Only, the Fairy Godmother, Fear, could move! And - she was quickly advancing towards the infant's crib. The mute Queen gasped in terror.

"Do not worry, Dear Queen, I shall not harm your daughter!

“I only wish to give her my gift," smirked Fairy Godmother  FEAR.

"My dear Beauty," cooed the wicked Godmother, "enjoy your youth, for, on your sixteenth birthday, you shall prick your finger on a spinning wheel and DIE!"

Fairy Godmother Fear cackled her evil laugh, as she spun herself into a vortex of darkness, and disappeared from the great hall. As the light came back into the room, everyone awoke from their stupor of terror. 

The Queen rushed to the now crying infant and held her close to her bosom. "No, No, NO" sobbed the Queen. "How can my Beauty die?"

"Wait," spoke Fairy Godmother LOVE.

"I have not, yet, given the Princess MY gift!  Perhaps I can ease Fear's terrible curse."

The grateful Queen, placed the infant back in her crib to receive Love's blessing. As the Fairy Godmother Love approached the crib, the infant instantly ceased her crying and starred into the light of Fairy Godmother’s Love's eyes.

"My dear one," spoke the Fairy Godmother Truth. “I cannot change Fear’s entire curse on you, but I can lessen its severity. When you prick your finger, you shall NOT die. Instead, dear Beauty, you will fall into a deep sleep to be awakened only by the “Kiss of TRUTH.”

Of course, every spinning wheel in the land was burned to prevent Fear's evil prediction. However, on the exact day of her sixteenth birthday, Beauty followed her "instincts" to climb up a long narrow stairway without a single "doubt" in her mind and pricked her finger on the awaiting needle. 

Beauty's last thought as she fell off into a deep sleep was of how much she had loved her life and how much she would miss it. The sorrow that Fear's prediction came true was more than the kingdom could bear, and the three Fairy Godmothers mercifully put the entire kingdom into a deep sleep until Truth's arrival. 

The story of Mother Earth, Father Sky, and their daughter Beauty quickly spread to the surrounding lands. Following the tale was Fear. The story had, of course, been amplified in the telling. Beauty, along with her entire kingdom, was now believed to be dead. The Fairy Godmother Fear had made sure that this alteration in the tale had taken place. 

All who heard this tale ran into their homes and barred their doors against the evil darkness of Fear. All, that is, except one. He was a prince from a distant land, and his name was Truth. 

"I do not believe that Beauty is dead," he said. "I believe that Beauty is just asleep, and I shall be the one to awaken her!"

Prince Truth had no idea how he could even find the princess, much less awaken her. However, he knew that he was Powerful and had the inherent Wisdom to seize whatever opportunity came his way. 

Therefore, he decided that he would make the journey to that distant land of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Along the way, he told everyone how he would rescue Beauty. Gradually, the Prince's great confidence began to ease the hearts of the many that were afraid. These people chose to follow Truth to assist him in his rescue of Beauty.

However, even though many followed Truth to the Castle, few could enter the fearful brambles that now engulfed the entire Castle. In fact, for the final few feet through the brambles, Prince Truth was alone. 

Worse yet, as Prince Truth cleared the bramble bushes, Fairy Godmother Fear awaited him to fill his mind with images of all that had ever frightened him. For a moment Truth faltered in the face of his own fear. 

But then, he remembered that Beauty needed him to rescue her, and he knew and he knew that could NOT allow ANY harm to happen to his Beloved Beauty, High Priestess of the world that he had always cherished.  It was then that the Prince realized that he was not just rescuing one person, as this person held the gifts of Wisdom, Power, and Love. 

With the Wisdom of this realization, the Prince gained the Power to banish all Fear from the land forever—he hoped. Now nothing lay between Prince Truth and Princes Beauty. The Prince rushed to her bedside, pulled her into his arms, and gave Beauty his Kiss of Love

I would like to say that Beauty instantly responded to Truth's love, and she rode off with him on his white horse. However, this was not the case. The Princess, as well as her entire kingdom, had been asleep for a very long time. Therefore, when Beauty first awoke, she did not think of Truth's kiss.

Her first thought upon awakening was how she had followed her "instincts" into the tower without a shred of "doubt" and touched the very needle that she had been warned against her entire life. 

Beauty's instincts told her that Truth loved her, but she had learned to doubt herself. If she could not trust herself, how could she trust the Prince? After all, she had forced the entire kingdom to suffer a long sleep. How could SHE deserve the love of Truth? 

