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Greetings, I AM El Morya,

I speak to you again of being an Ascended Master with a physical form. All of the Ascended Masters through out the ages have had the ability to maintain an earth vessel for varying amounts of time. St. Germaine was known to have an earth vessel for centuries. He is as an example of the power of transmutation because he serves on the Seventh Ray of Transmutation and Ascension.

Transmutation and ascension are, in fact, the same because it is the transmutation of the frequency of physical matter into the frequency of spiritual energy that is the essence of ascension. When you decided to incarnate on Earth, you inserted your multidimensional energy field into a physical encasement. Unfortunately, you usually forgot that YOU were the essence and NOT the encasement. Fortunately, many of you are now remembering that you are the essence, the spirit, and the energy of the ONE that enlivens your form. When you are done driving and you leave a car the car does not disappear, nor do you. However, when you are in your car, you and the car appear to be ONE.

During sleep and meditation, many of you step out of your vehicle. However, it is important that the vehicle is parked before you leave it. Would you leave your car while it was moving? In the same manner, you would not like to step out of your earth vessel while you are walking down the street. Just as a moving car could crash if you left it, your body would fall if you left it while you were moving. For this reason, Ascended Masters learn to be fully conscious of how much of their Essence is in third physical form. When you wish to return Home to the higher worlds, you learn to made sure you park your vehicle where it is safe. You will return to it when you are needed in the third dimension.

Fortunately, your journey Home is out of time. So what appears to you to be a substantial journey to you, appears to others as only the blink of your eyes. However, this eye blink must occur only when the body is safe. The physical form is quite delicate and difficult to maintain at optimum health in the lower frequency of the third dimensional world. As you know, molecules of life decay over time in the physical world and are susceptible to injury and illness. This fact is especially true when your essence/spirit is visiting other realities.

The problem that many of you newly ascended ones are having is that you forget to make sure your vehicle is safe before you begin your multidimensional journey. You forget this because you are not yet totally proficient at being in two or more realities at once. When you visit the higher worlds you can merge with one of your many higher dimensional expressions of your SELF or you can choose to visit these worlds in a formless state of pure consciousness. On the other hand, you may want to create a higher dimensional form to represent your visiting consciousness. These forms are created with multidimensional light and unconditional love. Hence, they are infinite and indestructible, and they automatically disarticulate and return to the ONE when you are no longer using them.

An advantage of being an Ascended Master is that your multidimensional consciousness has marvelous healing powers, which can be used on your physical vessels. However, the high frequency that heals your earth vessel also creates a sense of great exhaustion for beginners. To have a consciousness that is resonating to a much higher frequency than its container is very tiring for the container. Hence, frequent naps, meditations and excursions into Nature are important while residing within your earth vessel. Walking in Nature is important so that you can more fully ground yourself with Mother Earth.

Once grounded, it is easier for you to accept Gaia’s assistance. The mass form of Gaia, planet Earth, allows your body to have a break from the burden of holding a form of a much lower frequency than your consciousness. Eventually, as well as during Planetary Ascension, your higher consciousness within your carbon vessel will transmute (raise the frequency of) every cell and atom of your earth vessel into its fifth dimensional counterpart of Lightbody. In the meantime, your Ascended Master consciousness will remind you how to use your multidimensional healing powers to heal and maintain your third dimensional vessel. Then, you can more easily continue to use your clay vessel until your Personal and Planetary Ascension.

In the meantime, your ascended consciousness will upgrade your vessel from the inside out by activating your 97% DNA. This DNA, which has been labeled as “junk DNA” by your scientists, is actually the hard drive for your transmutation into Lightbody. Therefore, it expedites your ability to experience the transmutation process into Lightbody while your consciousness still inhabits your clay form. As this transmutation continues, your expanded perceptions will increasingly come online and your clairvoyance, clairaudience etc. will assist you to consciously perceive the multidimensional energies entering and integrating into your third dimensional world.

These perceptions are the best antidote for the 3D fear virus, which can be very disruptive to your ever-changing physical vehicle. Once you can consciously perceive the higher dimensional energy fields as they flow into and merge with your physical body, as well as your physical world, you will KNOW beyond any doubt that you ARE ascending. To see these energies, especially at first, it is helpful to close your physical eyes and observe your reality with your opened Third Eye. Your third Eye allows you to perceive these energies, whereas your High Heart assists you to merge into, communicate with and understand the message of these energies.

To try out these multidimensional perceptions:

· Take a moment to look around your present surrounds through your Third Eye.

· Release all thoughts.

· Center your emotions into neutral place.

· Calm your body and sit with a straight spine to align and open your chakras.

· Expand your consciousness by modulating your breathing so that your exhale is twice as long as your inhale.


Take a moment to process your experience with your expanded consciousness.

Before you go about your day, make sure that your consciousness is fully integrated into your earth vessel before you move it. In other words, before your move your vehicle:

· Fasten the seat belt.

· Adjust the mirrors, especially the rearview mirror.

· Check the fuel level.

· Start the engine.

· Check out your surroundings.

· Then, move your vehicle.

When you are done using your vehicle, park it in a safe place, lock it so that no one else can use it and surround it with light. Don’t forget to clean your vehicle, check the oil and make sure it has enough fuel. Do NOT drive your vehicle unless your primary attention is in the third dimension. It took you a long “time” to awaken this vehicle to its true nature. It is much easier to maintain it than it would be to get a new one. Remember who you are and treasure the many expressions of Multidimensional SELF.

A major difference between an ascended perception and a human perception is that the Ascended Master perceives the energy that embodies the third dimensional form. On the other hand, from the human perspective you see the form without any realization of the energy that created it, fuels it and gives it life and sustainability in the third dimensional world. Therefore, when your earth vessel is parked and safe, practice your Ascended Master perceptions by perceiving the energy that creates, enlivens, sustains and connects all life.

At first you may only be able to do this while in a meditative state of higher consciousness, as you mundane consciousness will be overwhelmed by all that sensory data. However, when your multidimensional consciousness comes fully online, you will no longer feel overwhelmed. In fact, it will become increasingly natural to see energy and form simultaneously. It only takes practice.


I AM El Morya

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  1. Sue,
    I know you were sent here to help other lightworkers with ascension. Thank you for being a great leader. You have been a wonderful help. I do not know who to thank for sending to me you, so I thank all of the masters, the higher souls, and the god most high of the universe. PLEASE keep in touch.