Sunday, January 31, 2016

Integrating Unconditional Love to Read, Hear and Download - The Arcturians and Suzanne Lie

The Year of Unconditional Love

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2016 is the Year of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

Message from Suzanne and the Arcturians

Hello Dear Readers,

We choose to NOW take a week-long break from this in-depth healing and transmutation process of Unconditional Love, so that you can integrate your experience into your daily life and sense of self. Your “sense of self” is how you perceive your own self. As Unconditional Love fills your body, chakra-by-chakra, you notice a shift in the way you think about your self.

A challenge that we, the Galactics, face is that humanity has been brainwashed to believe that they need to get help, but are too inadequate to give help in return. Before you can “give help,” you may need to “take a break” from their healing process so that you integrate your New SELF into their daily life.

Just as too much food creates a stomach ache, too much integration of Unconditional Love can create a feeling of exhaustion. This exhaustion was ALREADY there, but you could not feel it until you unconditionally loved yourself enough to deeply tune into the earth vessel you are wearing to experience how you really feel.

Your 3D world has also trained you to ignore when you are tired, and to take a pill or some other substance to better ignore your body. Then you “bravely carry on with your work.” That behavior is the result of brainwashing from the myriad media tools of the Illuminati.

We Galactics KNOW when it is our NOW to go deeply inside our Multidimensional SELF to relax and gain a deeper perspective of the energy fields that we have been creating. It is then that we can more deeply observe how humanity is acclimated to these energy fields.

The Unconditional Love that you have integrated into your Heart Chakra will NOT tell you to “carry on” even if it harms your body. Your physical heart, your Heart Chakra, and your High Heart, which is between your Hearth Chakra and your Throat Chakra, represent the core of your healing.

Hence, these areas of your body are focused on healing and NOT on working. Remember that your Heart Chakra also rules your lungs. Your lungs work with your heart to bring in vital fresh oxygen which is integrated into the blood that your Heart circulates through our your body.

You have all been taking in a deep and lasting healing. With your focus on your Heart Chakra, heart and lungs, it is perfect NOW for you to take some R and R. Please keep your focus on your your Heart Chakra as you “relax and “integrate” what you have bravely accepted so far.

One might think that too much fear is dangerous, which of course it is. However, too much love, especially unconditional love, can uproot many hidden memories and brainwashing of how “You do not deserve…” How many times in your 3D life have you been given the message that you do not deserve some thing or some one?

In fact, how many times has your television and other commercials told you that you were not good enough unless you…bought their soap, took their medicine, lost that weight, or took their pills. We strongly suggest that you no longer allow these “commercials” into your awareness.

In fact, as your own inner Lightbody gradually awakens under the administrations of Unconditional Love for your self, you will find many “cures” and “solutions” inside your own Higher Guidance.

These cures and solutions are a form of deep, inner healing, which probably feel like fatigue. Fatigue is your body’s way of saying “I need to take a break now.”
Therefore, we suggest that this week - you relax into your ever-expanding SELF
so that you can better integrate all that you have been learning about your self.

We offer you this free meditation download to assist you to:


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Take long, slow, deep breaths to center your consciousness
Now, see your reality as it is in this moment

Begin with all the parts of your life that you love
All the persons
And things that you love

Remember that everything is alive in your reality.
Every person, place, situation, or thing that you love is something you invited in your reality is a representation of your connection to your true, Creator SELF.

Feel these loves of your life in your heart and allow this energy of love
to travel up into your mind and thoughts
And down through all you body
Then into the body of Gaia, your planetary self

Hold that LOVE as you observe the parts of your life that you wish to transmute or change

Do NOT attach any fear to these aspects of your life, as that will interfere with your ability to connect with your Creator SELF.

Remember, fear separates,
But LOVE expands and unifies.

As you peruse your reality, allow all that you LOVE in your life to expand until it encircles any parts of your life that you wish to change.

As you do so, imagine the loved portions of your life as a green meadow

Now imagine the difficult parts of your life as holes in that meadow

Keep your process symbolic so that you will not get triggered into fear by the negative charge of your “problems, which are symbolized as the holes in the meadow.”

Know that your third dimensional reality will always have meadows and holes – loves and fears

Now, visualize a rain of higher light coming down into your meadow

See how the higher light expands the grassy areas
While it makes the holes smaller and smaller

Send the higher light directly into the holes, while you also
Fill these holes with unconditional love

Look up again to the rain of higher light
See how this higher light is filling the holes in your meadow,
And transmuting them into pools of light

Send Unconditional LOVE into the pools of light   
Observe as the unconditional love sparkles above the pools of light

Visualize the entire field, including the holes—which have become pools of light—rising up to join the rain of light

Once more, look at the loved portions of your reality

Observe as that which you have loved
Seems to be healing that which you once feared

Feel how you have allowed your self to love unconditionally

See how your unconditional love has expanded your awareness into a new expression of reality

Send your past reality the unconditional love and thanksgiving that a great teacher deserves

Send this feeling of love and thanksgiving into that which you are releasing

Feel how sending unconditional love and thanksgiving assists you in releasing any habits of stress and fear

Stand on the edge of each pool of light that had once been a low point in your life

Look into that pool to see the reflection of the lessons you learned from that challenge

Give thanksgiving for a lesson well learned

Lovingly surrender that lesson in to the rain of light

Visit each pool of light and lovingly release any “link of fear”
That was once associated with that area of your life

Now replace the “link of fear” with the new “link of love”

It is this Link of LOVE that allows you to
Lovingly surrender your lessons into the rain of light

Because of the “rain of Higher Light,”
As well as your expanding dedication to replace fear with love

One day you will awaken, and your old problems will have become

ONLY the teachers who taught you how to
raise the frequency of your reality
by surrendering your fears into the Rain of Higher Light.

