Friday, January 1, 2016

Make Ascension Normal with Unconditional Love for Yourself ~ The Arcturians




Happy New Year


The Year of Unconditional Love

2016 is also the year to: 

Message from The Arcturians

Beloved members of Ascending Earth,

We, the Arcturians, wish to share that as you come to the close of 2015, you are preparing in earnest for the fulfillment of your Mission to Earth. As you are aware, the basis of your mission is to assist in transmuting Gaia.

To best serve that Mission, you are NOW in the process of recalibrating your chakras so that they can serve to unite the fifth and sixth dimensional energy fields with the third and fourth dimensional frequency of your physical body.

Beloved Ones, we ask that you release your attachments to the ego of your third dimensional vessel so that you can fully remember WHO you truly are and WHY you took an earth vessel within this vital NOW of the transmutation of all planetary life.

How do you release your attachment to your ego that has served to protect you for your entire incarnation? There is only one tool that is strong enough to pry you from the safety of your protective ego and open your conscious awareness to the higher light that is NOW streaming into your reality, your planet, and your own physical body.

That tool is unconditional love for your self. Your ego has taught you that it is “conceited” to love your self. Your ego has taught you to hang your head in disappointment or shame that you did not do “better.”

On the other hand, your true Multidimensional SELF has been whispering into your heart that YOU are here to usher in New Earth. How can YOU, just a regular person, have the ability to assist with the establishment of New Earth?

We will happily answer that question. YOU will assist the birth of New Earth by connecting your third dimensional self with your Multidimensional SELF. Then YOU are no longer your ego. Then, you are a Multidimensional Being who has volunteered to lower your immense consciousness into a small clay vessel.

Why would you do such a thing? Why would you leave a fifth dimensional, and beyond, reality to wear a small vessel made of the elements of planet Earth? Why would you want to inhabit a vessel, which could only contain the lowest frequencies of your true, magnificent consciousness?

You volunteered for this most difficult and dangerous “away mission” so that you could assist planet Earth. Many of our volunteers have had many incarnations on Gaia, some have had only a few incarnations on Earth, and some of you have never before incarnated on Earth.

We have chosen our “landing party,” as you are called, to have all three of those perspectives of life on third dimensional Earth. Those of you who have had many incarnations on third dimensional Earth have experienced many lessons, failures, victories, and multiple experiences. What you have learned on Earth will be very helpful with the fulfillment of your mission.

However, there are also many hardships that will need to be loved free and transmuted back into your true fifth dimensional, and beyond, expressions of SELF. You, dear brave ones, have volunteered to take on the injuries of a planet in turmoil.

With your open hearts and brave minds, you volunteered to experience the damage that has been done to planet Gaia, so that when you healed your self, you would also heal the planet. Yes, our brave away team, you volunteered to “take the blow” for Gaia so that you could deeply understand the low frequency energy patterns that had taken over much of Gaia’s body.

Then, once you took on the wounds of Gaia, when you healed your self, you would simultaneously heal the planet. But what is the healing balm that can repair everything from a single cell to a planet? It is Unconditional Love.

Dear beloved volunteers to Earth, we wish to tell you that your physical year of 2016, is the NOW in which the Unconditional Love that you have so freely shared with Gaia’s planetary, is also being directed into your own physical body.

You are being guided to fully love yourself unconditionally because you are moving into the next octave of your service.
Therefore, you will need to regenerate and heal your earth vessel for your higher octave of your service.

Therefore, we present:

 7 Minutes * 7 Chakras * 7 Weeks
You will receive a Free 7 minute meditation download 
every Monday for seven weeks

You can then allocate 7 minutes each day to listen to the meditation of the week
   These short meditations will guide you to unconditionally love your self by focusing on the mind, body and spiritual elements that week’s chakra.

Dear ones, since Unity Consciousness is so vital for personal and planetary ascension, we are sending the same meditation to many different people in myriad different locations on Earth. Because people and planet share the same elements of earth, air, fire, and water, this 7-minute meditation of Unconditional Love for your SELF will automatically be shared with Gaia.

