Wednesday, June 9, 2021


 June 9 2021


First of all, our/your Galactic Family is not just the advanced beings who are more and more frequently choosing to live on Gaia's Earth. The reason for these many Higher Dimensional Beings gathering on Earth is because we, the Awakening Fifth Dimensional Galactics, are preparing to teach the earthly humans as they remember their true Galactic SELF.

Those who have been born and lived on Gaia, are slowly or quickly beginning to remember their Home-worlds on the higher dimensions of reality, and on their Starships which took them to Earth.

There are now more and more "born and bred human beings" who have chosen to remember their higher SELF who resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. In fact, these Galactic Humans are beginning to "AWAKEN" more and more to the memory of  how they once appeared and how it felt to act like their true higher dimensional SELF.

In fact, more and more humans are having what might be called a "flashback" to their true self as they walk amongst the "Third Dimensional Galactics/humans" who are able to assist Gaia. These Galactic Humans are awakening the process of slowly and steadily adjusting to their innate fourth and fifth dimensional SELF.

Meanwhile, there may be many others who are not yet ready to recognize this great transition into their true "Fourth and Fifth"  frequencies of perception, cognition, awareness, and memories of their "Fourth and Fifth dimensional processes of "hiding out" on Earth in order to feel safe, as well as to assist others who are also awaking to SELF.

 Unfortunately, there are still humans who live on Gaia's Earth, but are still unaware that they have chosen to assist our higher dimensional Galactic Family which is now communicating with them from their Starships where their leaders are guiding and and assisting Gaia's  planet Earth. 

Most humans are not, yet, aware that there are other Star Ships, or that the higher dimensional beings may even look very much like third dimensional human beings. That is, however, only if that Star Ship and the Star Ship Beings chose to take on that appearance. 

Yes, higher fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional beings can choose the frequency of their reality as easily as humans can change the appearance of their clothing. Why are these beings from higher frequencies of reality choosing to change their appearance?  

In fact, the frequency of their appearance, awareness and abilities changes with the frequency of their state of consciousness. In fact, in order for the Galactics to perceive each other while on Earth on or on their starships is because they all have calibrated their awareness to the fifth dimension and beyond. 

With this fifth dimensional calibration of perception, they perceive the other awakening beings, as well as the awakening of Earth's slow, but steady transition back into higher her own innate higher frequencies of reality.

One may wonder, and some times even remember, that there are many other Galactics that  are part of "Gaia's Awakening return to Her innate fifth dimensional Planetary SELF!  These awakening Planets, cary the budding fifth dimensional frequency of reality as Gaia! 

Perhaps Gaia is on of the energy fields that are first to awaken and expand into the Higher Frequencies of Reality because Gaia--Earth--has had to suffer from much maltreatment from the lost humans who could only think about themselves! 

Fortunately, there are many in Gaia's human family who have found a way to "finally" remember that there Gaia is there Mother Planet and if the humans do not treat Her with Love and Light dear Planetary Gaia will not be able to fully recover from the great abuse of the lost ones.


We will naturally and lovingly 


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