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Unconditional Love for Your Self--Chakra Two --Suzanne Lie


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Unconditional Love for Your Self
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Transcript of 7-Minute Meditation

Unconditional Love ~ Chakra Two

As I focus on my second chakra between my waist and the base of my spine I feel a rush of emotion from a long forgotten childhood and early life. I embrace these emotions with the power of my Unconditional Love.

With the power of my Unconditional Love, I can Unconditionally Forgive myself for whatever I thought I might have done wrong. I can also Unconditionally Accept that I wrote those episodes of life into my birth plan.

I observe how these gifts of Unconditional Love, Unconditional Acceptance, and Unconditional Acceptance give my inner child the freedom to be reborn into my true Multidimensional Self.

I can now see a stairway that leads from the depths of my deep unconscious child, self that is ever expanding into higher and higher dimensions of consciousness. 

I observe and feel this light of my true Multidimensional Self as this light flows down the stairway and into the depths of my Second Chakra to re-set all of my childhood problems into “lessons well learned.”

I observe as my inner child shares with me my innate talents that were lost in the process of growing up.  I feel the wonder of life, as I perceive it through the eyes of the innocence and hope of my own inner child. 

“I am free”, I hear myself exclaim as I climb the stairway of light into the “me” that I chose to be before I took this embodiment.

I now view my world through the eyes of the innocence and the innate knowing that I am protected and guided by the higher dimensional frequencies of my own Multidimensional Self. 

I now look out into the world through the eyes of innocence and the innate knowing that I am protected. My own inner guides, that are also the higher dimensional versions of my own Multidimensional Self, protect me.

As these higher beings become conscious to my awareness, I feel the Higher Light and Unconditional Love resonating within the core of my being. 

I feel this Higher Light and Unconditional Love as it frees me from memories of the past that have lied to me, that have told me that I was only human, that I was not good enough, that I was not smart enough, or good-looking enough.

The words hurt me and made me sad. Therefore, I take these words that somehow became stuck in my second chakra, and I send each word my own Unconditional Love as I say, “I love you, and I love me.” 

“I AM Unconditional Love. My Unconditional love is FREE of condition.
My Unconditional Love accepts mistakes, accidents, or reactions.” 

I feel that Unconditional Love, as it settles into my second chakra.

I feel the Unconditional Love, as it calms me, relaxes me, and assists me to release the emotions of sorrow, pain, and anger.

I feel how this Unconditional Love allows me to rejoice in the emotions of happiness, creativity, acceptance, and forgiveness. 

I feel how, through my own second chakra that “I” am being reborn.

I feel how my Multidimensional Self is rebirthing as the newest and most unconditionally loving version of my self.

“I am reborn!
I am the ‘me’ I was meant to be.
Now I can live my life as being me.”

And in this life,
Within this rebirth of this life,
I unconditionally love myself from the core of my being. 
   I unconditionally forgive myself from the core of my being
   I unconditionally accept myself from the core of my being.

And from these fertile fields of Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness and Unconditional Acceptance of MY SELF:

I know that I AM, I WILL, I AM CONTINUING to create “my/our”

New Earth that is based on Unconditional Love


LOCATION: The second chakra is located at the navel. The navel was once our umbilical cord that was our attachment to our first physical home, our mother and the nurturing that she provided. The second chakra also represents our attachment to Mother Earth as well as all the plants and creatures that call Her home.

PETALS: This chakra has six petals or spokes. In numerology, six is the number that represents responsibility and nurturing for family and community as well as finding balance and harmony with our environment.

NOTE & MANTRA: The note for this chakra is D and the mantra is “vam” or “o” as in home. Chanting these mantras in the key of D while focusing our attention on this area of our body can enable us to more consciously access the second chakra.

COLOR: The color of this chakra is orange. Orange is the color of emotion. In the Hindu chakra system, the color orange is associated with death of the old. This “death” refers not only to physical death, but also to death, or total liberation, of painful emotions that have been repressed. This “death” also refers to the discharge of the defense mechanisms that were created in order to survive those emotions, as well as the situations that caused them.

