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Unconditional Love for Your Self - Chakra Three --Suzanne Lie


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for your Third Chakra

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for your Third Chakra

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Unconditional love to you all, sue.


Blessings, we will now share the third meditation for your third Chakra. 

Align yourself for this meditation by taking a long slow deep breath. 
In fact, take a moment to close your eyes and breathe in one, two, three, four –-- hold, hold that inner Light.
Slowly breathe out –-- one, two, three, four, five, six –-- and relax.

Feel how your Solar Plexus, your third Chakra expands up with your in breath
and relaxes down as you exhale that breath. 

Let us do that one more time. Breathe in –-- one, two, three, four --- hold, hold
that breath, and hold that Unconditional Love that flows with that breath.

Now breathe that Unconditional Love out into your life – one, two, three, four, five, six.  And, remember to say,
“I Love Myself Unconditionally,
I Love Myself Unconditionally,
I Unconditionally Love Myself.”

And as I focus on my third Chakra, I realize that this is the Chakra of my Solar Plexus, of my own personal Solar System of my own Inner Sun.

And as I feel that power within, I allow that power to pull in the Unconditional Love that I now send directly in to my Solar Plexus – into that area which also rules my stomach. 

This area, my stomach, is where I digest life.  AND what I know, what I feel, what maybe I didn’t realize before, what I am digesting now is the Higher Light that is coming in to this innate portal of my Solar Sun of my third Chakra.

I feel that vortex as it opens with my Unconditional Love.
As I send Unconditional Love into that Vortex and feel how it opens more and more. 

I attach this vortex to my ego self,
my daily thoughts for daily life that are ruled by my third Chakra. 

And I bravely step into that portal, into that inter-dimensional reality where the yellow, the yellow hue of my daily third Chakra reality, is transmuting more and more
from my personal essence to my Golden Essence of Soul.

I feel that power within of my Soul.
I open that portal, so that my soul can come into my daily thoughts.

In my daily thoughts I can feel my own inner power. 
As I focus on my inner power I intermingle, merge, collect, combine this power
with the Unconditional Love that I AM holding for my self.

I realize that my third Chakra rules the concepts, the thoughts of:
Power Over vs. Power Within

I feel the messages, the memories, the thoughts, the victories, and the sorrows,
as I feel my life in situations when I experienced that
others had power over me,
or when I experienced that I had power within myself.

And I take a long moment to recall a time within my life where I felt like someone else had power over me and it hurt, it wounded me, it made me angry or sad or frightened. 

But now I have learned to Love Myself Unconditionally and I feel that power within.
And with that power within I go to that person, I go to that place, or I go to that situation in which I once felt that that situation or that person had power over me. 

And, I Love Myself Unconditionally,
I feel that power within myself
and I extend that Unconditional Love and Power Within
to that very person, place, situation or thing that once hurt me.

I know now that I have enough Unconditional Love for Myself that
I can heal my wounds and move into my full power within.

