Monday, April 30, 2012

Your Future SELF


Now Future SELF would like to give you a personal message:

My dearest ascending one,

I AM your fifth dimensional future/past self.  I AM your heart, your mind, your spirit and your body.  I AM the first one of your fifth dimensional selves to enter into your third dimensional awareness.   And, beloved, there are many, many more of us.

As each of your fifth dimensional selves enters your physical awareness, and eventually your physical form, the vibratory rate of the molecules in your physical body will rise.  As you have seen, there are physical symptoms which accompany this process.  One common symptom is that you may become very tired.  This is similar to the fatigue that an infant, a teenager, or an elder experiences.  This fatigue is caused by the body working so hard to raise its vibration that little energy is left for external tasks. You are preparing for a great transformation and much of your bodies force is being used to integrate this new frequency into your earth vessel.

Your finer bodies in the fourth dimension have already accomplished this transformation.  (see Thoughts Door, Conscious Section) Your Causal Body made the transition when it learned to step into Spirit to view the cause and effect of life from the point of viewpoint of the fifth dimension.  This means that your Causal Body has gone through the Void into the fifth dimension and has been able to see the Grand Plan, or the “Reason for your Incarnation.”  From this perspective, each and every earth challenge is seen as part of your Mission.

Your Mental Body has embraced Galactic Consciousness.  Therefore, it is able to accept, and begin to integrate, the portions of itself that are “beings” on other planets, galaxies, and dimensions.  Your Emotional Body has learned to love and accept your dark side—most of the time.  Therefore, fear has less power to block your higher senses. 

Your Etheric Bodies, both the Etheric Body that guards the threshold to the Void before the fifth dimension and the Etheric Body that guards the entrance to the physical body, have become more resilient and open to transmutation.  Your Etheric Body is the Guardian of the Threshold.  The Etheric Body that guards the Threshold to your physical body is the unconscious self that protects you from becoming overwhelmed and, therefore, shutting down the process of transformation.  It regulates the flow of prana to your physical body so that neither too much nor too little prana will enter it. 

Your Etheric Body also guards the threshold to the Void between the fourth and fifth dimensions to prevent an excess of fifth dimensional experiences from entering your awareness until you have completed your fourth dimensional lessons.  Your Etheric Body holds the memories of your ancestors as well as all the everyday life lessons that have ever been experienced in all of your third and fourth dimensional realities.  In this way, you can take ALL of your lessons and integrate them into your conscious mind—when you are ready.

You may likely display different physical, emotional, and/or mental symptoms as the process of integration of your total SELF continues.  The physical body can easily become overloaded by conscious stimuli of the higher and parallel realities.  Since the fall of Atlantis, the human brain has functioned at about 10% to 15% of its total capacity.  “Whole Brain Activation” is quite rusty and may create problems within the body while this innate whole brain functioning is reactivated. 

Your Causal Body may be going through a process of confusion because the third and fourth dimension rules of cause and effect are diluted by the NOWNESS and ONESS of the fifth dimension.  Your Causal Body has had to release the concept of “crime and punishment” and replace it with the concept of “Earth is a Schoolroom.”

This confusion may be evident in your every day life as a lack of confidence in your ability to understand why things are happening.  Your physical form may suffer anxiety and depression as the illusions of limitation and separation are released and the NOWNESS and ONENESS of the fifth dimension bleeds into your everyday life.  This process can create negative feelings as old core beliefs regarding your “unworthiness” leap to the surface of your consciousness to be healed and released.

Your Mental Body may have been amplified by the power of your fifth dimensional consciousness.  Therefore, thoughts that could once remain hidden are now shown to your conscious mind and acted out by your emotions and behaviors.  Negative core beliefs have been taken from the archives of your memory and played out in everyday life so that they can be transmuted.  “Knowing it all” has been replaced with “the more I know, the more I don’t know.”

The Emotional Body has been on a roller coaster ride as your dark side has come to the surface with its many messages of fear.  Your “worst fears” have been played out so that you can “survive them” and diminish their power.  Again and again, you have had to love the parts of your self that you denied, hated and/or feared.

Your Physical Body may be exhausted and prone to illness now because all of these experiences and lessons that are being integrated into your everyday life.  You may also have had trouble with sensory overload as formerly unconscious causations, thoughts, and emotions have flooded your conscious mind. 

Your extrasensory perceptions have greatly advanced and “what is real?” becomes a frequent question.  The veils between the third and fourth, as well as the fourth and fifth, dimension are becoming thinner and thinner.  Memories of past lives, both on Earth and on other worlds and dimensions flood your dreams and meditations and take you by surprise in your everyday life.

You have opened the portal yet often you may wish you could close it.  However, the thought of losing this new SELF is more disturbing than continuing your difficult process.  Your may doubt your sanity or wonder if it is all “just in your imagination.” The veils of illusion are parting and a clear path is opening before you.  The illusion of separation from you and “All That Is” is falling away, and a union with all life is forging a pathway of forgiveness—forgiveness toward everyone and everything that has harmed you, including harm that you have caused to your self. 

This forgiveness is creating a compassion within you, compassion for others and compassion for your self. It is this compassion that will allow you to integrate me, your fifth dimensional self. Consequently, the more you integrate me into your everyday conscious life, the more you must become conscious of, forgive, transmute, and have compassion for, all your confusion, negative thinking and fear.

The process has now begun!  You can’t stop it, because I—your Future, fifth dimensional, SELF—won’t stop it.  At long last, you and I are one again.  Your ego and I have joined forces.  I AM the Captain of your earth vessel and your ego is my first mate.
Let go
I am here
I am you


  1. Thank you, Suzanne, for the message! It made me understand better what we are passing through! I am feeling sooo tired :O


  2. I m feeling very tired.... as someone is sucking energy out of me, getting fatigue very soon after doing some work..... is my frequency changing..???

  3. Thank you for providing detailed information about this energetic growth process in this blog & your site.

  4. Thanks for this message Suszanne,
    it helped me to understand this hole process.