Monday, December 17, 2012

The Trail Home by the Arcturians


Message from the Arcturians


Our Dear Ascending Ones,
Being in-between the two dates, 12-12-12 and 12-21-12, has become so important in your reality because it creates an expectation of fulfillment or of disappointment. Therefore, you are all given the choice of choosing the type of energy field you desire to hold within your consciousness. Your expectation of fulfillment will empower you, whereas the expectation of disappointment places the power over your life outside of your SELF.

Because you are returning to your Multidimensional SELF in which you are the creator of your reality, your powers of manifestation and multidimensional perceptions are greatly amplified. Therefore, the thoughts and emotions that linger in your heart and mind have an increased possibility of manifestation. Hence, if you allow the disappointment that you will not get what you want into your aura, you will lower your consciousness, as well as your perceptions.

You will not be able to perceive the frequency of reality with your lower state of consciousness. Therefore, you will not be able to perceive that your hope was fulfilled in that frequency of reality. As you know, the process of 3D manifestation is sequential, slow and involves work (resistance over time). Altering third dimension molecules requires work because they resist change and resonate to time. Thus, time exists between the work and the creation and/or alteration.

Fortunately, ascending the molecular spin of third dimensional molecules is greatly facilitated by the higher frequencies of light emanating from the Galactic Center. The third dimensional law that change is created by work does not limit this higher frequency of light. In fact, these higher frequencies of galactic light greatly empower your innate ability to create with your thoughts and emotions.

The third dimension has mass, but thoughts and emotions do not have physical mass. Therefore it is difficult to manipulate physical mass with your thoughts and emotions. However, over time, your thoughts and emotions can change your behavior. Then, your behavior will lead to different choices and actions, which can raise your consciousness.

As you consciousness raises your ability to perceive higher frequencies of reality increases. It is then that you can perceive that your thoughts and emotions have changed the fabric of your reality. By fabric of your reality we mean the density of reality to which you attach your attention. There are myriad densities/frequencies of reality resonating around and within your multidimensional consciousness.

Your third dimensional behavior is accustomed to attaching your attention to the frequency of physical reality. The process of raising your consciousness allows you to perceive higher frequencies of reality. Hence, you have the option of expand your choices by attaching your attention to a higher frequency of reality.

It is within this slightly higher resonance of reality that you will begin to realize the many everyday miracles that are constantly occurring. For one thing, this slightly higher frequency of reality is out of sync with the time of your mundane life. Therefore, you can perceive the cause and effect of thoughts and emotions.

For example, if you unconsciously fear that something will happen, you will not realize that your unconscious fear is the driving force to actually create the thing that you are afraid will happen to you. Therefore, you feel like the victim to this event, even though you are actually the creator. On the other hand, once you have an experience of a higher state of consciousness, you have the choice to attach your attention to that frequency of reality.

Then, from this frequency of reality you can go back in time and understand the thoughts and emotions that were threatening the creation of that particular event. In this manner, you are freed of being a victim. Furthermore, you can learn to recognize the feel of the formerly unconscious fear and transmute it to love. In this case, you actually went back in time to stop the creation of an unwanted event that was about to happen in the future.

You can only free yourself of sequential time by expanding your consciousness into the higher frequencies of consciousness. You do not need to heal that fear, for soon you will resonate beyond its ability to affect your consciousness. Third dimensional reality is riddled with unknown fears that have become fastened to your unconscious.

These hidden fears greatly influence your choices at an unconscious level. However, your unconscious is more easily identified from the perspective of your super-conscious, higher dimensional SELF. Your higher dimensional SELF has access to the higher dimensional perceptions that threaten to overload your 3D thinking.

These perceptions are delegated to your unconscious, right brain, which is often offline to the third dimensional thinking. When you raise the frequency of your daily consciousness, you are able to perceive and understand greater volumes of information. Hence, your super-conscious perceptions are no longer stored in the archived, unopened files of your unconscious, but in the Frontal Lobe of your multidimensional decision making process. As we discussed before, when you raise your perception above the limitations of third dimensional time, you are able to consider past, present and future within the NOW of your multidimensional consciousness.

