Monday, December 29, 2014

Looking Back to Leap Forward -- Year 2011


Meditation for New Earth

The first place to do this meditation is in your home, as this is the place where your physical form 

seeks shelter and protection.  Find your favorite place of meditation and go so deep within that you hear 

your SELF say:

            I AM deep in the caves of the Mother once again.

            I feel the Love of the Mother about me.

            I give thanksgiving to Her for allowing me to live on Her form and assist Her with Her return.

            I feel myself within the Mother, and I feel the Mother within me.

            I listen within my heart for Her personal message:

Beloved Ones,

I AM Gaia—I AM your Mother Earth.

I speak to you from the North

In the North I AM high, snow-capped mountains and forests of tall, green trees.

I touch the sky and carry the mountains. Feel me about you and within you.

My love is a transpersonal energy field that raises you above the wows of daily life 

and provides you with a strong foundation.

Feel how my love reminds you to love and support all life.

I speak to you from the East

In the East I AM the rising sun and vast horizons.

I welcome each new day with love so that I may, once again, celebrate all life.

Feel me around and within you.         

My love is a service to be given away without need for return or compensation.        

Feel how my love urges you to greet each new day with joy and unconditional love.

I speak to your from the South

In the South I AM rain forests and dense jungles.

Observe how my great abundance is around and within your daily life.

My love is continuous through all dimensions of life.

Feel how my love allows you to expand your consciousness into your higher expressions of SELF.

I speak to you from the West

In the West I AM the setting sun and deep oceans. 

Feel how my love assists you to release that which has come to completion.

My love creates the union of the Sun and Sea so that ALL your emotions can be transmuted into joy, 

unity and unconditional love.

Beloved ONES,

My third dimensional planet is being transmuted into the fifth dimension.

Now as we, people and planet, welcome and embrace our Higher SELF, I ask that my humans 

remember how to live in unconditional love and unity with all of my life forms.

In this manner, we will create the WAY Home to New Earth,

which resonates beyond time and space in the ONE of the eternal NOW!

Feel your frequency rising and Know that WE ARE ONE.

Dear People of my Planet,

I also ask that you assist me to restore the true beauty and vibrant life of my true form.

Hence, whenever you experience any ripples of dissonance or disharmony in your human

or planetary body, 

I ask that you call the higher frequencies of Spirit into the physical frequency of Matter. 

Through transmuting your personal and planetary body, you assist me in creating OUR New Earth.

In this manner we can work a ONE Being to:

Welcome the dawning of a new reality,

Create this higher reality with the force of our unconditional love,

Unite with our higher expressions on New Earth and

Transmute our physical bodies into our light bodies of New Earth.

Furthermore, to assist me to return me, Gaia, to my fullest power, 

I ask that you assist me in regain ALL my Wisdom, Power and Love by decreeing:

“I AM a Portal through which the Spirit enters the Matter of Earth.”

 I AM ONE with the Portal and ONE with the Earth”

As I open the Portal to my Multidimensional SELF, I Decree:

Spirit into Matter NORTH

Spirit into Matter EAST

Spirit into Matter SOUTH

Spirit into Matter WEST

Thank you Beloved People of my Planet.

I AM Ascending Gaia

For the last few of these posts, instead of the 5 W’s
I would love you all to reflect on the topic of each blog posting.

For this post, it would be wonderful if you could share with your “self”
and hopefully with the blog how you areassisting Gaia’s Earth.
In this way, you make a statement about your dedication to Planetary Ascension
As well as give some good ideas to others.
I will begin by sharing that I will continue communicate and commune with Gaia,
hear Her voice and share that information with others.

If you wish to post your answers it will assist in our Unity Consciousness.


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  2. I love you Mother. I feel your infinite love. There is so much love in my heart - for you, for us.

  3. om i am that i am
    we are grateful
    we are ONE
    humbly i say > i intermingle share with GaiaEarth and other Beings by

    i share with ,intermingle with GAIA/EARTH also

    using Elohim Crown

    Operating in a 4 For gaia team ... *we now 3

    visualizing Her healed bright sparklin'

    breathing with her

    downloading all best energies ,chakra meditations etc intensely in her Core

    being part of a POLE OPERATION >Gal.Fed.

    communing with Her

    singing dancing with ,to her

    betting better my grounding

    calling and awakenin and projecting&flashin my real self lightbody into her

    today i went 6thD and sung with gaia : we are the creators of our hologram we choose to delete fear and live in LOVE

    i shoot up into ALL that IS i shoot in to my heart i shoot deep down to her Core.
    and tune RECONNECT !!

    if i clean my chakras or auras i do the same for gaia and for other beings.

    i become a channel a gate between gaia and the infinite ALLTHAT IS

    i try to develop patience and ahimsa

    i bless heal lost ones

    i am grateful to her too

    i create gatherings happenings meetings to heal clean hear HONOR Gaia

    one of the last one is

    and more...............

