Sunday, June 24, 2018

Living Between Realities--The Pleiadians Thru Sue Lie

Living Between Realities

Pleiadian Transmissions to Earth #1

Dear Earthlings, which includes ALL living beings who are able to receive, attend to, and share our message, we are honored to share with you what is occurring in the higher dimensions that encircle Gaia. 

The Arcturians will also have their transmission, but they wanted us Pleiadians to begin this process as we appear more human and are more able to understand human behaviors. Also, we Pleiadians have taken many earth vessels to better understand humanity.

We Galactics occasionally take an “earth vessel” as a preparation for us to better understand Earth society. The most difficult part of our “joining Earth society” is the illusion of being alone. 

On the Ship we are in constant contact with everyone on the Ship.  We can easily recognize each other by their aura, and we can intermingle our auras to share our every thought and feeling without speaking. 

The leaders are chosen by their experience and intermingle their auras with all the members of the Ship to share their personal and professional lives. These leaders are chosen by their experience, which are automatically shared via their auras, and the Unconditional Love that fills their aura. 

Also, all the leaders have, and continue to have, total dedication to our “Service to Others.” However, the term “others” includes the Ship, with whom we all have an intimate relationship. The Ship holds the 5D Blueprint for Earth and for ALL of Gaia’s many beings who visit, and/or live onboard the Ship. 

Most of the occupants on the Ship, volunteer to take “away missions” to physical Earth so that they can learn more about how they can assist with planetary ascension, as well as to have a more intimate experience with the “grounded humans” who are part of the Ship’s “Away Team.”

The biggest challenge for our Away Team, is to remember our TRUE SELF and NOT get lost in the illusions and fears of our third dimensional expressions who have joined our away team to Gaia. 

We are not “just” Multidimensional Beings. We have the ability to “be at ONE,” or “merge with,” just our Pleiadian self, OR merge with just our human self, AND/ OR simultaneously BE our third dimensional human self, our fourth dimensional astral self andour fifth dimensional and beyond Galactic SELF.

When we do not limit our “sense of SELF” to being a third dimensional human, we remain in constant contact with our higher dimensional expressions of SELF. We have found that this two-way connection with our Earth Self and our Galactic SELF can be very challenging. 

Fortunately, we are very pleased to see that more and more of our “third dimensional human expressions of self” are remembering their “fifth dimensional Galactic Self” while we are still wearing our third dimensional human representative.

We say “wearing our third dimensional self” because our third dimensional self feels we are “wearing” this component of our SELF. Sometimes it feels like we are wearing a sweater or jacket to protect them from the cold, as well as the lower frequency energy fields of the lost ones who have forgotten their true Multidimensional SELF.

All of the expressions of our Multidimensional SELF are available to our fourth dimensional and beyond states of consciousness. However, even we Pleiadians can become lost within the illusions of the third dimensional reality. 

It is for this reason that we always travel with a “buddy” as humans would say. When we are accompanied with a close friend and partner, we can both assist each other while we travel within the deep illusions and lies of your third dimensional reality. 

From visiting you on Earth, we can see that so many of you have also chosen to take this 3D incarnation in order to learn how to expand our consciousness while being constantly surrounded by the low frequency rate of the third dimension. 

We commend you all, especially those of you have taken many incarnations on third dimensional Earth. We see that you do so to better understand the third dimension, and how to expand your awareness enough to bravely confront the many challenges that you, our “volunteers to third dimensional Earth” must face.

Fortunately, when we Galactics take an earth vessel, we are able to expand our consciousness, and hence our perceptions, to be able to “read the aura” of others in the same manner that we read aura’s and psychically communicate on our Ships. 

Via this psychic information we can determine if a human would be able to expand their mind enough to accept that we are, indeed, fifth dimensional beings from a higher dimension. Some humans, in fact more and more of you, are able to allow us to assist you to temporarily expand your consciousness to encompass the fifth dimensional frequency of reality. 

When you are able to expand your consciousness in this manner, you are more able to travel to our, your, Starship and then return to your physical body with the memory of your life on the Ship. As you continue to visit your “HOME” on the Ship, it is much easier for you to remember both your life on Earth and you life on the Ship.

Even if your earth memory of your life on the ship is dim, you still remember the “Earth Mission” that you have chosen. This memory may come and go from your consciousness, but it is like a “trail of bread crumbs” that reminds you that there is a way home, and you will find it when it is the NOW to return,

However, if you hold fear, frustration, anger, sorrow or illness, it is MUCH more difficult to remember your True SELF and your Earth Mission, which is what you volunteered to remember and to do. We find that it can be VERY difficult to remember our mission once we are surrounded by the fears and challenges of the third dimensional world.