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LOCATION: The third chakra is located between the sternum bone and the navel.
PETALS: There are ten petals in the third chakra which, when spinning, may appear like a vortex. In numerology, the number 10 is reduced to the number 1. Number one symbolizes the beginning, as “In the beginning there was the word,” and every word begins with a thought. Even if it is unconscious, thought precedes communication. The third chakra also represents our communication with the fourth dimensional astral world, which is too often unconscious.
NOTE AND MANTRA: The note for this chakra is D and the mantra is “ram” or “aum”.
COLOR: The color of this chakra is yellow to gold. When seen in one’s aura with astral vision, the color yellow represents intellectual thinking. The color gold represents identification with one’s Soul qualities. A predominance of yellow in one’s aura represents one’s attachment to their ego’s rational thought. On the other hand, the predominance of gold in one’s aura represents an ego that has surrendered its control of the physical earth vessel to their Soul.
On a physical level, the color yellow stands for caution. Yellow is between the red of “stop” and the green of “go.” Great caution is needed to integrate our physical and astral selves. The road to spirituality is paved with cautious patience.
RULES: The third chakra rules the MENTAL portion of our consciousness and governs thinking, both psychic and intellectual, and the power, control and/or freedom that is gained by our minds. This chakra is the “power chakra.” It governs our sense of self, the power that that we have within and over our destinies, the power that we have over others, and the power that others have over us.
If a person is too yin, female energy, then he or she may feel powerless. On the other hand, if a person is too yang, male energy, then he or she may have a tendency to be aggressive or greedy. The third chakra, which relates to the liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, and pancreas, regulates how centered we feel during the day in relation to our mental facilities and our ability to be self-motivated.
The projections of our ego and our vital energies are both influenced by this chakra because it rules how well we can maintain our sense of Self when in a power struggle with another. The battle between egos is difficult to win if we are children and our opponent is our parent. Therefore, this chakra holds the secrets of the many power struggles that we fought and lost with our parents, and other authority figures, as a child.
The third chakra is known as the gateway into the Astral Plane of the fourth dimension. It therefore rules our astral emotions. However, these emotions are very different than physical emotions that are felt through our second chakra. Our second chakra rules emotions of a survival, instinctual type; whereas, the emotions of the third chakra are intertwined with our thought process.
These more “cognitive emotions” are felt as reactions to others, and as reactions to our desires and goals. It is this combination of thought and emotions that opens our gateway into the fourth dimension. Once opened, this portal can begin to blend out third dimensional perceptions with the higher senses of our physic, intuitive consciousness.
The integration of our physical and astral bodies can create yet another control issue for the third chakra. Besides the control issues of different egos attempting to assert their personal power over another, there are the internal control issues of thoughts vs. emotions, intuition vs. intellect, and yin vs. yang.
SENSE: The third chakra rules our sense of sight. It rules the physical sight of our third dimensional consciousness as well as the “second” sight, or astral vision, of our fourth dimensional consciousness.
ASTROLOGY SIGN: Leo is an astrological sign that is often associated with this chakra. Leo, which is ruled by the Sun, symbolizes our warmth and strength as well as our striving for recognition, power, and social status. Astrologically, our Sun represents the ego system that we embody within this lifetime.
The third chakra represents the struggle of that ego system, first with others and then with our Soul. When we find our power within ourselves, we no longer need to struggle against others. Then our ego must learn to recognize the still, small voice of our Soul and learn to surrender control of our earth vessel to this superior Captain.
ELEMENT: Fire is the element associated with this chakra. Fire represents the electrical/neural portion of our third dimensional physical body. Electricity is associated with our ability to consciously rule our behavior by our thoughts because it is the electrical firing of our nervous system that allows our cortex to choose our behavior.
When we have gained the “will power” to choose our behaviors, actions, words, and attitudes, we are consciously in control of our life. On the other hand, if our behavior, actions, words, and attitudes are not consciously chosen then we are reacting rather than responding. Then, do not feel like we are “in control” of our life because we were unable to chose a response that empowers us.
The third, solar plexus chakra rules the animal kingdom of which humanity is said to be at the top of the hierarchy. This determination is made by the size of our cortex and our supposed ability to control our own destiny. However, that control is not based solely upon the size of our cortex. Whales and dolphins have larger cortexes then us, and dolphins actually have more speech mechanisms than humans. However, whales and dolphins have been at the mercy of mankind’s violence for many years.