  4. I assist Gaia in a variety of ways..
    When I am or have been in area of old stuck energies or souls ie: Cemeteries or the killing fields of the civil war I project out, imagine, the violet flame surrounding, enveloping, permeating, transforming, transmuting the entire area. Also use the Hoaponopono healing technique which I assume a aspect of me being the souls that were involved in the conflict/battle etc. Then I say I am Sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you and I love you. I am both the forgiver and the forgiven. More recently I have just been being in a State of Love, which has different frequencies like joy, happiness, peace etc. Trying not judge or criticize, instead choosing to Love. I assist others when and how I can.

  5. That all sounds great to me Tom. Thank you for your posting,

  6. So I found myself in a difficult situation yesterday. I was getting bothered by the objects of this reality. The forms. The sounds.. I started to get nauseated and my heart raced. Everything was just a bit much for me. The sound of the computer. The sound of the washing machine. The idea of every day humans doing things. Always doing and on the go it seems for some. I threw up and felt better. And I knew then my body was signaling me that it was time to go inside myself. To sit still. To close my eyes. To turn out all the lights and be in a quiet space. I called my guides to help ease me and relax me.. and it was literally immediately. I felt so much better. I closed my eyes. I remembered to connect with my breath and practice some different visualizations. Connected to my heart. So if you ever find yourself in something similar. The best advice is you need to get away from the constant stimulation in life and go inside yourself. I found what my body(Gaia) did was excel the feeling I had until I listened. I had to stop directing my attention on the 3d. I had to find a balance. Balance is important. To fixate on the outside can drive a person mad. Relaxing is a very important thing right now. The world needs a bunch of people to relax. No joke. I realized last night... no work needed to be done anymore. The only work left to be done was to reallly realllly love love love and listen to Gaia. Love her completely. It was really just love and listening to the heart that needed to be done before anything else. And we see it in the outside world in the cities. The constant commute. Why .. people? And I reflect back to myself... what is going on inside of myself... that can be seen in the world? It is a important need to relax...and find a balance. To reprogram how things are being done. To stop striving after this or that and physical things and just chill the heck out. Relax... Daydream. Imagine. This feels right to me. I will trust my heart. I will go inside and find my inner peace and I know without a doubt my spirit guides in my inner world are helping me. So always remember if you need help it is okay to ask for it. You will be helped. Trust in Spirit and Trust in Gaia. All is well. <3

  7. I allow myself to become a Teflon lined energy chimney that allows unwanted energies to be funnelled from Gaia into the Light. I visualize my “tentacles” going into Gaia’s crystalline core as well as encircling her through the ley lines. I usually do this “work” when I awaken during the night, around midnight or the early morning hours.

    On a more visible level I facilitate a Meetup group where we consciously invite the Light to work through us at

    With Love

    1. Thanks for the link Vello, and for your comments.

    2. Love this visualization! Great share!!

  8. I am an Arcturian member of 'ground crew'. I have been doing grid work for Gaia for years. This means consciously pulling in light and love from the 13th through 5th dimensions and connecting that energy physically with the 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st dimensions of Planet Earth. In the area where I live I have consciously opened a portal for those humans who wish to use it for ascension purposes. And finally, I agree with Shaerie. I am at peace today for the first time in ages, like my grid work is now done and Gaia is grateful for it, as am I.

    1. Yes, Gaia is very grateful. I fell Gaia as an actual living Being. Sounds like you do too.

  9. Every morning when I wake up, and I get up early, I do the Meditation at the Sunrise with the Lemurians. Before this meditation, sent by Adama, I have done for me a mantra and I repeat it: Mother Earth, you and I are ONE. My heart and your heart are ONE. Univers, you and I are ONE. Your heart and my heart are ONE. Unconditional love unites us all in ONE. And I do this in a while.... I feel that really I AM ONE with The Mother, and love and happiness flow from my heart to ALL Her Life. And I feel to be so blessed to BE HERE and NOW.

    Thank you Suzanne!
    Romanian translation:

  10. I assist Gaia by connecting(i.e., communicating frequently) with my higher selves, twin flame, and star family in the very beginning. During this bonding phase, I feel very alienated from people around me, and feel like going back home to the stars very much. This alienation can make one feel very depressed, but later I learned lots of people are feeling the same way when they woke up in the very beginning, so I assume it's a natural process.

    After the bonding is solidified, I then begin to get my multidimensional thinking online by reading Arcturians' messages, and to let my imagination run as wild as possible when I'm reading Mytre and Mytria's multidimensional journey. I always imagine myself being with them as they traveled to various places. Since our imagination is the creative force in higher dimensions, my daily practice of it soon becomes the cornerstone of meditation as well as the cleaning of my previous myriad incarnations. I feel very usual during each meditation; if any, I must say it's more like receiving CREATIVE VISUALIZATION than feeling immense energy which most people have experienced. Also, I occasionally translate some texts and share it with people. But most of the time, I'm more into inner work and share my thoughts on the Internet. We don't have a garden, but my mom grows some plants around our house, and I often connect with them, the insects, all the elements, elementals, ether, and all the beings.

    1. Thanks for your reply,
      creative visualization is great.

  11. I assist Gaia by focusing from within on to Her wonderful planet and all the inhabitants and walk slowly in the snow right now and give Thanks and love. I trust in the mighty ways of the ONE - for the wellbeing of all - us.Marie