The process of taking an Earth Vessel, and being confined to your third/fourth dimensional physical and astral self, can easily make you forget your True, Multidimensional SELF. 

It is for this reason that we take your sleeping, or meditating self, back to the Ship as soon as your consciousness expands into the higher fourth and/or fifth dimensional states of consciousness. While in these higher states of consciousness you can more easily remember everything about your Mission. 

When you come to the Ship, one of the first things that we do is to put you into one of the “healing beds,” which will assist you to ease your third dimensional fears and worries. With your 3D/4D fears and worries transmuted back into fifth dimensional Love and Light, you are more able to return to Earth with your innate higher states of consciousness and continue with your Mission.

Since “time” is an illusion of your third/fourth dimensional reality, no one in your 3D world will know that you have “phased OUT” of third dimensional time and space during your sleep, or meditation. Since the “third dimensionals” have no concept of our reality, they do NOT perceive what they can NOT believe.

Within your NOW, many of you are living between realities. Therefore you are not fully third dimensional, fourth dimensional or fifth dimensional. In fact, you—the awakened ones—are learning, as well as beginning to remember, how your third dimensional daily life influences, and is influenced by, your fourth dimensional artistic moments and dreams. 

Some of you are also remembering your fifth dimensional experiences on your Starship which is orbiting in outer space, and sometimes, around your planet. However, our fifth dimensional Mother Ship is fully cloaked and does not enter too deeply into your Solar System, as they could affect the planets too much.

Therefore, we send out our Scout Ships, which are still huge according to human standards, but are not too large to affect the gravity of your planetary system. More and more of our grounded ones who chose to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia, are seeing, feeling and visiting these Ships while they are sleeping or in deep meditation.

Unconditional Love is the vibration that can create a vibration that is high enough to allow your consciousness to resonate to the fifth dimension. We are reminding all of you that our Ships will be entering your perceptual fields more and more, so that you will NOT become frightened.

Also, we will be talking with you all more and more, so that you will have a sense of joy and even jubilation when you see us in your skies. You see, more and more of you are expanding your consciousness to the degree that you can see our Ships. 

Of course, on the other hand, there are more people that are frightened by the concept of our Ships as they are afraid that we will hurt them. These people are usually those who have unhealed fear and sorrow, as well as those who like taking advantage of the “power over others” of the third dimension. These people are NOT happy about our appearance, as they do not want to give up their power over others, or their greed and mistreatment of dear planet Gaia.

Change is coming to Gaia’s Earth, and those who have enjoyed their “power over others” will not be happy when humanity begins to remember, and use, their own “power within.” In fact, many of the “power within” leaders are having a “face off” with the “power over” leaders.

We will now talk about the initial phases of being on a fifth dimensional reality, ship or planet. A fifth dimensional reality does not need a “place” and can live within your consciousness. 

A fifth dimensional ship is a Galactic Starship, which can be cloaked to the 3D world, or chose to briefly reveal itself. However, we cloak again quickly so as not to frighten humans who are not aware of us.

We separate “reality,” “ship” and “planet,” because reality is the manner in which different people perceive the same planet’s ascension process. Our Starships are usually cloaked for the protection of those who would be too frightened.

However, we often show our higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequency, as people who perceive that have a higher state of consciousness. We mostly stay away from any third dimensional exposure to Earth, as there are too many people still who would become frightened or would try to shoot us down.

Of course, they could not “shoot us down,” but they may frighten others, or their weapons could hit something else and harm others. Reality is specific for each person's state of mind, and level of consciousness. 

Therefore, some people have spent their lives finding ways to educate people that Gaia is a living being and that humanity has been treading it VERY poorly. On the other hand, some people see the planet as a place where they can take what they want to have, no matter what the cost to the planet, and do what they want to do, no matter what cost there is to the planet.

These people are often called the Illuminati, or the Dark Ones, or those who live via “power over others” with no concern for others. Sometimes there are leaders who do not care about the planet, or even the people who live on it. These Dark Ones only care about themselves, their own money, and their own power over others.   

These humans will NOT be able to even perceive the higher dimensions of reality, much less enter into that vibrational world or starship. On the other hand, more and more of the “awakened ones” who have expanded their consciousness into the fourth and fifth dimensions, are answering Gaia’s SOS. 

These advanced beings are so dedicated to Gaia, and Her efforts to ascend Her Planetary Self, that they will actually come to planet Earth to assist with this Planetary Ascension. Also, any time a planet is able to ascend—raise its resonant frequency to the fifth dimension—the entire Solar System benefits from the flow of fifth dimensional light.

We Galactics applaud the valiant attempts of the “Awakened Ones” to participate in the great honor merging their higher, fourth and fifth dimensional personal consciousness with Gaia’s planetary consciousness.