RULES: The second chakra rules our VITAL, SENSUAL body. This chakra governs sexuality, reproduction, emotions, instincts, food, and general communication of the body with the consciousness that lives inside it. The second chakra rules the feminine component of sexuality, whereas the first chakra rules the masculine component of sexuality. The second/navel chakra is more sensual than sexual. It tells us how we feel about sex and having children, whereas the first chakra rules sex that is for enjoyment, power, and/or procreation.

Besides reproduction, the second chakra also governs other kinds of creativity. Swimming, hiking, and gardening make use of the second chakra’s connection to nature. Sculpting and carving use materials and objects of nature as a medium, and nature is often the “subject” of painters and photographers. With dancing and martial arts, the navel area is seen as the base, the Hara Center, the area to be kept in alignment with the earth so that perfect balance can be maintained.

Like the first chakra, the second chakra governs survival, but from the perspective of the feminine polarity. The first chakra governs the fight for survival, whereas the second chakra rules the instincts for survival. The first chakra would urge us to battle for and protect, whereas the second chakra would aid us in using our instincts to find a safe place to hide, to live, and to rear our young. Like the first chakra, the second chakra also rules money, but again, in a different manner. The first chakra rules money and the power that it holds, whereas the second chakra rules money and the security that it brings.

SENSE: The sense of taste is related to this chakra. The sense of taste is important for identification of edible vs. non-edible food and for the enjoyment of eating, which is also ruled by the second chakra. Taste is a very emotional experience and is the basis for the nurturing and comfort that eating provides. Eating, more specifically suckling, forms the important first bond between mother and child and serves as comfort as well as nutrition.

Preparing and serving food is often an act of love and community, and “family meals” bind the family together. Eating and food is very culture specific. For generations after a family immigrates to a new area, they maintain their preference for the food of their culture because of the security and sense of belonging that it provides.

ASTROLOGY SIGN: The astrology sign of Cancer is associated with the second chakra because Cancer rules emotions, receptiveness and fertility.

ELEMENT: Water is the element associated with the second chakra. Our first physical home in the amniotic sac was one of water. This chakra reflects how we feel about being in or near the water. Psychologically, water is the metaphor and symbol for emotion. The second chakra deals with “gut instincts,” basic emotions such as fear, rage, and joy and basic interpersonal emotions that are often unspoken.

The second chakra also rules the kidneys, which is where we eliminate our water. This chakra rules our second dimensional self, which is represented by the plant kingdom and less evolved creatures such as fish. Both plants and fish must have water to survive.

CONSCIOUSNESS: The second chakra depicts our emotional consciousness, our “animal instincts” and our tribal consciousness. This chakra represents the mammalian portion of our brain where the limbic system rules our emotions and short-term memory. The limbic system is an important center for creativity and learning because it is where emotion and memory combine. We all know that it is easier to learn when we are emotionally engaged than when we are bored. Also, a deeply loving experience is usually imprinted in our conscious mind. However, an extremely frightening experience is often banished to our unconscious mind, as the memory of it is too painful.

Higher mammals such as dogs and monkeys remember what they are taught because they have an emotional relationship with the teacher, or because the food that is given as a reward makes them feel happy and nurtured. Humans also use emotions and food as a means of reinforcement and reward.

PERSONAL TIMELINE: The second chakra represents ages 2 to 4 when the child is going beyond basic survival and is beginning to develop his or her position in the family. It is also a time when they are creating their own sense of individuality, but they are still dependent on their “tribe”.

It is at this age that children are beginning to associate their emotions with specific events, but they are dependent on their caregivers for interpretation and guidance. Emotional events that occur during this age are often unconscious to our adult self, but they form the basis of many of our core beliefs about our selves and our abilities.