Humans have also harmed, killed, and enslaved other humans as well. The third chakra is the chakra that deals with both inter- and intra-species’ struggle for power and dominance. The ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings through speech has always been an important factor in that struggle.
CONSCIOUSNESS: The area of the brain associated with this chakra is the neo cortex, which is the beginning of higher mental functioning. The third chakra represents our third dimensional consciousness, as well as how our fourth dimensional astral body influences our physical world. If we disallow any conscious influence from our astral self, we limit our reality.
PERSONAL TIMELINE: This chakra represents ages 6 years to adolescence. This is the time frame when the child begins school and moves away from the constant influence of the family. From the ages of 6 through 12, children are interacting with teachers, friends, and their friends’ families, but their primary influence is still their home.
Children of this age are increasingly becoming aware that they are different from their parents. Especially as they move into early adolescence, this awareness drives them to find their own identity within the family. From 12 through adolescence, the focus switches from the family to friends. If these young adolescents are able to develop a sense of self while living in the family system, they will have an easier time when they repeat that process outside of the home.
SOCIAL TIMELINE: Anthropologically, the third chakra represents the civilizations of about 5,000 years ago when the great empires of Egypt, Syria, Greece, and Rome existed. These societies became dominant through "Power Over” their opponents. The rise and peak of these civilizations marked the expansion of humankind’s cognitive abilities.
Within these civilizations, at least some members of the society had “time” to pursue something beyond survival. Multiple Gods, and Goddesses, as well as animals, were worshiped by most of these societies.
ENDOCRINE: The endocrine gland for the third chakra is the pancreas. The pancreas plays an important part in the digestion of food. The pancreas secretes the hormone insulin, which regulates the level of blood sugar in the system and metabolism needed for digesting carbohydrates. Enzymes that are secreted by the pancreas are important for the balance of fats and proteins.
This endocrine gland is thrown off when too much sugar is taken into the system. This is often because the person wants more sweetness in their life and does not know how to get it. Alcoholic beverages instantly convert to sugar, and diabetes can result from alcoholism. Again, this person does not feel like they have the power within to face life and must take a substance to comfort themselves.
NERVE PLEXUS: The solar plexus, which is located just beneath the ribcage, is the plexus associated with this chakra. Areas of the body associated with this chakra are the lower back, abdomen, digestive system, stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder, and autonomic nervous system.
CLEAR: When the third chakra is clear we have a strong sense of personal power and self-motivation. Our power struggles with others are minimal because we accept responsibility for the creation of our own reality. Therefore, we do not feel victimized or controlled by others. If there is a problem in our life, we realize that “if it comes to me, it is mine to deal with”. We have keen decision making abilities, a strong will power, and a good self-image.
Since we take charge of our lives, we have good health and vital energy. When we can balance yin and yang, thoughts and emotions, intuition and intellect, will power and surrender to Soul, we can be conscious of the many messages that come to us from the Astral Plane. We are able to shield ourselves from the “psychic pull” of others, as we are able to discriminate our emotions from the emotions of others. We can do this because we have listened to our own Astral World as it communicates with us through our dreams and imagination.
UNCLEAR: When the third chakra is unclear, we feel powerless. Since we feel that we have no ability to gather what we need when we need it, we can be reduced to greed, doubt, anger, and then, of course, guilt. Our bodies respond to the constant tension by developing ulcers, jaundice, hepatitis, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and gallstones. Our sense of powerlessness in the world causes excessive worrying, hypochondriac pain, irritability, and procrastination. We are overly sensitive, cry easily, feel fatigue, and are often anxious and/or depressed.
Our inability to integrate the inner call of our Astral life with the outer world creates an over sensitivity to the psychic world of others. Other people’s fear, which is the “loudest” emotion to be felt in our third chakra, piggybacks onto our own fear. It then becomes increasingly difficult to be with others or in groups. Our mind races against us with obsessive thoughts and worries. Our negative emotions then amplify our negative thinking and keep us in a constant state of turmoil.
The power that we lost in our past must be regained so that we can live in the present. We must go back to find the negative core beliefs that we hold against ourselves. These beliefs constantly remind us that we are inadequate to face life’s challenges, and that we do not have the personal power to be happy and successful.
EARTH’S CHAKRA: The earth’s third chakra is Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa. Mt. Kilimanjaro is one of the largest freestanding mountains in the world. The other largest freestanding mountain is also in Africa, the heart of our first great civilizations. Mt. Kilimanjaro reminds us of the power that we can gain to stand-alone by finding our “power within.”