If you have found this inter-dimensional message and have taken your “earth time” to read it, you are likely among those who are remembering, and awakening to your own higher dimensional expression of SELF.

We Pleiadians, as well as our Arcturian and other Galactic friends, thank you for your “higher dimensional service.” Please remember that Gaia is a “planetary school” who is to teach humanity that “energy out is energy back.” 

Gaia also has on her curriculum courses to assist Her “students” to release the third/fourth dimensional illusion of “time and space.” Once that illusion is released, Gaia and Her inhabitants will remember how to return to their fifth dimensional Operating System of Here and NOW. 

We, your Galactic Family, want to remind you that we are HERE within your NOW to assist you with this evolutionary shift. Call us! We WILL answer!

The Pleiadians and your Galactic Family

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Arcturian Message ~ Darkness to Light


Arcturian Message

Darkness to Light

The Arcturians shared some important updates regarding the current state of affairs in the world today.

They go into detail about what it means when they say, "The darkest night before the dawn."

They mention that the "Power Over" matrix will be eliminated and only those of us who are grounded into the Earth will be able to withstand the high frequency.


We all have a responsibility to contribute to this shift in frequency, and the alert has been sounded to call each of you into action.

Please listen to the full message below and join us next Friday if you wish to gather in unity with others who want to actively contribute. Details are below.   

Power of Here and Now

We continue our emphasis on building power within
to co-create our empowered reality as we prepare to
actively step into 5D awareness.

Focus upon the Power of Here and Now as you master your thoughts and emotions and focus on your moment to moment awareness. Recognize your innate value and interconnectedness to all life. Acknowledge your responsibility to uplift yourself and others as you embody truth and empowerment. Focus on your inner power and calmly ground your expanded awareness.

Together we can all make a positive contribution.

Change begins within!

LIVE Webinar with Dr. Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians

Friday, June 29, 2018

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Event Fee: $44.00

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 BONUS! All registrants receive a FREE copy of the helpful guide, Finding the Calm in the Midst of Chaos: Combining Thoughts and Emotions to Create Peace and Clear Thinking.

Obtain direct guidance from the Arcturians and align with others to connect with and ground higher awareness in the world.

Unable to attend live? No problem! Go ahead and register,
and we will be pleased to share the recording with you.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Interdimensional Teachings--Chapter 21 -Through the Matrix-Part 2


Interdimensional Teachings

One of the main things that I have learned from the Pleiadians is how to assist humans to awaken by assisting them to expand their human, third/fourth dimensional consciousness into their Galactic, fifth dimensional and beyond consciousness. 

This expansion of consciousness begins by humans bonding with their own “Inter-dimensional SELF.” Yes, ALL humans have an “Inter-dimensional SELF,” but most of them are NOT aware of that fact. 

Your “Inter-dimensional SELF,” is the YOU who has remembered that YOU are a Multidimensional Being who resonates to many different frequencies, realities and experiences. This realization is what allows, and directs, your Inter-dimensional SELFto become a component of your total SELF.

In other words, your Inter-dimensional SELF not only encompasses your higher frequency perceptions, experiences and sense of SELF. Your Inter-dimensional SELF is alsodeeply grounded into and in service to Gaia, the planetary being on whom you live. Just as animals have fleas that live on their body, Gaia has humans who live on Her body. 

You may think that  fleas are a negative, but fleas aid in the decomposition of decaying matter. In the same manner, humans can greatly aid in cleaning up Gaia’s planet by enriching the soil, protecting Her eco-system, and removing that which has died, such as dead trees, so that new growth can be exposed to the rain and sun.

Unfortunately, humanity has greatly forgotten that they are on Earth to protect, assist and heal Gaia. Instead, it has been the humans that have done the greatest damage to Gaia’s planet. It is for this reason that the Pleiadians are coming to Earth to assist humanity to assist and heal their planet.

Long, long ago, the Pleiadians made very similar mistakes regarding the care and maintenance of their planet. Fortunately, we learned in time to rescue our planet that we are to be the “Care Givers,” and NOT the “Selfish Takers.”

Because of their past mistakes, the Pleiadians are dedicated to also protect Gaia’s Earth. Therefore, we (I have realized that I too am a Pleiadian) have dedicated ourselves to assist Gaia’s human population to love Earth in the same manner that they wish to be loved.

With this deep love for their planetary home, the humans of that planet will want to protect Gaia in the same manner that they would protect their loved ones and their physical houses. 

In fact, in order for humans to expand their consciousness to embrace their higher dimensional SELF, they will first need to expand their consciousness and sense of SELF to embrace their planetary home of Earth.

Many humans want to “ascend” into a higher frequency of reality. However, until they have finished their Mission of Assisting Planet Earth, they cannot move on in their own ascension. ALL the Ascended Masters put their Mission first and their personal self, second. 