SOCIAL TIMELINE: Anthropologically, the second chakra represents the time when civilization advanced beyond living in caves and was able to settle into tribes. At this time, many tribes began agriculture and animal husbandry. Since the people lived off the land, they worshiped the Goddess with ceremony and sacrifice.

ENDOCRINE GLAND: The endocrine glands for the second chakra are the gonads, which consist of both male and female sex organs. These include the ovaries, testes, and prostate gland. The prostate gland is also ruled by our first chakra. Hormones have a strong influence on mood, as any woman with PMS will confirm. What is not as often noted is the interaction between testosterone and adrenaline. When a man’s fight/flight syndrome is activated, the adrenaline in his system interacts with the testosterone to create an explosive combination. Steroids also create strong emotional reactions.

Healthy male and female sexual organs make our personality radiant and magnetic, our eyes sparkling and luminous, and give us an air of self-reliance. The inner warmth of vibrant sex glands prevents the tendencies for inflexibility, hardening, and stiffening that can come with aging. In fact, a healthy active sex life can bring a vitality and balance to life even in our “old age.”

NERVE PLEXUS: The second chakra is located at the lumbar plexus, which rules the reproductive system, abdomen, and lumbar region of the back.

CLEAR: When the second chakra is clear we feel patient, enduring, nurturing, and secure. We feel intimate with our family, friends, neighborhood, and planet. We feel “at home” in our bodies and are able to communicate with our “self.” Our emotions are balanced, and we are able to trust our instincts and “gut feelings.”

Our sex life is natural and loving, and we are able to balance both the male and female components of sexuality. We eat the healthy food in the correct amount for our bodies’ needs and enjoy the comfort and nurturing free of any addictive behaviors. Our elimination of waste material is regular and our sex organs, bladder, and kidneys are healthy.

UNCLEAR: When the second chakra is unclear, we feel impotent, frigid, or over-sexed. We may not be able to enjoy sex or we may use it as an addiction to cover what we are really feeling. We may feel disassociated from our friends and family and ill at ease within our home. Our eating and drinking can become addictive in that we eat or drink to comfort ourselves and to cover emotions that we don’t want to consciously face.

Fear and anger are just beneath the surface of our awareness, which makes us anxious and/or depressed. Old core beliefs of limitation and fear sabotage our behavior and keep us in “survival mode.” Life feels like a day-to-day struggle, and we feel like we are living hand-to-mouth because we are unable to make enough money to feel comfortable in our home and secure in our family life.

EARTH’S CHAKRA: Although our Western minds have discounted it, the Earth is a living being just as we are. In “evolving” beyond our tribal consciousness, we have lost our association with and respect for the planet who is a Mother to us all. Mother Earth’s second chakra is in the Brazilian Amazon. This is a fitting place for Her second chakra for it is a paradise of fertility and growth. That is, if we humans do not continue to destroy it.

DIMENSIONS: The second chakra rules our second and third dimensional bodies. This chakra, more than any other, represents our humanoid “animal.” Animals have emotions, just as we do, ask any pet lover. It is through conscious, third dimensional awareness of our second dimensional emotions that we are able to become the protectors of Mother Earth, rather than Her destroyers. If we feel the warmth and protection of a tree, if we can honor the food that we eat and the water that we drink, we will not want to pollute or destroy our planet that provided them for us.

However, if we harbor repressed emotions of terror and rage, we will see the world around us as an enemy, which we must conquer. When we can heal our past pain, we can feel our connection to the Earth and all Her creatures. It is vital that we love our own bodies, for when we can truly love and respect our own bodies we can love and protect the Earth whose body we call home.

SUMMARY: The second chakra symbolizes our emotions and how they inform us about our feelings about life and our selves. Unfortunately, emotions are often dominated by the pain, guilt, anger, and fear from our past. This backlog of old negative emotions acts like a full wastebasket, and one more piece of paper is enough to cause the contents of the wastebasket to spill out. Our unconscious, specifically the unconscious which is harbored in our second chakra, is that wastebasket. Our repressed emotions are the old pieces of paper that fill it.

