Monday, August 29, 2011



I am feeling a need to return to the Starship again. I have been writing my last newsletter about Inter-dimensional Travel, which took most of my meditative time. It is interesting how difficult it was to explain inter-dimensional travel, even though I have doing it all of my life. I think that part of my difficulty was because I had to continually purge my old “fear of judgment” that I was making this up, it was “just my imagination” or whatever fear-based thought entered my mind. I am aware that thoughts served to protect me by forcing me to stay in the silence about my inner experiences. I was born in 1946, just after WW II, and thought of inter-dimensional travel were considered “crazy” in my reality for many decades. These fears were stored so deep in my subconscious that I did not hear them until I started publicly sharing my experiences.

With that preamble I will commence with my journey…

I sit on my third dimensional bed and remember my life on the Starship. It seems far away from me, except when I put my attention in that direction. I am beginning to feel it around me now. At first my vision of the ship is blurry, but I can hear the silence even louder than the radio that is playing next to me. I fall into the silence and feel my form begin to shift. I am lighter, not in pounds, but in substance. In other words, I am no longer a solid substance, but appear to be light that has taken a form. There are still many detail of my body such as fingernails, but I know that they are only there because I am looking for them. What I look for, I know I will see.

I look for my fifth dimensional SELF, Kepier, and she instantly appears before me. We have no need for words, or even thoughts. Our emotions merge in a way that is clear and more powerful than language. As I speak to Kepier in this way, my form takes on a brighter and larger radiance. I feel my world begin to resonate to the frequency of Kepier, and I, also, feel it in my physical self. Therefore, as my physical consciousness enters my fifth dimensional SELF, I also feel my fifth dimension SELF entering my physical form. I feel the frequency of form inside of my earth vessel, just as I perceive this experience inside of my earth vessel.

In other words, I do not go UP to enter the Starship. I go IN. Now I will go deeper and deeper IN to see an incredibly bright light just before me. The Light is an alive Being, and it is calling me to enter it. I don’t know what I am doing or why, but I watch myself merge with the Light Being, who is actually a Portal. This Being must be my inner Portal of which the Arcturians have spoken. I am hearing that we can use our inner Portal to travel into the higher realms while our physical vessels are safe and protected.

Since that is the case with my body, I enter this Portal. As I do so, there is a brief experience of a void with no color or sound at all. The feeling of this void is very neutral, and I know that there is no danger. This is a place in-between where I am and where I am going. However, this “going” is not a movement. Instead, it is actually a projection of my consciousness toward my Core.

I see my Core now as a blazing rod of Golden Light. Next to this cord, Kepier is standing with a proud smile on her face. “Congratulations,” I hear. It appears that I have transported within my self. I argue that I am still sitting on my bead and hear that I am in both places. These two realities are perceived very differently because they are of very different frequencies of light. Furthermore, on the Ship the light is highly charged with protons, whereas on Earth, the electrons are more dominant. I can fee the ever-present fatigue of my earth vessel in juxtaposition to the vigor and vitality of my fifth dimensional Lightbody. However, right now my body resonates to New Earth, which is the threshold frequency for the fifth dimension. The Starship has chosen to lower its resonance in this fashion to make it easier for the ascending ones of Earth to visit our Ship, as well as New Earth.

We, as I am now speaking through Kepier, are so proud of our ascending ones who are practicing for ascension by taking inter-dimensional trips into their new reality. From our multidimensional expression, we can see the waves of possibility flowing across the face of Gaia. These energetic waves are churning because the time of the first wave of ascension is approaching. Of course, to us there is no time, and to the grounded one, “time” is the enemy, as it binds their consciousness into the third dimension.

Through the vision of my higher dimensional self I can easily maintain a detached compassion. From the perspective of my fifth dimensional SELF, I can see that all fear-based emotions that bind me to the third dimensional illusions. From this point of view, I can also feel the constant flow of unconditional love that is a constant in this frequency. No wonder I WAS so lonely in my physical life. No one and nothing could replace this feeling of unconditional love, which is a constant companion at this resonance. I hope that I can remember this feeling when I fully return to my earth vessel.

Except, maybe, I won’t have to fully return. I understand that this reality fades from my mind when I am in my earth vessel, but I realize that know that it still exists. I KNOW that now. Therefore, if I can just remember that this reality is ALWAYS with me, even if it is beyond the perceptions of my mundane consciousness, maybe I won’t feel that loneliness. I remember now that as I entered this form, the essence of this form also entered my earth vessel.

Perhaps, having two realities simultaneously is much like having two emotions at the same time. For example when we experience fear and love together. Often, we experience fear and love at once because we love something SO much that we are afraid that it will go away. In the same manner, I am feeling great love in this reality, but I simultaneously feel my grounded self battling the fear that maybe none of this is real. I am in both of these realities at the same time. One emotion, does not cancel out the other. In the same manner, one reality does not cancel out the other. They can both co-exist within the NOW. I have known that fact for a long time, but it is very different when I can FEEL it inside of me.

The catch is that, in order to remember this feeling in my daily life, I will have to remember my multidimensional consciousness. Multidimensional consciousness doesn’t not mean higher consciousness, it means ALL consciousness. Therefore, if I don’t get lost in the distractions of physical life, I can have this FEELING of being on the Ship surrounded by unconditional love, as I go about my daily life.


  1. This feeling if deep loneliness is very familiar to me. I can feel it best just before going to bed, and atm I can't sleep because of it. It is both a call Home, and a feeling of something essential missing. It feels like a part of me is missing, and it hurts. I feel the urge to fill that void, with food and other distractions, but I've learned long ago that won't work. But this feeling remains...I wish I could connect to that missing part of me, but I'm not sure how....