Monday, April 23, 2012




I dreamt last night that I was in the fifth dimension. It was interesting because I was a different age. I was single and about college age. I was hanging out with my friends, just doing normal, young-adult collage life. However, there was no money, no cars that I could see, we did have some kind of certificate that we carried so that we could get anything that we needed. It was not a long dream, but it was very interesting to see myself as that young again. Also, it was very interesting to experience a society that had no worries for survival.

We hung out in groups and ate together in a huge room, maybe a dorm cafeteria, and did normal life. However, there was no concern for survival at all. We were all taken care of, not by our parents, but by daily life. There was no experience of fear at all, but we did have interpersonal actions, which were teaching us to be adults. Some of the dream took place at night, and we all moved around as safely and freely as we do now in the daytime. We seemed to travel everywhere I some form of public transportation, which had no fee.

It was not a long dream or very profound, but it was a trip outside of time. I don’t remember any of the drama that I had in this reality. I felt totally confident and safe and was surrounded by many friends, which was not the case in this life. This seemed to be New Earth and not the higher octaves of the fifth dimension, and I was at the selfish age of finding out who I was. My friends were all important to me, and I was always surrounded by them. I had none the young life loneliness or depression that I felt in this life, and felt quite confident.

Who would I be today if had I been that free when I was that age?


  1. Hello sue, loved your dream - is it your understanding/belief that on or after ascension we will be able to revert to a younger age and perfect health? Xxx

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for all of your work! You are very inspiring and uplifting. You are truly a gift to humanity and Mother Earth.

    Peace n Love

  3. Great dream Sue,
    Its already here :0)
    Sarah :0)

  4. Wonderful dream...I remember dreams,in which I felt totally free, too...there was this deep knowing, that all your wishes and needs are met, so there was no need at all, cant even describe this feeling in words. I think it gives us a glimpse how it feels on new earth and in other dimensions...or maybe we are practising during dreamtie to get used to this feeling, to get rid of old beliefs.