Each Ascended Master worked to clear the primary issues of the time in which they chose to take a third dimensional, human vessel. The primary issue of this NOW is that humanity seems to be harmingGaia much more than they are protectingGaia.

It is for this reason that I, as well as all the other awakening humans, are bonding our consciousness with our higher frequencies of SELF, with our higher frequencies of REALITY, as well as with GAIA. 

In this manner, we are creating a living energy field that flows from our Higher SELF, and into the body of dear Gaia. By this action, humanity will be much less likely to forget their own inter-dimensional experiences, as well as their own interactions with their OWN Higher SELF.

It is the recollection of, and commitment to, one’s “reason for incarnation” that will assist the grounded ones to remember, and even interact with, their own Higher Dimensional SELF. With this commitment the grounded ones can more easily begin to remember that they innately have the higher dimensional ability to join us on our Ship. 

At first, most “visitors” appear in their fourth or fifth dimensional sleeping or meditating form. It is these “visits” that assist our “grounded ones” to remember that just as a 3D human might hail a cab, their 4D/5D SELF can “hail a visit to our Ship.” 

However, do not be disappointed if you do not remember your visit to the Ship. We have found that it can be too difficult for most humans to have two different frequencies of reality within the same NOW. 

The “awakened ones” know that there are many dimensions beyond the fifth dimension, but they often find that those higher dimensions are best perceived and experienced once they are fully awakening, and therefore, totally able understand their own fourth and fifth dimensional self.  

Unfortunately, it is still a relatively small percentage of third dimensional humans on third dimensional Earth that can expand their consciousness to encompass even their fourth dimensional self, much less their fifth dimensional self. 

Your fourth dimensional self is the state of consciousness in which your sleeping and/or waking dream and inspirations may suddenly, or slowly, enter your consciousness. As you may have discovered, most of these “dream visits” are from being in higher dimensional realities. 

However, one cannot realize that fact until they feel calm and grounded in their third dimensional life. 

But, please allow me to tell you more about our Ship. As I have said before, our Ship is much like a “Taxi Cab” to fifth dimensional New Earth. In fact, “New Earth” or “Gaia” are the names that we use to differentiate fifth dimensional Earth from third and fourth dimensional Earth. 

Fourth dimensional Earth resonates to a frequency which usually stimulates the creative components of humanity’s brain and states of consciousness. It is also a frequency of reality that more humans can access during their dreams and waking meditation. These visitors arrive in their “night body,” which is asleep back in the 3D. 

Some times these visitors remember their visit, but usually, even if it is written down, are forgotten over “time.” You see, “time” is the third and lower fourth dimensional component of Gaia and of Gaia’s humans. 

In order for one to perceive fifth dimensional Earth, their consciousness needs to be vibrating to the frequency of the higher fourth and/or fifth dimension. Also, the way that one perceives these messages is related to the way they will share their information. 

For example, Suzille perceives us best by writing down what is occurring within her consciousness. She also shares the information she received by “writing it down.” Suzille was a Scribe in many incarnations. 

Therefore, Suzille’s collective SELF is best expressed by writing and/or drawing what she has received. Most important for you to remember is that there is NO right or wrong way to communicate with us, your Galactic Family. 

There is only YOUR way. Your manner of communication with higher fourth and fifth dimensional realities is something that you have been refining over many incarnations.

But, back to our Ship. Different Starships have different missions and functions. Our Ship, which is Pleiadian, is much like an Interdimensional “Taxi Cab,” which travels back and forth between the third/fourth  and fifth dimensions. 

If a grounded human is in a higher state of consciousness, they may be able to “catch the Cab to the fifth dimension.” But, as I have said before, in order for a third dimensional human to visit fifth dimensional New Earth, their consciousness will need to resonate to the fifth dimensional frequency of reality. 

In other words, one must remember their own Higher Self who resonates within the NOW of the fifth dimension. Then, they will need to create that NOW in their time-bound reality, and dedicate an area in their consciousness/mind and their body/heart to learn/remember how to allow their body, heart and mind, to encompass that higher dimension.

We will outline the above statement to make it easier for your third dimensional mind to understand it. Your third dimensional mind and consciousness wants order and structure. On the other hand, your fifth dimensional mind and consciousness was FREEDOM. It wants freedom from Time, freedom from Space, freedom from doubt, and freedom from third dimensional limitations.

While you are resonating to your higher states of consciousness, you remember that YOU are the Master of your body. Therefore, YOU are able to chose the resonance of your body by aligning your thoughts and emotions with that resonance.

Usually, this alignment occurs when you are in a higher state of consciousness, giving service to others, and/or service to Gaia and, most important, you will need to realize that the message comes THROUGH you and not just TO you. 

