Saturday, November 12, 2011



Debriefing 11-11

I will be releasing some of the information that I received yesterday, but I wrote it by hand and it needs to be put into the computer. Of course, like all Truth, it is not a surprise. Truth is that which have always known, but the challenges of daily life have made us forget. I did not think that I would ascend, for I have always felt that ascension is a gradual process that slowly builds momentum. There may be some pivotal moment at 12-21-12, but creating a “date” for ascension is time-bound, third dimensional thinking. It is our third dimensional thinking that binds us to the 3D Matrix. That last sentence is the short version of what I received from the Arcturians yesterday.

In the middle of the night before 11-11 I had a short vision in which a “Doorway” opened at my Third Eye, and I could look through it to see another reality. Later, when I was meditating, I was able to open that inner Doorway again. However, I could not go through it until I totally cleared all fear-based thinking. There were two issues that appeared in my consciousness, which I had to bless with unconditional love and release. Once I had done that, I was able to move through that doorway into New Earth. Moving through this Doorway was an inner experience, like all my meditations. I felt my physical body siting in my chair and was aware of my 3D room around me throughout my entire visit to New Earth. I will speak more about that later, but I must leave for work now. However, since I will be gone all day, I wanted to leave a brief message first.

This morning if knew more than ever that WE are Earth and New Earth is a threshold reality, a half-way house, in which we are free of the darkness of 3D Earth so that we can better remember our true, Multidimensional SELF. As we reconnect with our true SELF, we realize that ascension is not a “leaving,” for leaving is based on the concepts of time and space. It is these time-bound concepts that are being transmuted in our mind as we come to the “end of time.” End of time is not a leaving or a staying. End of time means being everywhere always. Our fifth dimensional Lightbody does not cease to exist when we enter a lower dimensional reality, as we have done in this lifetime.

Our Lightbody is experiencing myriad realities, while it/we simultaneously experience our physical reality. As our Lightbody grows within our earth vessel, and as it is activated by the higher frequencies of light that are really “kicking in” from 11-11-11 on, we will be able to experience more than one reality within the same NOW.  I think that New Earth is where it is safe enough for us to remember our innate experiences. We had to shut those experiences down in this 3D reality for it was not safe to reveal ourselves. We can look around the world now and see how New Earth is growing stronger and stronger. And the old reality of intense polarity, service to self and fear is loosing its hold on our consciousness.

We are in the midst of the most marvelous adventure of creating New Earth with our every thought and emotion. There is great joy in that adventure and immense responsibility. There is no free ride to a better place. THIS is the place that we created through myriad lives of fear, greed and anger. This is our milk that we have spilled and WE will clean it up with JOY and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  We are honored to be incarnated on dear Gaia at the moment of immense creativity. We chose to BE HERE NOW and to STAY until we have completed our Mission of Creating New Earth.  

I look forward to hearing others experience of 11-11-11. 


  1. Thank you Sue, great post.
    Again, you are posting at :44 - no coincidence :)
    Do you have news from Georgi ? How was it for him ? Does he have to deal with this wife and daughters now ? :)
    My experience of 11.11.11 and ascension has similarities to your description, yet I was at times convinced by Georgi's conviction that something very visible would happen on that date and that some of us would shift in frequency following a huge energetical opening affecting the whole earth very suddenly.
    For sure, it was not like this for me, in many ways it was just a normal day and I have not visited the New Earth just yet.

  2. Hi Sue, Happy Other Side!!
    For me personally, ascension has always been a matter of incremental bits. Releasing and then new flows that are sometimes so very subtle that they would seem in-discernable. It is a gradual releasing of small grains and stones of the dam holding all the waters of possibility, creativity, freedom, abundance, fulfillment and Love on the other side of here. It is slow work, in that if it is released all at once, it is an over-powering force of Nature that will inundate and destroy thru it's very flowing Presence. So it has been slow.

    But here now, as so many of us have joined hearts in steadfast intention for something better, we have actually dematerialized from the stuck side of the dam, and pretty much said "enough of this". We are now on the other side of the dam, and because of this it is gone.

    There is a clarity about this place, an innate ability that is so much a part of who we are, that we may overlook it initially. It is an incredibly subtle thing. But it will certainly change everything about this game. Our power and grace and love is no longer being syphoned off to feed others. It is now ours.

    What we do with it is the clean slate....the pristine new playing board that we have entered. The Game is at a new level. What shall we create NOW.....

