Sunday, July 31, 2011

Debriefing July

July 31, 2011

I am now entering my latest El Morya message into my computer, but I wanted to take a moment to debrief the month of July. The energies of this last month were exceptionally transformative, which usually means that any unresolved issues in our life come to the surface to be viewed, resolved and released. Therefore, we feel like things are all falling apart, but we have to remember that sometimes, or usually, things have to fall apart before we can really see the core components and put it back together. Therefore, this month was like a "spring cleaning" of our consciousness in order to fully prepare us for the the vast changes that will soon be happening.

It feels appropriate that the astrological energies (written in the last blog message) are meant for us to sum up our life up to this present moment and find where we are in-sinc with our Multidimensional SELF and where we are still "addicted" to the third dimension. I say "addicted" because the habits and coping mechanisms that we needed to navigate through our 3D life are the very behaviors we will need to release in order "lift off" into our new reality.

I have been paying close attention to where I am in alignment with my fifth dimensional SELF since the below mentioned aspects have started. In doing so, I have found that I have very little tolerance for the experiences that are not in alignment with my higher purpose. By that statement I mean that I am finding that I can easily release that which once seemed very important to me. It is like we are moving, and we have to decide what we want to take into our new home and what we no longer find necessary or valuable. Some of those unnecessary things are easy to let go, but others are so intertwined with our need for physical survival that we cannot release them--yet!

Therefore, we are left with how to restructure these elements of our lives. In fact, we are actually looking at how we can transmute these parts of our life into a higher frequency of expression. When we use our personal energies to transmute these areas of our personal life into a higher frequency, we are also using our planetary energies to transmute the collective and planetary expressions of these areas of third dimensional reality. Hence, by facing that which is falling apart or no longer functional, then transforming that energetic expression of our personal life, we are contributing to the planetary ascension in a very real and effective manner.

Each and every one of us is more important than we could ever imagine. We are all cogs in a very big wheel. Too often we feel like we are alone in our process, but by sharing our truth with others we realize that there are more and more awakening ones. Therefore, I encourage every one of you to share your process of ascension with as many people as possible. Of course, you will have to adapt your sharing to each listeners needs, or they will not be able to understand what you are saying. On the other hand, you will be surprised how many people will say, "Yes, me too. I have been having that experience also."

Up until quite recently it has not been safe, literally, to talk about much of what we have learned through opening our hearts and minds to the Truth of the higher worlds. It is that need for safety (which was real and not paranoid) is one of the things that we need to let go of now. We the people have come into our power! It is our time to come out into the open and share with others the truths that we have learned. WE are the creators of our ascension and NOW is the time to begin our CREATION. It is wonderful that the Galactics, Ascended Masters, Angels and other higher dimensional beings are assisting us, but there comes a time when we are no longer students. That time is NOW!

NOW we truly are at ONE with our higher expressions of SELF. We volunteered to take these bodies so that we could intimately participate in the amazing process of planetary ascension. We have graduated from our lessons and it is time for us to put what we have learned into use. All of us have a different piece of the planetary puzzle of ascension. We have studied long to learn about what our puzzle piece is and how we can best use it. NOW it is time when we need to put all these pieces together into ONE planetary "puzzle" of ascension.

What we have prepared and studied during in our many physical incarnations and higher dimensional realities is NOW commencing. What we have kept in our heart and mind must now be shared with our world. The dress rehearsal is over. the curtain call is NOW!


  1. In keeping with the theme of the theatre, let's "Break a Leg".

  2. Sue, your whole brief for July was so accurate and very close to what I experienced, especially yesterdayJuly 31st. Thank You again.

  3. Loved this, so beautifully said. It is TIME TO ACT ON OUR DREAMS AND MAKE THEM REALITY, We have the keys, let us be free to feel love peacefully. :-)