DIMENSIONS: This chakra represents our third and fourth dimensional bodies. The third chakra is the gateway to the fourth dimension. Unfortunately, this “gateway” is often first experienced in our bodies by uncomfortable feelings in the third chakra area of our bodies. In order to avoid being a victim to the psychic world of others, we must gather our own fourth dimensional power. When we have come to peace with our inner world, as well as the thoughts and feelings that originate in that world, we will find our true power to “stand alone” in the outer world.
SUMMARY: Our third chakra deals with digestion, synthesis, distribution, and emanation of our personal power. Our stomach, pancreas, gall bladder and liver deal with our digestion and synthesis, and our spleen and autonomic nervous system distributes and emanates our power.
Our personal power was enhanced or limited in our childhoods. Third dimensionally, our early environment either empowered us if our parents were kind, positive, and supportive, or gave us opportunities to make our own decisions to experience success or failure. Our early environment took our power away if our parents limited us with criticism, cruelty, insensitivity, and unfair punishment.
Fourth dimensionally, our power was given or stolen by the thoughts and feelings of those around us in our early years. Even though we may have disowned our fourth dimensional powers by adulthood, it was a normal part of our childhood. Often, as children we could see fairies, talk to our dog, and experience our stuffed animal or doll as alive. The adults may then have said, “How cute. What a good imagination you have.” OR “Shut up, there are no fairies and dogs can only bark.”
So what did we believe? What did we give power to, the “make believe” fairies, the dog that loved us, or the parent that gave us a home and food? The rule of nature is survival. We could survive without fairies and talking dogs, but we could not survive without a home and food. Therefore, we listened to “them,” the ones who raised us. Their reality became our reality.
If we were fortunate enough to have parents who felt powerful and gave us love, protection, and encouragement, we had a happy safe reality in which we could blossom into our fullest potential. On the other hand, if our parents were afraid, angry, powerless victims to others or to the “system,” then we are in danger of recreating that world, as it was our only model. We also created that reality because the gateway to our Soul, our fourth dimensional astral world, had been dampened and discarded as “just our imagination.”
As children, the fourth dimensional psychic “gateway” was still open, and we could clearly receive ALL the pain, fear, anger, and sorrow of our family and others with whom we were intimate. The main problem was that when we “psychically” picked up the astral environment around us, which was the thoughts and feelings of others’, we did not perceive it as the thoughts and feeling of others. We perceived it as our own. WE felt like the victim, WE were sad, angry, or afraid, and WE believed that we could not create a better life.
Therefore, we created core beliefs about ourselves that protected us from our uncomfortable emotional world. These core beliefs were usually about our own limitations, such as: “I am not good enough”; “I don’t deserve”; or “I am not worthy”. Then we could keep the necessary belief that it was our inadequacy and not our parents’ inadequacy that was the source of our problems. The reality is, the core beliefs that we created were probably the very same core beliefs that our parents created and psychically passed on to us.
Nevertheless, these core beliefs did create an illusion of protection from a harsh and foreign world. Yes, to our inner self who remembered that we are Golden Lightbeings, the third dimension felt very harsh and restrictive. Therefore, most of us forgot about our Lightbody because we could not return to that body, and it only caused us pain to remember it.
In the above scenario, the child learned that power equals “Power Over” another. If their own parents were victims, then so must they be. Also, because the child still had the “second sight” of the Astral Plan, they could see and feel the fear and victimization that was the foundation of their parents’ rage and sorrow.
How can a child learn about “power within??” How can a child learn positive core beliefs like: “I am powerful, I am smart and I am lovable”? The parent can “act like” they are loving, “act like” they are not afraid, and “act like” they are happy. However, the child still “feels” the truth because he or she is still awake to his or her Astral Self. Unfortunately, by the time the child has learned to close that gateway, the damage is done. What can a parent do?
A parent can go back into his or her own childhood, find the cause of their own negative core beliefs and heal them. Then the parent does not have to “act” happy and loving. Then, the parent can “be” happy and loving. We cannot give what we do not have. If we do not have money for our self, then how can we give it away? If we do not have love for our self, then how can we give it away? 
Our society has seen the power in money and will do anything to get it, but how many of us have truly experienced the power of love, love from our SELF to our self. 
 How are you enjoying the process?
Are you sensing any transformative changes?
Share your comments below so we can continue to build unity consciousness.
Thank you! 