Dear Readers,
We will continue with the Fifth, Throat Chakra, on Monday February 8, 2016. Another reason why we are “taking a break” in this NOW is because the First through Fourth Chakras are more focused on your own life and how you can “ACCEPT the “Higher Light.”

On the other hand, the Fifth through Seventh Chakras are more focused on how you will experience your innate Power Within to PROJECT this Unconditional Love out into your life and into your planet, Gaia.

Please take this week to enjoy the writings and recordings that we are offering to assist you to fully embrace and integrate the Unconditional Love you have been accepting into your first four chakras to prepare your self for your “Active Duty of Planetary Ascension.”

We ask that you continue the sharing of your process for this week, as Unity Consciousness will be vital for the myriad ways in which YOU will serve your dear planet Gaia to “take you Home” into your own Higher Expressions of SELF.

How will YOU integrate your unconditional love? Share your comments below.

Blessing of Unconditional Love
The Arcturians and Suzanne Lie

New to the Process of Unconditional Love?


  1. OM

    ITAL transl /share/help
    cooperation in TRUTH

    with a report about the amazing uplifting healing ARTCURIAN ADVANCED LECTURE on last sat.


    SOMEONESOMETHING has made it disappear
    so sad cause my time on line now is off..
    please go akashikrecords or use any other way to perceive my messages filled with lovelighttruth
    ps i seldom have line and always must connect/disconnect cables reach the internet point etc etc
    i wonder how and why i often am the first worldwide to post a comment
    while other people who have line 24/7 seldom /never manifest feedbacks
    ?? i feel i am grateful to ALLTHAT IS /Source ,
    i am that iam

  2. thank you was just feeling everything above when going to do 5d chakra yes I didn't know but we do need a break feel relieved relaxed lol

  3. It was quiet a challenge adding these meditations to my other practices- reading & integrating the lectures: so much knowledge & healing. I highly welcome this break. Thank you so much Suzanne & Arcturians.Let's relax in Unity. Monika Myriel

  4. Planet Earth representatives contact Arcturus and Source /ALLTHATIS
    "Advanced Arcturian Lecture Series - January 2016".
    January the 30th 8pm CET
    I have the honour and precious opportunity to be among partecipants also in 3D.
    how to describe a contact with Arcturians who have no FORM but hold/channell infinite Love?
    How to tell our collective interdimensional journeys ?
    I give some holo- pics:
    it has been also a nice chance to experience unityconsciousness,to contact our Real beingness and Selves ,and to keep on manifesting
    a consciousness of TRUTH and ONESS..
    I now download from my high heart/3rd eye memoryholobank a clear vision : one of my selves ,now closer to me ,more intense amd important
    :A light body-being white incandescent shining with an aura of gold blue violet
    A powerful being very sensitive very peaceful ,A being in love with LIFE
    His eyes two glowing rays deep penetrating bright healing Ready to accept to forgive to love
    But most of all IT is filled with love and respect for Life ,to the degree of sometimes operate as a LIFE’s defender
    In hardfight sessions …..only to protect ..
    A pleasant and useful conscious reunion .i now feel globally better ,stronger..
    As a littlebig Yoga student and sharer since some terrestrial decades I say that :
    the breathing easy and powerful exercises during the lecture/contact have enhanced our sensibility and perceptions
    .these beautiful healthy pranayamas contain also holo-phases of
    energy motion

    all effective balancing clearing fast powerful
    I am grateful and send back infinite blessings Bliss……consciousness..
    My report is only some sparks of what happened happens will happen
    May you live in the here of the now of the ONE
    That we are

  5. Thank you Suzanne, my love and gratitude for you and the Arturians.

    What a wonderful insights.

  6. I was receiving this message to rest and integrate after much journeying and receiving much information before and after the webinar on Saturday the 30th..I can say I am so conditioned to push, push forward. I am so grateful for the Arcturians and Suzanne...I no longer feel like a trapped and alone galactic. Blessings!!!! Karmyn

  7. Suzanne I am forever grateful to you for making these powerful recordings available to us. This last meditation is so powerful and so welcome as I can feel myself beaming the unconditional love into the area of my life that need it the most. It lifted up the fear that I still held ( unbeknownst to my conscious self) Thank you so much !!! Blessings and love Emmanuelle

  8. Thank you Suzanne for this powerful meditation. Why didn't you use the term violet/ sacred fire for this one?

  9. Thanks that you are
    Comming with Us so far

    We are now
    In the heart
    As you know

    The cause to take a rest
    Will help Us to finish the quest

    No one is ever alone
    In Us all is love among
    No breath is ever alone

    I am where You are
    You are where We are

    You are everywhere IT is
    I live where you live
    You find IT in your bliss

    IT is already there where you are before you asked
    Before you asked IT is already there where you are

    Thank Us all sharing this 7x7x7 (plus 7x7 break) process ~ let Us go further ~ it is the time within that NOW to do IT & to Be IT... LOVE, M.


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