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Chapter 27, Preparing for First Contact--Accepting 5D Energy Packages--through Sue Lie


By Sharman the Pleiadians—Through Sue Lie

Chapter 27
Accepting the Fifth Dimensional Energy Packages

Greetings, I am Sharman, here again with an important message regarding the accelerated changes on Earth. These changes are primarily occurring because of the fifth dimensional energy fields that are flowing deeper and deeper into your atmosphere, as well as into Gaia’s core.

It is primarily those who have calibrated their consciousness to the resonance of the fifth dimension that are able to consciously experience these fifth dimensional, perceptual fields. We, your galactic family, ask that those of you who are able to perceive these fifth dimensional waves of reality assist Gaia to ground them into Her planetary core.

We also remind you to document the manner in which you can perceive these fifth dimensional, and beyond, energy fields, so that you can assist others in remembering how they can perceive these fifth dimension energy fields.

It is through documenting your inter-dimensional perceptions, and sharing them with others, that you greatly contribute to the process of recognizing the shifting frequency of the myriad energetic flows that are NOW occurring within your daily life.

These shifting frequencies are similar to swimming in a natural body of water in which there are warm patches of water and colder patches of water. Since it is the water, you will not see an outline around these different temperatures.

It is in this manner that you will perceive a difference between the third, fourth and fifth dimensional energy fields. Also, your body, your thoughts, and your emotions will innately resonate to the frequency of these energy fields.

For example, when you enter into a fifth dimensional energy flow you might suddenly feel very happy, loving, and feel as though someone is trying to communicate with you. Then, as you move through that energy field, you may fall back into your “normal” 3D life. However, the more that you consciously experience these higher dimensional flows of energy the less the third dimension will feel normal.

In fact, as you experience more and more fifth dimensional energy packages, which are wafting into your awareness like a sweet breeze or a ray of sunlight that moves across your face, the more you will consciously or unconsciously seek out these fifth dimensional energy flows that are increasing day-by-day.

As these energy fields increasingly intermingle with your third and fourth dimensional energy fields, humanity will increasingly become aware that “something is different.” At first, only those who have expanded their consciousness to encompass the fifth dimension and beyond will be aware that these higher dimensional energy waves are flowing through, and intermingling with, your daily experience of reality.

However, the term “reality” will take on new definitions. Within a third dimensional reality, one does not think of their “reality.” Instead, they merely call it life.

On the other hand, as you begin to have more multidimensional experiences, you will increasingly perceive that there are many versions of “reality” that are all occurring within the same NOW.

We ask that you take a moment in your busy day to consciously acknowledge these higher dimensional waves of energy. We also request that you share the most intimate parts of your ascension process with others. Yes, you are indeed within the active process of planetary ascension.

But, within the NOW, you do NOT need to be a famous leader or a martyr. Within these current waves of ascension, as there have been many ascension waves in preparation for this NOW, you can stand tall within the ever-expanding knowing that Gaia is Ascending.

Within this NOW, you do not need to be a leader or any form of a “special person. NOW it is the “regular people” who are feeling the energy fields of ascension as they move through their “regular life.”

Unfortunately, many humans are not aware that what they are experiencing is an ascension wave. Instead, they may suddenly experience a feeling of deep, unconditional love, a growing sense of responsibility to help others understand and accept what they are experiencing, and/or an inner call to accept, integrate and share their experiences with others.

More and more humans, and of course, ALL the plants, animals, insects, etc., are beginning to consciously feel the energy fields of ascension. These ascension energy fields are calling you to “Let GO.”

Primarily, you are being asked to “Let Go” of your attachment to the third dimensional dramas of physical life. On the other hand, these dramas, problems, disappointments, and mistakes are the foundation of your ascension process, as they represent that which is being released.

Hence, we ask that you Let Go of judging your self or your process. There is no “better way” to move through your ascension process. There is only “YOUR way.” Remember that Gaia’s operating system has been based on forming strong individuals. 

Now that the fifth dimensional energy fields are increasingly wafting into your daily life, it is the NOW to release all self-judgment and to unconditionally love yourself. If you find there are any portions of your personal life that you cannot love unconditionally, then please transmute them with the Violet Fire.

The reasons for your “self-judgment” came while you were lost in third/fourth dimensional energy fields. In fact, you will increasingly be called on to differentiate the third/fourth dimensional energy fields of polarity, separation, time and space from the fifth dimensional energy fields of unconditional love and unity with all life.

