Sunday, July 24, 2011

Answers to Questions

Dear Nutty Professor and anyone who may not have seen my website at . In this site I have documented every tool I have learned in my 40 years of awakening. Some of these tools are practical, some are psychological and some are metaphysical and spiritual. It was an oversight on my part that readers of my blog may not be aware of my website, books, meditations and youtube.

You can also read all my website information on my Free Book Download in which the entire website is presented as a downloadable pdf file.

If you read sequentially through my website, you will progressively learn more and more about awakening to your SELF, downloading your MD SELF and eventually becoming your Multidimensional SELF in daily life.

I also offer a Free Meditation Download section.

Starting at the top of the page are “learning to meditate” exercises, which become increasingly advanced as you move down the page. Meditation is important, as it is the best way to experience the sensation of unconditional love. Unconditional love is not something that is very common in the physical world where love is often withheld as a punishment and offered as a manipulation. Therefore, we usually have our first experiences of unconditional love once our consciousness is expanded via meditation to the point in which we can connect with the higher dimensions and with our own Multidimensional SELF.

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Southern Wizard also had some good question I would like to address:

Do we have to die on the earth plane to ascend?

Up until this special time, our physical bodies would die at the time of our ascension and our Soul would move beyond the fourth dimension and into the spiritual freedom of the fifth dimensions and beyond. However, now everything I have read or gotten from my inner sources say that now the ascension process is different for we are to experience a planetary, as well as a personal ascension. Therefore, those who have volunteered to assist Gaia in Her process of Planetary Ascension will maintain their physical form for as long a Gaia needs our assistance.

How do we ascend?

There is no short answer for that question. Also, we don’t really know as we are in the process of created our ascension right NOW. There also may be as many versions of ascension as there are ascending beings. Planet Earth has always been very diverse.

Do we retain all of our thoughts and memories?

It is my opinion that we will. However, I think that there are some old traumas and negative memories that we will release in order to “lighten the load. Again, we are writing this experience as we go along.

I have no ill or hard feelings to any one and I do have a light in my heart and soul but... Just by me caring for my fellow man (true caring) is that enough to help me ascend?

It will definitely be of great assistance. I have learned in my many years of inner exploration, that the answers are usually very simple.

I need to know how to ascend.
Any Info you could give would be greatly appreciated on this subject.

Please see the first part of this writing to answer that question.

If there are more questions, from anyone, I will try to answer them and/or direct you to where I believe you will find that answer. Thank you all for your feedback. I greatly appreciate it.



  1. I got my Vibration raised and felt better by just reading your blog. Well, mostly. So personally I think you're doing alright here. Thanks for keeping on writing.

  2. Suzanne, thank you for putting all this out there. i am a recent reader at this site, but I have followed some of your writings on the "bodies" for some time now. You are, as I said, brilliant. I can't wait to read more of your practical guides. You are a very prolific writer. Forgive my impatience (it's one of my lessons in this life that I am constantly unlearning). And thank you for being so responsive. You have no idea how much that means to some of us!