Too often we are operating at the edge of “overwhelm” and cannot allow ourselves to “feel” too much for fear that the damn will burst. However, our emotions are important gauges to guide us through both our inner and outer lives. If we can allow ourselves to consciously “have our emotions” without losing our self-control so that “our emotions have us,” they can serve us much like the gauges on the dashboard of our car. These “gauges” tell us when we need repair, when all is working well, when we are in danger, and when we are safe.

The brain centers for emotion and memory are intimately related. Our memory works by association and memories filled with the same emotions are stored in the same “file.” Therefore, repressed emotions from our forgotten past threaten to “tack onto” present situations that activate the same emotion. At this point, the past emotions amplify our present emotions to inappropriate levels.

For example, if we suffered a loss in childhood and never received adequate comfort and support, we will be over sensitized to any losses that we experience as adults. In other words, our “sorrow” file is filled. Since we have repressed our childhood experience, we cannot understand why we feel such sorrow in reaction to what seems to be a relatively insignificant event.

Fortunately, our child is alive and living in our unconscious mind. If we can give our inner child what was needed before and never received, we can begin to heal our old pain. In this manner, we will learn to discriminate between the pain of our childhood and the pain of the present. Then, we can take a moment to reassure our inner child that he or she is safe and that we, the adult, will handle the situation at hand.

One of the foundations for creativity is the sensual sensitivity of our physical body. If we can clear the fear and pain from our past, we can begin to feel our emotions with the same power and clarity that we did as children. When we can do that, we will awaken the wonderful imagination that we “grew out of” as adults. If we can consciously communicate and love inner child, we can be intuitively tuned in, as well as solidly rooted in a mature understanding of how we create our reality.

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  1. Hello Every ONE, Please share your experience in the comment space to create the Unity Consciousness UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. WE are the creators of our reality, so lets create a reality based on Unconditional Love.
    Thank you for all your wonderful participation so far,

  2. I'm deeply involved in this highly tramsuting process and after a week of focusing on Unconditional Love for myself and the planet I'm feeling more and more free from the past and 3D conditioning. I keep on living this very enlightening adventure exploring my true Self, my original essence. Thank you Sue and the Arcturians for this incredible experience!!!

  3. Blessings dear Suzanne...Love & Light to you Dear Heart...And THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO FORUS ALLLLLLLLLL HERE ON MOTHER EARTH...CHEERS IN LOVE

  4. Thank you, dear Sue. I'll translate it now and post. You're wonderful.

  5. I wrote my comment on January the 6th:
    Now when I wake up in the morning the first thought that comes in is “I Love myself Unconditionally”, and I smile and feel loved. A few times during the day I remember and say out loud “I Love myself Unconditionally”. How is this meditation affecting me? I am more aware that we are all beings of higher consciousness. It is easier to be loving to others even those that I thought of as irritating, I now know that it is their experience just like I have my experiences. Also there are people who might find me irritating. It also immediately makes me aware when I am being egoistic and I can switch to unconditional Love. I am enjoying the effect and the meditation is having on me, and the change. The second chakra meditation is already promising,
    Thank you Suzanne and thanks to The Arcturians

  6. Thank you so much Sue!

    This chakra 2 meditation is very powerful! I physically felt an energetic motion on my belly bottom. A pulling.

    Thanks again for all you do! I feel very close to the Arcturians and your work has been a blessing :)

    Lots of love

  7. Beloved Sue, it's translated and posted in Brazilian Portuguese!
    I again say; you're wonderful.
    Your work is healing my body!
    Many problems have appeared and then the first week healed one of them, and I'm sure another one will be healed this week.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you a lot!!!
    Kiss of love, light and gratitute


  8. Last night as I was meditating in my room, to discover the names of my angels, the clouds dissipated and the sky was a mass of brilliant white Light from the stars. Because I am in Northern B.C. Canada the stars are so clear and beautiful. I felt so blessed. The names that arose in my mind were Seraphina, Jacob and Grace. Also Archangel Michael whom I call on every day and Archangel Zadkiel. I am now calling them all into my life, as I now feel I deserve help. So thank you for your guidance.