If you find yourself engaging in a third dimensional energy field, please remember to Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire to transmute all shadow into Light, Light, Light. Then you will assist Gaia greatly in Her process of planetary ascension.

If you align your personal energy field with the incoming fifth dimensional energy fields, you will begin to consciously perceive the incoming fifth dimensional energy fields. Then, be sure to ground these perceptions into your physical form, as well as in the physical planet of Earth.

 We ask that you direct your attention toward the higher dimensional energy fields because, “Where your attention is, there YOU are also.” The more you have conscious interactions with fifth dimensional energy fields, the more you will become accustomed to the resonant feeling of the fifth dimensional.

You have remembered that if you align your conscious attention with a fourth dimensional energy field, you will enter that fourth dimensional resonance of reality. In the same manner, when you align your conscious attention with a fifth dimensional energy field, you will enter that reality.

Within the NOW of the fifth dimensional HERE, your choice of perception is directed by your state of consciousness. Simultaneously, it is your state of consciousness that sets your choice of perceptions. Yes, YOU are choosing your state of consciousness and your state of consciousness directs your choice of perceptions.

You could not be aware of this fact while fully immersed in a third dimensional reality. A third dimensional reality is based on time, space, and the various forms of cause and effect. You have r third dimensional reality has appeared to be caused by your thoughts and emotions,

Your third dimensional consciousness is not able to realize that YOU can choose your own thoughts and emotions, much less that you can choose to create the frequency of reality that you chose to perceive.

Your third dimensional expression of self is not able to recognize that YOU are creating your “outer world” by your frequency of thoughts and the frequency of emotions that you chose to accompany these thoughts.

Fortunately, more and more of our grounded ones are expanding their consciousness beyond the third/fourth dimensions of time and space, and into the fifth dimension of “Here and NOW.”

With no “time” to deeply ponder your choices, and no “space” for you to travel in order to achieve your goal, the fifth dimension if often perceived as a fleeting idea, a blink of an eye, or an idea that flows through your mind more quickly you can understand it.  

There are many “updates” within the third/fourth dimensional operating system that are preparing your physical system for the full download of your fifth dimensional operating system. More and more humans are remembering how to activate their innate fifth dimensional operation system and interface it with their earth vessels.

When you download a new operating system into your computer, or if you even download new updates into your computer, your computer must adapt to these changes. If you do not adapt to these changes, you will not be able to use your computer to its greatest ability.

If you do not download the updates, your computer will not be able to merge with and use the future updates. This is where the “letting go” comes in. In order to fully update your consciousness to recognize, read, and integrate the fifth dimensional “upgrades” that are flowing into your transmuting reality, you must “let go” of your old manner of perceiving your self and your reality.

When you accept these “downloads,” you are no longer just a 3D human because you have initiated your conscious return to your “multidimensional human.” However, you must release your old programs before you can fully embrace your new programs.

If you cannot release your attachment to your third dimensional expression of self, you will not be able to perceive and “fully download” the fourth dimensional upgrades that are flowing into your reality.

Then, when a fifth dimensional upgrade comes into your reality, you will not be able to download it, as the needed foundation of the fourth dimension is not available. Fortunately, all fifth dimensional energy packages, or downloads are free of time and space.

Hence, the download of the fifth dimension does not need to occur during any particular time period or in any particular sequence. On the other hand, your process of thinking often needs to follow a time/space format because that is how you were taught to think in your third dimensional reality.

As you know, there are many savants and/or geniuses that have been able to break through the third dimensional time/space barrier and expand their daily awareness into the fifth dimensional HERE and NOW. Furthermore, many of the new children that are being born are already calibrated to perceive the fifth dimension as their primary reality.

It is the challenge of the parents of these children to recognize that it is their child that will teach them as much as they will teach their child. We Galactics are volunteering to assist humanity’s ascension process by taking earth vessels at an ever-increasing rate.

In fact, we are offering special instruction for humans wearing a three dimensional earth vessel who choose to visit our Ships in their night body or during their meditations. Many of these humans are not consciously aware of these visits, but they often wake up with “unusual dreams.”

Then, as they go about their day, they begin to realize how their state of consciousness greatly influences their perception of reality. For example, a low state of consciousness will put one on alert to “guard against what may go wrong.”