Locations of our Unconditional Love process so far:

Chakra One

Chakra Two

Chakra Three


  1. Dear Suzanne,
    Thankyou with deep gratitude for these meditations. As I enter the third week the momentum of unconditional love is building rapidly causing big changes, using the power of ME I am choosing to perceive these changes with love enabling me to deal with them no matter how difficult they may initially present themselves to me.
    We are love we are light.
    Again thankyou

  2. These texts and meditations have been very helpful, thank you Sue


  3. blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ital transl on request
    cooperation in Truth always

  4. chakras cleaning is so important
    soon our central channel has to become a pillar of light
    otherwise kundalini-lightbody cannot manifest here too
    patience is needed along the cleaning
    and sometimes it is a hard task
    but the harvest is glorius to say the least
    please anyway remember
    chakras are many but truth is One
    you/we dont have to get crazy cleaning
    most important you/we must be clear in your/our intent
    which should resonate to The One ..
    and act consequently
    at the best of our capabilities
    with no specific expectations on how when where it will happen ..

    smoothly but with best integrity ,truthfulness,real love
    blessings and ...............................bliss ...(our original basic natural state of consciousness ...once spontaneous and hidden deep within now )..

  5. Thank you so much for this series! I am loving it. Was quite ill in my stomach last week during the second chakra meditations but it seems to be better today. I did the third this morning and it brought me such peace! Thank you thank you thank you

    Hello everyone, I wanted to put up my personal response to this chakra. My Third Chakra was always the most delicate area of my body, and i always had to eat very carefully and had many stomach issues. I realized as I did this meditation that a primary issue in my life has been that of "power within vs. power over."

    I did not realize this fact until several hours after I recorded the meditation, as I was "busy with life." Then when relaxed in a later meditation I felt the inner experience of feeling as if I did not have enough "power within" to have "power over" my own life.

    I suffered from depression until I was well into graduate school for being a psychotherapist and had to have a LOT of therapy. The therapy absolutely helped, but I think the primary cure was that same time, I began to journal the Arcturians.

    It was only when I began to recognize my own Power Within that I realized how much my depression had been because I had not yet discovered my own power within. I know that there are many layers of this "power within" that are waited to discovered as I repeat this meditation every day for 7 days.

    Blessings to you all, and thank you so very much for contributing your stories and experiences. It is in the manner that we are building Unity Consciousness.

    One being stands alone, but when we UNITE we become ONE BEING

    sue lie

  7. Hi Sue,
    Thank you for putting together the campaign of unconditional love.
    I am really enjoying the mediations.
    I'm not getting your emails till Wednesday but I'm going on to your site and listening from there so I am part of the group.

    Chakra One I could feel another opening which I have being waiting for so long it also helped me with the past-life which was the one before I arrived in this now.
    It healed me and the partner which is my partner in this now.

    Chakra Two I loved this my inner child and me walked hand and hand up the stairs and we became one.
    It's a great campaign Sue because I see so many people so disconnected with themselves and women have forgotten about unconditionally loving themselves
    Very powerful really looking forward to this weeks.
    It is helping me with my purposes in life.
    Unconditional Love&Light,

  8. Hello Suzanne

    Thank you so much for your follow up email. Yes, I did enjoy the webinar. I enjoy your meditations and appreciate the accompanying explanations.

    Your meditation is the last thing I do before I go to bed. Great sleep and always wake up happy. My aim is to achieve exactly what you said on the webinar: balance.

    I look forward to the next chakra meditation.

    Thank you for your kindness and for be so willing to help us during this important time.