To more fully define unconscious we tell you that your 3D brain can only delegate a small percentage of the myriad information that enters your 3D sensory receptors. The rest of the information does not make it through the Reticular Activating System, which is much like a firewall in your computer. This information is still stored in your brain, but it is behind the firewall.

This stored information is much like the viruses that enter your computer. They are still in your computer, but the firewall bars them from interacting with your primary operating system. However, you have “clearing programs” to remove these virus from your computer.  Fearful stimulus is much like a virus. It silently feeds on your operating systems.

However, you are now receiving a new, Multidimensional Operating System that has expanded perceptions into both the higher and the lower frequencies of reality. Therefore, you can detect an invisible fear and consciously clear it before it can embed in your unconscious. You can choose to avoid certain places, people and stimuli that cause fear and/or lower your consciousness.

As you continue to fully accept and believe in your multidimensional abilities, you can raise your focus of attention to the higher frequencies of your perceptual field. Then, that which resonates to the lower third and fourth dimensions begins to gradually disappear from your reality. At first you will experience this disappearance as a knowing that a certain thing almost occurred, but because you have surrendered to the higher frequencies of unconditional love of the ONE, you have chosen to avoid the contamination of that frequency.

This avoidance of contamination is much like climbing a tree to avoid a wild animal. However, the tree is your own Tree of Life and the wild animal is your own primal self who is locked in fight/flight states of consciousness. You are not being arrogant by making these choices. You are being a pioneer. Just as the early pioneers of every civilization went alone into the unknown to find a safe place to settle, you are frequency pioneers who are moving into the higher states of reality to find safe places to settle.

You have already made your tunnel of light through the Lower Astral Plane and calibrated your Portal of Perception to direct your attention into the higher octaves of the fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension and beyond. In other words, you are creating the trail to New Earth. You will not receive recognition for your discovery, nor will you need it. The enhanced quality of life is the only reward you will need.

Furthermore, you will be blending into the Unity Consciousness of the higher worlds and will loose all necessity of personal recognition. The fact that you have contributed to the collective is all the recognition that it necessary. Also, every One who has contributed to the raising frequency of planetary awareness shares their higher perceptions with you, just as you share your higher perceptions with them. Moreover, these concepts of you and me will be replaced with Unity Consciousness of we and us.

It is within this Unity Consciousness that New Earth is born. Remember that New Earth is NOT a place. New Earth is a frequency. Do you remember when your frequency of consciousness was much lower? Do you remember when you suffered from confusion, depression, anxiety and your life was riddled with unmet challenges and unresolved issues? Think back to that “time” of your life.

Now, realize how improved your life is NOW. Recognize how much wiser your decision-making is and how you have learned to avoid and/or quickly confront issues that once baffled and upset you. Give yourself credit for the myriad ways in which you life has improved. Perhaps, it appears that some one else has given you something or facilitated your change. Maybe it appears that you were just lucky.

However, YOU chose the reality in which these people and good luck came into your life. You have expanded your consciousness into the frequency in which you could perceive these opportunities and choose to accept these benefits. Look around at others who are still trapped in the 3/4D Paradigm. Do you see how the solution to their problem is just beyond their recognition? Have you noticed how you have told them exactly what they need to know to correct their dilemma, and they have become angry with you?

They are still lost to the lower states of consciousness. They cannot perceive themselves within these higher frequencies; hence, they can’t even accept the solution that is handed to them. We tell you this information not to judge those who are still lost, but to remind you to OWN your own accomplishments. It is through owning your accomplishments that you raise your SELF-esteem.

By raising your SELF-esteem, you give yourself the choice to attach your consciousness to a higher frequency of your Multidimensional SELF. Perhaps, you could not even imagine that this expression of your SELF existed when you, too, were lost to the illusions of the lower frequencies of reality. Someone needs to leave the lost ones to their own choices and pioneer the frequency trail into New Earth.

Once you have fully attached your consciousness, your Sense of SELF, to your new, higher frequency of reality, you can easily bi-locate your consciousness back into the remnant of the third dimension to guide these lost ones. YOU, our beloved ascending ones, are the Openers of the Portals into New Earth. These Portals are NOT external and inside a tree or through a mountain. These Portals are inside your High Heart.

Yes, there are Portals that appear to be external to your physical encasement. However, if the Portal is external to your SELF it cannot take you all the way to the frequency of the ONE. These external Portals can take you, and have taken many, into the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension. Hence, they were vital to the spiritual leaders of the Piscean Age.