    I have just listened to the 2nd chakra, I felt so emotional as I realized how I have hung on to the past , even tho I have always thought I was letting it go. But the LOVE surrounding me from my multidimensional self is helping me realize I deserve to be free and LOVED.
    I am looking forward to participating every day.


  10. I lay in my bed meditating and I see a man before me, he is so peaceful/ present/ loving/ friendly. I sense the name Lord Shiva. Then i see another man, he is enormous/ muscular/ powerful/ surrounded by water. I sense the name King of Atlantis. Poseidon has come to help me balance my second chakra on my journey to union with my divine complement x. Once again your thorough explanation of the second chakra is adundant, much gratitude x

  11. om we are apparently individualized different perceptive devices/windows too..
    the result is also separation


    do we wanna live IT ?
    we must stay simple remain always
    simple in everything

    and be able to let LIFE love flow
    beyond ego-personality..

    ital transl
    european/intergalactic cooperation

  12. The journey continues as we each indivually walk our path from an aware consciousness receiving with each in breath divine essence and sharing same essence with Gaia and all her inhabitants with each out breath. Grounding our energy fields within the core to add our expression of unity consciousness birthing NEW EARTH

  13. I am so grateful for this programme, 7 days, 7’s perfect for me, having been trying so hard to Love myself.
    I know once I can get it in place that I can do it 3 times a day!
    After reading the wonderful comments from others, I now realise I should have been doing it at least twice a day! Not the least because I failed to read the ‘about’ right through....I have put that onto a Word doc & printed it out, so that I can read it at least once a day, before or after doing the meditation.
    I must say, that reading the other comments has helped me enourmously.....I cannot state this so empatically, so if you get the chance to highlight this, and give praise to them all, I would be so grateful/happy/filled with joy....
    So, I am going to start over, with Chakra 1, by then I hope the second one will be able to be downloaded....

    Thanks so much for this programme, Sue, I have been wavering on the edge of despair, to ever find a way to Love myself.

    Thanks also to the lovely staff who fix all these things up...hope to hear from you soon.
    Peace and Love to you all


  14. This chakra work is quite intense. I had t listen to the meditation over and over. It's like it triggers a lot of release and I cannot grasp all the meditation because I go somewhere the minute it starts. I also have physical symptoms in my lower belly. I returned to doing tai chi today and the feel of moving from my second chakra ( dantien) was magical and at one point I started to go into 5 d and everything started to glisten, shimmer and shine with golden light. Thank you Suzanne and the arcturians. I also read in the Journal today about the color lights in the corridor and that felt wonderful too.

  15. Thank you Sue and everyone to be able to feel a unity consciousness ever more growing. The meditations are also doable for me at my workplace. THIS is GREAT! AND I love them, helping me stay "on track".....

  16. I reflected about the first two chakras. I fell asleep and had a lucid dream. My girl friend and I prepared for an exam. In preparation we were given some boxes, but we hadn't looked into them. I wasn't careful and one box opened by accident. Out came innumerable chicken that soon went all over the room. I was delighted but I wondered what to do. My girlfriend came in, was flabberghasted and looked into the other box. Out came even more chicken. Now the whole room was full of lively chicken who pecked at us tenaciously because they needed to be fed. What to do? Answer: unconditional love. Find grains and water and make the best of the new chicken farm. The lesson: There are surprising new events everywhere: face the facts, accept them, integrate them and make the best of them.

  17. Hi Sue,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful information you are sharing with us.

    I have tried twice now to post a note and it just seems to be disappearing into the ethers! I have no idea where it goes once I hit the "publish" button!

