Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 2016 Free "Year of Love" Card


"Where is Love?" we often ask ourselves. 

To honor 2016 as the Year of Love, I am monthly offering a FREE download of picture/poem card that you can print out and place where you can see it, or print out more and give them away to others. 

In that manner, you can remind yourself, and others that in the year of 2016


All we need DO to choose Love is to give it away.

Blessings to you all

Free download of this Card


Did you miss our Unconditional Love webinar?
* Download the recording and see love's impact. *


  1. love truth oneness sensitivity
    ital transl
    and intergalactik-cooperation ask


  3. these words are alive
    they are full of love
    I heard
    I felt
    I recognized
    it is unconditional love
    connecting my self in to my self out
    in a continuous peace movement
    and I breathe

    essas palavras estão vivas
    elas estão cheias de amor
    eu ouvi
    eu senti
    eu reconheci
    ele é o amor incondicional
    conectando meu eu dentro ao meu eu fora
    em um movimento continuo de paz
    e eu respiro

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