Thursday, December 25, 2014

Looking Back to Leap Forward-- 2007 Merry Chistmas




Today, the Harvest is in and the crops are stored or taken off to market.  
However, our "harvest" is of light, which we will store in our earth vessel, 
and when we take it "off to market," we are bringing this light into our everyday life.

It is a good harvest this year, and we are ready for the long winter’s rest after a busy spring, summer and fall.  New seeds of light have been planted that will take the winter to germinate, so that they may be “born” in the spring.

This “birth” that we are awaiting is a “stillness” inside us, which denotes that some ONE is ALMOST ready to emerge.  We don’t know when THIS “harvest” will be, as we have surrendered it our Soul.  On the other hand, we do know that this some ONE does NOT struggle and does NOT work.  This new SELF that grows inside of us lives, moves and acts from within the Flow.

We feel the dissonance of the outer world trying to invade us, but we slowly breathe it out, as a calm mind and peaceful emotions is the design of our emerging SELF.  Our new SELF seeks deeply within, and knows that through this inner search ALL shall become manifest in our outer reality at the proper “time.”

We know that there is no “Getting ready,” for we are prepared NOW!  It is the others around us that may not be ready—YET.  In the meantime, we shall plant the seed of our new SELF in planet Earth so that as ONE, people and planet, we can await spring. 

I had a meditation in which I was instructed to add the below section to this process. 
I hope that you wonderful readers will join me in this activity by posting your answers.
Then, as we "Look Back to Move Forward," we can do so together.
I begin by posting my answers.

The 5 W's
WHO did you see yourself as in 2007? (how we perceive our self is WHO we are)
WHAT were you doing? (and how did "doing" that impact your perception of self) 
WHERE  did you live? (where we live greatly influences us)
WHEN were you most SELF-aware in that year?
WHY were you SELF-aware in that NOW? 

If you wish to post your answers it will assist in our Unity Consciousness.


  1. WHO: A third-year university student who was still learning to love.
    WHAT: Learning how to keep a relationship where she offered more love than I did.
    WHERE: On campus.
    WHEN: When she broke up with me because of my immaturity and her family issue.
    WHY: I never realized how serious it was to say "we shall be on a break" TWICE until
    she got too hurt and exhausted to carry on this relationship. She was more mature than me in spite of age difference. And I naively thought I could get her back AGAIN, and couldn't admit it was way too late.

    1. If we can learn the lessons from what we did when we were young, we do not need to repeat them as we mature. Good self-analysis

  2. The 5 W's
    veteran from valiant campaigns in favor of Gaia's, Life, Truth... 'a bit' lost in 3D, a bit 'destroyed as a human ..
    WHAT:trying to manifest my essence my real one ,being my real self (often defeated...)
    here and there ,then a big beatiful natural bio-house ,with land where i planted foods,an apparently nice mate ,(she wasnt so i had to slowly go..)

    when ready to tune into realself higher self infinite spirit
    cause i was matching that Essential resonance ,entrainment....focus..

  3. WHO: A 54-year-old woman leaving my job, preparing to move to another state.
    WHAT: I see now that what I have yearned for for many years has become manifest. It is time to leave the previous place and move on.
    WHERE: We are moving to a home in another state, among trees and natural beauty. We will also be closer to family.
    WHEN: Significant other retired, I quit my job, it was time to leave the uncomfortable atmosphere that we were at and start our own lives in a beautiful natural setting.
    WHY: I see now that the guidance was to connect me/us more fully with our spiritual path, openings, expansions. It continues to evolve every day. The closeness with family was a mixed bag. It "went south" rather quickly. But, after time, it is very interesting to see that although it all fell apart with family, it is now coming back but in a very different way. A lot of "stuff" that was not healthy has been burned away. I can connect without attachment and it is so much healthier. It is a work in process. My Spiritual Family is connected and in many ways the real reason for this. The evolution of our Souls, all of our Souls, is so beautiful to be a part of. It is truly a Unity and Oneness. My heart is filled with gratitude.
    From My Heart to Yours...

    1. Thank you for sharing. Yes, letting GO of what is not in our highest and best, is one of the main things we will all be facing in 2015
      Thanks for sharing,

  4. Thank you Sue!
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