We ask that every day you repeat this 7-minute, weekly meditation, which focuses on Unconditionally Loving your SELF!  

This process will last for 7 weeks, and you will receive a new, free meditation download each week on Monday at:

Each week’s meditation will focus on loving your self unconditionally with each chakra focusing on a certain area of your:
mind/consciousness expansion,
spirit/Multidimensional SELF

It is highly suggested that you repeat that meditation every day of that week. It is only 7 minutes of Unconditional Love FOR your OWN self—starting with the first chakra and moving up you body to the seventh chakra.

If you only take 7 minutes a day to remember, ground and expand Unconditional Love FOR our self, you can change your life. Also, as you unconditionally love and heal yourself, you will unconditionally love and heal Gaia because your every thought and emotion flows into the body of Gaia and throughout your entire planet.

Do you NOW understand how much Power you have?

If you combine yourself with a group with the same intention, many of whom you don’t know and will never physically meet, you will all form a planetary net of:

Unity Consciousness of Unconditional Love for your SELF

Unconditional LOVE begins with your SELF, for how can you share what you do not possess?
How can we give away what we do not have?
How often have you received “unconditional love?”

Therefore, we will first focus on you loving our self unconditionally—chakra by chakra—which will automatically be shared with Gaia. Beginning with your first chakra, we will focus on one chakra (area of your mind, body and spirit) for one week, and move to the next chakra for the next week.

Remember that we cannot give away what we do not have. Therefore, to share unconditional love we must first have it for our own self.

After you have repeated the meditation for 6 days, on the 7th day you can say:

“Today I choose to share my Unconditional Love with the core of Gaia and my highest self to open and expand MY portal of Unconditional Love.”


Every Monday, the FREE 7-minute meditation download for that week will be posted at:

That Monday Blog will also include a study worksheet for the chakra/area of your life for that week.




However, you cannot give away what you do not possess.

We encourage you to share your experience with others to build unity consciousness. You can easily do so via the comments section of the blog.

The first meditation will be posted on Monday, January 4, 2016
We ask that you all unit to make 2016 the YEAR OF LOVE.

Stay tuned as we go through the process 
of loving our selves unconditionally- chakra by chakra.

This process is entirely FREE to all participants. 

The meditations will be downloaded from this blog, all of your wonderful comments about your process will also be shared via this blog. 





  1. Thank you. love and gratitude to you Sue for doing this. I am looking forward to this.

  2. Thank you sue. Much love your way. Happy new world! Jj

  3. Thank you Sue, I am looking forward
    love and blessings

  4. Thank you so much for this opportunity Sue . I am looking forward to this. Many blessings from my heart.

    1. Great, I am happy you will be joining this process

    2. I feel honored to be one with all of you.
      I'm open to really feel the unconditional love working throughout my body as in Gaia. My heart is happy too.

  5. om
    we are one
    ital transl on request
    cooperation always
    european area

  6. We thank galactic brothers and sisters, thank you Sue

  7. Yes, thanks to our Galactic Family

  8. Thank You very much. I will gladly add my energies to this effort. Thank you Sue

  9. Thank you for this. It is very timely and helpful. Thank you for helping us love ourselves unconditionally. I feel it is so needed. And important. June

    1. Yes, Unconditional love the healing force of the multiverse

  10. beautiful, clear, powerful message, thank you.

  11. Thank You soooo very much for this...answering-message...
    I was doing it by myself alone....but could not get the Feeling of Completeness...and Connectedness..I was reaching out for....
    Thank you for the Confirmation...that...I was nevertheless...Connected!
    In Love's Embrace with Us All,

  12. Merci.๐Ÿ’–. Et Merci.๐Ÿ’– le Ciel pour nous ouvrir nous cour et nous montre la paix Lร mour. Diu Merci.๐Ÿ’– Merci.๐Ÿ’– Merci.๐Ÿ’–.