However, that which was the top has now become the middle. Your options have greatly expanded because the collective energy fields of your planet are awakening the 97% DNA of your Multidimensional SELF. You would not expect your old DOS computer to be able to recognize the sophisticated software of today.

In the same manner, 3% of your DNA does not allow you the necessary capacity and speed to ascend into the fifth dimensions. ALL of you, every ONE of you, are experiencing your 97% DNA coming online in your biological computer brain. Some cannot believe in change and will struggle along with their old model brain rather than face the unknown.

However, Earth is a planet of free will and everyone has the right to make that choice. Therefore, send these people your unconditional love, for that is the ONLY energy field that can have any impact on their choices. However, they can choose to perceive their fear instead of your love. Again, that is their choice. Remember, your love is unconditional. Therefore, whether or not they accept it, has nothing to do with you.

You have learned to consciously modulate your perceptions to the highest possible expression of every stimulus that you can accept as REAL. As you continually accept and BELIEVE your higher frequency perceptions, they will become normal. Then, with a new base line for normal, you can expand your conscious perceptions into higher and higher expressions of any give reality.

As an example, we will focus on a united perception from the 3D perspective and move up the consciousness scale of perception. Let us use the day of 12-12-12 as an example, as it meant very different things to different people. Many were completely unaware of the importance of this date, whereas others had great expectations.

Those who were unaware saw 12-12-12 as a normal day filled with obligations specific to that day. Those that expected to be disappointed were, indeed, disappointed for their lower state of consciousness could only perceive the static realm of the third dimension. Those who expected to leave the planet, because they wanted “out of here now” are still here. Wanting out is a concept that lowers your consciousness, and lowering your consciousness dis-allows you to perceive your higher frequency experiences.

There were also those who held no expectations and surrendered to the moment. Since they surrendered to the unknown, they expanded their consciousness and could perceive/FEEL how their energy field expanded its energy field. Some could perceive this shift and became disappointed because it was not enough, which lowered their consciousness into lack and disappointment.

On the other hand, some surrendered to the unknown with NO expectation. They surrender in service to Gaia and to ALL Her inhabitants. Because they had no selfish expectation their consciousness expanded, as did their perceptions. However, this expansion of perceptions was quite overwhelming for many, and made them feel tired, disoriented or even strangely calm and detached.

We say to all of you that there is NO right or wrong response. This is your ascension, and YOU are choosing the Trail that is leading you to your higher expressions. Some of you will be instrumental in creating New Earth, and others will move into higher expressions of their SELF. Some will bi-locate and live both options. Others may even choose to stay in their earth vessel as long as possible so that they can assist Gaia and Her inhabitants.

ALL of you are following your own inner guidance. ALL of you are beautiful lights of unconditional love that blaze into higher worlds that are higher than you can imagine. We, your Galactic Family, see your great light and are honored to be your Family. Enjoy your ascension. You have worked and waited for this experience for countless incarnations.

Remember that YOU are a great pioneer forging the Trail Home.
We love and support you unconditionally,
The Arcturians

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  1. As always you deliver such timely and energetic inspiring messages, that resonate to my core fillling me with further abundance of divine love.

  2. Wow, what a great post. I saw it at and came here to check it out, bookmarked your site. I hope to read it several times and gradually absorb it.

  3. That our frequency is a deliberate CHOICE can’t be said enough.

    ‘Those who expected to leave the planet .... Wanting out is a concept that lowers your consciousness, and lowering your consciousness dis-allows you to perceive your higher frequency experiences.’

    ‘Wanting out’ is voluntarily taking the victim position & this never facilitates higher dimensional awareness. Part of unconditional love is loving who we are right now & where we are. Enjoy the journey for it is a journey of joy.

  4. ALL of you are following your own inner guidance.
    In other words, you've got no idea what each one is about.
    So, why do we need you to listen, at the first place?
    Now, I'm sure this comment will be erased, as soon as, since no only one way of thinking is allowed in so called "unity" consciousness.
    Gravely wrong!

  5. Dear suzanne,
    Thank you, from my heart to yours. It helps me very much.
    Thanks Arcturians.

    Sending all the best on your way