"He must want something from me," she mused out loud.

"I want nothing, dear Beauty.” The Prince proclaimed. “My love for you is unconditional!" 

"Then," the Princess queried, "will you love me if I don't go with you?" 
Will you love me when I am old and not so beautiful?" 
And will you love me even if I love another?"

Now, these questions were very difficult for Prince Truth, and he found that he could not find an instant reply.

"You see," continued Beauty, "This sleep and the brambles that you say you have parted for me, have offered me protection for many years. Why should I release this protection just because you, a total stranger, have asked me to? I cannot trust my instincts for they have led me astray before."

"Dear Beauty,” pleaded the Prince, “I understand what you say. But I have traveled far to offer you, my Love." 

"How can I accept your Love when everyone around me sleeps?” replied the Princess. “How can I abandon all that I have known just because you say there is something better?"

The Prince now understood Beauty's plight. 

"Come dear Beauty," spoke Prince Truth, "You and I shall awaken your entire kingdom together. Let us begin with the King and Queen."

"Hmm," thought Beauty, "Perhaps Truth's love is Unconditional." 

However, before she could be sure, the Princess would need to heal her own self-doubt, so that she could again trust her instincts. After all, everyone had seemed to love her for her entire life, but no one was able to protect her from the curse of Fear.

Truth and Beauty then went throughout the castle awaking everyone from the slumber that had protected them from the pain of Fear's curse. Many awoke with the same misgivings as the Princess had, and it was many years before the entire kingdom was free from Fear's curse.

By then, Truth and Beauty had learned to unconditionally trust and love each other. Beauty had to learn through experience that Truth's love was Unconditional, and Truth had learned that Beauty was not someone to seek and rescue, but someone to listen to and protect.

You see, Beauty could not find her own Wisdom, Power, and Love until she had personally confronted her OWN fears. Truth could awaken her, but she could only accept his love when she could love herself.

The moral is, the sleeping SELF within you may not want to be rescued, at least not at first. Until you are willing to enter the kingdom of your inner child and awaken each subject from its long, fearful sleep, your child may not be able to accept your "Unconditional Love."

In other words, if you want your inner child to trust you, YOU must earn it.

(AND, if you want your planet to be beautiful, you must LOVE it and CARE for it!)

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Collapsing Time into the NOW of KNOWING The Arcturians through Sue Lie

Initially from 5-14-19
Collapsing Time Into the NOW of  KNOWING
A message from the past about the future!

(This Arcturian message from 9-17-15 patiently waited somewhere in my computer for almost four years. It popped out at me today and called me to share it. Therefore I am sharing it NOW. Sue)

  Collapsing Time Into the NOW of KNOWING  
Message from The Arcturians

(Do you remember where, and who, you were then? I sure can’t! 
But I will take the challenge to honor that moment of that NOW.)

We, the Arcturians, are here to remind you that as third-dimensional “time” begins to collapse into the fifth dimensional “NOW,” the concept of REMEMBERING is gradually replaced with the concept of KNOWING. 

At first “knowing” feels similar to remembering, but as you increasingly realize that remembering had doubt, whereas knowing just “IS,” you can “feel the difference.” In other words, when you KNOW, you are free of doubt, but when you remember, the challenge of “remembering correctly comes into your consciousness.

However, being free of doubt can also be difficult as there is nowhere to hide within you doubt. It is then that you can feel completely vulnerable in your daily process of full disclosure of all that has blocked your ascension so far.

Therefore, this “freedom of doubt” also has a liberating feeling. Most people have no idea how much their doubt has interfered with their life. This may have occurred because most people have never lived without some form of doubt. 

We, the Arcturians, wish to remind you that freedom from doubt allows you to progress deeper and deeper into the NOW the remembering the “knowing” that was always there but was too often forgotten.

Remembering is a time-based concept because you perceive your self in the present while you begin to remember the past and ponder the future. Therefore, remembering is a third/fourth-dimensional construct.

We use the word “construct” because your third/fourth-dimensional brain has constructed a “barrier” around unsafe memories from your past. That “past” could have been yesterday or myriad lives before your present third-dimensional incarnation.

However, as third/fourth-dimensional time begins to collapse, it is replaced with the “no-time” of fifth dimensional NOW. In other words, as the third/dimensional time slowly unravels within the synapses of your physical brain, you begin to search for what you believe you have lost.

