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Conversation With the Arcturians--Shawnna and Arcturians through Sue Lie

"Behind the Scenes" Conversation With the Arcturians
Arcturians through Suzanne Lie and Shawnna Donop

{Note: Dear readers, we invite you to listen in on a recent conversation we held with the Arcturians as we prepare to engage in discussions about first contact and its importance for humanity. We invite you to become part of the creative process, and we welcome you to join us for the upcoming initiatives they mention in the discussion.}

Arcturians:  Blessings, we are the Arcturians.  We are here within this meeting and are ready to answer any of your questions.

Shawnna:  Thank you. We appreciate your attention and guidance, and we’re excited to start our next phase of activity.  We have several ideas in mind, and we are seeking guidance on what you felt was important or a priority within the next few months.

Arcturians:  We suggest that the first thing should be the Preparing For First Contact book, which is completed now and ready to go out.  The book has a very positive focus, which is important in the midst of the challenges within your NOW.

The positive focus of the book, Preparing for First Contact, will assure people that they are not alone, and have never been alone. The landings are not “extraterrestrials,” but humanity’s own fifth-dimensional self.  Hence, instead of the landing being any kind of “new people” coming to Earth, or any form of invasion, there will be a grand reunion with everyone’s fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

Therefore, please share that it is, “The Grand Reunion with our Fifth-Dimensional expressions of self.”

Shawnna:  Perfect.

Arcturians:  Did you have another question?

Shawnna:  Yes. I think that’s excellent guidance. I think that it's an important message that we should focus on, as it will be a very impactful message to share. 

Arcturians: Yes, this information is much needed, especially in the United States because it is something that people can do and something that is hopeful and will bring in a sense of greater unity, not just of their own Higher SELF, but also with their family of Higher Selves, as well as how that higher family assists us in our third-dimensional lives.

We can focus on the expansion of our reality, which will allow people to remember that what is occurring is occurring primarily on the 3-D matrix, and is not the heart and soul of the planet.  It’s just the 3D matrix which was created to distract humanity from any thoughts of returning home or ascending back to their Higher Selves.

Shawnna: Yes, and that’s very helpful too, because we were curious how the unity concept could be tied in to the message. I think that this a helpful way to integrate the concept.

Arcturians: Yes, this ascension is to be based on the unity of planetary consciousness, and not on the ascension of individual people. Yes, the people on the planet would ascend, but the people on the planet would ascend WITH the planet.  That focus takes that importance away from any human beings being more important than others.

Instead, the focus will be on the fact that Gaia is a living being who has evolved to the state of being a planet. AND, Gaia is a living being that has evolved to a much higher state of consciousness then  the beings of darkness that live on Her.

However,  the other beings, human and non-human, are ascending with the planet, such as the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom.  And the kingdom that is having the most difficulty with the process of ascension would be the human kingdom.

So we would suggest that the connection of the human kingdom to all of the other kingdoms would be an important issue. We Arcturians have told  Suzille from the beginning that it was important to focus on the planet because the mental abilities of a human being are not enough to guide them into the process of ascension. 

Humanity will need to connect with the mental abilities of the Earth. Therefore, we would suggest that you remind humanity on Earth to be representative of the living, loving being known as Gaia. In that manner, humanity can remember how to communicate with, and receive communication from, Gaia. 

When this occurs, that will change their behavior because, what people do to the planet they wouldn’t do to their worst friend. However, because they think of Gaia as a “thing” they do many unkind, and definitely unloving things to the planet that is their home.

Shawnna:  Yes, I just got an infusion of some creative ideas on how we can do that, such as via direct communication with the planet and fostering that relationship by thinking about and assisting Gaia as a part of our daily routine with our Higher Self connections.  That’s an aspect that we can include, as well.

Arcturians: Yes, if you would go ahead and say them now so they are on the recording. Then you won’t forget your ideas either. Please, go ahead and state your ideas, and we will interact with you.

Shawnna: Well, I think we could intertwine the preparing for first contact topic and the unity consciousness concept and interact with the planet on a daily basis.  That can be an affirmation, and/or a meditation. I’m thinking something simple that everyone can grasp and add to their daily routine.  That way it’s ingrained in their consciousness and can become a habit.

Arcturians: When people commune with the planet, they realize that there is more than their own personal life. Also, when they commune with the planet, they don’t always look down, as Gaia includes all Her atmosphere. As they commune with Gaia, they go into the state of consciousness that Gaia is holding so that humans and planet can work as a team to calibrate their consciousness to the highest possible frequency of reality.

The reason why these challenges have come up is because the forces of darkness are aware that the “boat is leaving soon,” and they’re not going to be able to get on it.  So they don’t want the boat (planet) to leave.  They want to distract people and get them worked up about what is wrong, and who said what, instead of realizing that what is happening with the chatter on the news is, and has been, a distraction to forget that it’s not about politics. 

It’s not even about an eclipse. The real issue is about if people are interacting in higher dimensional ways and how people are treating the planet.  Also, are people ready to accept first contact?  Are people ready to expand their consciousness to a higher frequency?

Shawnna:  Well, that’s very helpful.  I think we can take in all of these important concepts because it feels like we are able to focus on that connection, and help to refocus people on what’s important.  You’re correct that the distractions are at a pretty high level at this time.  We see it everywhere.

Arcturians: You spoke of Unity Consciousness, and the easiest way to have Global Unity Consciousness is to merge with the planet. Then, once you merge with the planet, you merge with the elements, the elementals and all of the people.

We do wish to remind you that there are those that are in leadership that don’t actually really live on the planet.  They are living on the matrix. And, as they live on the matrix, they go to their place that is distant and apart from what is actually occurring and go into their selfishness about how they can get what they want.  These selfish tendencies show up in people’s behavior, and words and ideas and choices.

