Friday, December 16, 2011



I saw a Star Trek—Voyager show in which an unseen alien came aboard their ship. This Alien had the ability to look into everyone’s subconscious fears and take on the form and person of the very person who created those fears in their life. For as long as each crewmember ignored this mirage, they were fine. However, just listening to the voice and seeing the body of the one whom they loved, and hearing their message of guilt, was more than they could tolerate. Eventually, all of them began to interact with the illusion, which was actually the alien who had took on that form, they fell “victim” to that situation and lost the ability to focus on their job. Instead, they became trapped in their own guilt and fear.

We have all had that experience of becoming lost in the illusion of a re-run of an unsolved issue from our past. How the dilemma was solved was that, Tess, a psychic member of the crew was able to serve as a mirror and send that illusion back to the mischievous alien. With the alien subdued, the Captain asked, “Why did you do that?” and the alien responded, “Because I can.” This being did not know did not live in the ONE, until the very moment when what was sent was returned. We do not need to be the mirror so that those who “hurt others because they can,” as that would be a huge distraction from our ascension mission. Instead, do NOT interact with any reality we do NOT want to experience.

Interaction with a reality says, “Yes, give me more of this scene.” If we do no enjoy that particular scene of that particular reality say, “I choose NOT to participate.” Then we send that scene the neutral quality of unconditional love.  Unconditional love is a huge force of transmutation that has no PERSONAL attachment to us. When we send any situation unconditional love, whether it is a “I DO want this reality,” or a “I do NOT want this reality, it transmutes that reality into a higher frequency of expression.

Fear-based realities resonate to a lower frequency of existence, and the transmutation process will be slow because fear naturally pushes away any type of love. However, eventually, the higher frequency of unconditional love will transmute that fear into its higher frequency expression of neutrality and, eventually, into some version of love. For example, it takes longer for very cold water to transmute into steam then it does for warm water. Hence, a reality that already resonates to love will quickly transmute into a higher expression of that love.

When we focus on a love-based reality we are saying, “Yes, give me more of this reality.” If we then send unconditional love into that version of reality it will bond us to that expression of reality. The bonding quality of unconditional love is the basis of the Unity Consciousness that fills love-based realities. Once we know we have the choice to say yes to a reality by interacting with it, or no to a reality by refusing to participate in that scene of life’s drama, we feel confident that WE are the creator of your life.

On the other hand, when we feel as though we are being pulled into a reality that we do not enjoy living, we do NOT feel like a creator. Instead, we feel like a victim. We have all gone far enough now to realize the beaten down sensation of feeling victimized. Sometimes we feel victimized by others, and other times we may feel victimized by our own habits and addictions. Whether the problem comes from another or from our self, the cure is the same—unconditional love. However, as difficult as it may seem to unconditionally love others unconditionally, we often find it to be even more challenging to unconditionally love our self.

We have been programed for myriad lifetimes that loving our self and creating our own life would be selfish or conceited. Power was often a bad thing, because it was often “power over” instead of  “power within.” These concepts came from a reality based on individuality and separation. As we return to our innate Unity Consciousness, we remember that however we interact with ourselves, we also interact with others. We, also, realize that any display of inner personal power is a contribution to the Unit, which strengthens everyone. The shift from third dimensional thinking to multidimensional thinking forces us to perceive life is a new way.


In order to shift out of our third dimensional thinking, we must take responsibility for transmuting our life from the third fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension and beyond. Transmuting reality is like changing a habit:
First you don’t know why you feel bad
Then you identify the source
Then you transmute it far after it happened
Then you transmute it closer to when it happened
Then you transmute it right after it happened
Then you transmute the reality (change the habit) WHILE it is happening

This is an important moment for you are in the NOW of the experience. Therefore, you can see how it happened and how you are participating in it. Then you can change the habit/ transmute the situation in the NOW, which is the time you have the best power of transmutation. Transmuting your reality after it has happened is a rehearsal to remind yourself that you do NOT want to participate in reality in that fashion—or that you do not want to participate in that reality at all.

With each rehearsal you identify the reality that you don’t wish to participate in and/or the behavior, which you no longer wish to exercise. Each time you catch yourself in the act of behaving a certain way or participating in an unwanted reality, you have an opportunity to look inside yourself as and say, “I AM the creator of my reality. Why did I create and/or participate in this reality?”

There may be different reasons at different times, but the reality, and your behavior within that reality, is a pattern of resonance, a thought-form, a habit. When you see this, remember to say, “I AM the creator of my reality and All patterns of resonance are created by my consciousness. My reality, the reality that I AM creating, begins with a thought form, which I created by the thoughts and emotions that I am consciously, or unconsciously, allowing to fill my consciousness.

 This sentence is the key to being able to remain on New Earth. New Earth is not a place; it is a frequency. It is not your responsibility to experience it; it is your choice. You can only perceive and experience New Earth when you are resonating to a fifth dimension and beyond state of consciousness. These higher states of consciousness are what open the Inner Portal to New Earth. It is the opening of your own inner “doorway” that allows you to visit New Earth. However, whenever your consciousness drops below the fifth dimension, you will no longer resonate to that frequency of reality. Therefore, you will no longer be able to perceive the reality that is always there.

For example, insects perceive and experience the ultraviolet reality. This reality is always around us and we can easily see the third dimensional insect bodies that are seeing and living in that reality. However, our consciousness and, hence, our perceptions do not resonate to the ultraviolet frequency of the physical light spectrum of 3D Earth. Therefore, we can see the insects, but we can’t see the reality in which they live.

At first, ascension will be similar to the insect vision, in that we can perceive New Earth, and others could see our physical body, but they will not be able to see the reality we are seeing until their consciousness resonates to the same frequency. This example is similar to a clairvoyant who can see beings from higher dimensions or a clairaudient who can hear voices from the higher dimensions. Those whose consciousness is still only third dimensional, can see these people, and may ask them to share the reality that they are experiencing, but they cannot experience that reality themselves. 


  1. I am glad that you are talking about the specifics of experiencing/living unconditional love. It was confusing to me because we do not FEEL unconditional love in the third dimension, only emotional love. This is a stumbling block. I am am learning what unconditional love is now, which is kind of detached love, which is very different from the love we are used to. It is a challenge to unconditionally love those people and things that we usually love conditionally. This is so important so as not to be discouraged in our ascension! thank you thank you thank you more please

  2. I was very intrigued by the post and found the episode with a little research. For those interested, it's Episode 8 (Persistence of Vision), Season 2 of Star Trek Voyager. It's probably available on Youtube and worth watching.

    I'll have this episode in the back of my mind for future encounters with others. Staying neutral is more difficult than it sounds yet it's getting easier for me. And watching this episode helped.


    Thanks Sue.