Thursday, August 11, 2011

Being a Planet


Dear Arcturians,

I know that there is much more in my last message than I was able to write at that time. Can you please assist me to fill in what I have not yet received?

Dearest ONE,

You are indeed moving into a frequency of outer/inner space, as there is no difference between the two within the ONE. In fact, this area of space resonates so much higher than your physical perceptions that you can only experience them via your multidimensional consciousness. This state of consciousness is necessary because this frequency of space resonates far beyond the limitation of separation. Hence, all the many frequencies of reality intermingle into a cosmic sea of alive potential.

It is within this potential that the full power of your human emotion will be realized. You chose to take on your physical shell largely to learn the many lessons of third dimensional emotions, Furthermore, you chose your current era because the darkness/fear and light/love have NEVER been more polarized. You see, it is at the end of a paradigm shift that polarities become the most extreme, so that the choices “in-between” are greater. Also, the further a grounded one is willing to move through the darkness, the higher they can flow into the light.

Most important of all, the greater the separation between Light and Dark that a grounded one can experience, find the center path and flash that spectrum into the ONE, the more power of emotion they will master. It is this Power of Emotion that was the primary lesson of planet Earth. The great Being, Gaia volunteered to take on the form of a planet, as Her consciousness was to vast to hold a form in any thing less, because She wanted to teach Her inhabitants the power of creation.

Earth has always been a reality filled with myriad creative expressions of Gaia’s consciousness. Therefore, many civilizations began, grew, then fell or ascended on Her body, Those of our grounded ones who have been able to align their emotional body with Gaia, have come to know Her, not as a rock covered with growth and water, but as a sentient being who has served the ONE bravely for millions of years. As She comes to the close of Her third dimensional expression, She invites Her humans to go with Her into the higher frequencies of reality.

We know that many of our grounded ones have come to deeply love Gaia and Her planet. However, did you know that Gaia deeply loves Her people, in return? Because of her love, She does not want to leave one of Her humans behind. At great risk to Her planetary body she has been patient with the needs of her humans to discover their ability to create their reality. However, she now is flowing into these higher frequencies of space to complete her cycle of physical manifestation. In the higher dimensions, form is the product of consciousness rather than consciousness being the result of form. Therefore, if you hold an intense feeling in your consciousness, it will create a form to encompass it.

The lost ones who have used used their manifestations in a selfish or power-over-others manner, have lowered the frequency of Earth to the point of extinction. She now calls upon all of her friends who have taken form on Her Earth for life after life, to join Her as the circle of her journey into form is completing. To the extent that our grounded ones feel separate from their expanded form of Earth, their power of creation is limited. However, once our grounded ones fully understand and accepts that their human form is a much a part of Earth as a lake or a mountain, their power of creation expands exponentially.

Your earth vessel does not belong to your consciousness alone. It is a share vehicle that you share with the third dimensional elements and fourth dimensional Elementals of Gaia’s body. The Earth is like a Mother Ship, and each person capable of inter-dimensional travel is likened to a Scout Ship. When your consciousness soars into the higher dimensions, your experience is instantly saved on the 5.6 dimensional Matrix, as well as the fourth dimensional Akashic Records. In turn, these Akashic Records interface with the consciousness of every expression of Earth.

Are you beginning to understand that when we say “you are the planet, we mean it literally. Are not your many organs your body? These organs could not exist without your body to embrace them any more than a tree could survive in outer space. It is true that you have come to Earth to learn the power of your emotions, but this power is not to be used just for creation. This power is, also, to be used for bonding. When you are bonded with Earth, what you create for your self, you create for your much-loved planet.

There are those who have not yet learned that they are an extension of the Earth, as well as a portal through which the frequencies of Gaia’s space enter into Her core. Therefore, they may not realize that whatever they do to others, they do to themselves and to the planet. These people will not be able to tolerate these ever-accelerating frequencies, as the experience of being a Planet will be too overwhelming. However, you who have remembered know that you are the eyes and ears of Gaia. Because of this, Gaia, the consciousness of Earth, instantly perceives everything that you perceive. Furthermore, what you create for your self, you create for the planet, and what Gaia (your expanded Planetary SELF) creates for Her planet, she creates for Her every inhabitant.

Your Personal Consciousness has expanded into Planetary Consciousness. Just as once you perceived yourself as a person who was a member of a planet, you can perceive your self as a planet, who is a member of a Galaxy. When you go to a new town, members of your town may give you a welcome gift and offer to show you around the area, in the same manner, as we enter this new frequency, members of your Galaxy are giving your gifts and offering to show you around.

Partnerships are being formed to create a reality based on unconditional love. The process of ascension is underway, and you are NOT alone!

We are here to help,

The Arcturians and the Galactic Federation


  1. Easy to picture this one I think, but challenging to remember all time ...

  2. Thank you once again, for so beautifully putting this into words.
    Much Love,

  3. Bravo....and lets go together.