    The responsibility is now ours to harness the immense power of our every thought, word and deed in service to a Higher Vision. We can do this. We can hold True to something better, something new finally. And never look back.

    With Peace and great Joy,

  3. Hello Sue,

    I'm wondering if we'll get some updates from Dr Stankov from the heavens.
    Thank God you're still around donw here in 3d so we can get more guidance.
    Maybe our pineal gland is dirty.
    D. Wilcock tells us we can clean it up by eating mangosteen fruits. I got to try that


  4. Hi Suzanne, regarding 11.11.11, I took part of an online meditation being broadcasted from Capilla del Monte, Argentina, where the intraterreneal city of Erks is located. It was very moving. Then last night I had two dreams, one where I was going to come second into an elevator to come down (not up) to the street, wanting to leave the house I was in, but then I got off and then I wouldn't fit through the bars, saw many people getting in knowing anxiously I couldn't and then I saw this friend of mine, owner of the house I was in, set up a computer where she resetted me to the start where I was already in, which got me there, I was the last one to be able to join the elevator and leave. I've been told I have been compromising my ascension due to reckless behaviour. But I disagree, I don't think I behave recklessly, it was nonetheless it was saddening to hear... Then another dream where I experienced and reexperiencing 3 events that had completely opposite outcomes, leaving me with the feeling of alternative realities... K-Li.

  5. I must say, given the whole lead up into 11.11.11 (i.e. elenin, yu55, national FEMA emergency broadcast test, tsunami exercises, global financial meltdown etc etc), I also expected something more powerful. Anyway, I guess we will just have to wait and see how it all plays out. It is only the beginning. I wonder what, if anything, happened to Georgi Stankov and Anthony Kane.

  6. I don't think waiting is a good way to ascension. If you continually broadcast "waiting", you will surely get back "not yet".

  7. Well, "waiting" or not, I expected something extraordinary and positive to happen to me yesterday. Not only because I've seen "11.11" in all forms of spiritual communication since I was a child, but because I've felt in my heart I would ascend. It was especially great linking up with Georgi Stankov and so many others in these last several months. It seemed to confirm that..

    But ultimately, that wasn't to be. I'm actively into meditation and tried everything in vain to even get a small illustration of what Suzanne and others were reporting in the last few months. But to no avail. I guess I wasn't on this wave and now I'm seriously questioning if I'm on any wave at all. My parents are forcing me to live a normal life, and I guess in some sense I have to put the hope down and just get on with my life. These last two days have been extremely disappointing to me.

  8. I was quite disappointed too. I felt and I saw New Earth, peaceful, full of Light, Love and freedom. I thought that Ascension did happen but due to my fears I was left behind. After an email to Dr. Georgi Stankov he replied: "nobody has ascended as the divine plan for this toxic planet was postponed once again. read my next report tomorrow, where I explain the situation".
    At this point I want to emphasize on something.
    Ascension is an ongoing process, it's like building a house, I believe that in 11-11-11 an Ascension occurred in levels maybe not apparent to us, they were subtle. Our consciousness expanded, our spiritual awareness, we took a deeper step within, leading to higher dimensions.
    A voice told me: "Don't loose faith". Also I had a dream 3 weeks ago, where a guide/angel told me: "Remain faithful to your star". After 11-11-11 I can see now that he was referring to what seemed that didn't happen. Don't worry everything will turn out positive for us, in Light and Love. Maybe the Creator of All-That-Is had to change an unknown variable regarding Ascension. I'm positive it is for the best.

  9. I had a wonderful morning on 11/11, linking up intentionally with the Collective. Tears of joy. Raising the energy, firing the grid, energizing Gaia's beautiful vibration. Couldn't find the portal, maybe next month? I guess we are supposed to live without time, in this moment. Don't be disappointed, ascension has already happened! yay!

  10. I am still on 3D Earth for now. It's easy to wonder did I do something wrong? But my sense is we are all still OK. For now I will continue to be myself and to help others in the ways I can.

  11. Hi All

    I too have been guided to George's site recently and subsequently Sue's information also. I immediately connected with the information and new it to be reliable. I am 37 years old and living in Perth, Western Australia.

