Friday, August 26, 2011



Have you been tired lately? Does it seem that no matter how much sleep you get, you still feel like you need more? That is how it has been with me. However, I have determined that which I am tired of. I am tired of the low frequency of the third dimension. The juxtaposition between the frequency of light that is entering our consciousness and the frequency of the physical world is becoming so different that it is increasingly difficult to hold on to both of these worlds at the same time. Of course if we choose to focus a greater percentage of our life on expressing our Multidimensional SELF in a creative manner, we find we are not so tired. In fact, when we engage in creative activities we often loose our fatigue and get quite energized.

When we are engaging in a creative activity, and there are as many definitions of creativity as there are people, we are enlivened. When we have an opportunity to be creative the fatigue that we have carried when we drove to work, paid our bills, cleaned the house etc. etc. suddenly leaves. However, the term “creative” is also changing. Creative used to mean that we learned or had an innate ability to DO a certain creative things, such as singing, art, dance, athletics etc. However, now creativity means that we are learning to use our innate ability to BE the creators of our life.

When we are the creators of our life, we can choose to DO anything we want, except for certain mundane tasks that seem to linger on and on. This new kind of creativity is because of the ever-increasing frequency of light and unconditional love emanating form the Galactic Center. We will be directly in front of the Galactic Center on December 21, 2012. Therefore, in only about 15 months the “time” that we have awaited for millennia, the time that has been prophesied by every religion and sacred group, will be totally and completely upon us.

These energies are so close now that they are beginning to change our world. All we have to do is to look at the Internet or even the traditional news, to see how people all over the world are deciding that they want the BE the creators of their lives. People all over the world are saying, “I love myself enough now to know that I deserve a better life. I love myself enough now that I am able to expand my mind and open my heart to a new way o f perceiving reality.”

Reality is no longer something that is outside of me. I AM reality and I share my reality with everyone. Furthermore, everyone also has his or her reality inside of them. So if everyone has their reality inside them, how can it be that we seem to be in the same reality? I don’t pretend to know all of that answer, as I think it is a multidimensional answer that will expand more and more as we expand our consciousness. In other words, in order to understand, or even perceive, information, our consciousness has to resonate to the frequency of that information.

Therefore, whenever we expand our consciousness, our perception of reality expands as well. But, going back to the question of how can separate individuals who all have reality inside of them share reality with the others. The answer is that no one is separate and there are no others. If we are ONE with all life, then there is nothing that is outside or even inside of us. There is no outside or inside. There is only the moments in which we are fully connected with the ONE.

In these moments we are calm, peaceful, joyful and loving. We do not need to try to BE any certain way or to DO anything to become that way. It is just that every now and again, we are experiencing these random moments of feeling at ONE with all life. How did we get there, and what do we have to do to stay there? Once we ask that question, it is because the sense of ONE has been lost.

How, there, do and stay are foreign concepts to us when we are having our “Radom moment of Unity.” Do you remember the movement about “Random acts of kindness?” I think that these two concepts are very similar, surrendering to that moment of the NOW is the kindest thing we can do for our self. And remember, since we truly are all ONE, whenever we are kind to our self, we are kind to everyone. In fact, whatever we DO for our self or to our self, we DO for or to everyone.

When we are having these ever-increasing moments of unity with the ONE, we loose all our fatigue. Our bodies are no longer heavy, and we feel light. In fact, we feel like we ARE Light. It becomes difficult to keep our eyes open to the outside world because we want to see what is inside and hear that silent voice. We want to amplify the feeling of Unity with all life by closing our eyes to the outer light and tuning into our inner light. With our eyes closed we can see our inner light better, and we can see the inner light of others better, as well.

When we close our eyes, we look at our “outer world” with our Third Eye and our opened High Heart. Sometimes we see parts of people that they cannot see in themselves, yet. This is because, what we see with our Heart and Third Eye is the higher frequency expression of our self and of others. What if we could only see the higher frequency of everyone and everything in our reality? What if the world didn’t change in 12-21-12, but it is our perception I what changes?

Will these changes then be real? And, if we see our SELF as a glorious Being of radiant light and love, and see everyone else in the same way, will we care if it is “real?” Have you ever had a dream that was so wonderful that you didn’t want to wake up? Well, what if we WAKE UP and find that what we thought was reality is really a dream (or a nightmare)?

Would we want to go back to the dream that we thought was a reality or would we want to stay in the reality that we thought was a dream?

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