Friday, December 21, 2012





Beloved Ones, we are the Arcturians,

We bless you all on this important day of 12-21-12 and wish you all Happy Winter Solstice. We see your Lights amplifying with your every breath. From our perspective, Gaia is absorbing your increasing Light and sharing it will all who have not yet found the Fount of Light available for all.

Gaia and all her inhabitants rejoice within this day, for a silent beginning has commenced. Your New Age has come in like a lamb and will grow into the power of a Lion. A strong Silence has come into your NOW in which you can BE your SELF in your everyday life. As you relax into this Silence, you will hear our voice and see our face everywhere.

Many of you have wanted to leave the challenges and turmoil of the third dimension, but you did not realize that there is no such thing as leaving. You are always everywhere all the time. What changes is not your location. All that changes is your Point of Perception. Your Point of Perception is that to which you focus your intention. This intention will stay adhered to this focus by the force of your unconditional love.

Gradually, you will begin to realize that wherever you place your intention and bind it with your unconditional love, shall be your Point of Perception. At first, you will only be able to maintain one Point of Perception at a “time.” Then, as you begin to release your habit of time, you will be able to remain simultaneously focused on more than one Point of Perception.

This ability to maintain multiple Points of Perception is an innate ability of your Ascended Master presence. Yes, you are already Ascended Masters, but you have forgotten that due to your third dimensional thinking. You are not in the process of becoming fifth dimensional. You are in the process of returning your Point of Perception back to the fifth dimensional SELF that you have ALWAYS been.

Your ascension is not the process of becoming someone more evolved. Your ascension is a process of remembering who you have always been and returning your Point of Perception to that expression of your Multidimensional SELF. Once you have consciously placed your Point of Perception onto a higher dimensional expression of your SELF, you will easily be able to live as your Ascended SELF concurrently with your human self.

We have, of course, spoken of this process before. However, within your NOW the energy fields of light directed towards your physical reality is of a much higher frequency than you have experienced in almost 26,000 years. This energy field resonates to the highest frequency of light, which is unconditional love.

The acceptance of this unconditional love into your physical form and everyday life will greatly facilitate the return of your multidimensional memory. Your multidimensional memory will allow you to intimately re-connect with all the Truths you have forgotten during your long sojourn into the third dimension.

·      In fact, we ask that you relax into the acceptance of this Light right now…
·      Feel this greater Light as it enters into your Pineal Gland to activate your multidimensional memory…
·      Remember the YOU that is already an Ascended Master…
·      Visualize this component of your SELF in great detail…
·      What do you look like? What are you wearing? See your great light and love emanating from your Third Eye, High Heart and hands…
·      Feel and accept the unconditional love emanating from this Higher Expression of YOU…

Your Ascended Master SELF is the ONE who choice to incarnate in your present body so that you could assist with Planetary Ascension. Therefore, you do not need to deserve this YOU or change yourself in any way. You are already this ascended one. Therefore, all you need DO is to place your Point of Perception into this component of your Multidimensional SELF.

You can shift your perception via the power of your imagination/5D thought. It may take a bit of meditative “time” for you to allow this shift in your Point of Perception, so be patient with yourself. You have worn your earth vessel for many incarnations and identified it as your self. Therefore, you will need to break that habit and identify your self as your Ascended Master and your earth vessel as the projection from your SELF.

Begin your process by imaging yourself as the Ascended Master, which you are!
·      Look down at your feet and see what is on your feet…
·      From your feet look up your body to see what you are wearing…
(Your Ascended Master may not be humanoid, so do not be bothered by that.)
·      Look out to your ascended hands and see the Light shinning from them…
·      Touch your face with your hands to see how the Light of your Third Eye is amplified by the touch of your hands…
·      Now, touch your High Heart to see how your High Heart and hands amplify their Light…
·      Place your Point of Perception on THIS form…
(At first, you may only be able to hold this Point of Perception during meditation.)
·      From your Point of Perception as your Ascended SELF, include your earth vessel within this Point of Perception…

As you repeatedly practice this exercise, you will slowly realize that you are both of these expressions of your SELF all the time. Then, you will be beyond the limitation of time, as your primary Point of Perception will be with your Ascended Master SELF. Then, you will maintain your human Point of Perception for as long as you wish.