    Due to the synchronicity of finding the ascension information now and from what I was feeling, part of me was also expecting something big to happen on 11/11. It was strong enough for me to prepare my wife and mother as best I could by leaving a folder with each of them containing some printed information from George's site. It included information about the current state of the world and the up coming ascension. This did not go down as well as I had hoped :)

    On 11/11 I was in Brisbane Australia for work as an Airline Pilot. Unfortunately in my line of work I have to live two lives despite sometimes trying to drop the "act" or "playing the game" as I call it. I don't think there are too many pilots preparing for ascension at the moment little own having an interest in esoteric stuff. Conversations on the flight deck have proved this point. The "act" is getting boring now and I really don't want to support the "Powers That Be" any longer. I can only trust my intuition at this point to lead me to the next step, so I'm trying not to make any drastic life changes based on what I "think" I should be doing. Not an easy balance as you all know.

    Anyway I digress. On 11/11 I was working all day (knowing all the time what day it was), had a light dinner, meditated and went to bed. Although I woke up on 12/11 still in 3D, I can say that something has changed. You can feel the energy. I could feel it during the meditation and now every time I remain still. It feels like pins and needles lately. I went for a run yesterday and wow! my lungs couldn't keep up with me. 11/11 was pivotal although subtle, but not relatively so.

    Although part of me was expecting something big, the other part wasn't so convinced as Sue has pointed out, ascension being a gradual process. The latter makes more logical sense even though everything was pointing to the first wave. With the energy that I felt during the 11/11 meditation, I feel that we our bodies might not be ready yet for our soul to turn on the tap of divine light fully. I know I wasn't ready with regard to clearing out redundant emotions and beliefs.

    I do believe however that is was important to focus on 11/11 though. For whatever reason we didn't ascend. It may or may not have been the plan and things change as we know. It did however draw our focus to preparing ourselves for ascension by giving us a time line to work towards. This may have kept us in 3D but it did help create something. Remember that 'what we focus our attention and energy on we create'. By focusing we stepped closer to ascension. We have to do the work and make it happen after all. What I have learnt during this last crazy year and a half since waking up is that I am only shown what I need to know at that time. Maybe just being aware of the changes around this time is enough.

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences with me as it has made me feel better and gave me more clarity on the situation again.

    Alex (from Perth)

    p.s. I hope George isn't getting too much of a hard time from his wife and kids :) my loving wife hasn't been too impressed with me lately.

  12. Thank you Suzan for your post and still being here! You have no idea how relieved I am that I was not left behind, so to speak. Your message was a blessing and inspiration to me! I am also grateful to the other people who commented prior to me because I can see that I am not alone in my feelings of disappointment of 11-11-11. In fact, I woke up disappointed that ascension didn't happen the way George said it would. Then I went to school (just started culinary school which I have been looking forward to for a long time) and that was good because it was something I loved doing. However, once that was over, the depression or more like annoyance set in that another big build up to something huge and transforming that was predicted, did not happen. I searched all the blog sites that I normallly visit to get my inspiration and it was earily silent. I was so releived to see Suzan's post today.

    Yesterday I thought that since I had those little nagging doubts in my mind that I was not able to ascend and maybe wasn't ready. I was annoyed at everyone and everything and things did not go my way the way they have been going so smoothly for me the past few months. Today is better, much better. I have had time to come up with the conclusion that is in line with your post today.

    Recently I lost my job and have had the time to practice meditation again. But, I fall asleep or my mind drifts all over the place. Last week, after weeks of going within, I feel like I had a small breakthrough. I have been practicing your meditations but I could never quite take my mind of the awareness of my body. I either had to swallow, or cough, or have an itch on my face which would bring me back from feeling a tingling sensation (which I feel on a regular basis now) and lightness-to-the naggings of my body. I had tried 2 meditations and felt I was getting nowhere and then I put on the 11-11-11 meditation. It was very long, so I curled on my left side and fell asleep. However, I believe I had a lucid dream. In my dream, I was meditating, lying on my bed with my eyes closed. I was inside my head, not an observer of the dream. I felt my eyes inside my closed eye lids fixate on a spot to my right. I then felt like my consciousness was twisting and gently being pulled out. I remember thinking, this is how it is supposed to be, it’s ok, continue. I was then floating outside of the home I live in now. I was in my backyard facing the house. The scene was normal and not distorted like all of my dreams. I told myself to relax and float up. I started to float up, getting excited thinking I am really doing this! I remember the green trees I floated through and the sky being crystal clear blue. I floated over the roof of my house and was just high enough where I can see over the valley. Everything was covered in snow! It was beautiful! Now, I live in Las Vegas, NV so this is not likely going to happen, at least with a thick beautiful blanket of crystalline snow! I thought “Wow, it snowed!!” The significance is that I was actually thinking in the dream, and feeling it. It felt so real and it was like I was awake. The fact that the valley was covered in snow is the only thing that tipped me off it was a lucid dream and not reality....more...