On the one hand, a higher state of consciousness allows one to relax into the safety of remembering that they are eternally guided and unconditionally loved. This sense of safety creates a higher state of consciousness. Then, these higher states of consciousness create conscious perceptions of higher frequency realities.

On the other hand, fear creates a downward slope that lowers your state of consciousness, which creates more fear, which creates a lower state of consciousness, which diminishes your higher dimensional perceptions.

 If you can be consciously aware of the energy fields that you are choosing to download into your consciousness, you will be more and more able to “choose” the reality that you wish to experience.

There is no right or wrong way to interact with the third and fourth dimensional energy fields, except to BE CONSCIOUS of the frequency of energy that you allow to merge with your aura, and hence, your third dimensional earth vessel.

Your earth vessels need extra attention within this NOW because they are in transition. There is an innate message that goes off in your minds that is saying, “Ascension has begun.” Your body can receive that message long before your mind, because your body does not “think” like a human.

Your body perceives reality via the same unity consciousness as Gaia’s plant and animal kingdoms. All of Gaia’s beings and plants live in unity with their environment. Therefore, they have NO sense of separation.

Yes, there is predator and prey, which are organized in third dimensional patterns of “fight or flight.” But, the animals do so for protection of self or others, or for survival. On the other hand, many humans go into “fight” to get money and have power OVER others.

The plant and animal kingdoms, as well as the ascending humans, are aligned with all of Gaia’s creatures to expand the frequency of Gaia’s resonance into the fifth dimension by recognizing, accepting and downloading the fifth dimensional energy waves into their physical form and into the physical form of Gaia’s Earth.

There are many reports of how predator and prey are forming intimate bonds with each other. What do the animals know that people do not? They know how to read the energy fields. “How can an animal “read?” The answer is that plants and animals FEEL, perceive, know, and live within the flow of the ONE.

Because they live within the Flow of the ONE, they automatically accept all the higher dimensional downloads without thought or judgment. They are ONE with the planet. Therefore, they perceive no separation between themselves and their planet.

In fact, many members of the plant and animal kingdoms perceive the connecting energy fields that connect all life. They perceive these energy fields because have NOT been told that they should NOT, or could Not, perceive them.

For many, many millennia humans who remembered their true multidimensional self and dared to give service to others were burned at the stake, outcast and harshly judged becaue they could perceive what others could not perceive.

Why did this occur? Why were humans judged and harshly punished for perceiving the higher dimensional energy packages? The answer is to this question is that people who could perceive, interact and communicate with their higher expressions of self, could not be controlled by the dark ones.

Therefore, the dark ones had to kill those who could perceive the higher light. They chose to kill them in very public fashions to warn the others to never expand their perceptions into the higher dimensions of reality.

Because of their dark history, humans have learned to doubt what they see, hear, smell, or touch. Therefore, many humans lost their instincts, and lost their ability to perceive the myriad versions of reality that resonate to the fourth dimension and beyond.

There has been so much “power over others” over humans, by the ruling hierarchy, that many men and women have lost their true Sense of SELF. Without a strong “sense of self” a human does not have a history that pulls them into the “ONE” of all that he or she has gathered during their myriad incarnation.

Each incarnation is much like a page that is written into your “Ascension Book.” Whether or not your ascension book is physical, does not matter, as your Ascension Book is written within your own multidimensional aura and eventually copied to a third dimensional earth vessel.

With the mental focus of meditation, as well as the unconditional love that you send to yourself, you can perceive, understand, and even enter into these fifth dimensional energy fields. Please remember that you will perceive these fifth dimensional energy fields in the same manner as the plants and animals perceive them.

The perception, recognition and acceptance of these fifth dimensional, and beyond, energy fields will pull you into the ONE of all LIFE and the HERE of the NOW in which YOU are writing your own Ascension Book.

As you write your Ascension Book please share it with others, practice living what you have written and loving what YOU that has remembered to perceive. Flow into your own process and assist others to enter the ever-increasing fifth dimensional waves of Light, Love and Hope.

Blessings, we your Galactic Family, are always HERE within your fifth dimension NOW!

Call us, and we WILL answer.

