Thursday, April 26, 2012

Many Versions Of The Same

Many Versions Of The SAME

I am sharing this email, as this person is asking a question that many have been asking:

Hi:) I've been reading some of your messages of lately. Do you know/can explain why there seem to be different Arcturians messages coming in with different angles, such as Ashtar Command, Lord Arcturus and "sweet pink pictures"?

Dear C,
Many of the Galactics that are assisting us with the ascension process have taken on third dimensional bodies. We are all Multidimensional Beings and myriad expressions of our consciousness in many bodies, planets, galaxies and dimensions. Therefore, people who are "channeling" higher beings are often actually receiving information from a higher dimensional expression of their SELF. Since the Arcturians are the extremely evolved Galactics who assist people, groups and planets to move into higher frequencies, many of them have taken on a human body.

 With a grounded, human component of their SELF they can better assist in personal and planetary ascension.  However, we humans still have separation consciousness and each of us can see the world differently. It is very difficult to translate fifth dimensional and above Light Language into 3D, linear language. Therefore, some of the "channels" personality and personal ideas leak into the channeled message.

This process of having may different channels is by intention. Ascension is like a huge puzzle, and we must all find our own puzzle piece, find out how to use it, then find out how to ascend it, so that we can fit into the planetary ascension. There are no absolutes in the higher dimensions, as every thought and emotion becomes manifest and unites with other manifested thoughts and emotions. Therefore, there are many different ways to look at the same thing. None of these perceptions are right or wrong. In fact, in the higher dimensions there is not judgment or polarities of right and wrong.

Now I know you are confused, as I have given you a very short description of my website, which I have worked on for over 18 years. Please feel free to ask questions about what I have just said.

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