    With love

  9. Dear Suzanne,
    I am so much thankful to you and your Mission...I have no words to be Grateful as being a teacher or the Grand Master even some explanations what you have done here in very detail I could not thought of...
    I have listen to the Webinar and it was much knowledge ful as well as with all Spiritual Friends I could have good time with all of you but some personal work and the time could not permitted me to listen but I take it afterwards and just listen to day on 19th ...And About First and the Second Chakras also I have to thank you for making me understand some clues and some more knowledge I have gotten which was inside but it has been clarify with your explanation in all details covering Physical, Mental and emotional aspects...
    Again thanks a lot for such a wonderful event...
    I have done this 49 days Meditations when I was preparing for my Master Level 3rd for Reiki....12 years back....and now you have given me refresher course....
    Thanks a lot ...With Garitude, Love, Light & Blessings,
    Dr. SohiniBen Shukla.

  10. Dear Suzanne,
    Yes, this is a very important Chakra like a Diamond for our Body and so it's Manipur Chakra also...Mani is a precious stone...
    This is for controlling our Fire element of the body so very important aspect that we should have controlled all the Elements but Fire is very essential for our life also...
    This chakra shows our real nature and has ability to be in 4th Dimension easily....what you say astral Travel...
    Yes, Thought has very much connection with this Plexus...
    Our Eyes are connected with Sun and the Moon...and if this is not o.k. one has defects in vision also...
    That's why it is Solar as it's connection with the Sun...
    Golden Yellow color of Christ Consciousness will bring Unconditional Love will give a gift to humanity with all the good virtues and better Health to...
    This chakra if in perfect Balance you can be a very Balanced personality and a Balanced Individul like Bhagwan Budhdha...
    Thanks for sharing this in detail I love you !!

  11. Hi Sue, I really felt empowered by the meditation. I really get yr explanation about power within versus power over. Again thank you. Can you point me in the direction of rereading material about fourth astral dimension. I know it is the bridge between third and fifth dimensions and that it has higher and lower parts. What is the basic difference between fourth and fifth dimensions. I sense the difference but cannot put it into words. Thanks for all yr teachings. June

  12. Hi June, and everyone else who may be interested. There is much information about the unconscious in many places in my blog, but the easiest and most complete is in my website in the unconscious section at:

    1. I have been reading the large amount of material you kindly directed me to. Not finished yet. Thank you very much! It's helping me.

  13. Hi Suzanne
    Thank you so much for these meditation and guidance. I am practicing and the results are wonderful! Unconditional love is the way for let go the old dramas and have more acceptance for ourselves and our lives. 💖

  14. Thanks for the meditations Sue and the Arturians. I listened to the meditations for the first and second chakras about 3 or 4 times each. For the third chakra I missed the first time, but felt really good tonight after I'd finished listening, and feel I can listen once a night from now on (your morning is my night on the same day, since I'm in a timezone roughly 12 hours ahead in Western Australia).

    I theel this chakra is important for me. Yesterday when I went to a psychologist appointment and asked if I had gained weight, my psychologist said yes, but the extra weight suited me very well. I have a feeling that I have gained a new body shape/weight level so I can model that your weight doesn't determine your worthiness. All the way home, and I feel from then on, I have been radiating LOVE into the all that is, everything that is. And it feels wonderful.


  15. Sue and the "Arcturians". =) -Steven.

  16. Hi there! Great article you have, I would also want to share my thoughts that Meditation indeed has positive effects not only in the body but also in the mind, a total holistic wellness that brings us to know our inner-self better. It gives us a peace of mind that helps us have a much better perception about our lives.

  17. Dear Suzanne,
    Thanks alot for taking so much care....
    I have written in my Comments that I received all any how and to day received this mail concern about every thing you have given so far...
    Yesterday I did Meditations...all the three at a time .. and you know I get relieved from my pain on my Rt. Leg due to some Sciatica problem continuous since lsat two months , not responding to Oxalgin ointment ...local application ..was continuous ..but to my great surprise ..yesterday night I get rid of that pain....
    Thanks..Thanks...Thanks...again & again....
    With Lots of Gratitude, Lots of Love & Blessings to you and your work....