            Sharman and your Galactic Family

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Conversation with the Golden Ones - Through Suzanne Lie

Conversations with the Golden Ones

Through Suzanne Lie

There are many things that I have been hearing and seeing that are higher dimensional. For one thing I might hear a conversation in my head that I should talk to others about my inter-dimensional experiences.

These inter-dimensional voices are saying to each other that one of main things that we have in common is that no one has the answers about this NOW of planetary ascension because we, the earthlings, have never done it before.

Since no one has the answers, we’re all entering the “unknown.” This is a problem, as one of humanity’s greatest fears is the “unknown.” I’ve talked about the Golden Ones, who tell me they are the “Threshold Keepers,” and I keep seeing them.

Usually I see and/or hear them around 3 or 4pm because that’s the end of my day, and I am usually relaxing when they come into my awareness. I know I’ve said this before, but if you ask questions and make it a conversation you will get more inner information.

When I ask these Golden Ones a question, I feel/perceive their a golden circle above me and usually to my right. Then I get a feeling in my brain, which is in the higher dimensional language area of my right brain within the circuit between the pineal and the pituitary glands.

I then receive information, but I can’t understand it in words. I receive these messages more as pictures and ideas that are “in” me from NOT “from” me. I listen to these pictures and ideas because they are all filled with unconditional love.

I think that these messages mainly occur around 3pm. 3pm and 3am are special times, which have something to do with the angle of the Sun and the Earth. It is similar to a “reset” time.

People often get very tired around 3:00 pm and wake up from sleep around 3:00 am. I have heard this has to do with the angle in which the Sun hits the Earth. That’s when people get tired and want to go to sleep in the afternoon and when then they wake up at 3:00 pm in the morning. Thus, 3:00 am and pm are like reset times.

In my inner/outer image of the threshold keepers, they’re above me, yet still within me, and they’re discussing things like, “How can we best assist the ascending one? If we give them too much assistance about sharing our dimension, they will not have the inner knowing necessary for them to remain here.”

Then, another Golden One may say something like, “Yes, you are correct. However, humanity has never resonated to our frequency in any of their many time eras. Their Ascended Masters were able to join us, but they were higher beings when they were born.”  

“Yes, another Golden One may say, “there is a space, actually it is the final remains of third dimensional “time/space” which Gaia’s humans have not yet been able to resonate to, unless they were ascending ones. Many of them have lives in which they have “ascended” to higher fourth dimension, or the threshold between the fourth and fifth dimension.

“However, the experiences of third dimensional Earth are so difficult, that usually the fifth dimension is the highest frequency of reality that they can consciously experience while wearing their earth vessel.

“Many are learning to expand their fifth dimensional imagination to extend into the realms beyond the fifth dimension, but they are called back to Gaia to complete their contract to assist with planetary ascension.”

“Yes,” says another Golden One, “more of them are remembering how to communicate with the fifth dimension. Many of these human ones can remember that they have had lives where they ascended into the fifth dimension, but there is still a part of the energetic ascension path that has path not been traveled.”

“Yes,” says a Golden One, “There have been many civilizations that have gotten up to that point of the fifth dimensional threshold during a peak society. And, what is occurring within their NOW is that these ones are expanding their consciousness to a frequency where there is “virgin territory”.

“In all of the civilizations since the Great Fall of Atlantis, which greatly lowered the resonant frequency of Gaia, there has been so many dark ones on Earth, that they acted as an anchor to keep the planetary frequency within the third, fourth dimension.”

“Yes,” says another Golden One, “the dark ones, Illuminati, know that their consciousness will not be able to resonate beyond the lower astral plane. Therefore, they must continually spread fear amongst the humans, as well as the animals and plants, to keep their frequency low.”

“Yes,” adds another Golden One, “all life on Earth has a frequency pattern that can, and will, respond to fear. Fear greatly lowers the innate immune system that all the plants and animals have. Fortunately, if that human, animal and/or plant, in fact any member of Earth is exposed to the frequency of unconditional love, their innate immune system is activated.”

“The dark ones know this fact and work very hard to keep Earth infiltrated with fear in any way that they can. We try to tell the dear human ones that they can best protect and heal themselves by sending these lost ones unconditional love and Violet Fire.

“Yes,” responds another Golden One. “It is very effective when they use this simple tool, but so many of them have been taught to fight. Most of the ascended ones of their reality told the humans of their era that Unconditional Love was more powerful than fear.”

