Friday, December 16, 2011


I finally have Internet, so I am posting several articles now. My retreat is WONDERFUL


As gently as a blossom coming into flower, as softly as a whisper in the midnight hour, like a feather slowly rising in the currents of the air, we surrender to ascension without a worry or a care.

We find the moments we create are drifting into days, as slowly we become aware that we’ve moved into a haze. This haze is what is in-between, where we are and where we’re going, is the space between the past and NOW that’s wavering and glowing.

We release that which is over, to find that which we cherish. And let go the life that is complete, so it may slowly perish. It is through the ashes of what is done that we find the glow of our new Sun. The Sun, the Stars, the Sky, the Sea all tell us who we’re soon to BE.

Because we’re ONE with all the Earth, together we shall Know re-birth. The “who” we are becoming, and the ONE we’ve always been, remembers we are free of fear and forever clear of sin. As we return back to the Sender, the ONE we NOW remember, WE are the ONE we’ve always known, WE are and light that we’ve been shown. We step into our future to live within the NOW, to be our SELF with every breath, cause we remember how.

And as we do recall the ONE we truly are, together with dear Gaia, we shall become a STAR. A Star so bright and filled with love from deep inside and high above that we light the path for all to see and the way in which we can be free.

Free at last and free forever with a bond of love no one can sever. Within our SELF inside our heart, we’ve found the place from which we start. We start anew for we are through of being a separate “me” and “you.” We NOW can BE all that we SEE and know that love is always FREE!

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