Sunday, April 15, 2012

Transmissions From HOME Part 3


Third Message

Dear Ascending ONES,
The love and light of our messages are constantly flowing from our frequency into yours. You have heard of many impending changes, which will soon be revealed to the general public. We say the word “soon,” as from our frequency of no-time we choose not to give dates. Also, the information that will be released (and is being released) will only be perceived by those who are ready to receive it, as well as when they are ready to perceive it. Fortunately, because of the steady flow of this information, and your choice to accept it, you are beginning to shift in and out of myriad versions of Ascending Earth.

Once you experience other frequencies of reality, you become aware of the many dampers in your consciousness that you had to (unconsciously) create in order to perceive ONLY the third dimension. With the awareness of these constraints to your perceptual field, you begin to see through them to perceive higher expressions of reality.  In this manner, the illusions of your physical reality are breaking down, and you are left with the matrix of many possible realities that have always been underlying the third dimensional illusions.

Your true nature is much like a search engine on your Internet in which you “type in a key word” and have your choice of many versions of reality. Then, once you “click” that choice, you are able to explore that version of reality. Also, just as the other options on your Search Engine do not disappear because you have chosen to open a certain file, the myriad realities that you did not choose to “click” still exist. Just as the many temperatures of water intermingle in your oceans, these many possible realities intermingle in the vast Cosmic Ocean of the ONE.

When you chose to enter the third/fourth dimension, you turned off your ability to access your personal “search engine” so that you could remain on the physical world. We can guarantee you that most of you would have chosen to click—place your intention on—a higher frequency of reality if you had conscious access to it. However, now that you have downloaded and integrated your multidimensional consciousness, you are beginning to see through the illusions that once seemed very real. Of course, all reality it “real” while you are experiencing it. Then, once you shift your intentions away from that world, it becomes a “potential reality.”

Those of you who have placed your attention and intention onto our constant flow of information, are beginning to perceive the “bleed through” of parallel and possible realities. When you are “working,” your attention is focused on your physical responsibilities and your myriad possible realities are forgotten. However, once your mind is free to wander and you choose to do that which “feeds your Soul,” your multidimensional consciousness returns to the forefront of your awareness. It is then that the many possible realities become conscious, and you experience the bleed through of higher frequencies expression of your life.

For example, the grounded expressions of our Galactic Federation are completely ready for our landings and for the precursory changes in your reality that will make a peaceful landing possible. Therefore, many of you are going to the search engine of your Internet to see if there is any new information. We wish to tell you, that you can begin to release the need to access the physical Internet to gain your information, as we are able to speak directly to any of you that calibrate your consciousness to our frequency of reality.

Conversely, we do suggest that you share any information that you gain from us on your Internet, as it serves as a hub in which it is safe to express your Multidimensional SELF. Those who still do not believe in their inter-dimensional abilities will choose not to read your information, whereas those who are hungry for messages from Home will eagerly “click your message.” This sharing of your experiences via a safe and anonymous hub is your rehearsal for sharing your experiences in your daily life. By sharing what you have received via your inter-dimensional communications, you make them “real” to your daily life. In other words, you make these inter-dimensional communications NORMAL.

When one of you takes the risk to honestly share your multidimensional nature with others, you make it safe for them to share their multidimensional experiences with you and with others. As more and more of you KNOW that their Home is beyond the confines of the third dimensional illusions, you begin to “crack the 3D Matrix.” By this term we mean that the hold that the third dimensional paradigm has had on your consciousness for more incarnation than you can remember is loosening.

Once this hold on your consciousness begins to loosen, the definition of  “normal” begins to change. It will become normal to receive inner messages from your higher dimensional Home. It will become normal to release your desire for fame and recognition in a reality that is closing its doors. It will become normal to look through the 3D Matrix to see your true reality. At first, this vision may be much like looking through gauze curtains. You can clearly see that there is something on the other side of the loosely veiled window, but it not clear to you until you pull the curtains open.