  13. ...On 11-10 I had another lucid dream during meditation. I could actually FEEL the change in vibration. I think I fell asleep and was dreaming and the next thing I know I FELT the change. I felt like I was looking through my third eye and felt like I was floating in my body. I could see clearly through a window looking at the Las Vegas strip. It was beautiful! But almost superimposed over that was my 18 year old son playing video games in his room with his friend. I could see both things simultaneously. I thought this is it, go go. I was trying to get out of my body again so I could float to the view I was looking at. But, I had to swallow! I felt like I couldn't get out because I kept having to swallow. I was still feeling the floating sensation as well as the vibration but soon the vibration ended and I just gave up and opened my eyes. I had one other experience at the end of October when had gone to bed to sleep, not meditate. But without going into a lot more details the message was clear to me and that was to relax and just let the process happen and to trust it.

    Now I haven't had these type of experiences before, although not from lack of trying. So to those readers out there that feel that all of this is happening but haven't yet had any of your own experiences yet, YOU HAVE! You just don't remember them but you will. For me it is starting to happen and I feel that things are happening more frequently. That is what got me through 11-11 without being totally disenchanted. Also, I did have doubts because George seemed to be the only one talking about a specific date and "disappearing" from the 3D. I was really hoping though! There is that other side of me that is somewhat releived because my life is at a good place right now.I kept thinking what timing for ascension to happen the week I start doing something I love to do with going to culinary school. I am not attached to any job and my family is so supportive and have the means to help out in the meantime, financially. I am not going to school for anyone at all, except me. It's exciting. I still hope that we love to eat in 5D because I don't want to learn how to cook professionally, for nothing. :) I have a great loving family and don't want anyone to miss out on ascension so I have always felt I would be here to assist anyone who wants it. I have felt this all of my life. Waiting for something big and being here to help people get through it. My son is suprisingly support of me and seems to have a grasp on what I try to convey to him on ascension. That makes me happy!

    Sorry for such a long post, but I haven't really "participated" on any of the blogs, just read them every chance I get. I see that there are people who are where I was only a few short weeks ago and I wanted them to know to just let go, and not try so hard. Let it happen, TRUST that you are guided even if your concious self isn't aware of it yet. And Suzan, please keep updating us and guiding us! You are so appreciated and you have made the information flying around in my head make sense. The one thing that I always think about is what Jesus said and that was that we are all Gods and what he can do, we can do as well. He said if we have even just enough faith that could fit into a mustard seed, we can move mountains! We just need to keep the faith and know that we are being guided. Go to and check out the 3rd photo down (I think). Someone took a picture of the sky where every color of the rainbow can be seen in the clouds. It is amazing! The first thing I thought of was the colors of our chakras! Sounds funny, I would never have thought of that 4 months ago!

    Thank you again Suzan for all of your help in my journey!

  14. As far as I know, dying is the fastest way back to Source. So if you truly don't want 3D anymore, you can leave anytime. If you are still here, sure there must be something in it for you, something important.

    I'm into Abraham-Hicks stuff, so I'm not buying George's "toxic planet" idea, but I really appreciate the work that he has done. There must be someone courageous enough, willing to take time and make an effort to gather like minded people to initiate big change. We, as humanity, need to find somehow someway to work together.

    His scientific documents has some very deep insight in explaining the fabric of reality, which he called "photon level". And his equation C = m2, Electric Charge = Area of Space, is exactly what I've been searching for years, in understanding about electricity. I'm very interested in Interdimensional Travel and want to build devices for that purpose (which I cannot do alone, of course), so this understanding is really helpful.

    My trusted sources other than Sue's are Bashar, 9 Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, Orin and DaBen, Dolores Cannon's books. They are very informative and uplifting. If you are in short of money, you can find them on for free (meaning pirated versions). Try it once, I'm sure you will find something useful there.

  15. Anyone who states that we are a toxic planet and unable to ascend because of it, still has an almighty amount of clearing to be done on themselves, by themselves and for themselves. And I don't believe they should be in a position to guide anyone else until they are at the point where they see Love, and can forgive and hold ALL of what is. Taking responsibility.

    So what if we actually have ascended, to a higher level of everything. We simply don't realize it yet, because we've re-created all that we know and are used to seeing for the comfort and stability of the initial first bit.

