Monday, August 15, 2011



I am feeling a need to return to the Ship now in my consciousness. I begin my return by merging with Kepier once again. I see her on her chair having her meditation. Perhaps, that is what called me to visit the Ship. I imagine that I am sitting on the chair too, which means that I must merge into that body to do so. I refrain from saying her body for in fact it is our body, the body we share while in this fifth dimensional life.

It gives me comfort to return here to this higher frequency of my SELF. There is much I love about the third dimension. No actually, I have discovered how to deeply love the parts of the third dimension that I do love. There is still too much darkness here, but I think the word there, as I have become Kepier. As Kepier, I continue my thoughts from the perspective of the fifth dimension.

From this viewpoint I can look at 3D Earth with a new eye. I look down into that dimension to see that, indeed, the light there has grown greatly. As I do so, I feel the many other members of the Ship who are also following our orders to maintain our loving vigilance over the third dimension, for it greatly needs us at this time. Our grounded ones are awakening enough now to feel our attention, as many of us on the Ship are joyful to direct our expanded consciousness in their direction.

I go back to the meeting and the vision of the many awakening grounded ones who joined us in their fifth dimensional consciousness, even though their earth vessel was still connected to the planet. I understand now that they are practicing their ascension. Many have completed their Final Initiation in which they had to confront and heal their deepest fears. Therefore, they are now soaring forth with their ability to travel inter-dimensionally. In fact, as I expand my consciousness, I become aware that just as my grounded one has joined me, the grounded ones of many of the crewmembers have merged with them, as well.

Our multidimensional Ship is expanding its frequency range to encompass the third dimension. Just as what goes up comes down, what goes down comes up. Therefore, our circle of light/consciousness, which has expanded into the third/fourth dimensions, is now expanding our fifth dimensional ship into the sixth and seventh dimensions. I can feel the formless ones of our Arcturian Group Mind congratulating us for our work. I feel how they, too, they are beginning to inhabit our Ship in preparation for the “grand finale.”

I am aware that my grounded one is listening, so I must remind her that there is no time in our reality. However, there is a quacking of a Cosmic Moment of great transmutation that is building in potential. We can feel this potential within our form with expanded joy and unconditional love. I must tend to my duties now, but before I do, I send these feelings into the hearts and minds of any awakening ones who can receive it. My duties call, but I will bring my grounded one to “work” with me. It will give her a grand opportunity to practice being in two realities at once.

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  1. Yes, the momentum in certainly building....Much Love, and gratitude for your sharing.