Tuesday, November 29, 2011



Protecting the Embryo of New Earth

Inside of each of you is the embryo of New Earth. Since all of you are ONE within your SELF, all of you are New Earth. Each of our dear ascending ones has within them their personal expression of “life on New Earth,” which they will contribute to the ONE expression of life on fifth dimensional New Earth. You have all protected this embryo and many of you have consciously expanded it, as it is a new kind of feeling within you, as well as a thought form that you never dared express before now.

Because your outer world (your life in the 3D Game) was so filled with fear, danger and hard work, you did not feel this embryo until now, you were so busy facing the many challenges of survival on the physical plane that you had no time to look within. In fact, even if you often did look within, you could not perceive this embryo for your Soul had placed it in an inter-dimensional capsule. Now, with the frequency of Gaia constantly rising and your multidimensional consciousness expanding, you are having glimpses of this embryo.

We ask you to take a moment to feel this new sensation deep within your Being. Imagine a small embryo, wound up like a Mobius coil, slowly and steadily growing within your High Heart. You have carried this embryo within your Three Fold Flame in every incarnation, but the frequency of Earth light was usually too low for the embryo to start the process of re-birth.

Allow yourself to FEEL the inner sweetness that can only come from innocence and purity. Feed this embryo with your unconditional love as you allow the multidimensional light entering Earth to, also, enter the embryo in your heart. FEEL this delicate new place within you and protect it with your life. Notice the food that allows this embryo to grow and the food that can actually cause it pain. Tune into this virgin place within that has never been tarnished by the harshness and stress of daily life.

FEEL how delicate and new this inner promise of SELF is and send it recognition and love. Observe the thoughts, emotions, people, places and things that make you forget this place that push it deeper into its inner-dimensional capsule. Turn around inside yourself and look directly into this embryo. Allow its immense sweetness and ancient wisdom to flow into your consciousness. Remember times in your life when you experienced a whisper of its presence, but you forgot it in the “work” of daily life.

As you look into this essence of your fifth dimensional SELF, vow to protect it from that, which lowers your consciousness and makes you forget the YOU that you are becoming. Determine to create the life in which your embryo can move out of its cocoon and fill your present form with its multidimensional memory. Make choices everyday that allow you to have time to remember this inner embryo so that you feed it with your unconditional love.

As you go about your day, remember to caress your High Heart and send a brief message of recognition to this embryo of your New SELF who is to be your passport to New Earth. New Earth is not a place. It is a frequency. You will become New Earth as you raise the frequency of your consciousness beyond the confines of third dimensional thinking and emotional reactions into the steady flow of multidimensional thinking and emotional responses and interactions. As you go about your daily life, remember to ask how your New SELF how would respond to each situation.

Become aware of the areas of your life that feed this growing experience of Being and which areas of your life will need to be released and/or altered so that your New SELF can fill your Being and blossom forth as the You whom you have always wished to be. Choose the life that fills you with sweetness, love, creativity and adventure. Release that which drags you into the mire of drudgery and forgetfulness. You are creating the life in which your embryo, your higher expression of SELF.

Write, “I AM Becoming my New SELF” in your computer, on your shopping list, in your journal. Leave that note on your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, and in your checkbook. See this new you in the eyes of children, your mate, your best friends, your colleagues at work, the faces that pass you on the street and the checker at the grocery store. Most of all, see your New SELF in the mirror as you look into your eyes and say,
“I AM becoming my New SELF!”


  1. It is strange how course of life is changing .
    How "bad" things are hapenning .
    I lost a job that i did not liked anyway but it was a source of money for my family .
    That was a triger for my journey into ascension.
    Few months later my husband lost his job too.
    Now we are without income ( two kids to feed )...
    To "normal" observer that is nothing but disaster .To myself it is wayshower . It is hard to exist in 3D without money especially when you live in a country where economie is very bad. I track your work Sue for period of time , i also made few comments too on some topics wich you liked because you send good feedback .
    I have a great need to give thanks to you , for being so wonderfull to many of us .
    I must stand strong as St Germain says "I am there with you wherever you are at this moment".

    Love and Light to all

  2. Thank you thank you sooooooo much. Each of your notes unfurl another layer within....

  3. Hello,I would like to share an audio of Suzy Miller that is in perfect synchronicity with this awesome message of Suzy, the audio (62 min) i'm referring to as it's focus on the Innocence and Purity of this New SELF embryo and you are going to hear the language of light. Here is the link where you can directly listen or download the audio. The perfect synchronicity i'm living between this audio that i've been listening yesterday and this message today of Suzy & the Arcturians is simply beyond the mind. I have ask the Arcturian last friday to show me in the new message of Suzy something that would impact me as a turning (birthing) point, i mean in a way that would be a deliverance to practicaly manifest this creativity this Love that i Feel in me. Boy!... did I received !


    With Love

  4. Sorry Suzill to have misspell your name in my post.

  5. Is this download Jean-Pierre spoke about available for us also?
    Love & Light,