Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Conversation with David K. Miller and Suzanne Lie about the Eclipse


Channeled Message by Suzanne and David K. Miller
 The Eclipse of August 21st, 2017
Dr. Suzanne Lie:
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In Preparation for the Eclipse, it is important that we remain
"In the Calm"

Being IN the Calm

Arcturian Meditations in Preparation for The Eclipse

What does the term “calm” mean? In today’s busy world, the sensation of “feeling calm” can be difficult to remember, and even more difficult to maintain.

Therefore, we ask you to take some long, slow, deep in-breaths
            To breathe IN the sensation of being calm

Breathe in calm,
            Pull the calm through your body
                        And breathe out calm.

What is calm?  Calm is a moment of stillness. 
Just before the sun rises,
            just before the sun sets,
                        just before you wake up,
                                     just before you go to sleep,

Just before you have that which you always wanted to experience, 
            Take a moment to be calm.

Take a long slow deep breath and breathe in, in, in
            and hold, hold, hold. 

NOW -- breathe out, out, out, out. 
            And relax. 

And as you allow yourself to relax,
            Allow your brain to relax. 
                        Allow your thoughts to take a break. 

All of the thoughts that are going on at the same time
            are all yawning and putting their head down on the desk,
                        or leaning back in the chair,
                                    or taking a moment to just STOP

Stop what you are doing
            Stop what you are thinking

Stop whatever you are doing to take a moment to sit down
            Pull the car over to the side of the road
                        Lay down on your couch
                                    Push away from your desk
And take some long, slow, deep, breaths. 

Be still with your body,
            quite with your mind
                        and balanced with your emotions

Now allow yourself to reset your consciousness
            Release the “hurry, scurry”
                        Put away your “to do list”

Stare into the sky, a tree, a flower, a cloud

Take a Long, Slow, Deep breath.
            Put your feet up and your head back
                        Feel your heartbeat lower
                                    And your thoughts slow down

Breathe IN the Calm
            Breathe OUT the Calm 

Close your eyes
            Allow your Third Eye to open

Breathe IN the Calm
            Breathe OUT the Calm

Stop listening to the world
            And listen to your self

Breathe IN the Calm
            Breathe OUT the Calm

Allow your self
            To listen to your Higher SELF

As your 3D self listens to your Higher Self
            What does it say to you?

What do you HEAR with your calm Heart,
            And KNOW with your relaxed body?

LISTEN to your Heart
            And FEEL with your body

Allow the CALM     
            To slow your racing Heart

Allow the CALM
            To relax busy Mind

LISTEN to the Silence
            FOCUS on your Breath

FEEL the Calm
            ACCEPT the Calm

BE the Calm
            SHARE the Calm

NOW you are ready

            To return to your busy day…


  1. Such a simple exercise with powerful results! Thank you Dear Arcturians and Suzanne.x