In this manner, you will not get caught up in 3D ego issues, which can easily lower your consciousness, as well as the resonance of your physical body.

If you remember that you are serving as a channel through which your higher dimensional messages can flow, you will NOT allow your ego to pull you into the question of “is this message good enough,” which is an innate third dimensional doubt. 

It is vital that you release doubt, as doubt lowers your self esteem, creates confusion, and can “turn off your channel” because your wounded ego has taken over. It is also very helpful to set aside a meditation program, read what others have written so you will not feel alone, and give service to others. 

“Service to others” is a fifth dimensional mind set which is very different from the third/fourth dimensional mind set of “service to self.” Service to others places you into the FLOW of higher dimensional energy fields. It is the higher energy fields that allow you to have confidence in your self, as well as in the messages that you receive from the higher dimensions. 

We are so pleased to see that more and more of humanity are beginning to realize that Earth is a living being. For far too long, humanity thought of Earth as a “thing” rather than as a living, breathing Being.

The Pleiadians have assisted greatly to awaken humanity to its higher states of consciousness. They have also reminded you that the FLOW of energy Out will return Back to the sender. In other words, Energy out is Energy back

In fact, Energy out is Energy back,is one of Gaia’s primary operating systems. Yes, just as your physical body, your TV, your computer etc. have “operating systems,” humans have “operating systems.”

 A human’s thoughts and emotions have a great deal to do with creating each person’s Operating System. However, some humans are born with an innate memory that there is something beyond what they can see or hear with their physical senses. 

These humans often become wonderful “channels” through which we, the members of the fifth dimension and beyond, can send our messages to Earth. We send these messages, not just to humanity, but also to the Earth, the Air, the Fire and the Water of dear Gaia’s Earth body. 

We know that most humans think of these elements as “non-living” components of living on Earth. However, each of these elements are “enlivened” with the Life Force of planet Earth.

I close my transmission to Earth for this NOW. However, I will return to share what I am learning with you. I will also remind you about some things that are occurring on your planet Gaia that you may not be aware of.

Thank you so for joining me, whether it be by reading my messages or receiving them via your dreams and/or meditations. Please remember that ALL fifth dimensional messages are filled with Unconditional Love. 

I send Unconditional Love to each and every ONE of YOU for allowing me to share this information within whatever NOW in which you receive it. I will return soon. I AM Starlight, and so are you! 

Please remember that we can ALL take in and share with others, the Light from the Stars that Bless Us ALL!

I shall return,
(once known as Zara Lynn)

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fifth Dimensional Ascension Process


Fifth Dimensional Ascension Consciousness
The Arcturians

I Am the “I AM” that I know that “I” Am!

The process of personal and planetary ascension is not for the “weak of heart.” The process of personal and planetary ascension is free of time and exists within the NOW! But within which NOW does this process of ascension exist? 

That question has a different answer for every differentindividual. In fact, each individual is a “puzzle piece” of the cosmic puzzle of shifting frequencies of reality. 

It is because of this “shifting frequencies of reality,” that many Galactics, have chosen to take third/fourth dimensional earth vessels within this NOW. We have been protecting, guiding, and, as much as possible within this karmic plan, been assisting Gaia to return to her true fourth/fifth dimensional resonance of reality.

Every planetary reality has a “resonant frequency.” The resonant frequency is the primary frequency to which that planet, and/or civilization resonates. However, when a reality is moving into a “re-birth process” of expanding it’s resonant frequency into the next octave, that reality can be very challenging. 

It is because these transitional realities, which include a reality which is ready to transition into a higher frequency, as well a reality which is NOT ready to expand it’s into the higher frequencies of reality.

When a planetary being, such as Gaia, is ready to “shed it’s 3D Matrix” and transmute into a higher frequency of reality, the darkness must all be revealed so that it an lovingly be transmuted into the higher frequencies. 

Those who volunteered to take an earth vessel with this NOW, have taken an earth vessel to better assist Gaia. However, it is vital that our “volunteers” to assist Earth” awaken NOW to the memories of their higher dimensional SELF, and the promises that they made before they chose their current earth vessel.

Please think of your “earth vessel” is the body you are currently wearing which is comprised of third dimensional elementals to create a physical form. Your “earth vessel” also includes the higher dimensional consciousness of your fourth, fifth, and beyond expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

The higher and higher frequencies of your consciousness, as well as the physical vessel that surrounds, encompasses and grounds your multidimensional consciousness into Gaia’s third dimensional, planetary body, is they key to your personal and planetary ascension into fifth dimensional frequency of Earth.

Awakened humanity is serving as the “planetary ascension team” who volunteered to assist Gaia with Her ascension from Her third/fourth frequency of reality into Her innate fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

All the wars, bombs, poisons, pollution and radiation of Chernobyl, as well as other areas that suffered “bomb testing,” great pollutions and wars, we need to be transmuted back into their higher dimensional frequencies of reality. 

