Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men

Good Morning,
I have not posted anything as I am traveling. However, I have actually had time to write something, but I feel like I need to be on inflow. As you know, sometimes our lives lead us into an outflow cycle in which we are VERY busy. Then, at other times we are in an inflow cycle, in which we need to go deep inside and regenerate, learn, commune, meditate, etc. December has always been that kind of a month for me. Perhaps, it is because my birthday is on the 27th.

Also, with the closing ing 2011 and the beginning of 2012, we are preparing for and creating our new higher expressions of self, as well as our new higher expression of Earth. Just as one dips down before they jump up, many of us are feeling like we need to go down, down, down into the inner depths of our inner SELF to see if anyone else needs to be healed and released. We are moving into a higher frequency of expression now, so we can't carry any "dead weight" with us. Fortunately, these explorations can be done on a energetic level. Therefore, we do not needs to interact or understand any dissonance inside. Instead, we can just identify and release it. The best way to release our inner angst is with unconditional love for yourselves.

I am jotting off this blog quickly, as I am on my way to Big Sur where Internet is poor. I have spent the first two days of this trip traveling, listening to youtubes and reading. All inflow. I encourage all of you to find some "time" to go into inflow. I know the Holidays can be very busy.  Maybe that is why I like to leave now?? I end this with a poem I wrote, perhaps, years ago. It is only NOW that I can fully believe it.

Going Home?

I now surrender all control
Of my physical body to my Soul

My Spirit is alive in me
And wants to BE completely free

To travel to the worlds sublime
Beyond all limits, free of time

Within the NOW, all life doth Flow
There are no questions, we simply know

"Come into me," my heart is calling
As I let go, I find I'm falling

Falling up and far away
To set my Spirit free to play

To stay within the starry skies
Where there are no reasons, rules or whys

"Just BE your SELF," I hear inside
"You can come out, you needn't hide."

"Oh, but the world's so mired in fear.
If I must go back, can I still stay here?"

"You never left, this is where you live.
"Know that truth, so you can forgive.

"Forgive yourself for getting lost.
"You're found again, at no small cost.

"Yet, accept the pain that you have known.
And share this HOME that you've been shown.

"Hold this reality as your true life
"And release the illusions of fear and strife.

"In your mundane life, its time to heal
"To know that THIS is the world that's real.

"Within that knowledge, you'll rise above
"All loss and fear into peace and love.

"Embrace this life, as you return
"And share with all, what you have learned.

"From this world, you will not leave.
"You're always here, you must believe.

"Believe your SELF’s inside forever,
"For that connection you cannot sever.

"I AM the SELF within your heart,
"And from your life, I'll NEVER part.

"Hear my words each night and day,
"As I guide your life in every way."

I hope to FEEL many of you at the Webinar on December 21. I get back just the day, and likely the night before. In the meantime, I hold the intention to FEEL the Group Mind that we are creating and to send it unconditional love.
Happy Holidays,
Suzan, Suzanne, Kepier, Suzille


  1. Interestingly, I had a conversation with a friend earlier this morning about releasing our dead weight... the invitation is to be the Light Beings that we truly are ~ Love

  2. What an absolutely sensational poem...thanks so much for sharing...yes will see you on the 21st, happi travels

  3. Dear Suzanne,greetings from Malaysia.What a lovely thought of you, thank you for sharing.I have been following your Divineworks for ages and is a 'must' for me whenever online.This the most beautiful things that has been captured. Thank you very much indeed love.
    p/s : Feel free to drop-by Malaysia. I am happy to show you around.-Joe