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More Arcturian Interviews with Jefferson

Interview on 05/26/2011

Chapter 6 Part I

Arcturians: Jeffrees, our dear grounded one. Do you have a question for us?

Jefferson: Yes I do. I was wondering why people receive extraterrestrial visitations and forget them?

Arcturians: Our dear grounded ones forget their encounters with us because their earth brains are geared toward time. The illusion of time between the meetings creates the forgetfulness because their third dimensional thinking cannot understand that they are visiting us at the same “time” that they are living their mundane live. The third dimensional concept of time does not allow for multiple realities in which two realities are running within the same “time” period. Once our grounded ones return their consciousness to that of the NOW of our ONE, they will remember all their encounters. Within the ONE, they can remember many encounters all within the same moment. This is because their multidimensional consciousness does not have the time limitations of your third dimensional brain.

Jefferson: You are on a higher dimension, so you have more of an emotional, intellectual body type, right? But how about the physical contacts we have, face to face, how come we forget such tactile sensations, visual imprints and feelings?

Arcturians: There are few meetings in which we Arcturians lower of form into the third dimensions Earth’s resonant frequency of reality is very uncomfortable to us. Therefore, we usually communicate with our earth ones through their consciousness and during dreams or meditations. Sometimes we bring our grounded family aboard our Ship. However, because their sleeping and meditating consciousness is so much higher than that of daily life, they often forget that experience until they again hold that mundane state of consciousness. Do you understand what we are saying?

Jefferson: Yes. In what concerns meetings with you I am clear. How about meetings with extraterrestrials (Galactics) that meet with us physically? How come we forget such encounters? Are they purposefully erased from our awaken state?

Arcturians: Most of the meetings are done by proxy, which means that a go-between person is used to collect the information from the higher frequencies and then translates it in a manner that humans of the third dimension can understand. Many of the physical meetings were not really physical. Instead, the human one blinked into the higher dimensions and did not realize that they did so. Therefore, they think it happened on the physical, but in reality it was in a fourth dimensional resonance. Because the meeting is a reality slightly higher in frequency than the physical, a very long meeting can appear to only encompass a short period of physical time.

Jefferson: That is interesting!

Arcturians: These encounters are not erased. Instead, they are stored in your multidimensional mind. They will not "fit" into your human brain as the frequency is too high and your third dimensional brain cannot read the memory. Instead, the memory may be experienced in the third dimensional mind as either as anxiety or depression because the brain is being taxed to its limit by the higher frequency experience. If the grounded one surrenders to these uncomfortable feelings by calming their mind, a feeling of bliss will replace the anxiety and depressions.

Jefferson: Wow, that explains a whole lot!

Arcturians: This is the reason why we are telling our grounded ones to consciously download and integrate your Multidimensional Operating System. This mental operating system is far superior to the third dimensional, sequential system. The higher dimensions do not operate in a sequential manner. They operate in circles, just like light travels in circles.

Jefferson: Can I conclude that our memory has a reading, interpreting, remembering capacity that is equivalent to our level of consciousness and vibrational frequency?

Arcturians: Yes, that is absolutely correct. This is also the reason why it is so important to raise your consciousness beyond the limitations of your 3D reality,

Jefferson: How can one consciously download a more advanced operational system? Can they do it by meditating everyday, following their heart or how else?

Arcturians: Once, your consciousness is expanded to embrace the higher dimensions, your expanded perceptions will be activated. Hence, you will be able to perceive the higher worlds. However, it often takes multiple experiences of inter-dimensional travel before you can become adept at calibrating your perceptions to the frequency of your consciousness. It is them that you will begin to really remember your many meetings with us, as well as your own true multidimensional nature.

The downloading of your Multidimensional Operating System is best accomplished by simply allowing yourself to surrender to the multidimensional light and unconditional love that you can perceive with your Third Eye and feel with your High Heart. The light is more directly perceived through your Third Eye and the love is best felt within your High Heart. It is through combining your opened Third Eye and High Heart that you can fully receive and translate your message from the ONE. Do you have another question?

Jefferson: Would you please explain the idea of High Heart and lower heart? Many people think they only have one heart.

Arcturians: Your human heart is the pump that allows your life-blood to flow through your system and keep your body alive. Its beating symbolizes that you are alive and its lack of beating symbolizes that you have died. Your High Heart is in your Spiritual/etheric field, and it holds your ATMA, your Three Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love. You can see on some of the pictures of Jesus, the heart with the inner flame. This is the High Heart. Your physical body holds only one heart, but you are much more than your physical body. Your physical body is merely the anchor that allows your great multidimensional being to experience life on a third dimensional planet.

Jefferson: I've heard the word ATMA before on oriental, Middle Eastern, spiritual literature, perhaps in the Bagavad Gita. How do you define that word ATMA? Is it a sort of oversoul, a sort of higher entity, or a sort of demi-God?

Arcturians: The ATMA is the holder of the Divine Intention of your first eight cells. Within you is a file, like a computer file that will open whenever you are experiencing unconditional love. This unconditional love can read this file and help you to remember all the Wisdom, Power and Love that is within your Multidimensional SELF.

Jefferson: Do you mean that the High Heart is the same as our physical heart, but used for greater, nobler purposes?

Arcturians: The High Heart is not within your physical body, but within your aura, and yes it is the means by which you can pursue your most noble purposes.

Jefferson: Do you mean our Higher Self is not in our physical body?

Arcturians: Yes, it is the same thing. Our Higher SELF and High Heart are like the butterfly that is always within the caterpillar, but it is not obvious until the moment of transformation.

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