    And what if we are now FREE, but like the elephant who from a small tyke was chained and roped into submission, so that as a large grown elephant a mere rope is enough to convince the poor being that it is still held captive.

    I say it's time to start flying a little, and then alot. Let's see what we can do.

    Happy exploring...

  16. thank you Angie for that comment. Gaia is not a "toxic planet" she is One with us. And she is ascending, it is already done. We must love and experience our Mother for who she is and for who we are. This is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Thank you for your words here. And so it is!!!

  17. I agree! I feel sadness when people say this planet is toxic. I see so much beauty on this planet and to me is proof that God exists. We have everything we need and so much to explore and expeience. Earth is a gift that I cherish. That always threw me off a bit when I hear our teachers on Earth say its toxic.

  18. There's no need to bash anyone...To me, I feel Georgi is referring to the level of fear on this planet...not Gaia herself but the energies on the surface of her body.

    If the majority of people are still well within the system that perpetuates it not toxic? I don't know, I just hope you will not speak ill of any one because your expectations were not met, especially towards Georgi...

  19. I agree Joelle. I think he's referring to humanity's fears and toxic behaviour and not our beautiful planet. Love to you all.

  20. Dear Sue, The experience i had and have from 11-11-11 the anchoring and further broadening of my experience and what you mention in the last part of your blog: : This is the place that we created through myriads lives of fear, greed anger."(and so) This "place" felt and feels a bundeling of all those lives into ONE...and "looking back"from this "place"to where the creation of me began...there now only is a beam of light a lightpath to where i am now, a clean path, all what has been, all myselves until now assembeled by Love into the One I am Now. I feel that this is just the beginning...of the magic inner child and I am also the Father/Mother of this Magical Inner Child.I felt- the ending of the pregnancyfase and at the same time, the completion of the's fullgrown now and can be born.....not as an invalid...This is what I can tell you about my own 11-11-11 experience and that it came very naturaly...silently/intiemly and that the experience goes on and will never stop even not when I became the Center/Sun of a New Universe...
    Hearthug Piroska

  21. When there are no "expectations", then there will be no disappointments.
    Please consider what has not taken place as a "gift". To see where egoist
    attachments and fixations still persist introspectivly.

    Develop a "knowingness" (not belief) that all is unfolding according to a divine plan... And we are participating in the most incredible event throughout the universe.

  22. Shelley (Toowoomba)November 19, 2011 at 5:18 PM

    Hi Susan and all,
    I am new to this site and have thoroughly enjoyed reading Susan's articles and everyone's blogs.(I love the u tube videos too) I have found more truth on this site than on many others. My 11.11.11 experience was pretty mundane. I read on many sites how we should do this and that and complex meditations ect ect and if you don't it's the dark ones pulling you from your spiritual path. I went shopping for a while and then put an hour or so aside to just relax into the moment. I would like to share the information I received. I was shown and interacted with an image of what was currently happening with the portal opening. I was in a particular position on a beautiful curved linea grid system flowing out of the portal to earth. Basically this grid was a filter system for the portal energy to support the earth. Now I have to be honest it was pretty funny I didn't see anyone flying through that portal, but I did see many of us changing positions as we became tired and/or unable to hold the energy of the portal, each person was well supported by their guides/family ect in their entirety. No position on this grid was more or less important than another. My role was clearly defined. I saw the circular portal change to a five sided one when all individuals are able to hold the resonance of the portal. I find it difficult to translate the information into words so hope I'm making some sense! I understood that the portal opening was in a way a failure or would be viewed in this way. It's more a case of not ready yet, but will be once the conditions are corrected. Oh and just for interest we were organized via our basic elements; water fire earth and wind. The unified voice of the ascension guides said that the human body is physically not able to hold the vibration for long periods at this point in time. (Unification through humility) and (giving is equal to receiving) are the reminders/lessons/remembering's that this portal brings to us, to gently receive and embody for the earth. You can do it while you are shopping too!
    (Alex from Perth) I feel the same about work, and also feel stuck in the game. As long as we need to earn money to survive we need to play the game. The upside for you is that you fly up and down the Golden Fleece line from Perth to Brisbane. I would welcome a change to the having to work everyday scenario. My only thought is that if I can embrace that giving is equal to receiving then my situation will change and like domino's so will others. Hmmm and I don't mean giving out expensive Christmas presents!!! A friend of mine is delighted that I'm agitated and basically, as he said 'good now there will be a big positive change, that's always the way before change'. He is wright. Has any one out ther been freed from work?