Thursday, November 17, 2011

Messages from the Arcturians

(I finally edited these enough to post them, although i am sure you will find more typo. However, i wanted to get them out to you.)

11-10-11 Message from the Arcturians

Our Dear Ascending Ones,
Once you have traveled through the Doorway, Portal, Stargate, (which is not time-bound, so there is no “date” for this journey) you will be 100% responsible fore everything that comes into your life. In New Earth, which is the Threshold Word into the fifth dimension, every random thought and emotion will manifest. If your thoughts and feeling hold any fear-based patterns, you will no longer be able to resonate to fifth dimensional New Earth and your experience of that reality will end. There is morality or judgment involved this statement. It is simply that Law of Resonance. There are myriad realities, and you choose the reality and/or realities you wish to experience by calibrating your consciousness to the signature frequency of that reality.

In fact, you can only understand or discuss multidimensional experiences, such as ascension, from the perspective of multidimensional thinking and unconditional love. Think of it in that you cannot run if you do no know to walk. When you could barely walk. Hence, running was beyond your conception. In the same manner, when you are thinking in terms of third dimensional separation, limitation and time-bound events, it is difficult to even contemplate a reality in which all life exists and intermingles within the Unity of the ONE. Therefore, to experience a reality which is beyond mental programing to envision. Fortunately, you are all awakening at the “speed of multidimensional light” and embracing the FEEL of unconditional love.

It is the qualities multidimensional light and unconditional love that can best align you with the reality that you would most love to choose. Remember, dear Ones, the reality that you live is the reality you perceive. This perception is based on your belief that you are a Multidimensional Being. This belief expands your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond. With this expanded consciousness you can expect to perceive the higher realities. Then your expectation directs your perceptions. You do see how this entire journey begins with your belief that you are a Multidimensional Being, and allowing your Multidimensional SELF to take the reigns. 

Fortunately, as you believe in and integrate your Multidimensional SELF, your multidimensional operating system begins to fully integrate into your every thought and emotion. This integration is natural, so you do need to try. All you need “do” is to believe in your SELF.  Whenever you make the decision to maintain a state of multidimensional consciousness you are choosing to align and open your personal Doorway to New Earth. When your consciousness lowers into a third dimensional state of consciousness, the Doorway to New Earth closes. In this manner, you will live in two worlds, and journey back and forth between them by choosing your state of consciousness.

Your greatest challenge is to be the master of your every thought and emotion that you allow to reside in your consciousness. It is for this reason that ascending ones in other “times” in your third dimensional world closed themselves off in caves and distant mountaintops. In deep seclusion, they could ignore the chatter of the fear-based consciousness that constantly emanated from daily life in the third dimension. Therefore, our dearest ascending one, you have the greatest challenge of all, as you cannot isolate yourself in distant places for your society does not support that choice. Because your ascension includes Gaia, you must find that peace within, while daily intermingling with “life on 3D Earth.” However, the emanation of multidimensional light and unconditional love that you gain from your Surrender to SELF, that which is in the process of creating New Earth NOW.

11-11-11 Message from the Arcturians

As long as there is a need for success in the eyes of others, or a desire for financial wealth in your physical world, you are bound to that world by your “need” (need = fear in disguise) for fulfillment based on someone outside of your Oneness. This is another reason why seeker closed themselves off in caves, temples and mountaintops. However, the question is, “How do you discern between “outside your Oneness” and “inside your Oneness?”

The answer to this question is simple. If the issue is caused by a life form, place, situation or thing outside of your earth vessel, you have released the creation of your reality to a NOT-YOU Source. To remember the fifth dimension that you have just visited, you must remain inside your SELF. The third dimensional virtual reality game is an illusion that your avatar self thinks is real. You avatar self is a third dimensional human being who has logged in and out of the 3D Game so many times that is had identified with illusions of that Game.  Therefore, your avatar self perceives reality in a reversed manner.

Your avatar self thinks that when it logs out of the 3D Game it ceases to exit, as it can only experience life through the perspective of the human senses.  In reality, YOU are the ONE who logs in and out of the 3D virtual reality game. For many rounds of the Game, you have thought that you were reborn when you logged into the Game and died when you logged out of the Game. That is the part that is reversed. For far too many lifetimes and sojourns into the 3D Game, you believed that you were re-born when you enter the 3D Game. In reality, because you forgot about bi-location, when you entered the 3D Game you died to your SELF and became the avatar self.

As you continue with your ascension process, you begin to remember that YOU cannot die. You remember that YOU are pure consciousness who is choosing to take on an “individual” experience of the great ONE, of whom you are a component.  When you remember that you the pure consciousness of the ONE, which occurs within your fifth dimensional consciousness and beyond, you Know that your re-birth to SELF occurs when you log out of the 3D Game and, too often Death is logging in to the 3D Game. That concept does not concern you for YOU are always constant.

Furthermore, your fifth dimensional expression of SELF is logging into and out of myriad realities within the same moment of the NOW. Therefore, there is no loss because you can enter and leave any realty whenever you feel the call. From a multidimensional perspective there is no emotional attachment to death for it is your own choice to terminate the experience of any reality, and birth represents a new reality to which you will bi-locate. There is, however, an emotional component to entering a reality, for it is unconditional love, the binding force of the universe, that allows you to log into, be re-born, take a form in any particular expression of reality. Any fear-based emotions that lower your resonance below that of your fifth dimensional Self will terminate that experience, and you will return to your ascending process.

There is no judgment. It is just that your resonance must match that of any given reality that you wish to experience. If your signature frequency falls below that resonance, you can no longer adhere to that reality. Because you are newly returning from a very long sojourn on polarized Earth, it will likely take some practice to be able to maintain your multidimensional consciousness. This state of consciousness resonates to the frequency of unconditional love, which is quite foreign in a third dimensional reality.

Hence, be patient with your self, as you must release old, third dimensional habits. To return to your fifth dimensional state of consciousness remember to release your attachment to any fear-based thoughts, emotions, people situations or things. This release of your attachments allows you to return to your fifth dimensional resonance so that you can either log in or bi-locate into in to New Earth.

We watch your great light and love expanding with your every breath, and infinitely available to assist you.
The Arcturians


  1. Excellent teaching!

    Note that the Arcturian emphasizes PATIENCE and PRACTICE.

    In this now moment I INTEND to release the fear-based thoughts, emotions, and "reality."

    (I think I will start by turning off the chattery tv and internet)

    thank you Sue

  2. What happened to my post it s gone ???

    I posted it and now i can not find it .

  3. Dear Anonnymous...thank yoi fot putting so beautifully staight....the twists i felt.
    By the way these twists do show how in a "blink of an eye" we can fall out of our grace into...old conditoned leftover peaces...they also show how far evolved and in
    unity with spirit our physicalbody already came does work..its warns us with a "weird twisted" feeling in solarplexus...of not being in tune with our realself any more...

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