Many of the damaged areas of Gaia, as well as the greed and selfishness that created that damage, will need to be transmuted by the Ascending Ones who volunteered to leave their loving, safe and inspirational fifth dimensional worlds, to take a vessel to assist Gaia, are greatly honored by their Galactic Family.

When this reality is resonating to a higher frequency, such as the cusp of third dimension into fourth and/or fourth dimension into fifth dimension, there is great change within that reality.  

From the perspective of the fifth dimensional frequency of reality, to which we/you will return, your third dimensional self is much like an automobile that your human self purchased so that we can more easily travel through the third dimensional reality. 

Some times, humanity merges so deeply with their “automobile,” third dimensional self, that they believe it is their SELF. It is true that your third dimensional earth vessel is an extension of your higher dimensional SELF who chose to wear an earth vessel within this NOW of planetary shifting. 

However, YOU are NOT your earth vessel. YOU are WEARING your third dimensional earth vessel so that you can interact with and assist with the transmutation of the third/fourth dimensional realities, back to their true, fifth dimensional resonance of reality.

We Galactics do not think of “realities” as places. We think of realities as frequencies. Therefore, one physical “place” could have can have many different realities on different frequency of Gaia’s planet. 

From our perspective, we can perceive the many versions of reality as “overlays,” with the lowest frequency realities at the bottom of the overlay and the higher frequencies of reality in the higher frequencies of resonance.

The first part of “The Great Shift” is when the inhabitants of third/fourth dimensions of “human habitation” begin to shift their consciousness from their innate beta and alpha wave consciousness of the third/fourth dimensions, theta wave consciousness. 

Since the state of ones consciousness sets the frequency of the reality that they perceive, whenever a grounded one (Galactic in human clothing) shift their consciousness from the third/fourth dimensional brainwaves and into the fifth dimensional gamma wave consciousness, their perceptual field begins to expand to encompass the fourth and fifth dimensional perspectives. 

With higher fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness, humans usually are still wearing their third dimensional earth vessel, but they are remembering how to expand their consciousness into the fourth dimensional “creative reality,” as well as into the constant HERE and NOW of the fifth dimension. 

When the fourth/fifth dimensions are one’s primary “frequency of habitation” they can more easily see auras, expand their instincts and creativity, as well as communicate with their own higher dimensional expressions of their Multidimensional SELF.

This shift is often a great challenge for our human “grounded ones” because their “inner, higher dimensional SELF” is, consistently and persistently, endeavoring to remind their “physical self,” who surrounds and encompassing the consciousness, to remember and fulfill the Mission that they chose while they were wearing their Multidimensional SELF. 

Too often the Higher Self becomes forgotten in the long, and often difficult, process of wearing a third dimensional earth vessel. We remind ALL of our volunteers who took an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension, that you are NOT alone! 

We, the higher frequency expressions of your multi-frequency SELF, experience everything that you, our brave volunteers to take an earth vessel on ascending Gaia, are experiencing. 

One of the primary things that we, your Galactic Family, are assisting you with is to maintain a consciousness that resonate to the mid-fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension. We know that most of you have busy lives. Therefore, these higher states of consciousness are some thing that you an visit while meditating, etc.

Again, we wish to remind you that WE, your Galactic Family in the fifth dimension and beyond, are always with you. Since we resonate beyond the 3D illusion of time and space, we are able to be with you any were and any timethat you need

We perceive your physical plane as the “time/space” adventure to remember your innate time/NOW and space/HERE of the fifth dimension and beyond. that we are observing from the safety and unconditional love of our fifth dimensional, and beyond, reality.

One of the most difficult things for humanity to change is their beliefs. We wish to remind you that you do NOT need to change you beliefs, but to put them through the filter of your fifth dimensional consciousness. 

Since your fifth dimensional consciousness is not bound by time or space, it can soar into the HERE and NOW of the many realities that resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond. 

Ascending Gaia for Gaia -- The Arcturians through Sue Lie

Ascending Gaia for Gaia

The Arcturians through Sue Lie

Dear Ascending Ones,
We Arcturians understand the many challenges that you are bravely facing within your NOW. Therefore, we would like to remind you that you are NEVER alone. Your fifth dimensional family is always with you, whether or not you are aware of it.  

In fact, you will receive some of your strongest blessings and memories of home when you least expect them and do not need to “control your mind or monitor your thoughts.

Please remember that YOU are the captain of your ship. and you are your ship.  As your consciousness advances more and more into the fifth dimension, you will begin to realize that a new reality is coming into your perspective.

