Saturday, August 26, 2017

Beginning Your Transitions--The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Beginning Your Transitions

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Beloved family members wearing an earth vessel, we the Arcturians speak to you within this NOW, wish to remind you that you are beginning your transition. Since there are so very many expressions of being a human within your NOW, we the Arcturians wish to  share what we have seen from observing your bravery and creativity.

First off, many of you have mastered the art of remaining calm and centered in the face of great transition. Not only is your outer world changing faster and faster, but your physical body is also altering more and more.

Now these changes are usually not obvious, or even known, but deep inside, many of you are beginning to feel as if something has shifted. Or, you ask yourself, perhaps it is that something has shifted within your daily life.

The answer, “YES“ to all of these components of your life are changing. These changes are being initiated because your third/fourth dimensional reality of Time and Space is transitioning into your fifth dimensional reality of Here and NOW.

We, the fifth dimensional and beyond components of your true Multidimensional Self, are observing you from our fifth dimensional Ships and from our fifth dimensional Home-worlds. You see, within our fifth dimensional consciousness there is NO time or space to separate us from the perceptions of your reality.

Some of us have even visited your third/fourth dimensional world, which made us greatly appreciate your courage and tenacity in the face of great transition. We realize, that in some ways, humanity has had a more difficult life since they learned of our existence, because the” dreams” and “inner messages” that they have received for most of their lives, are now revealed as truths and memories.

These truths are so close to your hearts and minds, but often so distant from your daily lives. It is for this reason that we have been visiting you more often in our Ships, as well as in your dreams and imagination. Yes, imagination resonates to the frequency of our fifth dimensional reality.

In fact, imagination is the language that we, your Galactic Family always speak. This fifth dimensional language, which often feels like “just my imagination” in our daily life, is sent to you in a package of Unconditional Love for each and every one of you to accept and translate in the manner which best fits your belief system. 

We wish to remind you that your higher dimensional expressions of the consciousness, as well as your own thoughts and emotions, are becoming increasingly fifth dimensional. You may wonder why a particular thought or emotion suddenly enters your mind.

We ask that you, now, begin the habit of carefully listening to these random thoughts, emotions and that which you call “day dreams,” as this information is often your first conscious experiences of Light Language.

Light Language is fifth dimensional language. Therefore, this language is no longer bound by third/fourth dimensional time and space, as there is no time or space in Light Language. Light Language resonates to the HERE of the NOW, and serves as your portal to experiencing the fifth dimension.

We wish to remind you that you do NOT need to “go to” the fifth dimension because you ARE fifth dimensional, just as you also resonate to the sixth, seventh, eighth, and beyond. However, for many of you, your consciousness has been trapped inside of your third dimensional vessel, which has been the human vessel since of fall of Lemuria.

What occurred in the fall of Lemuria is that the great inter-dimensional communication that was innate to the Lemurians became lost along with their island home in the Pacific Ocean.  In fact, many of the Lemurian people were lost along with their continent.

However, more and more Lemurians are deciding to take an earth vessel within this NOW, as they see that there is a possible reality which would resonate to the fifth dimension, just as Lemurians resonated to the fifth dimension.

Now, as Gaia is becoming increasingly fifth dimensional, more and more of you are having memories of your life on Lemuria, of your telepathic communications, and of your bodies of Light, which you could alter with your every thought.

Back in your lives on Lemuria, your language was one of toning and melody, and your vision was based on patterns of light that flowed and altered. It would be very difficult for a “modern day person” to visit Lemuria, as they could not understand what the Light Waves were saying, nor could they hear the tones which arose from every living tree, plant, lake and drop of rain.

All of Gaia spoke then, and if you could understand Unconditional Love, you could understand how ALL life spoke to you via the patterns, tones and flashes of images that blurred into pictures and tones.

You likely were not aware that it was your ability to love all life unconditionally that allowed, and guided you, to perceive Gaia in the same manner that Gaia perceived her planetary self.

Yes, just as you humans can perceive your own human body, Gaia can perceive Her own planetary body. We invite you all to meditate on remembering your lives on Lemuria, as they were fifth dimensional, just as the life that you will soon be creating and entering.

