Monday, November 21, 2011


Dear One,
I had a feeling of El Morya coming to me this morning at about 3:00 am and then I had the words Merging with the Arcturian Group Mind when I awoke. Which message should I call on now?

Our dearest One,
We the Arcturians would like you to first receive the message from El Morya, for the downloading and merging with the Arcturian Group Mind is a long process, which will become a series.

Dear El Morya,
I heard you in my consciousness this morning. You said something about responsibility. Can you please continue your message? I am ready to “take dictation.”

I AM a component of the Group Mind of which you have spoken above. In fact, all the Ascended Masters entered into the Group Mind frequency at the point of their ascension. We spoke as individuals to make our grounded ones more comfortable, but we now will return to our plural expression when we commune with you.

We wish to say that you have already integrated your Arcturian Group Mind, but your physical self is not yet aware of this integration. In other words, your multidimensional operating system is now fully online, which is why you have become so forgetful of concepts based on limitation and separation. Just as once you could not hold in your awareness concepts of unity and unconditional love, you now are in the process of releasing concepts of limitation and separation.

We wish you, our grounded ones, to know that you are fully among us, but you did not leave Gaia. You have bi-located, which is a simple concept for multidimensional cognition, but a difficult concept for third dimensional thinking. Whereas before, you would struggle to understand and adhere your consciousness to a multidimensional reality, you now struggle to remain connected to a reality that still resonates to the third/fourth dimension. Many of our grounded ones are having this sensation, but they may or may not be aware of the reason for their difficulties in mundane life.

This morning you heard us say that you will be carrying a great deal of responsibility. When we said “you,” we meant the plural you, which involve all of our grounded ones who are in the process of re-joining their multidimensional/group consciousness. We say “multidimensional/group” consciousness because group and multidimensional are the same meaning to us. However, within your third dimensional thinking, a group means a group of physical beings. On the other hand, within your multidimensional thinking, a group involves beings of many different dimensions of reality.

For example, as we speak now, via the vision of your third dimensional thinking, you appear to be alone in your room. However, via your multidimensional thinking, the group mind of Ascended Masters, the group mind of the Arcturians and the group mind of Gaia share this room with you. In fact, they share you life with you, for your consciousness has expanded to encompass the group mind of the fifth dimension and beyond. Of course, you are not aware of this expansion if your window of perception is open only to the third dimension, which is something that you will often have to do while holding your earth vessel. Because the third dimension is separate and sequential, you have to do things in an orderly manner. For example you have to put on your socks and then you put on your shoes. In the fifth dimension, you imagine that you have shoes and sock on and—you do!

Also, because life is based on separation, if you suddenly merge with something or someone, such a merging with a tree while you are driving, you and that with which you merge will become injured. Conversely, if you in a fifth dimensional vehicle and it merging with say a fifth dimensional tree, the vehicle and the tree will experience a merging of molecules to become a tree/vehicle. Neither object will be damaged. They will simply experience a moment of complete unity. The tree, which is alive, will experience the reality of the vehicle. Also, the vehicle, which is alive—for the entire fifth dimension is alive—will experience a moment of unity with the tree.

The great responsibility of which we spoke is the responsibility to constantly discern the third/fourth dimension from the fifth dimension and beyond. This discernment is a responsibility because you are living in two very divergent realities with completely different mental constructs and frequencies of expression. You are all learning about bi-location, the art of living in more than one reality within the same NOW. You still have the habit of placing most of your attention on the third dimension, but when you do so you feel hollow, exhausted and lonely. These feelings are what reminds you to remember that YOU are a multidimensional being and do NOT need to limit your perception to that frequency of reality.

For example, even within your grounded life, do you always look down at the one-dimensional rocks, or always look at the two-dimensional plants? Do you always look down to the ground or up into the sky? No, you do not. Also, can you sense how some people feel different than others? Some people drain from you, whereas other people seem to merge with you and give you strength. The first group is still asleep, but unconsciously want some of the FEEL that they unconsciously recognize in you. Because these people are still unaware of their power, they have no recognition that they are pulling on your energy field. They are not trying to harm you; they are simply unaware.

On the other hand, the second group of people is awake, and they nourish you with their wonderful energy field. In fact, you both experience a rush of renewed energy when you are together because you pull each other into the Oneness. These are the people you seek out when you want to relax and regenerate. Those of you who have awakened to your multidimensional consciousness are learning to discern between these two types of people. Within this discernment you will choose to spend less of your “time” with those who are depleting you and more time with those who appreciate your being your SELF.

You are the creator of your life. You DO have the full ability to release that, which pulls from you and is unable to reciprocate by giving you light and/or love in return. If you feel you cannot leave this person, place, situation or thing, then you must go inside and find the reason why you are creating this energy pull in your daily life. There is a great temptation here to forget your SELF and fall into the wounded-ego of victimization. If that is the case, then you have a wonderful opportunity to move your perceptions into the higher frequency expressions of your SELF to better understand the purpose of this challenge in your life.

From that perspective, you will be able to understand why you believe you deserve this treatment so that you can go to the source of that wounding and love it free. You are too important to Gaia to become lost in squabbles and confrontations based on lower frequency perceptions of life. You are wonderful, multidimensional being who are busy with the process of ascending yourselves and your planet. ANY person, place, situation or thing that interferes with that mission needs to be addressed, healed and/or released.

Feel the unconditional love of your Multidimensional SELF around you and unconditionally love the embryo of your New SELF within you. Remember to remember who you are and why you are currently holding a physical earth vessel.

We, your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, are always with you to assist and guide you.
El Morya


  1. Suzanne, these amazing pictures have been published in a UK national newspaper of a secret temple

    They may have been based on visions of Atlantis.
    When I saw them ,tears came to my eyes - I know not why.
    Do they resonate with you?

  2. This is a beautiful channeling and i can so relate to feeling like you are living in more than one dimension and frankly, sometimes feeling a little crazy. i seem to slip in and out of dimensions frequently, but channelings such as this make me remember the reason.. we are multi-dimensional beings, and this is, in fact, normal!!! I feel the boredom and drain of 3D but good reminder to stay away from those who take our energy. What I notice is that people who are asleep are VERY attracted to my energy and i love to share what helped me on my journey, however, i also see friends not taking my advice, yet wanting to call me just to "feel the energy" and i repeat myself a lot.. i love the quote "It is not our responsibility to GROW people, it's our responsibility to love them just where they are at!!! I have to remember that!!1 Thanks for the beautiful message, there was a little different flair in this channeling with El Moreya ... beautiful message:) Thanks Sue!!!

  3. that temple is so beautiful...amazing - check here i found their website

  4. Thank you for this message Sue!!!! This is where I am at this present time!!! It feels good to know that there are others there who have the same experience.