 This new reality does not need to be worked for or even practiced.  This new reality is budding first from within you because your chakras are beginning to spin to a frequency rate of the fifth dimension. 

Then, once your chakras have been stabilized to the next octave of reality, your thoughts will be of another reality that is just beyond the physical, but also the higher frequencies of realty will move more and more into your conscious awareness.

Also please remember that reality is what  you then it is.  Whatever it is, you are in control.  When it is the now to change you must let go and reveals all fear. When you release all fear you will find that your are within the Now of the Here

Time is an illusion of the third/fourth dimensions. On the third dimension, time is the most rigid. On the fourth dimension, time is more flexible and changes within your state of mind and emotional body are more easily initiated.

In the fifth dimension all “time” is NOW. Within that now you will know how you can remember the fifth dimensional version of HERE and NOW, as well as HOW.  You will need to release your third/fourth dimensional habit of time a space as time/space is a product of the third/fourth dimensional reality band of Earth. 

Yes, there is a “reality band” that encompasses each and every frequency of reality. You assignment within the NOW is to go within and find the reality  band that you created while you were resonating to your fifth dimensional SELF, and with your fifth dimensional empathy that called you to choose to wear an earth vessel within your difficult NOW. 

With your fifth dimensional empathy for all life you took a third dimensional form to assist Gaia with Her transmutation. In this manner you were able to assist Gaia to gather as great an energy field as possible. This higher energy field is vital to assisting humanity to UNITE with their fifth dimensional SELF in the higher realms of reality, 

This Unity allows more and more people to being to remember who they are within their fifth dimensional frequency band. As they remember their fifth dimensional self, that frequency of consciousness can assist them to focus on unity with all life while they are wearing their third/fourth dimensional form.  

In this manner they have a greater ability to remember that they are actually fifth dimensional beings/hums who are primarily Pleiadians. In fact, they/you can look, think, and feel more like humans than their true Galactic Self. In this manner, our very brave volunteers to take an earth vessel can better progress with transmuting all the third dimensional versions of their SELF into their fifth dimensional consciousness.

It can be quite difficult to wear a third dimensional body while your consciousness is returning to your innate fifth dimensional consciousness. However, it is in this manner that you will remember how to transmute your third/fourth dimensional form, thoughts and emotions into their true fifth dimensional resonance.

Once you attempt to connect wit your fifth dimensional SELF, something will occur within your third dimensional physical body and your fourth dimensional astral body will begin to merge into ONE.

It is the merging that initiates your transmutation back to your fifth dimensional self. The merging of your third, fourth and fifth  dimensional self that has the collective power to not only transmute your self, but to also transmute your reality, as well as Gaia’s reality. 

Usually, no one understands  ascension and no one every will because you need to know that you are in control of whatever it is that makes you be YOU. What if for all of your life that you are a living with many incarnations, slowly or suddenly, began to remember. Then three, then more and more of the many incarnations that you have experienced on Earth?

When you do finish your ascension process, you will be able to understand and remember what is occurring on the fifth dimensional Ship and your fifth dimensional reality. When you first began to remember your fifth dimensional SELF you were entering Cycle ONE of your ascension process.

Cycle one is much like an adult nursery school in that you are learning how to interact with a new reality that you do not remember. Just as many children do not remember their former incarnation, they will not easily remember that when they becomes adults. 

When one crosses over as a child they often remember their life quite easily because they are still young enough to not think about judging others, These new humans that have “crossed over” into the lower third and fourth dimensions often feel like something, or someone is missing. 

They also miss something that they cannot quite title, but they know that they were in one very loving place, and now they are in another place that is quite different. Entering an earth vessel can be quite shocking to one who has been in a light body and are now wearing a very dense physical body. Fortunately, the “new volunteers to take an earth vessel” can still remember going UP into their ship and Down into the Core of Gaia. 

However, they soon learn that if they tell other “human ones” about their experiences, they will likely be scorned, laughed at, or even punished for “lying.” This punishment for “telling a truth that the parents have forgotten” actually prepares the child for the many illusions and judgment of a third dimensional reality.

Fortunately, more and more humans are beginning to remember that they are NOT just humans. In fact, they are only “wearing a human vessel” so that they an interact with humanity, so that they can report back to their Ships about the readiness for humanity to accept the “Landings.”

There are still so many humans who are totally asleep to the concept of ascension, or even Starships and being from a another, much more advance reality. The leaders are often the most closed off to this information, as they like to be appearing as the “top of the heap,” when in fact they are truly “the lost ones.”

You were told before you chose to take an earth vessel that you were to serve as scouts who were assigned to go deep into Gaia’s energy field and report back to the Ship what you discovered.

The fact is that many of these Galactic/Human merges have been completed in that the human one remembered that they ARE the Galactic one as well. It is within that NOW that that human begins their transmutations back into their true multidimensional SELF. This merging, also activates the Light Body.