  18. Thank you Sue for the responses and the beautiful much needed unconditional love chakra meditations. It is helping me each morning to wake up and aids to not drown in the 3d world. The intensity of the 3D world, all that is running through me.

    love and gratitude.
    Blessed be beloved.



  20. Thank you so much for everything you do - unparalleled and so appreciated, Sincerely, K

  21. Great empowerment! Very powerful energy flowing through my being during my daily activity! I unconditionally love myself, humanity, Mother Gaia more and more! High Gratitude Sue and the Arcturians!!!

  22. Like the meditation with chakra 2, I also had a bit of diarrhoea with the chakra 3. This meditation has been a bit more peaceful, triggering less strong emotions . But since starting meditation 3 I'm feeling extremely tired. A fatigue of some sorts.
    It seems like that the chakra 3 meditation has also triggered quite a lot.
    Thank you again for all the work you do :)

    FROM MY EMAIL. My response was:
    Great, you are allowing the healing energies of Unconditional Love to enter your physical body

  23. I am finding the the 3rd chakra more challenging, but much more rewarding. Before I start, I feel a discomfort in my solar plexus and also anger. An issue arises, I acknowledge it, unconditionally love it and feel my power return, then direct it to the person or situation. Wow! it is amazing! For the last few months I have been experience bloating in my belly. But have noticed since listening to the chakras it has reduced and is back to normal. Thank you so much Sue and The Arcturians, these are very powerful exercises for me.

  24. I had a very powerful and immediate response as soon as I lay eyes on the mandala, an experience of unconditional love downloading in through my heart and throughout my entire being. I then listened to the guided meditation and both offered this unconditional love to myself through my solar plexus, but also outward to every thing. Standing within my own personal power of unconditional love, shining brightly like the sun and offering this light to every part of my being which of course is every thing as all is one. Blessings...

    1. It is me again. After this experience, I had a pain in my solar plexus and later that day I felt feverish and unwell. Today I have severe diarrhea. Once upon a time I would have thought it all a coincidence, but now I know there is no such thing...

  25. Wow! Incredible chakra explanations - gratitude x.

  26. 3rd Chakra reflections
    This third chakra meditation feels good. It brings up memories of the past that I have tucked away and kidded myself that I have dealt with them. Somehow my body always warned me not to give my power away, no matter who tried to take it from me. When someone tried to have power over me my body felt as if I was being pulled in every direction at the same time. The only way I could stop this was to say NO, I will not do it. I did feel the need to protect myself. So I build an invisible wall around me and I harden myself from the inside.
    It is only in recent years that the wall of protection is slowly being broken down. These meditations of unconditionally loving myself are taking down the last pieces of the wall. I felt myself becoming soft inside with the 1st chakra meditation, and each week I feel myself becoming softer. It feels like the me I was in my childhood, it feels like the real me and I like that. What great wisdom our Arcturians friends have and how selflessly they share that with us. Thank you Sue and big thanks to our dear friends and teachers, The Arcturians.

  27. I must say thank you again for conducting such an important series of meditations. These have been very impactful and have provided a nice directed intention to my usual silent meditation time. There seems to be something special about this third one as I cannot even make it all the way through without zoning out (or zoning in!) to higher and more expanded states of consciousness. Maybe the initial breathing exercise really catapults us up there really quickly! Thank you Sue and the Arcturians :)

    PS, thank you for sharing your personal experience since it really helps us to recognize our commonalities, as well as see the many ways in which we are each impacted on a unique, personal level.

  28. This is a really great post! I feel more and more reconciled to my inner self with each meditation.

    Personal Motivation

  29. This time I thank You & the Arcturians for this 7x7x7=343 secure pathway meditation minutes in which We can hold on Our ascencion path with Gaia.

    We experienced the Solarplexus in a new way like a balance system between the solar sun & the black hole on the other side. Both have its right of existence and are absolute necessary in particular. In the NOW of the ONE they are one! Incredible!

    With LOVE from Germany for awakening America and the rest of the world... ;-)

  30. Thanks for sharing such an informative article.

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