As you remember your former lives of “living as ONE with ALL life,” the 98% of your brain which has been closed off from you, will begin to come “back on line.”

You forgot these ancient memories because of the many lives on third dimensional Earth that was constantly filled with fighting some country or  pushing away some form  of indoctrination. In fact, as you go “back to your early beginnings” it will assist you to move forward to your “impending present.”

Humanity has lived via repeated cycles of birth, gaining power, losing their power and experiencing death. As you begin to remember your fifth dimensional, timeless realities, you will regain a great sense of hope and constancy with all life.

You will feel this constancy with all life because you will begin to allow yourself to flow into the ever-expanding energy fields that you will be able to perceive as they surround and flow through and beyond all life.

One of the primary reasons that the life on Earth has been so difficult is that your perceptual, which was rich and filled with color and imagination as a child, became dimmed and “inconsequential” as you became trapped in the many challenges of “daily life in the third dimension.”

Fortunately, more and more of you are “finding the time” to meditate, be creative, write your dreams and EXPRESS YOUR CREATIVITY.  When you express your innate means of creativity, you activate neurons and synapses in your brain that have almost become dormant for lack of use.

When you were a child, you still remembered your fifth dimensional creativity. In fact, many of you still remembered your fifth dimensional self. However, as you “grew up” you were increasingly judged by the concept of “authority figures” who told you not to “waste your time” with your silly imagining.

Focus on your homework, clean your room, get to school on time, get good grades, and all the other components of reality that you were told you must do. As you continued to “grow up” there were more and more things that some one else told you that you HAD to do.

Eventually, “doing” was the same as “minding,” and some one else would “grade” you on your creativity. “Was it good enough for “them” to like?” you asked yourself. And, each time you asked yourself that question, you moved further and further away from the Core of who YOU are.

We, the Arcturians, along with your entire Galactic Family, are here within this NOW to remind you that “YOU are the CREATOR of YOUR REALITY.”

“OH, but I don’t have time to be creative.”
“They won’t like my kind of creativity.”
“I won’t get good grades if I don’t do it the way THEY want me to do it.”

And the list goes on and on until, somewhere along the line, you just give up being YOU to become the “better version” that “they” told you to be. Now, “they” may feel very happy about this transition, but YOU do NOT feel happy.

You feel like you “sold out” and became who “they” want you to be. But, too often, by the time you realize that, you also realize that it is “too late” to change. You have a family, a position, a reputation, etc. etc.  “It is too late to go back to who you really are!” you try to tell your self.

But your real, deep, inner SELF, won’t have it. “NO!” you hear yourself yelling as you wake up from that dream you keep having. “NO,” you tell your self again and again until you can no longer hear yourself saying that. You finally believe what “they” said over what your own Heart and Mind is still trying to tell you.

“NO,” you yell at yourself, “I HAVE to do this.”

“NO” you bargain with yourself. “It is too late to change now. I have come too far on this path and I can’t change now! Right now I just have to drive home from work!”

You turn up the radio in the car so you don’t have to listen to your SELF saying, “It is NEVER too late to BE your SELF.”

“Be My SELF??” you yell at the radio, as if it was forcing you to hear this message again and again. But it doesn’t work. You keep hearing, “I need to be my SELF.” But, what does that mean? You have been a good person, and you have done what they have told you to do.

“Isn’t that being a good person?” you yell at the car radio.

You pull over to the side of the road, as you can no longer focus on driving. You can’t see well, but it could NOT be the tears that are welling up in your eyes. Then, the damn bursts and you begin to feel the tears running down your face, and you begin to cry, then your begin to sob, then, finally, you yell!


“You are not supposed to be any one. We are only wondering if you would LIKE to be yourself?”

That does it! There is nothing like the truth to make you cry like a baby. You cry and you cry, and it feels SO good to recognize WHY you have been so tense. WHY you have a stomach ache whenever you eat. WHY you can’t sleep at night, or wake up with bad dreams.

What you don’t realize, yet, is why you allowed your life to go in this direction.