Your Light Body is the YOU fifth dimensional you that you are on the fifth dimensional Starships. The only times that fifth dimensional Starships or humans are perceived by third dimensional humans is when that human has expanded their consciousness to include the fifth dimension.

However, the humans that have been able to survive in a third dimensional reality filled with those who are consciously working AGAINST any form of ascension, have become very strong and have learned to check someone’s aura before they tell them the truth.

It is quite dangerous to tell people who are not ready for that information because they become very frightened. And, just as a frightened animal can be dangerous, so can a frightened human.

You, the members of the transmuting humans, have volunteered to assist Gaia and Her Planetary Ascension by choosing to take fourth dimensional issues and transmute them into fifth dimensional solutions. It is for this reason that humanity is entering a “transmutational cycle.”

We say “transmutational Cycle” because it calls for the definition we will now between. The “false truths” and secret facts will soon be revealed. Therefore, please remember that as Gaia continues Her transmutation into Her fifth dimensional expression of Her Planetary Body, there will be NO separation of thoughts.

Everyone will communicate with all other beings, planetary, animal, elemental, etc., as well wit all humans via the same “inner channel” that they have already chosen to communicate through. This channel comes through our “Inter-dimensional Portals,” which connects the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth dimension to the sixth, seventh and beyond realities.

Of course, these portals have always been there and almost always open. One of the few times that these port  is were closed was when Earth humans began to “play with” nuclear weapons, and nuclear “accidents” such as Chernobyl.

When humanity evolved—or rather devolved—into making weapons of mass destruction, and even planetary destruction, we the Galactics had to step in to assist.  Usually a society in which technology races ahead of Wisdom, Power and Love finds it self in a huge initiation which often feels like the fear of great danger,

An example of this was the nuclear testing and other weapons that occurred after World War II. These weapons often came from the Zeta Reticuli who desperately need assistance and went to those who were NOT concerned about anything thing but their own needs and desires of power over others.

You can look at the older television show called “X Files” to find the truths that are hidden in that story line. In fact, there are a great deal of “fiction” movies and shows that are actually the truth. 

However, the United States and most of the earthlings are NO longer in communication with the Zetas’. They just needed human DNA to heal their dying race, and once they got what they needed, they returned to space and their Homeworld in a distant place in your Galaxy.

However, some Zetas still remain close to Gaia, but to protect Her and not to harm her. Their own planet had been greatly harmed, and they did not want to be a part of that happening on another planet. In fact, the Pleiadians and the we the Arcturians stepped in and taught the Zetas how to solve their genetic problems. 

Since the Zetas were mostly concerned about getting the right DNA to keep their species alive, they left Earth as soon as they got what they needed. Now that their ability to create their own DNA has been restored, they permanently live in their own area of space and leave Earth alone,

Meanwhile, all of us Galactics are interested in discovering how Gaia and Her earthlings will be able to complete their planetary ascension within the “Portal Opening” that has been planned. This portal, being a fifth dimensional portal, is actually a portal to many fifth dimensional portals.

We Galactics will remain close to Earth so that we can be of assistance when it is the NOW for the opening of all the fifth dimensional portals. These portals, working as ONE huge portal, will serve as an opening between the fifth dimensional energy fields of expanding space and the third/fourth dimensional portals on Earth that will open to accept this higher dimensional gift. 

Of course, we Galactics, led by the Arcturians, will assist Gaia as She goes through Her “birth canal” into the fifth dimension and beyond. Gaia is a “learning planet,” in which energy out-flowing from the planet, will eventually return to the planet. In order for Gaia to ascend, humanity will need to stand as ONE Being to assist with the process of “Planetary Ascension.”

We do not need to tell you how many “dark ones” still live on and/or rule Gaia. The issue with planetary ascension will not be the planet, but the “service to self” humans who have too often been the rulers of Gaia’s sweet earth.

Earth was always meant to be an “energy out equals energy back” planet. Therefore, the best way for humanity to assist Gaia is NOT with wars and weapons. The BEST way to assist Gaia is to send our Unconditional Love and Violet Fire into all of Gaia’s Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Elementals.

Humanity will NOT save Earth with wars and weapons. The only way that humanity can save Earth is with A COLLECTIVE MAJORITY OF BEINGS who send out UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and VIOLET FIRE deep into Gaia’s Core and into ALL of Gaia’s aura and atmosphere.

If the ascending ones can remember and teach humanity that they ALL volunteered to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension, humanity can fulfill the reason why they chose to leave the Love and Light of the higher dimensional worlds.

Please remember that YOU are vital for the process of Planetary Ascension.

Call us and we will answer!
The Arcturians and your Galactic Family