Tuesday, December 6, 2011



Living in Multiple Realities

Dear Arcturians, 
I wish to ask you about the blending of the two realities, the reality on the Starship and the reality on Earth. Whenever I visit the Ship, I become very reflective, almost sad, afterwards. If the day or time after a visit is very busy, then I am distracted from those feelings. However, if I have a quiet time, even if it is the day after, I am very tired, or lonely, maybe it’s is sad. Can you help me to understand this?

Dear Ascending One,
We have had similar questions from other grounded ones who visit their Home on the Starship. Returning to us is such a natural experience for them, and you, that when you return to your physical life you feel like something, or someone, is missing. The some one who is missing is your SELF. You miss the YOU who is no longer bound by the challenges, rules and polarities of the third dimension.

We appreciate that our grounded ones are eager to return to their true vibration. On the other hand, because you have worked so hard to prepare for your ascension, you have cleared much of your own darkness and fear. Because of that, your lives on third dimensional Earth are better than they have been for most of your live, or even for most of your many earthly lives. Wanting to leave that which you have finally learned to love unconditionally creates a unique emotion that is unfamiliar to your earth-bound thinking.

Those of you who travel inter-dimensionally are beginning to recall many of the myriad realities you have visited and/or live. You are regaining these memories because your fifth dimensional excursions are jarring you OUT of Time. Everything that you have ever experienced in all of your realities is stored in the ONE of your multidimensional Group Mind. Soon, you will have access to all of your multidimensional memories. In fact, many of our ascending ones can access many of them already.

Connecting with these memories is pleasurable, but if often leave you with an usual feeling. What you are actually experiencing is a mix of grief land love. You have grief about leaving that which you have learned to love, but you are, also, more than ready to return to your full expression of SELF. You have had a long adventure on physical Earth and are ready to come Home. However, you already miss your third dimensional life even though your tour there is not quite over. When you try to make sense of these feeling via your third dimensional thinking you become exhausted from the mental effort of trying compute emotions that appear to be in opposition.

Furthermore, your third dimensional thinking cannot understand the concept of living in two worlds. Hence, you must call upon your multidimensional thinking to allow the concept of simultaneously living in two realities. When you relax into the flow of multidimensional thinking, you will find that your third dimensional thoughts and emotions resonate to a lower frequency than your fifth dimensional experiences. Therefore, these thoughts and emotions cannot effectively perceive and understand a reality of the fifth dimension and beyond. You will also discover that the higher dimensions can easily perceive the lower dimensions, but not the other way around. Your third dimensional form can only perceive the frequencies of reality that are of the same resonance of your consciousness.

You can only access the third dimensional reality while traveling through your physical life, but you also access your higher realities when you are able to access your multidimensional consciousness. However, when you call upon unconditional love, which is abundant in the higher worlds, you are free of ALL thinking. Unconditional love allows you to hold multiple realities in your High Heart, as it is the binding force of the Universe and holds all realities as the myriad expressions the ONE. Hence, unconditional love allows you to free your thinking from the separation and limitations of third dimensional time and space.

Your tour into the third dimension has been so difficult that the thought of adding yet another reality seems overwhelming. For this reason, the healing force of unconditional love is needed so that you can find your Center and remember your Multidimensional SELF who has been overseeing you through you myriad incarnations. Once you expand your consciousness to embrace your Multidimensional SELF having more than one reality feels “normal” and gives you assurance that you are on your Path of Ascension.

We send unconditional love and compassion to our grounded ones who are experiencing multiple realities and are happy to see that you can, also, maintain your base on ascending Earth. You are, indeed, returning to your Multidimensional SELF. You are all such wonderful, brave warriors! Soon, enjoying in multiple realities will be natural and normal. We know that to be true because we share that reality with you NOW.
The Arcturians


  1. Get the sense that I am along with many many others building Crystal Cities in the 5th Dimension for us to live in........Jescara,Korbola and New Philadelphia.....3 of the names.....keep seeing myself as a Black Purple Dragon.....a me different from the aspect building....but still the same......MKDT/ Mark Taff/Zor B.....really fascinating this which is going on....very very cool

  2. Forgot Malaecka.....my Arcturian me.

  3. But Suzanne, this is all upside down. I got so happy, when I started reading, because I just yesterday felt so down after being on the ship at night, so now I thought, I'm going to read about this, what a releef.
    But then the explanation goes on about being sad having to leave earth, NO, not at all.
    I'm happy on board, happy when I wake up remembering, often I carry the happyness with me for most of the day and then the downer sets in, missing home so much. Home as in Arcturius/family. GAIAFIRST on youtube

  4. Hi all,

    I have a vision of me standing in a tall forest surrounded by tall trees, and it is very quiet, in the distance I can see tall buildings and flying objects going in and out. I live there with my kids and husband and also my twin flame sister Sabienne is there. I have a lovely vegetable and fruit garden and when a traveler comes by he/she is welcome to take what they need. When I walk a bit further I come to a lake and further I see snow peaked mountains. I here my husband playing and laughing with the children. This is a vision I really nourish.

    Last I was very busy in helping but kind remember that well what I was doing, the only thing I can remember was coordinating planes and later I was a fireman trying to keep everything save.

    Very nice article, thanks
    Namaste, Lisa

  5. Correction: I meant: Last night I dreamt I was very busy....

  6. Hello,
    I liked that post, Sue. I agree with anonymous, though - I am happy *there*, and it's struggling to stay in the 3D world that's saddening! I have actually to force myself to remember what day it is, to get the mundane chores done, etc.....I could easily sleep for 14 hours, and sit here in a reverie for the other 10. The 3D world has become for me like someone tapping you on the shoulder when you're engrossed in a riveting book or film.
    Like the person above, I have been building things with crystals at night, too! Beautiful bright transparent crystals, in fascinating faceted shapes, it's so wonderful in that dimension.....then I have to get up and write a letter about my bank overdraft; it's like walking slowly along a tropical beach of white sand, then suddenly you're in a Harlem slum on a cold night. Very difficult.....I sure hope we don't have to do the splits like this for 12 more months.