More and more there will be visions that come into your awareness just beyond that veil of illusion. At first, you will ignore them because they will distract you from your “work.” You will be too busy to bother with your imagination. Then, you will begin to realize how VERY tired you are of the work, and how much you long to take just a quick peek through that veil. When you dare to pull that “curtain” aside, your emotions will burst forth in remembrance of Home. You will want to tear down the curtain and open the window. However, you have work to do! You have responsibilities to others and to your world. How can you take out time from your busy life to “day dream” of a better reality?

That question, once asked, cannot leave your mind. Furthermore, that feeling of Home will not leave your opening heart. So, why not just take a quick moment, perhaps during your break, to take a quick peek through that veil? You take a moment to close your eyes to the illusions of the physical world and pull aside the curtain that has kept your true reality distant from your daily life. No, you can’t see a thing today. Yes, you knew it! It was just your imagination. There is no “other world.” You are just here. But where is “here?” If your physical world is all that there is, why can’t you stop longing for a life that is lived in love, creativity, camaraderie and spiritual fulfillment?

Perhaps, there will be some news on the Internet about this yearning that will not cease. You pick up your smart phone and go to your favorite sites. Yes, sure enough, there is more news. More things are happening that you WANT to be true. You want the fighting for survival to end. You want the debts to be forgiven and your home to assured. You want to travel through nature and enjoy what is left of your third dimensional experience. Oops, there you have thought it. There you have admitted to your self that you DO believe all that you have been hearing because you WANT it to be true.

But how many things have you wanted to be true in your physical world that never happened? Yet, it feels different now. You don’t exactly know how, or maybe even why, it is different, but it IS different. You feel it. You know it. You want it to be true so much that you remember again and again to “imagine” yourself living that reality that you glimpsed through the gauzy curtain over your mind screen. You cannot forget the feeling of unconditional love and total freedom to express your SELF in every moment. Thus, you hold those thoughts and feelings in your consciousness where they begin to take root and grow.

It is then that you choices begin to change. Maybe you don’t need that thing that was your reward for working so hard. Maybe you would prefer to go to the park with your family, pet your dog, hug your children or embrace a good friend. Maybe having stuff and/or gaining recognition is not so important any more. In fact, it is getting increasingly difficult to do any thing that does not fill you will peace, love and even joy. What is wrong with you? You have bills to pay, things to buy, your boss needs you—even though you hate your job. In fact, you hate “working.” Oops, you said it, you thought it, you admitted to your self that you are tired of working. You want to be more creative. You want to enjoy your life. In fact, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be part of creating a whole new way of life?

Now you have admitted it! Now you have chosen to look out that window rather than attend to that thing you are doing so that you can make money. Now that you know that YOU are working long, hard hours to eke out a living while others are stealing your money, repossessing your house, laying you off and taking your retirement. NOW you are angry. But anger is not always bad. Anger can assist you to DO that thing you always wanted to do, but you were a good person who was working to contribute to your society.

However, now you know that is NOT your society. It is the society of a very few people who NEVER worked. Are you going to continue with that life when there is reality based on unconditional love and unity consciousness just on the other side of your mind? Or, are you going to follow your heart into that which was formerly impossible?  However, NOW it is REAL. However, it is only real if you click that link.


  1. Stunning. Just stunning. Nothing else I've read in the last year has come close to what this message has done - which is to describe how I feel and think about my life with astonishing accuracy! This is me you have described. Completely and entirely.

    Thank you. Thank you so much.

  2. Beautiful and so awesomely true! Thank you!

  3. Exactly how I have been feeling for a few days now. I just can't deny it any longer. It has taken precedence within me and around me.
    Sarah :0)

  4. So wonderful! I recognize myself as well but at this moment I'm also feeling sad but I don't kniw why. I guess I will find that out soon enough. Thank you very much Sue!

  5. Wow, it rings so true to me. This weekend I had a very strong feeling that maybe my galactic brothers and sisters were to come true that door.

    Thanks for sharing Sue.

  6. I Michelle from Washinhton, DC here.
    I am studying for my finails, and it is HARD to get motivated. I feel like it won't matter in the end. I don't think anyone cares what my GPA is in the higher dimensions.