Friday, December 16, 2011



Dear Group that WE are building,
I am at the destination of my retreat, and I am ready to do my daily check in with our Group Mind. The first two days were about traveling and relaxing from a stress that was so ingrained that I didn’t even feel it. Then, just before we left to drive this final stretch, I dashed off a message.
To all of you who are going the webinar, (updated info on Webinar at as well as for anyone who reads this blog, I have said that I will take a moment each day to tune into our Group Mind. I talk about Group Mind in my last newsletter, which is archived if you have not read it. Sorry, no Internet, so no links. It is archived under “join our Newsletter” at  Because I have no Internet and have to drive to a restaurant to get it, you may get several daily messages on the same day. Fortunately, time is merely a third dimensional illusion, so it doesn’t really matter when you receive these messages.

I am taking a moment NOW to tune into the Group Mind of Creating New Earth. I invite anyone who reads this, at any “time” to also tune into that Group Mind. The Source of this Mind resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond; therefore, “where” you are, or “when” you tune in does not matter, as this Source Mind is infinitely in the HERE and NOW.

As I tune into the Group Mind, I get the image of millions of particles of light slowly joining into ONE Center of light. At first the ball is quite small, but each new particle enlarges the Center, making it more attractive for others to join. This dynamic is what has happened with the Occupy Movement. It is because we are at the culmination of many cycles and are located in direct alignment with the Galactic Center that these events are naturally occurring. Below is a quote I read from David Wilcox:

“Complex Adaptive Systems theory, which is an offshoot of Chaos Theory and fractals, states that when you stress a “complex adaptive system” like an economy to a point of peak instability, it reorganizes into a higher level of order—quite spontaneously. The way in which it reorganizes cannot be predicted or scripted in advance – and single entities within the system can become the cluster-points around which the new reorganization will occur.

“This was modeled using computers that studied the behavior of a pile of sand as it formed. Once the pile reaches “chaos,” or peak instability, the position or direction of movement of each particle can no longer be predicted. However, the pile then has an avalanche and immediately reorganizes into a higher, more complex and more organized form of its former self.”

If I had Internet I would be researching this theory, but for now, I just wanted to mention it, as it seems that that is what occurring. Our entire “complex adaptive system” has been based on the separations and limitations of the third dimensional paradigm. Now, we are, definitely reaching that point of “peak instability” of our 3D Reality, AND we ARE, quite spontaneously, reorganizing into a higher level (higher frequency) of order. Hence, we cannot predict exactly how we will create New Earth and/or fully BE our true Multidimensional SELF, but we are ALL that “single entity within the system that can become the cluster-points around which the new reorganization will occur.

When we release our third-dimensional thinking and use our innate, multidimensional thinking, we can begin to understand that each “individual” is the “single entity” within our system. However, because we are multidimensional, we are, also, the “higher level of order” of our Multidimensional SELF. This sentence will confuse our third-dimensional self because that expression of our SELF believes that we can only be one person at a time. However, within our multidimensional thinking we remember that we are MANY expressions of our multidimensional nature in the No-Time of the fifth dimension and beyond.

From the perspective of our fifth dimensional expression of SELF, we can easily perceive that our third-dimensional frequency of SELF, in which we are the “single entity,” serves as the Portal through which we can return to the higher level of order of our SELF. As we travel our innate, inner Portal, which is the Core of our Multidimensional SELF, the force of our transmutation becomes a cluster-point around which the new reorganization occurs. In other words, each and every ONE of us is the creator of New Earth working as ONE Being.

We begin our process of “becoming a cluster-point” when our physical self, the lowest frequency of our Multidimensional SELF, begins to reorganize into a higher dimensional expression. There are many “leaders” outside of us in the 3D Holographic Game who are assisting us, but they cannot actually “lead” us because our Path of Ascension is inside of our own Multidimensional SELF.

