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Hello again.  It has been a long time since I wrote to thank you and I want to thank you again.  As I read your newsletters, I realize that I already have that information and have been unwilling to own it---like one of people coming out of the submarines---submerged in the fear of being too weird or too crazy or too alone or too something.  The emergence is the freedom to take my place and be visible, fearlessly and brightly visible again, here and now, connected to the Star People that I am, the angels that I am, the ancestors that I am and to be finally be willing to give up describing and defending any of the I ams.  I just am. 

Without description or defense, I can travel freely now through time and space and all the dimensions with authority and confidence to help myself and my clients become free of attachment and willing to enter the flow.  It's like riding a bike ridiculously fast, hands free and having a great old time knowing that I can't possible fall, yet aware that I am in control and in balance.  There is no longer a question of God's will or my will, right or wrong actions, dark or light energies.  I can mind my own business and not care in any direction.  It's perfection, this system moving in its own heartbeat, in and out of time so quickly, that there is no longer the polarity of movement and stillness. 

The less I attach to what I thought I cared about or stood for, the more I laugh and enjoy the wonder that I don't know anything so there is not much point in trying to figure it out.  It is and I am in it, finally smiling.  Your newsletters, and those from the generous hearts of others, the teleseminars, the books, the classes, the meditations---all those glorious steps that my rising Capricorn thought were so arduous, were just the path of ascension designed exactly for me, conspired by what I used to think was everything else.  And there is nothing else, except everything. Thanks again.

Rose Marie Fantelli, MA, PCC
Energescent Wellness
vibrant living from the inside out


Dear Suzan,

This week, Oct 24-28, some people begin to pop in in my mind so clearly that I suspect we are gathering because of ascension process.
They’re 4D people I knew when they were alive, and even 3D people I haven’t seen lately who are probably on the way.
I’m very happy with this “party” and well surprised with the presence of some people I wouldn’t expect if I had thought with my 3D mind – strict ones, drug addiction, narrow minded, etc. It’s like I’m recognizing them on a way I didn’t know.

As I don’t speak openly about the matter (people I’m contact with disbelieve or are scared) I’d like to know if there is a kind of wave gathering happening by
now or if it's just a matter of myself getting used to 3D becoming 4D… on the way to 5D…


Dear Suzan,

As a Dutch female I try my best to write in English properly...
First of all: Thanks for being YOU and for sharing all you're experiences in writing.
You speak the truth that's in my hart and it makes me so happy and faithful with my own guides.

Recently I saw a Tube film where you spoke about "keeping yourself hidden for so long" and writing under another name. I feel that way all my life...that I have to keep myself hidden... Until recently that I feel I have to let that fear go and grow to be the full me I am. Whatever I am may come out.
I feel the strong urge to stay in peace and meditation. Rather don't even go out for groceries and meeting people.
It somehow is too much for me at the moment... it is like walking in this 3 D reality is like walking in a dream....
Yesterday in meditation something odd happened. My father (who passed away several years ago) and a group of light beings came to pick me up and take me to my resting place.
They where so loving and caring and I saw myself leave with them. I saw I looked kind of exhausted and was happy that it was done...
I felt like I was giving my old self in hands of those light beings and was happy my father was there.

Still however I was sitting on my pillow and when it occurred to me that I just had left I wondered what it was that was sitting on that pillow.
It was my body...waiting for a new guideline... a new me... a new path or something.... although I saw myself also making sandwiches for my kids who had to go to school ;-)
And here I am waiting and making contact with my real home. Making this connection with where I come from brings up very deep feelings of pain and loss... I miss it so much.

I am in the process of re-connecting this body to where ever I come from. I always felt that I am not from this planet, nor from another planet, or maybe a star or as I feel it from a field.
I am in the process and it just happens... I wonder where I will arrive and what it is I will become and for such a long time I feel like I still haven't reached my purpose. Sometimes I even thought I totally missed mine! Now I know my piece of the puzzle or 'work' still has to come and feeling that it will arrive makes it one. I wasn't mad all these years...thanks to you I knew I wasn't, because I am totally sure you aren't.

Although I feel exhausted and I only would like to close my eyes, not sleep... just close my eyes and see all that is going on there and what it is trying to guide me trough and to...
Need to because when I don't I get severe headache.
So very in progress... I felt like sharing that with you cause you'll understand...

Thanks for listening and thank you so much for the work you do

From the heart....

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