It is within this searching that you begin to find your Higher SELF. Your Higher SELF will likely be a Galactic and/or a Celestial being, as you ALL have lived many versions of your Multidimensional SELF through your many incarnations.

The versions of your Multidimensional SELF that you will first remember will likely be the ones with whom you have been consciously, or unconsciously, communicating with for the “long time” of your many third dimensional incarnations on Gaia’s 

If you have been consciously communicating with your expanded SELF, you may, or may not, have recognized that this “SELF” resonates to a higher dimensional expression of your own, too often forgotten, Multidimensional SELF.

Once you realize that YOU, the one who is wearing the 3D earth vessel, is just one of the myriad versions of your true, Multidimensional SELF, the experience of releasing and/or losing, time, will greatly accelerate. 

It is then that you will increasingly realize that you are going through the familiar process of growing up. However, this “growing up,” is not just the growing up of your physical body as that body shifts from infant, to baby, to toddler, to child, to teen, and to adult. Within the NOW of this new “sense of maturation,” you are literally “growing UP” in frequency. 

This “growing up” is not measured by your age. Your inter-dimensional process of “growing up” is measured by the dimensions of reality to which your consciousness is resonating during any given third-dimensional time. 

In other words, within this higher frequency of reality “age” is not measured by time, but is measured via the frequency of reality that is the primary frequency of your perceptions and interactions. 

We say “frequency of perceptions” as most humans experience their reality via the perceptions of that which is around and within their third dimensional, and sometimes fourth dimensional, reality. 

However, as Gaia resonates more and more to the fifth dimension of reality, those who reside on Gaia’s Planetary Body will also think more in terms of a fifth-dimensional reality. 

In fact, once your consciousness expands to even encompass the mid-planes of the fourth dimension, you will realize how very child-like you were when you limited your sense of SELF to the third dimension.

As your concepts of time and place begin to transmute into your concepts of HERE and NOW, your consciousness increasingly encompasses the space within you, as well as the space around you.

Some of you have chosen a slow, gradual progression of your “return to the NO Time of your True SELF.” Others have chosen a very swift alteration of their perception of TIME, as well as a swift alteration of their perception of SELF.

However, no matter how gradually, or quickly, you choose to return to your fifth-dimensional SELF, as Gaia’s planetary SELF returns to Her innate fifth-dimensional planet, your sense of SELF will also change. 

In order for humans to make that dimensional shift, each human will need to release their addiction to third-dimensional time and space. Those who are not able to release the Time/Space Operating System of the third dimension will remain in Gaia’s third-dimensional matrix.

However, the third-dimensional matrix is becoming too constricting for Gaia’s expanding frequencies of Earth. Therefore, Gaia will shed her lower frequencies, much like a hermit crab sheds their shells, which they have outgrown. 

However, Gaia will not “leave her shell on the ocean floor” like a hermit crab. Instead, that “old fashioned 3D Matrix” will be relocated to another, a younger planet whose primary resonance will remain in the third dimension for many millennia. Those whose only reality is limited to their awareness of the third-dimensional matrix will have the third-dimensional time to continue their process of returning to their higher dimensional versions of SELF.

Those who remain with the ascending version of Gaia, may or may not, be aware of those who have stayed on Gaia’s third/fourth dimension of reality. The reason for this lack of awareness will be because the transmuting, third dimension will be fully involved in their own experience of shifting into a higher dimensional reality. 

This process of returning to their higher frequencies of SELF has been occurring for some “time,” but it was only occurring within one’s own fourth and fifth-dimensional frequencies of SELF.

Just as a Mother would leave her child with a “baby sitter” while she is at work and/or learning something new, Gaia has been “at work with Her Planetary Ascension” while the unaware member of humanity continued with their “normal” 3D life. 

However, there are those who wish to return to their Multidimensional SELF in a conscious manner. In fact, more and more of humanity is beginning to “remember.” They may not understand what they are remembering, but they know that something important 
is starting to occur.

In fact, those who are ready to make that shift, are already moving into very different lifestyles and versions of reality. Most of those who have chosen to return to their higher dimensional expression of SELF have learned that it is their duty to Gaia, and to Gaia’s reality, that they assist with the process of Planetary Ascension.

The awakened ones have realized that many people, places, and experiences are still bound to the 3D Matrix and are not ready to commune with and/or follow their own Higher Guidance.  

