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Releasing Time II Mytre Kepier8




Leaving the Hologram and Releasing Time II

My dear ascending version of SELF, I heard your call last night, and heard that you are ready to bi-locate. Therefore, I came into your meditation this morning to assist you with your process of releasing time, which is actually leaving the hologram. Let me recount your meditation of our visit from my perspective.

After Mytre and I listened to the Arcturians message, our meeting with the 4D Visitors automatically ended. Some of the Visitors went with the Arcturian, and the rest re-entered their physical form (woke up). Without speaking a word, Mytre and I went separate ways. I saw that look on his face again that meant he was thinking about and missing his family. Furthermore, I heard your call and went to my quarters to answer you.

I realize that to you it has been several days since the meeting with the Arcturians, but our time is not sequential. Our time is preferential, which means we can visit any time zone that we wish to experience. The day after your nightly visit was filled with earthly responsibilities, so I could not get your attention to tell you that I was ready to assist you. However, I was able to enter into your meditation this morning.

I was the woman who suddenly appeared and asked you if you were ready to leave the hologram. You did not totally understand what I meant, but guessed that my statement was related to time. Allow me to translate our multidimensional meeting into your 3D language so that you can share my message with others.

Since our meeting was multidimensional, there were several simultaneous layers and visions, which appeared to be in a random order. Hence, I will assist you to translate our multidimensional meeting into a third dimensional format. Your mediation began with a woman, me, taking your hand and asking you if you were ready to leave the hologram.

Before you could answer, I informed you that you would leave the hologram on “automatic run”, which means that it would appear that you were still there. You agreed. You then had many images of walking through your daily life. However, you could walk through all forms of matter. To your perception, when you walked through matter, the molecules of matter would temporarily disarticulate. Then the molecules would return to their prior form once you had moved through that object.

However, to the vision of others in the hologram nothing at all had occurred. They could not see you or the disarticulation of the object, except with their clairvoyance. The reason why they could not see what was occurring was because you were “out of phase” with the hologram. Therefore, you were out of phase with their time.

You had many experiences of walking through trees, cars and even people within a very short amount of your earth time. To you, this experience appeared to last about 5 or 10 minutes. However, since you were outside of time, you could go anywhere. I will now guide you into an expanded version of this exercise. I say exercise because this was merely a lesson for you to realize that you could leave time, the hologram, and return without ever appearing that you had left.

In this manner, you will begin your remembering about bi-location. Let us begin by visiting some events within your earth life and earth time. We invite readers to join us on this journey. To leave the hologram, which is the same concept, but less threatening, you simply decide to do so. Place you body in a safe place, for you shall need it when you return.

Now, we step out of time as simply as you may step out of your shoes. As you step out of time, you step out of your body. Therefore, turn around and look at your body. Tell it you will be back in one second, which you will. This experience is not the same as Astral Travel. You are not in your fourth dimensional body, for that is a component of the hologram. Instead, you are out of time and experiencing your reality via your consciousness.

Your consciousness is multidimensional and can easily maintain all life support to your earth vessel while you are gone. However, since you are coming back into time one second after you left, you have not really been gone. Yes, that is confusing, but only if you still live in time.

Then, your multidimensional consciousness can travel throughout any time or space of any of the incarnations that you have experienced on Earth. At first you will be limited to visiting your own incarnations. However, after you have accustomed yourself to this type of travel, you will no longer need the “marker” of one of your earth vessels.

These markers/incarnations are similar to a playing a video game. The player must have an “avatar” self in order to login to that game. However, once you have expanded your vision to be the Programmer of the Game, you are no longer bound to any need for an avatar. Are you ready now to see your self being born?

“Yes, I am ready. I clearly remember checking out of the hologram and walking through objects. However, you will need to assist me to remember how to move through time.”

Yes, I am happy to assist you. While you are free of the time of the hologram you can move into different time zones with the power of your emotional attachment. It is this emotional attachment that beginners must use that initially limits their visits to physical incarnations. Can you now create an emotional attachment between your current experience of SELF and the birth of that expression of YOU?

“Yes. I have just made that attachment. I can see that I am both my consciousness/spirit floating around the room, as well as the small, withered baby who was born after two days of labor.”

Good. Remember that, at first you are just to be the observer and will not interact with any component of your self. As you look around your birthplace, what do you see?

“When I look through the eyes of my newborn self, I only see extremely bright light and a woman asleep, I am afraid she is dead, on the table. On the other hand, when I look through the eyes of my Spirit/Soul I see a very different perspective. I instantly recognize my karmic attachment to my Mother, as well as to my Father, who is not in the room.