“Unfortunately,” responds another Golden One, “these Ascended Masters were revered, but their messages were lost or misinterpreted to fit the needs of those who did not want humanity to learn this simple truth. Then, the truth often died with the Master and the misinterpretations grew more and more.”

“Do you think that our dear friends wearing earth vessels will be able to hear our conversation? Says a Golden One.”

“Yes,” says another, “I think that some of those who have been able to expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond are gradually beginning to enter that ‘space in between’ that we spoke of earlier. I just hope that those people can find the courage in a reality filled with fear to share their experience with others.”

“Yes, Yes,” the Golden Ones say in one voice. “If they share their higher dimensional experiences with others, then the ones with whom they shared, share their higher dimensional experiences, it would greatly expand the resonant frequency of Gaia.”

“The issue is,” speaks a Golden One, “that every person learned something different, or will talk about the same issue in a different manner. The reality it that Gaia’s operating system of individuality often makes unity consciousness difficult for humans to achieve.

“Yes, yes,” all the Golden Ones agree.

“However,” they say as ONE being, “We the Golden Ones are here to assist them.”

“Do you think the humans can hear us talking,” says one of the Golden Ones.

“Wait,” says another, “I think I can hear some of them now. Let us join our consciousness back into our innate ONE and listen…

“Dear Golden Ones, I am far from my home because I have chosen to wear an earth vessel to assist Gaia with her ascension. I have found, on my many, too many, incarnations on poor Gaia’s greatly wounded planet, that so many humans have been lost in illusion and cannot see beyond the third dimensional matrix.

 “I know from my briefing before I took this earth vessel,” continues the grounded human, “that the human beings are supposed to be the most sentient and intelligent beings. However, they are also the most dangerous and the most destructive.

“Dear Golden Ones, how did this happen? How did the humans become so lost to illusion?”

“Hello dear ONE,” say the Golden Ones in one voice. “You have the same question that many of us Golden Ones have. We wonder if we did not guide them enough, or did we guide them too much?”
“NO, no,” says the human one. “Most humans do not even know that you exist. Most humans can only perceive the third dimension, which is riddled with fear tactics, lies and indoctrinations. We really need your help down here. If there is a “darkest night before the dawn,” then this is it.”

“Dear human one,” say the Golden Ones in one voice, “We understand your concern and have seen that Earth is going through Her “darkest night before the DAWN.” But we Golden Ones, want you to know that the Dawn always comes.

“Gaia wanted to investigate the concept of separation of polarities, cause and effect, and the frequency of space/time. Dear human one, we see that you are quite fatigued with this operating system. Fortunately, there are many other humans who are also ready to release these third dimensional components of Gaia’s operating system.”

“What can I do to assist poor Gaia?” asks the human one.

“Dear human,” say all the Golden ones, “you are correct that Gaia chose a ‘reality game’ that is really difficult to win because humanity is called upon to join into unity consciousness with ALL life in order to achieve planetary ascension.

“Because humanity has learned that that dark ones will try to stop them, they know that it will need to take an energetic leap, which will pull them OUT of Gaia’s 3D Matrix and into dimensional flow of all life that resonates to the fourth dimension and on.

“It is for this reason that all spiritual leaders have learned to expand their consciousness beyond the 3D Matrix. The ones who have fallen into the dark, power over others matrix, cannot take that leap of consciousness because they have become addicted to the 3D Matrix.

“Fortunately, more and more of the children of the dark, Illuminati, are breaking their programming. They can “break their programming,” which all children of the Illuminati must go through, with the power of Unconditional Love.

“Unconditional Love is NOT an emotion. Unconditional Love is a multidimensional, energy field. Since it is a multidimensional energy field, Unconditional Love can easily retreat into a higher frequency of reality when a being of lower intentions tries to use it for selfish gain.

“You make Unconditional Love sound like it is alive. Is it alive?” asks the human.

“Oh, dear human,” say the Golden Ones, “ ALL of reality is alive. In fact, ‘death’ is only a concept in the third dimension. In all the higher dimensions, the translation into a different dimension of reality is an inter-dimensional journey, from which they will eventually return once the “circle” of that experience has been completed.”

“WOW!” says the human. “I want to live in the higher dimensions!

“You do,” Respond the Golden Ones. In fact, every single person on Earth has higher dimensional expressions of the SELF.

“Even the Illuminati?” asks the human.