  13. Merci.๐Ÿ’–. Et Merci.๐Ÿ’– le Ciel pour nous ouvrir nous cour et nous montre la paix Lร mour. Diu Merci.๐Ÿ’– Merci.๐Ÿ’– Merci.๐Ÿ’–.

  14. It Looks like i came to this Page right on time. what a beautiful present.I will be There tomorrow.greetins form Germany,britta

  15. I'm glad and thankful for being "invited" to take part of this process. I'll be trying to bring other people togheter here in Brasil!

  16. When I first started using the unconditional love and violet fire over a year ago, it was just words. But my being has responded to it and I love watching the programing in me melt away. I look forward to the daily new meditation. This will definitely help with the daily discipline I am manifesting for my Gaia body. And it will further "lighten" me up.
    Janice K

  17. Much love to your beautiful soul for warmth and love you share. I look forward to the counting normalcy of making accession normal moment by moment. ๐ŸŽ†๐Ÿ’–

  18. <3 Bursting with deeply felt gratitude, thank you for bringing us together, thank you for bringing me together. Happy Meditating everyone! Loving the journey, Loving this beautiful blue and green planet<3


  20. this is a perfect way to start 2016!!!!
    You did it again Sue! thank YOU. love and much love

  21. What a wonderful idea to begin healing our physical bodies too. It is about time:they are tired and aching and badly need restoration. Thank you Susanne & Arcturians for your love & engagement. We are a Group of lightworkers from Italy and have begun the process Yesterday. Are we supposed to connect to the Arcturians previously?

  22. we are consciousness
    a micro bit of it is also in this spacetimeline

    interesting experience !(if we remember the TRUTH ::)
    in a illusory holographic projection
    partly disconnected from the ONE

    our cosmic consciousness feels like in a cage here ..
    spacetime is an illusion
    the 3/4D matrix is illusory
    the reality is we all are one and we are the infinite life everflowing ever changing always with Bliss embedded

    someones put filters so that our awareness is limited disconnected
    and unable to show what we really are and make a difference...

    we are marvellous multiD beings
    sometimes trapped in some dimensions until we transmute the lead of this spell in the gold of Truth and Oness

    unconditional love is the basic primary agent,tool,to transmute fear and discomfort hate into a liveable real reality
    the real reality has love in its frontline wave of phase
    love is not naive simplicity

    be you bold as love

    blessings and bliss

    bliss is your natural original state of consciousness

    our awareness is connected directly with each of all our chakras
    as its/their unity as been divided fragmented into layers
    by a prismlike set of implants etc.
    luckily our chakras are becoming a column of light
    thru' wich kundalini lightbody consciousness may maifest HERE TOO..
    hence we must then............................................................ check and heal all our chakras
    then Life's energy can flow unobstructed ...
    okey you know
    kosmik hugs
    yes you know
    yes all that it is most important is embedded inborn within you

  23. Thank you Sue for the wonderful Gift (unconditional love our self).It has given me a Joy that is unexplainable,it is deeply Lovable, and I am also continuing to grow in Unity Consciousness..clearly seeing the ONENESS in ALL THAT IS.



  24. Thank you for your latest gift, Sue! I didn't feel anything at first but the persistent stiffness in my lower back is dissipating since I started the unconditional love treatment! The meditation leaves me feeling expanded in self-love, peaceful and happy within. Sending you deep gratitude and love for all that you do and the lovely paintings! x

  25. I love these meditations they very quickly became the most important 7 minutes of my day. They have helped me in so ways. Thank you Suzanne I really appreciate the time you've put into this! I also want to thank our archurian friends for all that they have offered to us as well. I feel very blessed, thank you!

  26. Hello! :) I just found you, Sue, over the last I'm coming into this after the series is over, but I'm starting it on my own this week! Thank you--from my blossoming heart chakra!--for this generous gift!! xoxox! I also got your book, The Journal, and it is touching me deeply. I feel just like Lisa did reading her mom's journal while I'm reading your Journal!! (((HUGS!)))

  27. Is it possible to do this now. I'm just now seeing it. How can I find the link for January 4, 11, 18...etc. Thanks so much. xo

  28. just click:

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