Saturday, December 15, 2012

Highest Dimensions


Highest Dimensions 

As I was released from the hologram at the conclusion of the Arcturian Ascension, I realized that my inner, wounded warrior was finally healed. Furthermore, I felt my energy field expand far beyond the Holosuite and into the Core of the Mothership’s seventh dimensional Oversoul.

When I first entered the Oversoul, the feelings of bliss and unconditional love overwhelmed me. However, I could only perceive a sparkling cloud around me, and I could only hear the Silence. Yes, the Silence did have a sound, but it was not experienced through the sense of hearing or even clairaudience.

The Silence was experienced as a vibration of total harmony and unity. In fact, as I began to calibrate my perceptions to this frequency of reality, I realized that I sensed that I was surrounded by every experience of form I had ever had. In fact, I saw EVERY body that my Multidimensional SELF had worn in any incarnation into form.

First, I experienced my seventh-dimensional SELF in a wavering, ever-changing form of glistening light. With my multidimensional perceptions fully activated, I could see the myriad expressions of any particular component of my Oversoul as it moved into the lower dimensions. Hence, I could perceive generation after generation of the expressions of that expression of my SELF.

Each of the progressions from Oversoul that traveled down into the lower worlds came from a certain “Originator” of that line of incarnations. The descendants of that Originator multiplied more and more as I looked down the dimensional scale to see the myriad off-springs of that Originator. By the third/fourth dimension there were thousands of expressions of that particular Originator of Oversoul descendants.

Furthermore, I had many Oversouls. I had a Pleiadian Oversoul line, an Arcturian Oversoul line, a human Oversoul line, a Tau Ceti Oversoul Line, a Sirian Oversoul Line and even an Antarian Oversoul Line. Then, each Oversoul Line had many Originators of expressions with innumerable expressions as each Originator’s descendants occupied forms in the lower dimensions.

Additionally, many of the countless descendants from each Oversoul Line for different Star Systems were intertwined further down the dimensional realities. For example, within my current expression of Mytre, I could perceive the Essence of Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirius and Earthling. I was just beginning to recognize my many expressions of Oversoul when I felt my loose, seventh-dimensional body release it’s form.

I experienced a huge rush of energy, as if I were shifting into faster-than-light speed without any sense of movement. It was a very unique experience. I knew that I was greatly accelerating, but there was no time or space to serve as a maker of how fast or where I was going. Therefore, I just relaxed into this glorious feeling.

Then, just as quickly as that feeling began, it ceased. Instinctively, I knew that I had merged with the ONE of the NOW in the group consciousness of the eight through tenth dimensions. I felt the Arcturians welcome me to their section of the Mothership.

I was in total unity with limitless expressions of Arcturian consciousness. I “knew,” (which is the only way I can translate this form of communication into 3D language) that they were reminding me there were other energy life-streams within this frequency besides that of the Arcturians.

I could feel those differing energy patterns that inter-twined with the Arcturian energy-patterns much like many instruments blend within an orchestra. Each energy pattern was distinct, yet totally intermingled within the whole. Being totally free of any form and experiencing complete unity with Cosmic Consciousness was almost more than my consciousness could absorb.

On the other hand, extracting myself from this energy field seemed impossible, which indeed, it was. In other words, I was NOT extracted from it. However, I “knew” that I could alter the focus of my perception into the lower frequencies of reality when I was ready. However, I could not imagine ever being ready to leave this experience.

“Once you have remembered this expression of SELF, you never need to forget it. That is unless you re-enter a third-fourth dimensional world. The EM field around that frequency of reality instantly mutes your access to these higher memories. This electromagnetic firewall, protects the lower worlds from information that would literally short circuit their brains.”

 Yes, now I understood why I had to release my Warrior SELF before I could resonate to this frequency of reality.

“Are you ready to visit the eleventh-twelfth dimensional expression of the Mothership? We say visit, as your energy field is not ready to do more than merely peak into this frequency.”

“Yes,” I said, a bit too confidently.

Instantly, I was inside of the beginning, as that is the only world that I can imagine using. I felt pulled into a million, billions segments of anti-matter swirling in unity and simultaneously exploding into each other. With each explosion a Universe was born.

Whatever reality I was visiting was inside of me, above me, behind me, but yet, I had no form. I had no substance, no knowing. I was existence that was not yet created and the beginning of the ending that was completed. All these sensations were overwhelming, and my consciousness was unidentifiable. I was in awe of this experience, but was loosing all sense of SELF.

Suddenly, I felt the Arcturian inside of me, while I was also inside of it. Everything began to spin faster and faster. The Silence became so loud that I was deafened and the light so bright that I could not see. I was expanding and contracting, while remaining totally still. I could feel myself blinking out of all reality, then I as gone.


I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in my Quarters with the Arcturian and Mytria guarding my body. I blinked a few times, smiled and said, “I am still alive!”


  1. I was impatient to hear this Suzanne! I searched the blog for new postings several times during the past 2 days- I had imagined/sensed in similar lines- I am very happy that the wounded inner warrior is healed and released. you had been indeed blessed to experience that magnificent journey through several higher dimensions and their energy patterns! Yes, the silence did have a sound- a vibration of total harmony and unity the 'AUM'-primordial sound. The was able to comprehend the form less feeling, the cascade like pattern of the descendants of the over-soul and myriad other over-souls and finally your experience of the SOURCE-'I was inside of the beginning'-Beutiful!- I instantly understood that this is the experience we aspire through myriads of our incarnations of different dimensions. I share your awesome feelings. In that SOURCE,I am the'anadi ananth sachidanand Parahbrahmam'-THE EXISTENCE NOT CREATED AND THE END THAT WAS NOT ENDED- total BLISS!
    Thank you Suzanne for putting your experiences in words for the 3D earthlings like me. Pranaam!

  2. Dear Suzanne,

    Thank you for this beautiful message. It reminded me of a memory I had When my awakening started almost 10 years ago. You're 7th dimensional experience comes very close to what I have experienced also and it was overwhelming and so beautiful.

    In Light


  3. The information about the adventure into the higher Ds is wonderful. Thanks sooooo much for taking the time to write up these specifics.