“Yes, dear human, even the Illuminati. In fact, all life that you see on Gaia’s third dimensional expression has higher dimensional expressions. In fact, Gaia has grown fatigued with Her experience of being a third/fourth dimensional planet and is ready to return to Her fifth dimensional planetary expression.

“But what about all the people on Earth that still live on the 3D matrix?” the human one questions.

“We are so happy that you are concerned for those who are still lost in illusion. They will continue to inhabit the 3D Matrix. However, since Gaia will resonate beyond that 3D Matrix, the Matrix will be wrapped around another planet that still resonates to the time/space of the third dimension.”

“I am confused,” says the human one. “Will the people on the 3D Matrix leave Earth?”

“Not exactly,” reply the Golden Ones, “They will leave time/space.”

“There is a part of the 3D matrix that has never been used by your “modern man” continue the Golden Ones. “Unfortunately, much of Gaia’s ‘modern humanity’ is actually ‘fallen humanity.’

“This unused component of the 3D Matrix contains the possibility of Planetary Unity Consciousness. Once over 50% of this segment of humanity chooses to ascend into the fifth dimension, the higher 5D dimensional Matrix will open to accommodate them.”

“Okay,” asks the human one, “Do you think that over 50% of the people will get to this place where we can go into, and maintain and ground a fifth dimensional Matrix?”

Yes,” say the Golden Ones, “but it is a matter of time and space. Because Gaia is a time-space reality.  In order for humanity to move into ascension, they will need to “leap out” of that 3D/4D planetary operating system of time-space. Then, they will be more able to “flow into” the NOW of the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond.

“Once humanity closes the illusions of time/space and polarities, there will no longer be the distraction of polarities, good vs. bad, poor vs. rich and even male vs. female. There will no longer be the pressure of “being there on time,” or “worrying how far away something is.

“All those third dimensional concepts will slip from your consciousness, much as your early days in school, or what you did or knew 20 years ago. There will no longer be a past. Furthermore, you will no longer need to think about what you need to “do in the future,” as there is no future in the NOW.”

“I want to live in that reality!” proclaims the human.
“You do,” respond the Golden Ones, “You just forgot.”

 We Are YOU and YOU are US 
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An Inter-dimensional Message from Ascension From Zadkiel - Through Suzanne Lie

An Inter-dimensional Message from Archangel Zadkiel

Through Suzanne Lie

Blessings, I am Zadkiel, here to communicate with you. We wish to tell you that there is what may be “membrane” that encompasses every reality. Yes, there are many realities that are birthing within this NOW of your planetary transition from the third/fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension.

“As it is for the greatest, it is for the least!” Therefore, just as each of your physical organs is encompassed by a membrane (skin around each organ), each person, planet, solar system and galaxy is contained in and protected by a “frequency membrane.”

The frequency membrane is that which maintains and distributes the resonant frequency of every reality, person, planet, solar system, and galaxy throughout the entire system of that which is contained within and protected by each frequency membrane.

When any person, place, situation or thing is preparing for the process of ascension from a lower resonant frequency to a higher resonate frequency, the surrounding membrane slowly, or quickly, transmutes into a higher frequency.

The reason why this occurs is that the membrane is the interface between the current resonant frequency and the incoming higher, or lower, frequency of resonance that is about to impinge on that person, place, situation, or thing.

The membrane serves much like your skin serves to protect your body. However, many humans are unaware of these membranes, as well as they are unaware of the higher frequencies of reality through which each membrane progresses.

These membranes begin in your etheric body, which resonates to a slightly higher frequency than your skin, and extend into the fifth dimensional resonance of your personal and planetary ascension. The higher dimensional light enters your planetary membrane from the fifth dimension and beyond to allow for a slow and steady download into Gaia’s planetary body.

First the higher light moves into the fifth dimensional frequency of the membrane to await the merging of the fifth dimensional light with the third dimensional persons, planet and all the inhabitants of each reality.

There are many realities that are simultaneously running on Earth’s third/fourth dimensional matrix. Each of these realities is surrounded by an invisible membrane, which serves to “separate” each reality.

These membranes serve to create Earth’s third dimensional illusion of separation between dimensions, persons, and all aspects of third dimensional reality. These invisible membranes serve to connect all the dimensions into the ONE of Gaia’s planetary body.