    Anyway, I'm here and loving you work! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    Kathryn - Canada

    Here is the quote I have been trying to share with the group:
    "You cannot be denied anything that is perfect, whole, complete and right for you when you are your Self first. Bring your Self first you automatically experience perfection in the way of Divine Thoughts, Words, Deeds and Actions.
    Allowing your toxic thoughts to be first, you automatically experience imperfection in the way of disease, confusion, resentment, depression, judgment and poverty."

  18. Hi Sue

    Thank you so much for the work that you do. I am inspired and enlightened. I feel a rush of so many emotions during the meditation and will be applying this on a daily basis. Especially while I am at work and triggered by toxic people and behaviours I will remind my inner self that I am ok and that I am a valuable and love myself unconditionally.

  19. Thank you for your work Suzanne. I had thought 2015 was full of things bubbling up to the surface and needing to be cleared! I believe this meditation is assisting more unfinished business to come to mind so I may continue to transmute and release. It is amazing to me how much comes up! It seems as though I have a never-ending supply of gook to clear! :) Thank you for your help in making more space for light. Many blessings and much gratitude to you and the Arcturians <3

  20. Annie- Chakra no 2
    This meditation is very different than the first.
    This meditation was not easy for me, in the first days, when hearing the words my thoughts kept going with the words taking me back to my childhood. On the 2nd day I had to start the meditation a 2nd time, I was determined to keep my thoughts with the meditation. Later during the day the memories still came, are still coming and I am glad. They are from my childhood up to and including my adult life. I allow all to come, I accept them and accept me, and I forgive them and forgive me. The 1rst chakra meditation thought me to love myself unconditionally, so now I love myself unconditionally. I am making peace with my emotions and feelings of this and perhaps former lives. Yes I am letting go and I am feeling lighter and free!
    Thank you Sue and thank you to The Arcturians

  21. Querida Suzanne Lie ,sou imensamente grata pelos maravilhosos ensinamentos que você em conjunto com os irmãos Arcturianos estão nos presentando .Falam direto para o meu coração . Acordei hoje pela manhã com o meu segundo chacra vibrando de felicidade, proporcionando um imenso Amor pela vida como um todo :pessoas ,plantas e animais . Posso dizer que tive uma infância muito feliz .Apenas dois episódios me desviaram do meu verdadeiro Eu .Foi a mensagem amorosa do segundo chacra que me fez lembrar com toda clareza daqueles fatos pois percebí que toda criança de uma forma ou outra passou pela mesma, diria até ¨iniciação¨ para vivenciar suas experiências na 3D O que completou minha alegria e felicidade ,foi que a meditação me trouxe totalmente a consciência de saber que a proteção que sempre senti, e sempre tive,veio do meu próprio EU Multidimensional.Agora posso dizer do fundo do meu coração que realmente estou sabendo e sentindo o que é o AMOR INCONDICIONAL.Neste AGORA que se abriu para nós estamos encerrando um ciclo ,e iniciando a criação da NOVA TERRA . Com muito Amor e toda gratidã grande abraço Karin

  22. Wonderful meditations! I find that reading them to inspiring music has more impact than listening to the meditation audio.

    I feel more and more reconciled to my inner self with each meditation.

    Keep up the good work!

  23. It was not easy to swim throght this tough energies of all these wounded childhoods.

  24. I felt like the rotten apple in the barrel, when I read other people's comments. It wasn't until the 4th day that I felt I had made a breakthrough. I noticed it in my physical body first. Problems that I had had for the past five years and getting worst every year, were gone. Completely gone!!! And this was all in the area between my navel and my root chakra. I have been elated ever since. I recalled childhood traumas that were still hurting me. So I worked to heal that part of my life, which was abandonment on many levels. I was in 5 different foster homes growing up. I feel strong now, whereas I was so weak I had problems walking across the room. These meditations are very powerful. I did the first one 3 times a day. The second one I did 3 times in the morning and again 3 times at night. Now I do the first once, the second once, and the third morning and night. I feel like I am walking up a stairway to ascension. Love to all of my brothers and sisters who are also on this path and I send my deepest gratitude to Sue and the Arcturians.

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