“My Soul SELF is trying to comfort the newborn, who appears quite unhappy. The Mother had a long, difficult labor and needs even more attention than the baby. The newborn is left to lie in the metal scale with no attention for what seems like years to the baby. This was not a good beginning. However, because the baby was left alone, she totally bonded, not with the mother, but with her Soul SELF who was the first being to give her any attention.”

Yes, that which appeared to be a bad experience was actually a powerful moment that made you look first to Spirit. We invite all of you who may follow this writing to return to your birth to remember the foundation of your current life. The life that you are living within your now is one that you have prepared for in myriad incarnations. You are the one who chose your parents and your early experiences.

Many ascending ones made choices that you knew would be difficult. However, you realized that this was the life in which you would have the opportunity to leave the hologram and go Home. Consequently, you wanted to clear up any unfinished business. If you can remember that you created your life before you were born, it will assist you in releasing any remnants of feeling like a victim.

You were all very brave in choosing your earthly challenges. However, from your Higher SELF it was easy to forget how very difficult third dimensional life could be. Fortunately, as you continue to remember more of your Multidimensional SELF, it becomes increasingly natural to logout of the lower frequencies of SELF and return to higher frequency expressions of your SELF.

In fact, we see many of you on the Ship. Many of you hold positions as crewmembers and are actively guiding your physical ascending one, just as I am guiding my physical expressions. Furthermore, a great number of you are remembering more than one of your Higher Expressions of SELF. Therefore, we will jump ahead a bit so that you can experience one of your higher expressions of SELF.

Before, you logged out of the 3D hologram to experience you SELF as pure consciousness. Within your state of pure consciousness you “remembered” your Higher SELF at your birth. Now I will assist you to remember your SELF in a higher dimensional reality. Hence, direct your emotional attachment to the higher frequency expression of your Multidimensional SELF on fifth dimensional Earth.

The present experience of SELF is very similar to the SELF that you are in your present incarnation. Allow yourself to imagine/believe that you are visiting and/or living on New Earth. Surrender into your imagination, so that you can perceive your SELF in New Earth. There is no fan-fare or process, for you are merely shifting your consciousness into a higher frequency of your Multidimensional SELF.

Once you have shifted to your fifth dimensional expression, you have automatically left time. Time, as you know it, does not exist in the resonance of this reality.  All you need DO is believe that you are your SELF on New Earth… Trust that your imagination is your fifth dimensional thought, and remember that thought and emotion create your reality.

Therefore, think you are in fifth dimensional Earth and use your emotions to attach to your SELF within that frequency of reality.  Allow that it may take a while for you to remember how to perceive this frequency of earth. However, surrender to the experience so that it may take form around your consciousness.

You are now walking through New Earth. Many of the new ones do not realize that they have transitioned into a higher frequency expression of Gaia. They do not know that they have left the Hologram of 3D Earth. However, they are quite happy about the myriad ways in which their world changed. For example, new forms of Zero Point Energy are quite common. Therefore, there is no pollution or destruction of the environment.

Those of you who are the Openers of the Portals into the higher expressions of Gaia are conscious of your transition. Therefore, you remember how new patents suddenly appeared to be released. You also remember your meditations and purposeful intentions towards aligning your consciousness with the higher frequencies of energy in order to assist Gaia in Her transition.

You remember the great increase in “UFO sightings” and the landings that occurred and are occurring, but are only perceivable to those who can accept and believe that these landings are real. Many people walk along side those of you who fully embrace your Galactic family, but still have no idea what is happening. Their body is resonating to the expanding frequencies of Gaia, but their consciousness is still locked in the limitations of the third dimensions.

These ones need your help. If they cannot align their consciousness with the new, higher frequencies of New Earth, they will not be able to remain in this frequency of Earth. These people are loving and kind. Otherwise, they could not resonate to this reality. However, their thinking is still trapped in the beliefs of a reality that has ended. You can kindly talk to these people and tell them what is happening.

Now, holding this timeline within your consciousness, return to the remnants of your third dimensional reality. We, your higher frequencies of SELF, see that you are exhausted with that low frequency of reality and are totally ready to return to your higher expressions. Yet, you still wonder how that will occur, and your “wondering” creates doubt.

Therefore, release the concept of “time” from your awareness and live only in the NOW. Within the NOW there is no future to move into and no past that has hindered your way. Within the NOW, you can be still BE your SELF in your daily life. Relax into the exact moment that you are experiencing, while you, also, release your third dimensional thinking.

Release the how, the when and the where. Surrender to your confusion. Surrender to your desire to ascend. Surrender to your fatigue, and surrender to your thinking. Release the time-bound, cause and effect reality that has become too small for you. FEEL who you are within and KNOW that you are your True, Multidimensional SELF NOW.


  1. Sue, thank you so much. I resonate with your words and I am grateful for your service to all of us. THANK YOU again. and these words are not enough.


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