These membranes are multidimensional and assist the gradually step-down of the higher light, which is entering Gaia within the NOW, from the fifth dimension, through the fourth dimension and into the third dimensional matrix.

Within your NOW, your third dimensional matrix, which is based on separation, is slowly being transformed by the higher frequencies of light. There is an invisible planetary membrane that creates a gradual and safe step-down of the incoming fifth dimensional light.

Once the membrane has absorbed the fifth dimensional light, the membrane serves to slowly step-down the light into the fourth dimension. Then, when the fourth dimension has absorbed the higher light, the light is stepped down to enter the etheric shield around Gaia’s planetary body.

As the higher light penetrates and merges with Gaia’s etheric body, it slowly flows into and merges with third dimensional Earth. Much as a sunscreen protects your skin from getting a “sunburn” from the hot Sun, inter-dimensional membranes protect your planetary and human earth vessels from accepting more light than your consciousness can control.

Thus, just as you control how much Sun you get on the beach by putting a sunblock on your body, you need to control how much fifth dimensional light that you take into your third dimensional body.

Fortunately, invisible inter-dimensional membranes surround all of your body’s organs, muscles, vascular and nervous system, as well as your skin, which is the largest organ of your body.

These inter-dimensional membranes create a gradual progression between your third/fourth dimensional earth vessel and your fifth dimensional body during each NOW of your transmutation back into your true fifth dimensional, and beyond, Lightbody.

To protect your entire earth vessel, there is an inner, invisible membrane around your spinal column to send a message to your brain if you are too vigorous with your transmutations into Lightbody and are in danger of harming the delicate synchronicity of all the portions of your third dimensional form.

When this synchronicity within your third dimensional earth vessel is disturbed, certain areas of your physical body can become “out of sync” with the rest of your bodily systems.

If any of your bodily elements, and elementals rise into a resonance that is too far beyond the resonance for the rest of your earth vessel, the portions of your body that become too high for the rest of your body will likely cause you discomfort and maybe even a “burning sensation.”

Also, the components of your body that cannot “keep up” with the accelerated spin of the nucleus of the other cells in your body will fall out of connection with your innate healing systems. Then these parts of your third dimensional body can become damaged or diseased.

It is the function of your inter-dimensional membranes to keep the ascension of your physical body in alignment with ALL components of your physical form. These membranes are “inter-dimensional” because they are able to operate from the frequency of your fifth dimensional expression, all the way down into the resonance of the first dimensional components of your body.

Your body is comprised of uncountable first dimensional cells that serve much a mortar serves to bond each brick together to create a house. As the fifth dimensional light comes into your aura, it will first seek out any components of your thoughts, emotions, and physical body that are able to sustain that higher frequency of light.

The inter-dimensional membranes, which are only activated by the infusion of this higher light into your form, capture this higher frequency of light. Then, just as your digested food goes to areas of your body that are ready to receive it, the fifth dimensional light will be directed to the areas of your body that YOU have prepared for this frequency of light.

There are many “lost ones,” which is the term that we use for what you call the Illuminati, who are unable to accept any of the higher light, as that resonance would act like hot sun on dry grass. When we ask you to send Unconditional Love and Violet fire to these lost ones, it is so that you can assist them to accept the Higher Light.

Once anyone accepts this fifth dimensional and beyond light into their third dimensional body, that higher frequency of light moves into the base of the spine to activate the mission of the force of the Kundalini to begin its slow, or fast, transmutation of inner darkness into higher light.

Those who have “done their homework” and have prepared for their acceptance of the fifth dimension light will be able to incorporate these higher frequencies of light into their physical earth vessel.

These awakened ones, and especially those who have already designed a life in which they live in “service to others,” have already changed their diets, meditate on a regular basis to align ALL the cells of their body with their ever-expanding higher states of consciousness, and are receiving and documenting their many inter-dimensional conversations.

Meanwhile, Gaia, as well as all the planets in Her entire Solar System and Galaxy are allowing each of their planetary, solar and/or galactic membranes to slowly step-down the fifth dimensional frequencies of light into all third-dimensional, physical realities.

Because all these “membranes” are multidimensional, the fifth dimensional light is easily captured by the outer portions of the membrane to be stored in the fourth dimensional sub-membranes until the collective of the third dimensional person, planet, solar system, and galaxy has aligned their highest resonant frequency with their lowest resonate frequency.