In fact, you can withdraw your human Point of Perception and protect that earth vessel in a higher frequency, so that you can re-activate and use that vessel whenever you desire. Ascended Masters have often maintained earth vessels in this manner.

There will likely be a great deal of “practice” before you can remember that your primary Point of Perception is your Ascended SELF and your earth vessel is the projection from that SELF. At first, you will likely feel as though your earth vessel is your primary Point of Perception and your Ascended Master SELF is not quite real. Be patient with your SELF as 3D habit takes “time” to break.

As more and more of Gaia’s inhabitants place their primary Point of Perception onto their Ascended SELF, the collective habit of 3D time will begin to fade. This fading away of time will escalate as the Unity Consciousness of Gaia transports their primary Point of Perception onto the Ascended SELF living within the Ascended Planet.

Just as your Ascended SELF resonated to the fifth dimension and beyond long before your first incarnation on Earth, Gaia’s Ascended SELF resonated to the fifth dimension and beyond long before She took Her 3D form of Earth. Gaia and Her inhabitants did not originate in the physical plane. All life originates in Source and chooses to move as far down the frequency scale of reality. However, once a Being remains in the physical plane of time too long, they forget their higher frequencies of SELF.

Again, we remind you that ascension is not an “accomplishment.” Ascension is a return to a version of your Multidimensional SELF. We openly and unconditionally love and welcome ALL of returnees back into our higher frequencies of reality.

The Arcturians and 
ALL our Galactic and Celestial Family


  1. ‘Many of you have wanted to leave the challenges and turmoil of the third dimension, ... All that changes is your Point of Perception. ... to which you focus your intention.’
    ‘You are not in the process of becoming fifth dimensional. You are in the process of returning your Point of Perception back to the fifth dimensional SELF that you have ALWAYS been.’

    Very important distinction.

    ‘Your ascension is not the process of becoming someone more evolved. Your ascension is a process of remembering who you have always been ...’

    The popular view that ascension is about improving our unevolved self is a remnant of those belief systems that hold that we are inherently lesser than our heavenly superiors, even damaged. As you’ve discussed in other posts, this is one of the results of seeing our self as separated from SELF, other higher dimensional beings, & what is called god. Thank you for explaining how we can be entirely comfortable w/ our choice of having the full, nuanced human experience to gain awareness of things that are unavailable to us in the higher Ds & hold higher dimensional awareness.

    The energy exercises to strengthen these pathways are very useful.

  2. Depression has Air to getting easier Life.

  3. !!! Sleeping in a non linear time flow !!!

    12:12:12 is over. 21:12:12 is also over. The heralded new earth is born. The new planet configured in another vibratory level is there.
    Welcome to the ascended planet or the ascended Earth is welcoming me!

    The old Earth and his old paradigm are still there in a HOLOGRAM state.
    Me, the one writing these words, where I am right now?
    I’m with the new ascended planet, may be? (This is my intend)
    I’m with the old HOLOGRAM Earth may be?
    No, I’m in the old Earth and I’m in the new Earth at the same time, may be?
    No, All that changes is my Point of Perception.
    It appears that I’m a bit confused!

    Where have gone the physical body (holding space) people had before 21:12:12?
    These bodies have been transmuted to hologram!
    No, these bodies have been shifted to another planet!
    No, these bodies are protected in high frequency particles, so that they can be re-activated latter. May be?
    No, these bodies are simply sleeping somewhere in a NON LINEAR TIME FLOW, may be?

    I expect the ARCTURIAN FAMILY to explain more this complicated subject of parallel realities.
    My mail address is:

  4. THanks to your contact with the Arcturians, it is getting easier for me to understand and integrate with how this new "time" and space is unfolding. Their explanations resonate the best with me, as for why we are still here in 3d.

  5. I remember last year around 11/11/11 I was in meditation and saw a being standing before me. I was confused because it looked and felt like me. He/she(both masc and fem depending on my mood) would simply mirror my posture and stare back into my eyes. Like most of us, I always have the habit of assuming that any Being I envision is someone outside of myself here to teach me. Over the past year as meditation have progressed, this higher self has added to his wardrobe. At first he had a simple tunic with symbols around the neck. Now he has a collection concetric rings and geometric shapes slowly rotating, glowing with pearlescent/metallic shine. More recently as I envision him encompassing my physical body, I find myself standing taller, straighter, my mood more stoic, patient, empathetic. My shoulders feel 4 ft across.


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