I have written about this process of returning to our SELF since 1994 without ever truly getting the “big picture.” I am now realizing that this big picture is ever changing. Our every thought, emotion, decision or action reorganizes our perception and experience of reality. I could not understand this before because I was thinking in a third-dimensional, sequential manner. I was thinking in terms of cause and effect in which any cause created an effect. However, by thinking multidimensionally we understand that there are myriad causes all intermingling and interacting to create patterns of energy which are only perceivable when our consciousness resonates to that specific frequency.

My physical self saw one cause at a time with on effect stemming from that cause. Within the multidimensional thinking, which I am just beginning to understand, every within the no-time of the higher dimensions, all the causes sent our from all the persons, places, situations or things are simultaneously creating an effect. All of these causes and all of these effects are occurring within the sequential time of the third dimension, the wavering time of the fourth dimension and the No-Time of the fifth dimension. Hence:

Within the third dimensional expressions of our Multidimensional SELF: one individual is trying to learn that, over a amount of time that is determined by their state of consciousness, every thought and emotions causes a certain effect in their personal life.

Within the fourth dimensional expression of our Multidimensional SELF: overlapping auric fields are learning that over a mutable amount of time certain causes interface to create effects within their world and upon the lower frequency of the third dimension.

Within the fifth dimensional expression of our Multidimensional SELF:
·      The united consciousness of Multidimensional Beings within the timeless ONE is guiding their fourth and third dimensional expressions Home by implanting thoughts and emotions in the fifth dimensional Group Mind.
·      This Group Mind can be accessed by their lower frequency expressions of SELF whenever their consciousness expands into the fourth dimension.
·      Once these thoughts and frequencies are accessed by their fourth dimensional expression of SELF, they become manifest within the aura of the third dimensional expression of SELF.
·      Then, once the third dimensional expression of SELF becomes aware of the information flowing through their aura, they give it their attention, which creates its manifestation of this message within the third dimension. 

Within the sixth dimensional expression of our Multidimensional SELF:
·      The changing Divine Matrix of Earth is being restructured exponentially due to the culmination of cycles and the position of the third dimensional expression of Earth in relation to the Galactic Center.
·      These changes in the Matrix instantly merge with the Unity Consciousness of the fifth dimensional expression of Earth, and ALL Her inhabitants, which infinitely alter the energy patterns of New Earth.
·      These new energy patterns are shared with the fourth dimensional expression of Gaia (Earth and all Her inhabitants), which gradually alters the aura of all the grounded manifestations of Gaia.
·      Over third dimensional time, which according to the Mayan Calendar has ended, the alterations within the aura of Gaia’s life forms creates gradual and/or spontaneous changes in the third dimensional structure and form of Gaia’s myriad life forms.

Within the seventh dimensional expression of our Multidimensional SELF:
·      The shift in our seventh-dimensional Oversoul begins to alter the molecular expression of all of our expressions of a Galactic and/or Celestial Being, as well as Gaia’s expressions of a Galactic and/or Celestial Being.
·      This shift the frequency of form affects all the personal embodiments of form that our Multidimensional SELF has chosen to create in every the civilization of our Milky Way Galaxy. In other words, the form that we have chosen to create on every planet, star and dimension of the Milky Way Galaxy will be transmuted into a higher expression of Being.

Within the eighth through tenth dimensional expressions of our Multidimensional SELF:
·      The Group Minds and collections of Pure Consciousness of all of the expressions of our Multidimensional SELF within our entire Universe will transmute into a higher frequency of Being.
·      Source will experience a transmutation that will resonate through out the ONE of our entire Local Universe.

Within the ninth through twelfth dimensional expressions of our Multidimensional SELF:
·      Source will experience a transmutation that will resonate through out the ONE of the entire Multiverse.

Do you see now why so many Beings from so many worlds and frequencies of reality are gathered in the fourth and fifth dimensional aura of Gaia? These Beings all want to watch and they ALL want to help. Therefore, the next “time” you think that you are too busy to bother with this “ascension stuff,” remember that you are being watch, and you are NOT alone! 


  1. Just to check: this means that many of those gathered and watching me, are actually me, making sure I'm getting the ascention right?
    GAIAFIRST on your messages <3