Thursday, April 12, 2012

Singing Plants

The singing plants

Makes sense to me. I have been talking to plants my whole life.


  1. Hello Suzanne,
    How about crystals? I had a crystal of mine communicate to me it has communication with Max, the crystal skull. This skull is from Arcturus and three weeks ago for three nights in a row I dreamt I was meeting with Arcturians, whom I have never met with in this life that I can recall. Is it normal for crystals to communicate with other crystals considering one of them is of another planet? I have communication with most everything, yet this is quite new. Its as if this crystal of mine wants me to know if I want to communicate with Max I can, yet Max is speaking to me through this crystal I have.
    Thank you Suzanne for sharing.
    Sarah :0)

    1. Dear Sarah,
      It is my understanding that Max can communicate with anything it wants to. Sounds like it has a message for you!

  2. Thank you Sue. So true!!
    Sarah :0)