In this manner, each octave of every celestial body, person, place, situation or seemingly thing, will serve as a “stair” on a virtual stairway or bridge across which the higher light can flow into the lower frequencies of each person, place, reality or thing.

This higher, fifth dimensional light will initially move into the highest frequencies of the “bridge,” and allow the time-bound third/fourth dimensional realities to adjust before the fifth dimensional light moves down into next, lower octave of that reality.

When that process is completed, the membrane will dissolve into the higher, fifth dimensional light. We remind you that this “light” is alive. In fact, this fifth dimensional light is not only the cause of your transmutation but also the result of how each neural synapse can activate the “birth” of the transmutation of a person, planet, or even solar system.

Light is that which “turns ON” the neural synapses that allow the first spark of life to expand into its own genetic destiny. We Archangels, as well as all the other Angels, are pleased to have the wondrous duty of breathing Unconditional Love into each of these new creations.

It is the Unconditional Love that allows the life force of the ONE to enter into the Heart, or core, of each person, place, situation, or thing. We ask that you, our higher dimensional beings wearing an earth vessel, vow to distribute this incoming fifth dimensional light throughout every aspect of ever-expanding form and reality.

Please remember that Unconditional Love can over-ride any dissonant third or fourth neural patterns and return them to their higher dimensional expression. We speak of neural patterns as that is the component of any physical being, planet, solar system, and/or galaxy.

We remind you that all planets, solar systems and galaxies are alive and are as aware, in fact they are much more aware, than humanity. Because Earth humans are such a young species compared to planets and other celestial beings, they have not yet remembered the “spark of the ONE” that was awakened by their birth.

We are sorry to say that far too many humans lose all connections with that spark shortly after birth, during childhood and/or during the challenges of early adulthood. It is for this reason that the Golden Ones have decided to reveal themselves to the consciousness of those who can expand their perceptual field to encompass the Threshold between third/fourth dimensional Earth and the newly awakening fifth dimensional Earth.

The Golden Ones are much like “planetary doulas” in that they assist with the planetary birthing, actually the re-birthing, of a third/fourth dimensional planet into the fifth dimension. To the perspective of the Golden Ones, Gaia’s Earth is having Her labor pains and needs their inter-dimensional assistance to open the threshold between the third/fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies of planetary resonance.

Humanity was meant to be the most evolved beings on the Earth during this time of planetary transmutation. However, due to the constant bombardment of darkness from the laggards who could not ascend with their own planet, as well as the negative extra-terrestrials who invaded Earth long ago, Gaia is having a difficult “rebirth” into the next octave of Her reality.

It is for this reason that so many higher dimensional beings have volunteered for the difficult assignment of sending their higher dimensional energy field into a third dimensional earth vessel. In fact, we, the Archangels, Elohim and Ascended Masters, have been directly assisting Gaia’s planetary being.

Fortunately, just as many of the laggards have taken human forms, many higher dimensional beings have also taken a human form. Furthermore, any human who can expand their consciousness into the frequency of the fifth dimension can directly merge with their Higher SELF to perceive their changing reality from the vantage point of their higher dimensional home world or star ship.

As more and more of those wearing an earth vessel merge with their higher expressions of Ascended Master, Elohim and Archangel, the resonance of Gaia’s energy field can easily expand into the resonance of the fifth dimension.

It is for this reason that we invite all of our volunteers who took an earth vessel within this NOW to remember their Ray of Service, which will guide them to remember their higher expressions of Ascended Master, Elohim, and Archangel.
(Please see: HERE)

Yes, you ALL have a primary Ray of Service on which you have specialized so that you can best prepare for the process of assisting Gaia to transmute into Her fifth dimensional expression. You see, our beloved ones wearing an earth vessel, you volunteered to assist with planetary ascension when you first entered your earth vessel. Once you took your incarnation on Gaia, you moved into different timelines and locations during your myriad incarnations.

We call you NOW to remember your true Multidimensional SELF, as well as the many incarnations in which you served on Gaia’s Earth in preparation for Her planetary re-birth into Her fifth dimensional, planetary expression.

Within the HERE and NOW of the fifth dimension, you are merging with your Multidimensional SELF to fulfill your pledge to assist with the ascension of planet Earth.

I, Zadkiel, vow to assist you during your process of personal and planetary transmutation.