On the other hand, there is a recognition amongst those who are united with the planet, and are able to function from light and love. The people are able to recognize each other by their expanded auras and open heart.  

Shawnna:  Yes, there is a shift from selfish to selfless and being of service.  Some people will be in tune with that, and some people will not.

Arcturians: That is true, and the people who are in tune with “service to others” and “service to the planet” are expanding their consciousness into the fifth dimensional state of Unity Consciousness with ALL life.  These people will begin to go through the transitions of expanding their consciousness into the fifth dimension, which will move them increasingly out of the illusion of time and more into the reality of the HERE and the NOW.

What is accomplished within the HERE and the NOW of the 5th dimension will automatically rain down into the lower frequencies of reality. Then the higher frequencies of reality, which naturally resonate to Light and Love, will serve as the antidote to fear and anger being sent out from the “lost ones.”

When these lost ones are not able to hide in their fear and anger, because fear and anger is not available to them, they have to go inside themselves and see why they are so frightened and angry. Why are they particularly fearful?  Then, once they do so, then they can begin to heal their own fear and anger, and will no longer need to send it out to others. However, if they look outside of themselves, they cannot heal their fear and anger because the core of this dissonance is inside of themselves. 

Once there is a purging of this fear and anger from the Third Dimensional Matrix, humans will be able to allow themselves to consciously perceive and actively participate in the fifth dimensional frequency of reality. Of course, the fifth dimension is already, and always has, been RIGHT HERE! The fifth dimension is not something that “will be created.”

The fifth dimension is something that has always existed, but you forgot about it when you took your third dimensional earth vessel! Some members of humanity think that they are creating it, but the fifth dimension was created long before the third. Creation of light begins in the higher dimensional realities and works its way into the lower dimensions.

Therefore, the fifth dimension was created long before humanity. The fifth dimension is a frequency of reality that has always existed. Suzille is writing a book right now, in which a woman inherits her grandmother’s house in which she grew up. Then, she finds a key that leads to the attic.  When she goes up into the attic, she finds a portal to the fifth dimension.

This type of thing will occur more and more, as people, eventually, and within their own “timeline,” begin to find their portal to the fifth dimension. But, we are not speaking of a physical portal. The portal that we speak of is a Consciousness Portal.

Shawnna:  It’s always helpful to have descriptions and experiences, such as the stories that come through in the books to guide us and enable us to understand what it is like, what it looks like, and how we can experience the higher dimensions.  We look forward to seeing how that story unfolds.

Arcturians:  Yes, as we have told Suzille long ago, “The truth is best told in a good story.” Then different people can accept the truth in the manner, in the fashion, and in the way that blends best with them.  If the truth is shouted at them, or dictated to them, they move away from it because Gaia is a planet which people chose to incarnate on to “find their  SELF.”

When they chose to take an incarnation on the planet of Gaia, they did so because it was the now for them to go on an “away mission,” forget who they really are, and go through the process of remembering who they really are. From that process of forgetting and remembering, they can understand the process of forgetting.  So that, once they remember, they can help others who have also “forgotten how to remember.”

Shawnna:  It feels like we’re coming full circle, back to the book, Preparing for First Contact, where there’s a recognition and an awareness that the book will bring about that recognition, "Hey, it’s really us, our Higher Dimensional SELVES."  Like you said, it is to be a reunion. 

When that hope is provided, more and more people will be excited about the future and will start investigating the truth of why they’re here, why they’re having these experiences and seeing themselves from a higher perspective.   It is so empowering when you recognize what this is about. We are remembering, healing, transmuting and expanding consciousness.

Arcturians:  Yes, the book “Preparing for First Contact” is complete and ready to be dispersed. We will soon be hosting events focused upon it. Hope you can all join us then.

Until then, consider how YOU plan to contribute to this galactic reality.
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Blessings from, We the Arcturians

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    1. Thank you for reading! It's a very important topic for all of us.

  2. I haven't looked in here for a long time. Just lately, I keep hearing and reading about the computer simulation(aka matrix) in which I live. And today, I find this message from the Arcturians! What synchronicity!

    May I offer you some links on the matrix?
    I found this interview very helpful so I've transcribed most of it.
    Are we all Souls or are some people projections of the Matrix Program? Robert Stanley

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    Robert Stanley recommended his listeners read the books in The Divine Secret Garden series, available for free at:

    I've had a look at some of the material and what I've seen looks pretty good. It's about this matrix.

    Yay! It's been a really bad ride here at times but for me, it's past the worst and I am starting to believe that we will really get out of this hell hole. I've been lucky but some of my co-workers have suffered horribly for their devotion to the cause. So please send some good vibes to those unsung heroes out there, who have done some very, very heavy lifting through hell and high water.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It is all synchronous indeed. The Arcturians have described the process of releasing the 3D matrix, and they share details in this blog post:

      Thank you and all of your colleagues for all of your dedicated efforts for Gaia. It is what we are all here to do.

    2. Stay the course with hope and resilience. As promised, there is rest and reward for the weary, and this shall be revealed in the times just ahead.

  3. I too was led here, as most are, quite randomly, or so it would seem. I don't believe in coincidence. This information deeply resonates with me. I am wondering though, where God fits in to it all, as Holy Trinity. My connection to God is something I have always felt, deeply. I have been through many different church/religion attachments, but they only served to be a classroom from which I developed my truest understanding of God through Jesus, my dear friend, guide, and Savior. I don't adhere to or believe in religious dogma, but I can Commune with any other human who is driven by live and light. Even atheists. I just love, freely and completely. I'm especially drawn to love those who society deems as outcasts, especially those in the LGBTQ community, as life seems so much harder for them to navigate. I'd love to hear thoughts on this. Thank you so very much for being here with us. ❤️