Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Videos

Hope you enjoy my two newest youtubes.
Group Mind Ascension
Creating New Earth

We are creating a New Earth NOW with our Group Mind to ascend People and Planet as ONE Being.

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  1. Blessings Beloved Sue! Thank you for the lovely multidimensional newsletter. It was filled with the divine guidance I have been waiting for. I am grateful to be on the right path of my spiritual journey with your unconditional love and divine guidance. The time has come for the great ascension, am I (we) prepared? Let's get prepared! I'm excited and anxious to hear the news in your next newsletter! Thank you dear Sue! Your videos guide me thru my awakening and give the most loving and biggest impact in my spirituality today. I will help raise awareness of the great ascension and awaken those who have not yet thru the same path you led me to.

    •*~Divine Spiritual Beings~*•
    •*~Unconditional Love & Always Forgive. One Love~*•