“I WAS JUST TRYING TO PLEASE THEM!” you hear your self say. But, who was this “them,” and where are they now? Are they in the car comforting you?  Are they waiting at home to comfort you? Can you call them on the phone to comfort you?

Your mind races, “I need some help, I need some help!” you repeat again and again.

“We will help you.” You suddenly hear. You look around the outside of the car. You look around the inside of the car. You check to see if the radio is off, if your phone is off.

“You won’t find me outside of your self,” you hear a soft, gentle and even loving voice.

“Who are YOU?” you scream inside the safety of your parked car. But, no one is in the car with you. No one is outside your car. There is only YOU.

There is only YOU and a soft, gentle, inner voice who is saying,
“I am YOU and I Love you.”

That is it. What was left of your composure is not gone, and you begin to cry, then sob, then sob some more. Finally, you are exhausted and you lay your head back on the seat and close your eyes.

Slowly, and so gently, a feeling that you have not felt in longer than you can count, comes into your awareness. It has been so long since you felt this feeling that you can barely remember it. Slowly, as if someone is guiding you, you remember your self as a small child playing with your imaginary friend.

This “imaginary” friend began to show you pictures of other lifetimes, other realities, and other versions of your own Multidimensional SELF. These members of your own Higher SELF circled around you and send you Unconditional Love.

You wanted to cry again, but this time it was not from angry, but from JOY! They, the wonderful friends that you had as a child, were real! They were with you in the car, parked on the side of the long country road you drove on every day.

You could not see them with your eyes, but you could FEEL them with your heart, just as you used to do when you were a child. They were exactly the same as they had ever been, but YOU had changed so very, very, much.

“Oh no,” you hear inside your heart. “It is you that has changed. We are exactly like we always were, but you grew up and forgot how to look out through your Third Eye and to listen with your Heart.”

You are now sobbing, but not from sadness, or anger, or even fear. You are sobbing from JOY! When you finally regain your composure, you look around to find the source of what you have been experiencing, but you can only find yourself inside of the car, parked beside the road of the highway, but you find no one.

“Where did you go?” you ask.

“We never left,” you hear inside your heart. “You just forgot to LOOK inside!”


  1. Thank you Suzanne. This post brought tears to my eyes. I remember Lemuria.

  2. This blog truly speaks to what is going on in my life right now as I write these words.... I'm taken back by the accuracy that it conveys!!!
    Remembering with every life experience, coming home to the one inside myself. The energies have felt intense at times but there is this underlying feeling of rightness. The quiet voice inside is getting louder and louder. Thank you for this timely sharing. Feeling blessed to be hear during these times

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Chad
      I especially love, "coming home to the one inside myself"
      beautifully said

    2. "The energies have felt intense at times but there is this underlying feeling of rightness."

      I resonate to and share this experience too! Thank you for putting it into words!

    3. Dr. Lie,
      I had a meditation today that was so moving and very powerful which led into my light language. As I proceeded to go into my light language, there was a sound I made which increased and decreased with its levels and a rolling of some sort of mimic. I continued on for about 25mins. and it were as if a weight lifted and shifted from my body and I crossed into a zone I never experienced before. The beings of light came through to let me know that I had just entered into a higher level of awareness and they were actually proud of me. I began to cry uncontrollably because I had never experienced this before. They wanted everyone to know that I had reached a level that will extend now to achieve what it is I needed to achieve because I have asked for this for a while and it is finally being answered. They are wanting us to align and attune ourselves each day for the next (30) days due to purification and cleansing that is taking place now on the planet. For those who are still struggling to reach their frequencies for purification to take place, all must align towards that focus for the next (30) days for you to receive your gifting afterwards. Please attune yourselves to the higher frequencies. There will be powerful things that will build toward your new skills being given to you from the company of heaven. They are wanting us to gravitate to them and reach out to them through meditation so they may be able to shine forth the Light that is needed right now, the focus is on all of the land throughout the entire world, the sea, the waterways and all of the interconnected waterways as the Elemental Kingdom will work in conjunction with the Beings of Light. As we attune ourselves daily, it is necessary in order for the purification to take effect upon the planet as we elevate to a higher frequency and dimension.
      Thank you for sharing and allowing me to share also!
      This was so powerful as I felt a lifting of myself take place. It was so intense and moving that I felt like a baby being cradled!
      Much love and light to you all...

