Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Leap Back to Move Forward - Year 2013



I just found a dream that I wrote down some time in April or May of 2013. I had totally forgotten this dream, but now it seems that it is important to share with others. I had stayed up late that night, but I woke up at 7:30 AM because I had an amazing, very realistic dream. The dream as I wrote it last spring is:

My husband and I were somewhere that is unfamiliar to me. Perhaps we were on vacation. We were staying with people I do not know, but we seemed to know them in the dream. Different situations ensued that I cannot remember and were likely unimportant. The important part of the dream was that towards the end there was a lot of hurry, scurry as people were rushing around in an excited, happy and unafraid fashion telling everyone to go outside and see "it."

We, my husband and I, decided we would go outside to see what all the excitement was about. We looked up into the sky and a huge Starship was just above us. I could clearly see the Ship’s underbelly. The Ship was triangular in shape. It was VERY close to the ground, hovering over a field that was circled by trees. The Ship looked huge to us on the ground, but it was likely a Scout Ship, as it was no larger than the clearing in which we were all standing.

The dream then switched in time, perhaps in hours or the next day. The Ship was still there, but it had not landed or tied to contact us. The best part was that there were no military or people with guns ready to "attack the invader." Hence, at least in my dream world the propaganda about the "horrible aliens" did not take over our consciousness.

No one was actually afraid or calling the police or any other authorities. We were in a small, isolated community that was used to handling things for ourselves. Thus, everyone was slowly adapting to the obvious fact that there was a space ship just outside our door. My last image was that the inhabitants of the Ship were floating in some kind of fluid because they needed to adapt themselves to our polluted reality before they could leave the Ship.

When I woke up, I went right to my computer and wrote down the dream before I forgot anything. Even so I know there are things that I did forget. I guess it is obvious that I am pretty obsessed with the Starship landings. As many know, I was abducted as a child, which likely continued for many years. The good part of that experience was that I could not forget my SELF.

I could NOT become lost in the 3D mass mind of the VERY dark years from 1946 to very recently. Secrets were the norm and Americans were being muted with fluoride in their water and the wondrous new brainwashing invention of television. Then there were the many horror movies of the awful aliens, all of them very ugly, evil and out to kill and eat us. Fortunately, there were some rays of light that told the true story of our Galactic Friends.

However, the terrifying images of the horror films were far more effective than the truth of the kind Beings from a different world who came to us in friendship. No wonder the Galactics in my dream had to go through a process before they could enter our tainted world.

Also, they may have been waiting to give us all a chance to move through the remainder of our fear. Maybe those of us who are ready can raise our frequency above the illusion of the 3D. Maybe we can see the truth hovering just over our head, waiting to be fulfilled.

I do not want to make this post too long, but I feel that the Arcturians want to say something, so I will release my writing over to them.

"Our dearest friends and family on Earth,
Yes, dear ones, you are in the process of ascending. However, the entire planet is ascending with you. Therefore, you will not perceive a great change in your life, as Gaia is ascending with you.

"Gaia's plants, animals, elements and Elementals are ready for ascension now. It is humanity that is creating the long wait. It is easy to point the finger at the bad guy, but too many humans have turned a blind eye to what is happening in their world.

“Too many humans became lost in the brainwashing and in the fear. However, many of the lost ones are beginning to awaken and shift from fear to love. Those who are already awake must begin to come out from cover and be their SELF.

The power of Unity Consciousness of those who connect in hope and unconditional love will create a group perception of New Earth.

(By the way, I totally forgot that dream again!!!)


Dear Readers,
It would be wonderful if could share any dreams or actual sightings you have had. Writing it on the comments sections greatly assists our Unity Consciousness. If I could have one wish for 2015, it would be that those who are awake to their true, Multidimensional SELF could all join in unity consciousness.

Can you imagine the fantastic difference we would make in our world if we did!!

Blessings to you all for 2015. Let us work as ONE to usher in New Earth. Remember:



  1. I totally share your wish and Vision Sue.
    That is why I continue to support your work.
    That is why I continue to do the work I do at:

    And my dreams are too numerous to share in this space.