On the other hand, most of the ascending ones, have been aware of the “release process” that has been occurring beyond what their 3D self would call “time.” In fact, these awakening ones have lived within an ever-accelerating process of “letting go” of that which binds them to the 3D Matrix. 

With the release of their former, third-dimensional limitations, they are discovering that “time” is increasingly collapsing into the NOW. Within that NOW they are beginning to remember the higher dimensional expressions of reality, as well as their Higher SELF that resonates to the higher dimensions. 

Therefore, many of you are connecting with your Higher Dimensional SELF either via meditation and/or by daily communications. At first, your third-dimensional brain doubted these communications, but NOW your brain is adapting to, and learning how to live within, and communicate with, these ever-expanding frequencies of higher dimensional versions of reality. 

In fact, many of you are increasingly seeking guidance from within your own Higher Dimensional SELF. This inner guidance is preparing you for the shift from the third dimensional operating of time and separation to the “Multidimensional Operating System” which is based, NOT on time, but rather on the “HERE and NOW Unity with ALL life.” 

More and more, your “individual self” is uniting with the “waves of multidimensional energy fields and thought forms.”As more and more of you participate in this collective experience, this “multidimensional wave” will be expanding enough to “grab the attention” of many who have been trapped in the third-dimensional illusion. 

Therefore, we ask that you, the ones who are fully awakened and ready for active duty, assist the newly awakening ones in whatever manner you chose before you took this incarnation.

Yes, you, our volunteers to assist Gaia, wrote your own Mission Statements before you entered the earth vessel you are currently wearing. The first clue to remembering your own Mission Statement is that you will LOVE fulfilling and living that Mission.

In fact, you will likely feel impelled and driven to “do” what you have chosen to “do” before you took this form. We say “DO” because we need your help. We do not need your help because we cannot “do it ourselves.”

We, the Galactics, need your help because Gaia is a “free will” planet. Therefore, the members of Her planet must create their own reality. We know that, to many of you, it does not appear that you have created your own reality. 

But that is because you were lost to the “power over others” virus that invaded Gaia’s operating system long, long ago.

Gaia chose the very difficult operating system of “free will.” Free will is beautiful when guided by Power-Within SELF and Unconditional Love. However, that free will is very difficult when tainted by any need to have power over others and/or any other fear-based emotions of control over others.

It is for this reason, that so many Galactic and Celestial beings are actively assisting Gaia. We have discovered that too many humans are still too lost in illusion to be able to believe that there are many landings within your NOW. 

Therefore, since we Galactics do NOT want to create any more fear to enter into the consciousness of humanity, we are very careful to only reveal ourselves to those who are ready to “remember what they forgot.”

Hence, many of our emissaries of LIGHT have chosen to actually take a human body to work from within the 3D operating system. It was a very long and difficult assignment for many of us, but we are now beginning to see the results.

Whereas once the “sightings” of our crafts brought terror and threats of war, some of these “sightings” are now welcomed with joy and hope. Dear members of Gaia’s ascending Earth, we commend you on your magnificent RETURN TO SELF.

Therefore, we are continuing our “Transmissions to Earth.” In fact, we are now sending our messages to those of you who are willing to accept and translate our Light Language messages so that more and more awakening humans will be able to find, read, and share with others the higher dimensional messages that they are able to receive and share. 

We are presenting these messages in this fashion to encourage ALL of you to remember how YOU are receiving our Light Language, and how YOU are beginning to translate these fifth-dimensional messages into your 3D language in order to better share your message with others. 

The May-13, 2019 writing stopped here…

The message did not really end. It just stopped, as if it was now OUR message that WE most understand, share with others, meditate on, and—most important—go inside our SELF to find the message that we chose to share before we took this incarnation.

Good luck and Happy Hunting for your SELF. We, the Arcturians, would greatly appreciate if you share that which you have discovered with others. You can share your message by writing on this blog’s comment section, and/or by sharing your comments with others in whatever manner that resonates to YOUR Heart and Soul.

Blessings from the Arcturians! We bless ALL our grounded ones for the years service and the courage that it has taken you to enter into this NOW of:

 Collapsing Time Into the NOW of KNOWING

We, the Arcturians, thank you for your awakening 
And for your courage to share that process with others.
It is through the loving, courageous sharing of YOUR Awakening 
that will assist others to also share their Awakening.

We, the Arcturians, thank you for Awakening within this NOW!