  3. This reading touched my soul in its core. There was a time in my life that I felt my spirit and soul dying. I didn't have a clew spiritually how I could heal myself. I was searching for answers religiously. That was how I was brought up. After many twists and turns I'm now 63. At that time I was 40. I'm at peace now. I'm so looking forward to learning where I have been. Love and light. Thank you for sharing this Suzanne Lie.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been saying and living this same thing you are suggesting my whole life. Being myself has alienated me from my entire family, even my two kids. The want me to be "dad," but they also want me to be "normal." Ha ha! Oh, by the way, I have always thought of myself as having originated from Arcturus! I believe it!

  5. Thank you so much, the message touched my heart so dearly. I am so grateful. Much love to you and the Arcturians!!! <3 <3 <3

  6. Thank you Suzanne, I always have felt I was from Lemuria . I had a yearning and calling to move to Hawaii and have been here for 11 years. I feel have come home. I continue to unfold the layers of worldly conditioning and I am always seeking my truth as multidimensional . This message you have sent us is so helpful. It says it all. I have been experiencing this my whole life . It feels good to know I am not alone, and I am so greatful for your sharing and helping us remember who we truly are . Thank You and Blessings ! Hallie

  7. So amazingly beautiful!! Thank you so mich Suzanne!! Sending you Love and Light!!

  8. Thank you dear Sue, we are loved..

  9. Thankyou so much, Ifound myself in these words. Your words clarify our experiences and makes them more real. I am grateful.

  10. This is synchronous and reveals once again, there is no time. These words express what has been happening Now - Now I feel the presence of my Higher Self whenever I call on her. She is a breath away and has always been in the breath. Thank you

  11. I read in my girlhood that my country, the Philippines, is the site of ancient Lemuria and that many Filipinos are reincarnated Lemurians, which explains the "natural" psychic and creative gifts we have as a people, only that we are still entrenched in low-level 3D consciousness of poverty mentality. We have had a looong history of being colonized and we're still struggling to find our common way back to a national identity of self-worth and charting our own destinies consciously.

    I used to question why I was born in this time and place because I've always fit like a misfit.

    I am only beginning to see now that maybe I was born for a time and place like this to at least hold the Light for others. Just being still and holding the Light.

    Thank you for this, Suzanne!

  12. Coming home to the one inside myself! 💕

  13. Gratitude with Love
    I have remembered as a child of creativity with so much expression...Thanks for the tips

  14. thank you so much Suzanne, you are just such a doll, though this is a ridiculous thing to say !!! ;)))))

  15. Thank you Everyone for your wonderful comments

  16. Have the Arcturians provide more information on Lumeria? I have felt part of California was either part of Lumeria or some people from Lumeria came to mid California. I also feel there is information buried beneath what is land where Lumerian information has been stored. Do you have any additional information regarding Lumeria? Thank you.

  17. I can't put in words how grateful I am for the love and guidance I receive from our Arcturian family.
    Thank you, dear Suzanne, for your light and for bringing their messages to us. <3

  18. Translation into Romanian

  19. I finally got around to reading this, and so glad I did! In the early part of your writing, you stated, "The dreams and messages you've received ... are now revealed as truths and memories!" Wow! Until I was 9 years old, my family did not have a TV, but ... I was constantly dreaming - quite vividly - and imagining that I was a space man. I'm now come to the realization that at one time I had been a pilot of a saucer-like vehicle that was destroyed by negative aliens (lizard-like beings). Sharing such ideas only brought responses of, "You have quite a vivid imagination." Back in 2010-2011, when I finally started becoming myself and actually having contact with Star-family who were of the Light, as you say, I started realizing that I was having truthful memories of past events. It's amazing how lonely a person can feel when you think that no one else can understand you, but now I realize how "alienated" the other people on Earth must be feeling. I'm so glad I retained my ability to not think like other adults, and to keep my imagination fertile. Thank you, Suzanne!