Saturday, July 16, 2011

july 16, 2011

Our inner world is changing, growing, amplifying and expanding more and more. Meanwhile, our outer world seems to be diminishing, slowing down, decreasing. Whereas before, we may have gotten detached from our inner world because our mundane life was calling us, now we are more inclined to have difficulties responding to the calls of outer, mundane life. Within our SELF we are finding so many adventures, illuminations and communications that the moving through our physical world is only really enjoyable when it is filled with love, as it is more now. It is the love that we experience in our 3D lives that holds us here. Or, is it that the love is what allows us to stay here so that we can assist with the planetary ascension.

We used to doubt what we experienced in our inner world, but now we doubt what we experience in our outer world. The news media has lied to us so often that we cannot trust anything that it says, whereas we have been hearing great truths within. These inner truths are allowing us to know how important we are and how much we can serve our planetary ascension. Also, more and more of us are having vivid experiences of visiting other dimensions, world, planets and galaxies. These experiences fill us with joy and assist us to release any final questions about whether or not our ascension is real.

As we have more and more spiritual experiences, we become more confident that the ascension will, indeed, occur. We may not know exactly how it will occur or when, but the hows and whys fade from our consciousness when we have more and more multidimensional experiences. As more people have these experiences and talk about them, they become more "normal," so that others can talk about their experiences, as well.

The voice of the fear mongers diminishes as we release 3D news media and listen to our own inner news and that of our trusted spiritual sources. We are hearing many of these sources say the same thing in a slightly different way. What they are saying is, "The ascension is NOW. Enjoy it, for you have waited for millennia and myriad lifetimes to experience it." We don't always understand what our ascension process is, but we know that we are changing from our core.

With this core change, our attachments to the 3D Game diminish. We no longer need to be rich, famous or successful. The many possessions that we have spent our lives accumulating are only meaningful for the memories that they hold. We are collecting all our memories now and learning any final lessons from them. It is like we are preparing to go on a long trip and we are viewing our lives with a feeling of farewell. We know we will return, but we will be so different from our journey that we will no longer see our life in the same way.

Meanwhile, there are old fears that nudge at our consciousness. We are not surprised to see these fears, as they are the same ones that have haunted us our entire life. We see now, that the things that we worried about either did not happen, or offered us such great opportunities for growth that they became our friends. As we view our life from this higher perspective, we can see our problems as challenges and habits. Yes, many third dimensions coping mechanisms are being recognized as habits now. Because we love ourselves much more, we can be compassionate with the wounded part of our psyche that still holds on to these old experiences.

With unconditional love, we talk to our self to reassure our wounded ones that we are safe and that we are ready to move into a wonderful new place. If we still feel the tug of old issues, we remember to call to our higher guidance, meditate, say our mantras, exercise,take a nap or whatever manner we have found to best be the Master of our thoughts and emotions. We are Masters now, in more ways than we know. We just have to remember to keep our consciousness high enough to remember our great Multidimensional SELF.

As we look out into the illusions of our 3D world and into the knowing of our SELF, we see how we have created our own illusions in order to survive the many difficult situations of the Kale Yuga, the last 2000 years of extreme polarity. As these polarities merge towards the ONE, we can see the extremes of any issue from our position of being in the Center. From the Center of our consciousness we can release old survival fears that are coming up now to be released.

For so long we had to hide our true SELF and our many expanded perceptions and talents from a world that often felt unsafe. Now, we feel like WE are our world and we refuse to be less than who we are just because some one else may choose to judge us. However, that which was once so new that it was frightening is becoming common in so many places that the the fear that created the judgment has greatly diminished. We were the Vanguards who journeyed into the unknown territory of expanded consciousness. At first, we may have felt as though we had to keep our discoveries private, but now we share them freely.

WE are NOW experiencing the dawning of our New Earth. As we hold that knowing in our hearts and minds, we contribute to the construction of our new reality that resonates to a higher frequency that the world on which we once existed. We know this frequency is different, but we don't know how or why we know. Fortunately, we have learned to trust our inner SELF and to perceive reality from a higher perspective. Our ongoing challenge is to maintain our fifth dimensional state of consciousness, for we know that our perception of reality is the result of our state of consciousness.

We have now realized that when our state of consciousness drops into survival mode, we experience the same old fears and worries that haunted us before. On the other hand, when we return to our multidimensional state of consciousness, we can perceive the many levels of reality that surround us. Then, we can consciously choose the reality that is filled with love and light, while we send our unconditional love into any realities that still resonate to fear and darkness. We know that we are beacons of light and love. We realize that sometimes we need that gift for ourselves to return to our true multidimensional state of consciousness, but once we return to our SELF, we freely share our love and light with ALL life.

We are returning Home to our true frequency of expression. As we do so, we realize that our Multidimensional SELF has never left. We, the ascending ones, are returning to the SELF that we have always been.

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  1. We have now realized that when our state of consciousness drops into survival mode, we experience the same old fears and worries that haunted us before. On the other hand, when we return to our multidimensional state of consciousness, we can perceive the many levels of reality that surround us. What a eyeopener.
    Thank you for this insight. 13-11-2012