Friday, August 5, 2011

Message from St. Germain

I AM St. Germain,

I wish contribute my message to my dear friend El Morya’s message about keeping a physical form while being an Ascended Master.

I see that you, dear grounded masters, tire of the hardship of the third dimension and wish to expedite your return Home to your true vibration. Most of you have served the cause of ascension for myriad lifetimes, and now wish only to bask in the glory of multidimensional light and unconditional love. I wish to say to you that you are, indeed, coming to that moment. However, as you have learned in your many incarnations, the final three ninths of any project is the most difficult. First, you are exhausted with the process. And, second, everything that you put off to “later” because it was too difficult is now in front of you.

Fortunately, you were correct in putting off these certain tasks, as they required your Ascended Master consciousness to address and successfully complete them. Because you now stand at the very threshold of Pla

netary Ascension, the frequency of Earth is higher than it has been since the fall of Atlantis. Be patient, for the frequency of this energy does not support fear and duality. Hence, these two barriers for your return to the higher dimensions of your true nature are dissolving more and more each day.

As Ascended Masters carrying your physical form, you have volunteered to participate in the final transmutation of darkness into light and duality into unity. Initially, you may experience this transmutation as sorrow, for indeed, your old world is dying. It is appropriate to feel sorrow at the end of an era, even if the era was one of great challenge. So many of you that took forms on Earth found great love, victory and even enlightenment in the midst of the great separation and limitation of the last 12,000 years.

You have had some lives of great victory and others of horrible suffering. However, you were brave enough to return, again and again, to the body of Gaia to serve in trying to stem the ever-increasing energetic downfall of Gaia’s body, Earth. We Ascended Masters know how difficult incarnations on Earth could be, but we also know the joys and victories that were, also, possible. Therefore, we understand that there is a reason for sorrow. We also know that fear and anger were con

stant threats during your many physical incarnations. We wish to tell you all that NOW you can allow yourselves to relax into the joy of your returning Home to your true frequency of expression.

Therefore, your final act before ascension is to clear your physical form, which is truly a component of Gaia’s form, of the many fear-based emotions, thoughts and memories. You have been brave warriors far beyond your knowing. In fact, please take a moment to recognize how brave you have been to return again and again to a planet in which you had a greater possibility of feeling fear and sorrow than love and joy. But, return you did, over and over again.

At first, you could not remember your many incarnations and came in each incarnation as if it were your first. Worse yet, you could not remember your glorious returns Home into the higher worlds that you sometimes experienced in-between incarnations. I have to say “sometimes,” for in some incarnations you became so lost in the ever-present darkness that it took many lives and returns to the lower realms of the fourth dimension before you could remember your true SELF.

Now, dear grounded ones, you have remembered your true Multidimensional SELF while still holding a physical form. In fact, you have remembered that you are NOW and have ALWAYS been an Ascende

d Master. Therefore, do not be fooled by the crumbling 3D Game as it degrades around you. Release that which is leaving with unconditional love and joy of completion. At the same time, embrace whatever fills your being with the love and light of your true SELF.

In closing, I remind you to fully embrace the knowing that YOU are an Ascended Master who is still logged into the third dimensional Matrix of Earth. With the detached compassion of an Ascended Master, calmly observe how the third dimensional structures of limitation and separation are degrading more and more each day. In response to this observation, first transmute your every fear-based thought or emotional into unconditional love. Then, project that unconditional into each and every situation that comes into your awareness.

You may call upon

me for assistance by using my most powerful Mantra of:
Blaze, Blaze, Blaze

The Violet Fire

Transmuting ALL Shadow Into

Light, Light, Light

Remember that you are an Ascended Master who is temporarily visiting the third dimension via your earth vessel to

assist with the process of Planetary Ascension. Therefore, whenever a fear based thought, emotion or situation enters your awareness, repeat this Mantra three times to transmute that darkness/fear into light/love.

Whenever a fear based thought, emotion or situation enters your awareness, repeat this Mantra three times.

Blessings dear warriors, I shall return, for my earth vessel has never left,

St. Germain

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  1. I needed to hear this once again. Thank you!

    Love and Light,
    Suzanne St. Germain