Monday, August 21, 2017

Arcturian Meditation for the Unity Consciousness On this Day of the Eclipse


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Blessings to You ALL on this Day of the Eclipse

And Unity Consciousness


(written version below)
Greetings, we are the Arcturians,

Please join us now on a journey for this focus on Unity Consciousness? We ask you all to first to focus your consciousness on thinking about how the eclipse will influence you.

Think about how YOU will influence the experience of this major eclipse. Even though this eclipse is just across the United States, everyone in the world can combine in Unity Consciousness, so that all of humanity, all of Gaia’s beings, and Gaia, her Planetary SELF, can share this experience.

Even if you are NOT in the United States, you are ALL on the same planet. Therefore, you can all experience Gaia because YOU are all made of the same elements and elementals as your Mother Earth.

What will be your time frame during the Eclipse?
Who will you be with?
Where will you be? 

Wherever you are on Gaia’s Earth, you can allow the energy field of the Eclipse to enter your physical body, both through you connection to Gaia, and via your connection with your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self knows where you will be and who you will be with. Just allow your Higher Self to over-light you during the eclipse, as YOU over light dear Gaia.

As you each connect with your Higher Self, you can ask your Higher Self to connect with the energy field of the eclipse.

In this manner, each of will you have a mechanism through which you can bring in the light of the eclipse into your Higher Self to assist your physical body to digest and integrate that Light into your body and into your daily life.

Your Higher Self knows what components of your body and your consciousness are best able to accept this higher frequency,
as well as the components of you that are not ready to fully accept these higher frequencies of light.

These areas of your body, and of your consciousness,
            May just being born, or in conflict, or are not yet ready to accept
                        and integrate the higher frequency of light within this Now.

The components of your SELF that are, NOW, ready to accept the Higher Light,
            Since you all have many components of self who are ready,
                        You will “open up your “Heart and Soul” and allow the Higher Light to enter.

NOW, see your front door before you, which is your imaginary doorway to that Higher Light, and feel your Higher Self above you and behind you.

In fact, feel and merge with, your Higher Self,
FEEL how you are over-lit and protected by your Higher Self 

Take a long, slow, deep breath…

Feel that Higher Light as it guards over and comes in to your body…

NOW, focus on the energy field of the eclipse.
As you focus on that energy field, allow your Higher Self to direct you
             As to how that planetary, energy field
                        best intertwines with your personal, energy field.

You don’t have to know where you will be, where the eclipse will be, or when it will be.

You don’t need to worry about those components because
            you are surrendering into your own Higher Light.

You are allowing your own version of the light of the eclipse
            to come into you and move all the way through you. 

Allow that Higher Light to be grounded, through YOU, and deep in the planet
            Into whatever area you are presently connected

Even if you are in Europe, Australia, the Philippines, or Asia, it doesn’t matter where you are-
            Allow that light of the eclipse to enter into your personal light
                        TO amplify your own Inner Light! 

Feel that light as it comes into your head
            goes through your body
                        and is grounded deep into the planet.

Feel how that light can cleanse and release / cleanse and release / cleanse and release.

Now that you have cleansed and released that which you no longer need in your reality
Call in the Violet Fire to transmute it by saying: 

Blaze, blaze, blaze the Violet Fire transmuting all shadow into light, light, light. 

Allow the Violet light to release any areas of your life that you wish to transmute into a higher frequency.

Feel as though these areas are not dark in a negative term, but dark in that they have not YET received this light.  Allow yourself to receive this light.

And as you receive the light, feel it within your body. 
            Also, wherever you are in the world, you can tune into this eclipse,
                        And tune in to that healing, cleansing, higher dimensional light. 

Gaia is ready to be able to take that light into the core of her being.
Because the light is going into Gaia’s core, allow that light to go into your core

As that light goes into the core of Gaia’s being, she can shine it out, up, down, right, left,
            and in every direction of her round body,
                        so that every single person can accept that light.

Take a moment and look at your life.
            What do you need in your life right now? 
                        How can you allow yourself to accept this gift?

Can you remember that what you need for yourself
            is what you will share with others?

Make sure that this need that you have for yourself is NOT a selfish need.

Allow this need to be one that will fulfill you more as a person. 
As you are fulfilled more as a person, you have more to give and more to share. 

By grounding this light through you, and into Gaia from wherever you are,
            You are allowing the Light to come into you

Via this Higher Light, you can perceive reality from a Higher Perspective of your own vision, and your own hearing.

Then, you can share your experience
            from a higher perception of your own speaking, of your own writing.

As you to share your experience with others,
            Do so within this sensation of the NOW that you have shared with every ONE.


  1. I just came to this blog to see if there was anything new. As I began reading I could feel the energy. As time is an illusion I decided to do the meditation. I went into the NOW of the Eclipse and did the full meditation. It was a WOW! On August 21 I did meditate, but this one was just as powerful. Thank you Sue and the Arcturians

  2. Thank you so for your comment. I really appreciate it