    With Love

  2. My dream on 31st Dec. 2014: Many episodes, many details forgotten. First episode at the bottom of a steep Andian kloof I know that there are two bridges (one with and one without railing) crossing the abyss and I think how reasonable and meaningful this is, but that the lightbodies don't have any problems ascending the smooth rock wall. Next sequence is with a group of people which is known to me in the dream. We are on a narrow road in any landscape and a bus – in the dream I know that it is the 'mass consciousness' – has the same route, but we easily get on without interfering with each other. Next sequence with almost the same group (I leave out some personal symbols) and we reach at a rest place. The female innkeeper is happy to welcome us, we have to get more seating accommodations and we have to make sure that the seats are 'very close together' because otherwise they would 'destabilize' (!!! getting socially together in the new time!). While awakening I remembered that two or three times in the dream I made sure to not forget a little sequence: Two doors leaning to a wall, one a solid distinguished wooden piece covered the second modern one behind, and I heard saying "You see, your construction site is well under work, and the 'new door' is already wide open."
    Wish you all a joyful and happy new year of good health and prosperity.

    1. Thank you Nina for sharing your wonderful dream. Our "construction site is indeed well under way. We just need to OPEN THE DOOR
      Blessings for 2015

  3. My dream I remember today I was watching a music video called StarChild and there were two animated beings arms holding eachother floating rushing through the space looking face to face. I think they were twin flames. This is all I recall from today. Here is a video I made in this reality... I forgot about it... so this morning was a little reminder in the dream world. haha

    1. Thank you Shaerie for sharing your lovely dream.

  4. Oh Yes, I have the very same dream-vision: may all the beings awaken to their true nature and WE ALL are caring for each other, supporting and loving them free.. I can't rember the sequences of my dream but one Thing I do remember: while dreaming I tell myself and the people around : oh we are in 5D.. it has happened..Marie with love and joy.

  5. Just last night I dreamt I saw these lights zooming over a place we used to live at. I knew they were 'UFOs'. They got bigger and shape-shifted to look like airplanes, and then they got even bigger and I could tell they were 'UFOs' because of their peculiar shapes. I showed them to someone I knew who didn't believe in them, and this made him see they were real. I waved and one landed. A negro-looking couple were inside. The lady came out to talk to me. She wondered if we could see them and how they were helping us. They seemed just like us in consciousness, only with more advanced technology.

  6. My dream: There is an extraterrestrial from Saturn here. Actually, it feels more like he drives Saturn around, as if it were his spaceship. He's a little guy, with long spindly arms.

    There are three of us working with him, trying to get his spaceship/Saturn to fly properly or to return to the sky. It feels very much like a scientific experiment. Much of the dream is spent working on whatever it is we're doing with Saturn/the ship and it's functioning.

    The last thing I remember, I'm sitting in the passenger seat when the extraterrestrial starts the ship going for a test run. It takes off into the sky with a stomach dropping lunge. I sit back in my seat, feeling scared and sick. Oh my, I'm going to space! I feel like I'm stuck on a roller coaster and want to get off, and at the same time I'm amazed at the adventure of it.

    The extraterrestrial tells me that there will be more quick drops and that kind of thing, which is what I was was afraid of. But he says that they're happening at such amazing speeds that we shouldn't feel them in the ship. That's all I remember.

    Thank you, Suzanne, for your writings and for giving us this place to share!

    1. Wow, not sure why my name came out as that long string of gobbledy-gook letters and numbers!


  7. OM
    ITALIAN TRANSL.: also from SITE ,ASK

  8. I, decided we would go outside to see what all the excitement was about. We looked up into the sky and a huge Starship was just above us. I could clearly see the Ship’s underbelly. The Ship love language test was triangular in shape. It was VERY close to the ground, hovering over a field that was circled by trees. The Ship looked huge to us on the ground, but it was likely a Scout Ship, as it was no larger than the clearing in which we were all standing.