Friday, December 30, 2011



Somewhere after my message of 11-27-11, I began to loose time. I went on a retreat on December 11 and came back just before my webinar on December 21. It was like I touched down long enough to do the webinar, and then I took off again. I was involved in some personal issues, of course, that took a lot of my attention, and worked a bit, but I was still floating through time.

By that statement I mean that I was loosing time, or time was loosing me. I can’t remember much of what I did, but I do know that I could not do any mundane tasks. I could not return email, or pay bills, (which, of course, I had to eventually do), clean the house and I still have not unpacked from my retreat. I had my 65th birthday during that time, so age continued even though time had stopped. 


I think that this morning I may be able to touch down into the 3D again. In fact, I had a dream last night about how to slowing intermingle with my Arcturian SELF:

Dear Arcturian Expression of my SELF,
Please assist me in understanding my dream. Much of it was lost as soon as I awoke. Therefore, I must call upon my higher frequency of consciousness to remind me of the message. Please assist me.

Dear Grounded Expression of our SELF,
Take a moment to raise your consciousness into the higher frequencies of your Multidimensional Mind. See the great ocean of possibility before you and allow yourself to slowly step into this ocean. Surrender to the unknown and allow it to flow around you as you step deeper and deeper into the sea of possible realities. These possible realities swirl within you consciousness at all times. Step into this inner ocean, knowing that your experience is real.

In fact, “real experiences” all begin inside of your greater self. These experiences are then projected out into whatever reality that resonates to your frequency of consciousness. For example, your “dream” was a reality for your fifth dimensional SELF, while your third dimensional earth vessel slept. To assist you in remembering your true experience, the imprint of this experience was left in your fourth dimensional consciousness so that it could be more easily retrieved by your waking mind. You left this fifth dimensional imprint in your fourth dimensional aura as you were awakening to assure that you could remember it when you awoke.

The details of your true experience, which was beyond the limitations of time, are foggy to your time-bound thinking. Hence, you will need to meditate a moment to return to the multidimensional thinking which can remember your fifth dimensional experiences. In fact, it will not “remember” for remembering is a time-bound thought based on bringing forth a “past” experience. Instead, you will return to the NOW of that experience when you activate your multidimensional thinking. 

Feel the dream around you as you walk along the shores of multidimensional possibilities. You can feel your third dimensional doubt, frustration and fear. You can simultaneously feel your fourth dimensional aura floating around you enter the shallows of this ocean.  Now feel how you are creating a connection to your deepest inner self, the depths of the sea before you. Experience the flow of your true Arcturian nature as it enters your fourth dimensional aura and your third dimensional brain.

Feel the rising tide within our brain. It is this rising “tide” of multidimensionality flowing into your mind that has been it so difficult to partake in the many mundane activities of your physical life.  Feel that flow tricking into your mundane life, drop by drop. Allow a slow trickle so that each drop can be digested and absorbed. Your dream, fifth dimensional message, told you that all one needs do to initiate this process of Becoming ONE with SELF is to BELIEVE that it is possible.

Your belief sets your state of multidimensional consciousness,
Your multidimensional consciousness directs you to expect to BE your SELF,
Your expectations direct your perceptions of higher frequencies of reality,
And the reality you perceive is the reality you experience.

Believe in your Higher Expression SELF, and feel your consciousness expand to encompass that belief. Use you multidimensional consciousness to expect to BE this expression of your SELF. While BE-ing your SELF, go into your true inner world to perceive the fourth dimensional expression of your SELF…
            BE your Aura…
            BE your Dream Body…
            Face your darkness…
            Return to the Land of Faerie and take your favorite form…
            BE your Emotional Body…
            BE your Mental Body…
            BE your Causal Body…
            BE your Spiritual I AM Presence…

SEE the Rainbow Bridge across the great void into the fifth dimension…
            Cross this Bridge by releasing time…

Releasing the habit of time is no small task, as our mundane self will repeatedly say, “But I should be doing…” Fortunately, the long journey through our fourth dimensional self allows us to remember to say, “I love Being…” Choosing to BE that which we love releases the duty of time and pulls us across the Rainbow Bridge into the threshold of the fifth dimension and New Earth.

Living in New Earth gives us a loving transition into our Multidimensional SELF and the myriad realities that we can simultaneously experience within the NOW of the ONE. Releasing our habit of “time,” frees us form linear thinking and the limitation of sequential experiences. It is then that we can more easily remember the many expressions of our Multidimensional Being. As we remember our SELF, we become our SELF.


  1. As 2012 is slowly approaching we step into ourselves and open our "eyes" .
    Dear friends Happy New Year and welcome New Earth who waits us to find Her inside .

    My love to you all


  2. Time is dissolving as Gaia moves fully into the lower 4th dimension. we are truly living by habits of time. This is so important to understand, I ask that you write some more about your experiences for those of us who are struggling with these concepts. I am looking forward to this year with all my heart and I look to you for interpretation of what is happening. Happiness and light to you, we are all One

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